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166219 tn?1267487238 not sure what happened I know I posted this yesterday so if I missed it sorry...... If any of you are thinkning of switching bottles playtex will take their PBA bottles back and send out a "consideration" refund check....I called to see if they were doing a voluntary recall on their bottle due to the PBA hype....yeah I wasnt planning on switching but caved..they sent me a postage paid label and i sent them back 12 bottles.
Avatar f tn These are the two links about today's recall of the Excedrin, and Gas X medicines.... They also include some opiates... The main issue was that it was POSSIBLE that one type of pill may have gotten mixed in with another type... Most pharmacists have checked this out and are the one's to notice it...but it's important to check your opiate medicine if yours is listed to make sure all the pills are the same. If you have the regular meds listed...you can get a refund..
462827 tn?1333168952 We apologize for any inconvenience this recall may have caused. For further information or to obtain a product refund please call us at 800-442-0402 or visit www.diamondpet.com.
93532 tn?1349370450 OMG do they make anything in America anymore? This has just annoyed me to no end. All I put on DD is carters because of the comfort level and now this. My dd did not develop a rash so I guess she is ok since they did not do a recall but I do have lots of onsies with this tag on it. To think I still put her in onsies so that her clothes dont irritate her. Go Figure.
268356 tn?1236002604 Fri, Sep 19, 2008 (BabyCenter News) — Simplicity has announced a recall of about 600,000 drop-side cribs in cooperation with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Due to sizing problems with the crib's hardware, the drop side — the side of the crib that lowers — can come off the tracks, creating a hazardous gap. If this happens, a child could get caught in the gap and suffocate.
2117757 tn?1335965278 It worked with me on two cribs!! One when i was pregnant with my daughter and one when i was pregnant with my son:) one if them was actually one that came in the nursery set that was like 400-500 dollars all we had was the cartoon and they have us they TOTAL refund.. which was a total blessing because we really really needed it...
Avatar f tn I'm doing the same thing you are--looking into refund programs for donor IVF. Attain claims to give "up to 100%" refund for donor egg IVF. However, I don't like the little words "up to". I'm wondering if the refund is just of the program fee without the additional fees, etc. Some of refunds don't cover donor expenses, meds, etc.---just the actual transfer fee. But then again I'm not a wiz on this at all.
166219 tn?1267487238 just a FYI if you were using platex bottles and have switched because of the PBA you can call playtex and they will send you a prepaid label to send the bottles back and then issue you a "consideration" refund check....yeah I wasnt gonna worry about it and then decided to switch....
1123156 tn?1338863369 I have used Turbo Tax since 2006 and always get my refund in about ten business days, direct deposit just like the paycheck, very happy with the experience. They usually let you track your refund, what do they say happened??
Avatar n tn He has been taking Zyrtec (Cetirizine) 5ml twice a day (5ml in the morning and 5ml in the Evening) but still it does not help. Also he takes 10ml of Atarax Syrup at night before going to bed, His itching is so severe and it really bothers him all night; he goes to bed around 4 or 5 in the morning sometimes at 6:00 AM and of course misses school. I just need a Really Good Doctor who can diagnose him correctly. Can I try Benadryl.
1746987 tn?1381247624 We are so confident in our ability to get women pregnant with this program, we are offering most participants a 100% refund of services provided in the event a pregnancy does not progress beyond 12 weeks. Most refund plans cost much more than treatments without a refund, but not ours! Patients that are eligible for the 100% refund plan will pay the clinic $9800 for up to three embryo transfer procedures. That’s less than the cost that most clinics charge for a single in vitro treatment.
645800 tn?1466860955 Back in may when I won my appeal for my disability I had called their billing office to get my refund of the co-pays I had made over the last 5 years. At that time I was told I would get the refund in 6-8 weeks. Well 9 months later I realized that I still had not gotten the refund so I called today to find out what was going on. I was informed by the lady I spoke to that an audit of my account had not been done and that I had to request the audit in order to get the refund.
Avatar n tn has zyrtec been banned,i cant find it anywhere,if it has been banned then wot was the reason?
Avatar f tn Yrs ago before my surgery my PCP did a ct scan to check bc i had chronic sinus infections. Everything came back normal. My NS said my surgery may help my sinus problems. It hasnt. Zyrtec, benedryl, OTC sinus meds - nothing helps or relieves it. I vomit a lot and think the PND is the cause of some of it. Terrible gag reflex too. No infections thankfully since surgery but this non-stop drip is driving me nuts.
284738 tn?1283106819 if u had ur irs refund directly deposited ur checks will be going out monday...the rest are to follow in may...its was just on msn.com the other day...
Avatar f tn I've had chronic sinus issues most of my life, I'm 42 years old and have had a septoplasty for deviated septum done 7 years ago. I still continue to suffer from sinus pain and pressure that makes my cheeks, forehead, and both eyes (all around and behind) hurt. Sometimes to the point I get what I call a sinus migraine. It gets so bad that I get nauseous. I've gone to many ent's, pcp's, had ct done last one years ago, and have gotten no where.
Avatar m tn Hello, My 16 yr old daughter has two parallel red marks (like being caned two times) on her lower leg. She could not recall being bitten by insects. They itch. That happened once before, and they faded away quite quickly. It was her second time. Any idea, suggestions?
Avatar f tn Filling out paper work to get refund on a ski trip.
Avatar n tn I got a different doctor this time who also thouth this was yeast infection and recommeded to continue applying Lotrimin and Hydrocortizone 1% but also added Zyrtec 10% (1 daily) to stop the itching. Itching stoped after taking the first Zyrtec and the sweling got down after 1 day but the skin in m foresking was all flaky and dry and I shed all that skin withing one day to show a smoth surface underneat.
93532 tn?1349370450 //www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p2043.
Avatar n tn Why was c-phen dm infant drops recalled?