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Avatar f tn I have been taking Xanax and I took my last one yesterday at 6pm and I'm suppose to be taking zyprexa and I scared to because I have Xanax in my system and have never tried zyprexa.
Avatar n tn My doctor has been using it for chronic panic/anxiety containment, together with kalma (Xanax) and Rivotril. Do you have any suggestions I could raise with him?
Avatar n tn My son is experiencing 7.5 mg zyprexa withdrawel I believe. He has been in bed on and off for 4 days with headache and very sick to stomach. How long with this go on????? What can help the stomach???? He has only been on this med for 3 months. I would hate to see what someone on this for years would go through!
Avatar n tn I just returned from a visit to my family doctor who is trying to help me with Zyprexa withdrawal. He said I could take Xanax, but I don't want to trade one problem for another. He gave me a scrip for Phenergal for the nausea, and to possibly help with sleep. I think you will see improvement but it is difficult.
Avatar n tn Until I can be diagnosed by a psychiatrist, my family doctor has given me Zyprexa to take for the next three weeks, and has lowered my Zoloft to 50 mg. He stopped the Xanax, as I cannot take it with Zyprexa. I would like to know why. I smoke pot, but do not drink alcohol. I am aware that I will be told not to smoke pot. However I would like to know the actual side effects of this drug and marijuana. As well, I will be getting a wisdom tooth out soon.
Avatar f tn Thanks for the info, I found another doctor and he took me off the Zyprexa and put me on lithium and xanax. I feel much better, thanks for your response..
Avatar n tn I know a girl being treated with Zyprexa for her eating disorder. Supposedly this drug will clear her distorted thinking that she is fat when in fact she is pathetically thin. I was told this drug causes weight gain and is the other reason she is on it. It is listed as a "thienobenzodiazepine". I cannot find any information on a search of this class of drug. Benzodiazepines are highly addictive and originally they were prescribed as "potentially habit forming".
Avatar n tn During that time I have been given Zyprexa. My family and I will not go back to him. My painful question is that I have been off Zyprexa for 6 weeks, 2.5mg. I I wake up trembling, heart racing, and depression, unable to sleep at all. What is happening? Also a new Doctor suggested Geodone right away, however he has not heard my damaging history with my doctor.
616450 tn?1228437227 I've been taking Zyprexa at bedtime for the past few nights, per Endo #3, and I feel a lot better, folks. As a matter of fact, I felt better almost immediately after taking the first dose. It seems to act quick, like Xanax, but stays in the bloodstream longer or something. Dr. Pretorius was concerned that I was getting a little too used to Xanax, so he wants me to try to gradually come off of that and he'll increase the Zyprexa dosage.
Avatar f tn I'm going to speak to him to see if I should go back up to 200mg because I 'm still not coping that well. I also take 5mg of Zyprexa daily. I feel there is something else wrong though. I suffer from fits of anger- I mean I just lose it over nothing. (I was never an angry person, even at the start of my illness) It's a psycho rage attack, screaming, verbally abusing people - never physical(I've never used physical violence on anyone except myself) I'm worthless.
1353720 tn?1414506724 He recently was thinking about smoking weed again instead of taking zyprexa, he has already stopped taking zyprexa because he was scared it was doing damage to him. Just to clarify, are you saying that you are taking marijuana rich in CBD to relieve your symptoms? We live in a state in US where the marijuana is illegal.
Avatar n tn The only safe way to come off a medication is to cut down the dosage a little bit at a time. You're taking 120mg a day, so you should cut it down to 100mg for a start. If your doctor said that you are to quit this medication, why didn't they tell you exactly the way to do it??
5790942 tn?1374337921 When the physicians were bringing me off my high Xanax dose (ten years ago) I was put on Zyprexa. It was like a miracle. Anxiety gone, slept good, amazing. But I happen to beone of the unfortunate few that began to suffer from Tardive Dyskinesia or involuntary muscle movements. My lower lip would tremble and go crazy even while talking. Scared me, since I then read that such side effects can be irreversible-permanent. I quit Zyprexa.
Avatar m tn In January of this year I began using Zyprexa for bipolar and psychosis. After 5 months of using the medication (20mg daily) I began experiencing some sexual side effects such as a dry orgasm, low sperm count, etc. - all of which were unexplainable. My psychiatrist asked that i stop the zyprexa immediately as it was causing an increase in prolactin levels, he asked that i stop the drug COLD TURKEY! (no weaning off) - When I stopped the medication, i did not sleep for 4 days.
1021784 tn?1306366611 I'm wondering if it's possible to be able to take Clozaril and Zyprexa together to help control my symptoms of Schizoaffective Disorder - Bipolar Subtype?
Avatar n tn hello, I used to take zyprexa 10 mg for 8 years and also had some 0,5 mg xanax for some stress full occations. I also did a 6 months therapy with 0.5 mg x 3 xanax daily 2 years ago.
Avatar n tn Seems like I need a lot less Xanax when using the Zyprexa. I know it is not labeled for anxiety, but I believe it is being prescribed for that in a lot of circumstances. Thanks.
Avatar f tn A few years back when I had chronic insomnia and got very anxious and depressed due to the sleep loss, a psychiatrist prescribed me Remeron and Zyprexa. Zyprexa to get the sleep going until Remeron kicks in. I fortunately saw my doctor who got very angry with the psychiatrist for giving me Zyprexa as I was not psychotic and secondly there are very bad side effects from it.
1258539 tn?1293843802 It is becoming very frightening. Before I started taking Paxil I was taking xanax .50 4 times a day. Now since starting the paxil, I take the xanax and I am not getting the relief that I was getting before the Paxil. Could someone please confirm or deny these reactions that I am having. Also, I called my doctor today and since I have lost so much weight and I am having an extremely hard time eating, she has also prescibed 2.5mg of zyprexa to help with my appetite.
Avatar f tn I'm going to speak to him to see if I should go back up to 200mg because I 'm still not coping that well. I also take 5mg of Zyprexa daily. I feel there is something else wrong though. I suffer from fits of anger- I mean I just lose it over nothing. (I was never an angry person, even at the start of my illness) It's a psycho rage attack, screaming, verbally abusing people - never physical(I've never used physical violence on anyone except myself) I'm worthless.
Avatar f tn I was just put back on xanax a few days ago alonng with Prozac......my new dr dianosed me with GAD and depression...I am so drowsy and dizzy....a figured after being on ativan so long i would have no problems with the xanax makingme so tired....My question is well the drowiness pass after i get used to it....I ws on Prozac last May to sept...with ativan and abilify and my new dr said it was the wrong conbimation.Every thing i read about xanax says it can also help depression.
Avatar f tn I have been on Xanax 1mg/tid for almost 22 years (panic attacks and GAD). I also have been on Antidepressant for about 30 years. For backpain I received Vicodin and I became so happy, that I thought, finally, something kicked in. Well the Vicodin was my downfall, sometimes after taking it for about 3 months, I would take 2 Vicodins q 2 or 3 hrs. to have the same "happy" effect. No spaced out or anything, could think clearly, and then after about 9 months, boom, I was a wreck.
1134609 tn?1269275800 5mgs, three times a day) and my shrink and I are thinking about kicking over to Xanax XR. I would prefer not to be on a benzo, but I hate the Klonopin, it makes the depression worse. If I have found, by taking Xanax XR are a PRN, that it lifts my mood as well as calming me down. The Klonopin just drags me out. What are some of the pros and cons of making this switch?
1082697 tn?1260068216 (I'm just not a big fan of any anti-psychotic drugs for depression and anxiety) I had my Psych prescribe me a strong Tri-cyclic and 900Mgs a day of Lithium then added Klonopin for the anxiety. (I used to take Xanax, but the half life was way too short with Xanax so I went Klonopin instead) It was a good move because 2Mgs of Klonopin controls my anxiety way better than Xanax. My only regret is that now I can't take my 3Mgs of Xanax and get high from it, but that better I don't do that anyway.
Avatar n tn Everything was fine until 2 weeks ago. I ordered Xanax via the internet because i was about to take a plane trip and to move out of the apartment i was sharing with my boy friend at the time. i felt overwhelmed by what the future was holding for me ( just broke of a relationship, moving into an apartment by myself for the first time ever, being by myself, having to go onto an airplane ect.), so i thought that an anti anxiety medication would help me through this.
Avatar n tn I am writing this email with great anxiety. Since 1994, I have been suffering from depression, agoraphobia, simple phobias, and anxiety disorder. I do not drink alcoholic beverages, nor do I take "leisure" drugs. I was taking 100mg/day Zoloft and 2mg/day Xanax (prescribed "take as needed"). My prescription for Xanax began as 1mg a day and is now at 2mg a day, which is all I need. My prescription for Zoloft began at 50mg/day and is now at 100mg.
Avatar n tn I went to the ER and they said it was a panic attack and gave me xanax to take .5 3x daily. I continued the lexapro and my anxiety increased as my appetite decreased..i had another panic attack and went to the ER. They tested me for liver, kidney probs, did an EKG and tested for hyperthyroidism. Everything came back normal, although I blacked out for the very first time in my life when they drew the blood. (scariest experience of my life!!
1303113 tn?1303083307 I have suffered skips for amost 45 years and the only thing that has got me thru it is a small amount of xanax . Why would this help so much? PS they still drive me zonkers.
Avatar n tn 5mg of Xanax 4 times a day about 8 years ago and my blood pressure has been fine since. I went to a new doctor to establish a new family physician relationship and get needed refills. Every refill, including lower back pain muscle relaxers and pain medication, was filled exactly as they had been with the exception of Xanax. This new doctor arbitrarily reduced the prescription to 3 times per day. I didn't find out until Medco mailed my prescription to me.