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Avatar m tn I took my dosage and quit hookah. 3 days after the steroids had ended I woke up in the middle of the night with the left side of my tongue swollen. I went to the emergency room and they put me back on steroids and benadryl again. 3 days after my steroid dosage had ended my hand and foot only on the left side started swelling to the point I couldn't walk. Got put back on steroids and zyrtec and some antacids.
689528 tn?1364135841 s control, like this time of year ,he gets a prednisone per day for 3 or 4 days and then every other day for two or until things calm down. Zyrtec can be expensive, but we actually found a generic brand at the dollar store! $1. for 14 pills, so we clear their shelves! Our poor boy suffered until we found this new vet, every other night, we would do oatmeal baths, benedryl cream, benedryl pills, alcohol rubs, ice.. it was heartbreaking. We can totally relate.
Avatar f tn what dosage of oxycontin should you give a child undre the age of 18? I'm writing a paper on it.
351317 tn?1204751871 t just use a pill splitter and cut tablets in half. I had to ask for a lower dosage for my Benadryl myself for the same reason. This is also what I read that I needed to do with kidney function issues. Mine are capsule form that I buy behind the pharmacy counter as a prescription. The insurance still won't cover them, but they're still cheaper to buy this way than buying them OTC.
1507909 tn?1313633804 My 2 month old baby just had her shots yesterday and she was in a little pain so I gave her some infants Motrin because I didnt have any Tylenol and it was late at night then I was told by a few friends that u don't give Motrin til after 6 months now I'm a lil worried I mean she seems to be fine to me she's just sleeping a lil more should be worried or is it ok to give Motrin I followed the weight/dosage chart perfectly.
Avatar m tn and for about 6 days i experienced shortness of breath,sometimes severe,but it has happened to me before aswell as i am allergic to alot of things like perfume,smell,dust and the most common symptom i have is shortness of breath,,,also it could be because i discontinued zyrtec for a week,,,,as for pain,i sometimes have a slight tingling pain in the left of my chest where the heart is,not in the middle...
Avatar f tn Benadryl for sure and claratin I think
Avatar f tn i did opt for the rectal therm because it seems to be the most accurate for infants and i got the warm mist humidifier. do you think warm or cool is better? Ill make sure if I get the vapor rub its for infants!
Avatar n tn During the first six months of life, infants should not get more than 1,000 IU of vitamin D daily, while the daily dosage of vitamin D for infants up to 12 months old should not exceed 1,500 IU. The tolerable upper intake level for vitamin D for toddlers younger than 4 years old and young children between 4 and 8 years old are 2,500 IU and 3,000 IU, respectively. Anyone age 9 or older should not get more than 4,000 IU of vitamin D in a day. Read more: http://www.livestrong.
Avatar n tn National Library of Medicine, amoxicillin is available in a pediatric drop form for infants. Each ml of this bubble-gum flavored liquid contains 50 mg of amoxicillin, states Rx List. Babies under the age of 3 months receive 30 mg of amoxicillin each day for every 2.2 lb. of body weight, according to Rx List. Pediatric drops can be placed directly in the mouth or mixed with baby formula, juice or water, notes Drugs.com.
Avatar f tn The amount of Zyrtec I was told to give to Akira is only 1/4 of the adult human dosage. This is much smaller than the children's dosage, which is 1/2 of the adult human dosage. I would never ever give medications to Akira without her first seeing her doctor. I do know that no one should ever give Tylenol to their pets. Tylenol is definitely toxic to both dogs and cats. In fact, some of us humans can't even take the stuff.
850029 tn?1238857820 i use 2 types of antihistamine for hayfever, i use them on alternative years - i find if i use the same one for 2 summers it does not work for the for the 3rd summer - but by alternating them i am fine.
2169449 tn?1358489923 Benadryl is safe, but just a normal dosage and it's better to wait until after your first trimester to take meds...
Avatar f tn My doctor said I culd take Zyrtec as long as I wanted, so far for the past 3 Weeks ive taken one everyday
1666034 tn?1316911253 I had similar issues with Lexi. Her pediatrician said its normal to hear that congestion in their chests as newborns and infants and didn't bat and eyelash. She's ten months old now and still has it. she has allergies so she does take liquid zyrtec now, but I haven't noticed a difference. As for the constipation, we gave Lexi one ounce of prune juice and one half of a pediatric glycerine suppository.
Avatar f tn what medicine and dosage is safe to take?
Avatar f tn My Son Is 3 and 40 pounds want to know if safe to cut dissolve zyrtec in half for propper dosage?
Avatar f tn I was told to take zyrtec. Now I have a rash on my upper thighs. Is it the generic zyrtec? Would the regular Zyrtec do the same? Have you ever heard of Diamox being prescribed for Meneire's disease? I find nothing in the literature about it and am hesitant to take it as it makes me very tired. I need to sleep about 3 hours a day when I take it. I don't want to experience vertigo again.
Avatar f tn Ck with the dr for use of Zyrtec instead maybe? At what age will they allow Singulair for treatment of allergies. Environmental i assume? C~!
Avatar m tn Have you tried claritin? I started using that to combat my allergies with perfume, but found that zyrtec worked better. I'm not sure about other allergy meds though, have you tried nasal sprays? Benadryl knocks me out in seconds so I understand not wanting to take it all the time- have you tried using the tablets and cutting them in half? I found a 1/4 of the adult dosage works well enough on reactions my Zyrtec isn't good enough for without causing excessive drowsiness.
5028514 tn?1366828456 My allergies are pretty bad too but I just take binedryl because it's on the safe list
Avatar f tn Can we just discuss the pros and cons for daycare for infants as early as 6 weeks? Im still uncertain of daycare for my newborn.