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Avatar n tn To the people that took zyrtec, did you have a hard time getting off of Zyrtec? Atarax works well for me, but I decided to take Zyrtec because you don't need a prescription. I was on it for about 2 months and realized that if i don't take it, the 3rd day, I'd start to break out hives really badly. It was odd, so I did some research and found http://www.consumeraffairs.com/rx/zyrtec.html and realized that a lot of people had the same problem. Did you guys also had problems with Zyrtec?
Avatar f tn The amount of Zyrtec I was told to give to Akira is only 1/4 of the adult human dosage. This is much smaller than the children's dosage, which is 1/2 of the adult human dosage. I would never ever give medications to Akira without her first seeing her doctor. I do know that no one should ever give Tylenol to their pets. Tylenol is definitely toxic to both dogs and cats. In fact, some of us humans can't even take the stuff.
689528 tn?1364139441 Now he just gets a zyrtec every day, and if his allergies act up beyond the zyrtec's control, like this time of year ,he gets a prednisone per day for 3 or 4 days and then every other day for two or until things calm down. Zyrtec can be expensive, but we actually found a generic brand at the dollar store! $1. for 14 pills, so we clear their shelves!
Avatar m tn However Benadryl is fine for dogs. If you gave him Benadryl that's OK but the dosage has to be right. The dosage is 1 mg per pound of the dog's weight. So you would have to see how many milligrams there are in 1 tablet, and break the tablet accordingly. It sounds like because he is a little dog (how much does he weigh?...10lbs?) You gave him too much. That is why he was sick no doubt. The best answer is to ask the vet's advice about this. You could do this over the phone perhaps.
Avatar n tn I have never used Alavert for my dog, but from what I have heard, it is safe to use for dogs. However I am not certain of the correct dosage. Can you call your vet on the telephone, just to ask advice about this? To make sure it IS ok, and to ask them about the correct dosage?
681148 tn?1437665191 It's for dogs and for cats. I feed Akira approximately 1/2 cup twice a day, so I am using 1/8 tsp with each feeding. The fish oil is good, too. I'm hesitant to give Akira fish oil 'til I'm sure that she isn't allergic to fish, especially her favorite, which is salmon. From what I've been reading, this is what we should be giving to our cats, even if they don't have health issues, even if we're feeding them top quality cat food, including the raw stuff.
Avatar f tn I went to the clinic for the cold and practicly had to beg him for antibiotics to kick this. I was told to only take a half a shot this week if I am not better by Saturday. Since the meds are working I do not want to quit them but I can't seem to fight this cold off any suggestions? If my blood counts are so low why not start the procit?
97615 tn?1212682189 Trying to control it with Hydrocortisone 1% (ineffective), triaminaclone (effective for 10-30 seconds), daily doses of Zyrtec 10mg + Benadryl 25-50mg (effective but makes me too sleepy - at least I get some good rest and the hives are totally resolved when I wake). I am just sick of medicine and itching already. Totally frightened that it will still plague me after I start working. Can't believe there isn't an easier solution. No sense in even going to a doc.
530191 tn?1214166411 I know I will probably have to go back on drugs, but for now, I am trying to live without them, because I really don't want to take so many strong drugs. I take Zyrtec for allergies, but it does absolutely nothing for the hives. Anyone who is still trying to deal with this with over the counter drugs is wasting their time. You need to find a specialist who knows what they are doing and who can monitor you closely.
Avatar f tn I have 10 mg Prednisone tabs with me but the directions are to take 40 mg for angioedema and gradually decrease dosage. I know that if I take this dosage I will be up all night but am really uncertain about how much I should take. Using Aveeno to sooth the welts with minimal effect. I empathize with anyone going through this experience. Any suggestions appreciated. Am thinking of thinking an immunologist since the allergist was absolutely no health.
Avatar n tn I'm going for allergy testing the end of the month. I do have a cat and bird which I have had for years -- my house is clean...not spotless...because after 4 months of feeling like this I really don't feel like cleaning it! I've got an air cleaner I keep running in my bedroom - but I can't tell that it's helped. I just don't know. The only comfort I can give is you're not alone.
Avatar f tn I have 10 mg Prednisone tabs with me but the directions are to take 40 mg for angioedema and gradually decrease dosage. I know that if I take this dosage I will be up all night but am really uncertain about how much I should take. Using Aveeno to sooth the welts with minimal effect. I empathize with anyone going through this experience. Any suggestions appreciated. Am thinking of thinking an immunologist since the allergist was absolutely no health.
1492345 tn?1289259468 I am embarassed to say that the licking all started 6 years ago when i brought home a kitten. Buster is a needy cat... he needs attention all the time, so I thought I'd get a friend for him. The kitten brought mites but wasn't bothered by them... though Buster was. I found out that some cats are just more sensitive than others... it doesn't surprise me that Buster has sensitive skin. The problem was though that he was after himself all the time.
203342 tn?1328740807 //www.swansonvitamins.com/SWU238/ItemDetail?n=4294967188 For any pain he might be in, he takes RIMADYL, but only if he's eaten. For his leaky bladder issues he's on PROIN. And to help take the edge off, he's on RECONCILE. My vet says there's a generic (less expensive) version available. If he still can't sleep, he gets a little BENADRYL (Dyphenhydrochloride 25 mg) (the generic version is cheaper) Man, that whining and pacing at night can be pretty crazy making!
Avatar f tn I am already on Zyrtec and Singulair for allergies and asthma. I have alot of allergies to meds, perfumes, colognes, laundry soap, air freshners, anything from the ocean, cats, pollen and ragweed. I noticed I was starting to itch on Tuesday night. Well by Thursday I was covered in hives everywhere. By Thursday night I had to use 2 Epi-Pens, 100mg of Benedryl, Albuterol inhaler and start a 10mg dose pack of Prednisone. My eyes were swollen shut, my throat was swelling shut and OMG the itching.
Avatar f tn Saw a special on TV that said just by having her son bath in water with a small amount of bleach in it, every night, his eczema has stayed in control incredibly well. Has helped so much, he reminds her of his bath if she forgets. Also, always noticed with my grandkids, that any cream they had us use, when they had us using cortizone cream and Eucerin, that the creams only work really well, when applied directly after bath or shower. Any other time was barely effectivew.
Avatar f tn I am not sure about you but I can safely say my dogs are a tremendous source of comfort for me while treating. We usually walked 2- 3 miles every day and there was just no way I could do that with the Incivek. We are finally back on track and they are so happy. You really need the contact number of someone to call in case you fall or get sick.
Avatar n tn Its been like this for a little more than a month. A few years back, it was like this for nearly 2 years but went away for about 5 months the later part of 2007. Both reactions were right after I had sexual relations with a partner. The coincidence led me to believe std related but negative tests say otherwise. I myself feel lost and not sure what to do because from what ive been reading, it seems like the creams/moisturizers and medications do not really help so much.
Avatar m tn If an unfortunate side effect should happen to you, well, I am sorry. I am not charging you for this, you are not paying me for it, so don’t sue me. It’s a responsibility that you have to assume. If you expect a risk-free life, with massive compensation should things don’t work out, then don't try this. So, why is this book manuscript free? The physician who reviewed it said, “The materials cost less than $5.
Avatar n tn I have had hives for almost three years now. Every antihistimine and stomach pill (that has a histimine blocker) has been tried. The only relief I have gotten was when I went on Cyclosporine for six moths. This is an antirejection drug. I do not want to stay on this, but have been off of it for five months now, and hives are starting to return. Sometimes they are red splotches on my skin, other times they are thick welts, both itch unreal. My eyes, lips and feet swell also.
Avatar n tn he can tell 2 days away if the weather is going to dramatically change - and here in texas that happens a lot. trust me, its awful for him. once the weather settles down, he's back to normal. only the barometric change does anything to him. you're not alone in this, and nothing - not any medication on the market, rx or otherwise, puts a dent in his reaction.
Avatar n tn But I could go out today if I had to. I plan on taking the Zyrtec for the next month and also I will keep applying the Elidel (which burns the heck out my lids) two times a day. I also am going to pick up the Nizoral shampoo which I read about in other forums and give that a go. I am BOUND to find a quick and simple cure to this terrible ailment!!
Avatar m tn They have now tried three different anti-anxiety medications starting with a low dosage and now to a higher dosage for over 7 months now. I started with Atavan, then Xanex twice a day and then upped to three times a day which helped some, but has not cured the rash and only just barely keeps it from wanting to kill myself. Then my doctor retired and the new doctor did not like me taking Xanex three times a day and switched me to Valium twice a day, the symptoms got substantially worse.
288415 tn?1231634102 and have asked for Dermotic Oil to try. I do want to mention. I have 2 dogs, one which is being treated for a yeast infection in her ears. She digs and groans at her ears. They actually smell the same as mine at times, I did try Monistat. Again, only temporary relief. Not sure if it was a good idea, but as most of you know, when your desperate, you'll try anything to relieve the itch. Another thought, it's creepy, but I read it somewhere....
Avatar n tn In May I began to have dizzy spells which coincided with a sore throat and earache, which cleared up on their own. However, dizziness and fatigue continued for several weeks. The dizziness resembled being carsick, with lightheadedness and occasional moments of nausea and feeling faint (but I never passed out). I had a CAT scan and blood work twice, and so far no diagnosis for the dizziness/fatigue.
Avatar f tn I'm 24 years old this month, female, I live on the west coast where it's always mild and cool for the most part, and NOTHING I do will stop my legs from itching. I lived in the midwest for awhile and noticed my legs itched a lot more there with the humidity, but it didn't stop when I moved back home. It's so bad it wakes me up a lot during the night.
Avatar f tn It does put some people to sleep so try only 1 gel pill or half the dosage. Like a childs dosage. Don't drive for a few hours it will put you to sleep. And it's recommended to ask your doctor or pharmacy before taking any medication even antihistamine. It's probably just stress and anxiety but it's really easy to rule these other things out. The allergy is the easiest to rule out sometimes just by trying an antihistamine.
Avatar n tn My 14 month old son has been doing this for almost 2 months>>>pukes at night after he's been laying down for a few hours then wakes up coughing and pukes alot everywhere! He has been on 3 different antibiotics and still does it< they thought maybe drainage took xrays on chest and sinus's and said sinus looked hazey but could be because he was crying during xray..he is now on the same antibiotic he was on at first and still pukes at night.
Avatar n tn Did you just get & they spread same day all over. What is the time frame from start to continued spread? Could be contact allergy to something touching skin or even something you injested to cause small hives. May even be bug-mites that are in your bedroom but who knows. Anything OTC is just a bandaid. Go have your Dr take a look. Some can scar if you are fair skin. Atarax is one rx med that works well for itch & redness if it's just a temp-flair-up for hives related.