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Avatar f tn ( Been to trials at black dog worked a little.  Now swapped from zyprexa to avanza  *****. I'm in a kind of catatonic dream Now.  My head hurts heaps feels all tense and tight Sleep great though. Talk more. But feel inbetween reality!
Avatar n tn I'm currently taking Lithium 3x day, zyprexa 2.5mg (5) tabs, Effexor 300mg, xanax 1mg 3xday, norvasc 5mg 2xday, amotriptline 25mg (4) tabs hs, immitrex 100mg x2 a day prn, hydarxyzine x3 day. I know that this is a cocktail for someone to take daily. I want to know if I need to adjust something b/c i can't take all of these meds in nursing school. I need some advice.
Avatar n tn hi, i currently take 60mg of prozac, 10mg of zyprexa, and have been given .25mg of xanax three times daily for a intense panic disorder. i feel ok on the prozac but really like the effect xanax is giving me, im a post grad student with presentations and exams feel i need the xanax, and also want to uo my dosage in extreme circumstances e.g. college presentation, how much xanax is a safe amount to take, i want to take 4 tabs at one time that 1mg in all, safe or not?
Avatar n tn She didnt like it much and switched to celexa. I have been on many other meds(I am bi polar) before I got the combo of celexa zyprexa. Keep close tabs on your med and talk to your doc if you feel like it isnt working.You may have to try a different one.But do give the effexor time to do its thing which is to help you feel good and healthy.
Avatar m tn , i have high cholesterol but am taking Zocor to correct that (for the past six months), i take Cymbalta for depression (60mg qd), Zyprexa for psychosis and mood disorder (5mg q hs), testosterone enanthate 200mg/mL 1cc IM q 10 days for Klinefelter's Syndrome. Fioricet 1 or 2 tabs q six hrs prn headache pain; 800 mg ibuprofen q 6 hrs prn headache pain/lumbar/sacral/cervical pain. I have a fusion at C3-C4 from 2003 form a herniated disc.
142722 tn?1281537216 I now use Melatonin dissolve tabs 5mg for sleep. These three meds are helping me to feel stable for once! Just remember on Lithium to drink alot of water for your kidney's. I hope you get it figured out, I know it is frustrating! best wishes!
Avatar n tn It doesnt matter what other people think I am bipolar and I take celxa/zyprexa. I feel great and I have a great life thanks to these meds.Just dont tell anyone you are bi polar.I have told a few people and they dont care that I am .they still like me and dont think I am nuts. you will be ol .though it may take trying different meds to get the one that is right for you.Let me know how you are .
Avatar n tn So i am day 10 of being sober off of a 6 year vicodin habit of 40 tabs of 750mg a day and cant get more than 3 hours of sleep a night. I just got a script from my doc for Seroquel and he says it will help with my sleep and anxiety. But he says it will be about 3-4 days of feeling pretty poor. I am feeling better every day and the last thing i want to do is go through 4 days of feeling like c r a p. I have tried Lunesta, melatonin and benadryl with no luck.
Avatar n tn hi, i currently take 60mg of prozac daily, 10mg of zyprexa daily, and have been given .25mg of xanax three times daily for a intense panic disorder. i feel ok on the prozac but really like the effect xanax is giving me, im a post grad student with presentations and exams feel i need the xanax, and also want to up my dosage in extreme circumstances e.g. college presentation, how much xanax is a safe amount to take, i want to take 4/6 tabs at one time of .25mg , safe or not?
1134609 tn?1269275800 Over the past two weeks, my psychiatrist and I have tried Lithium (became very agitated) and Seroquel (made the cycling far worse). We thought about Zyprexa, but it works in the same manner as Seroquel. Anything that has any kind of direct or indirect effect on Serotonin or Dopamine does this too me. Depakote is out of the equation because of it's interaction with Lamictal. Before I was diagnosed with BP Disorder, I was on Celexa and Neurontin consistently, and we tried Buspar and Klonopin..
186166 tn?1385262982 she takes a lot of meds ! ! ! Bupropion XL (wellbutrin) - 300 mgs. - 1 tab a day Olanzapine (zyprexa) 15 mg. - 2 tabs at bedtime Ropinirole .5 mg - 1 tab at bedtime Lithium Carbonate - 300 mg. - 2 in a.m. / 3 in p.m. Gabapentin - 300 mg. - 1 capsule 4 x daily and then there's the klonopin .5 mg - 1 upon waking and 1 at noon. please note that she is throwing up red flags that she is also going manic again. the manias seem to come about every 4-6 months.
158939 tn?1274918797 I think the celexa /zyprexa is keeping me from bottoming out. I swear though as I look in the mirror I have aged overnite. This too shall pass. thanks for asking.
Avatar m tn constipation, etc... Then he gave me small doze Zyprexa for racing thoughts. Worked like a dream the first couple nights, but i felt like a zombie the next day. Became obsessed with getting off of it. It destroyed my digestion. Swithced to Seroquel - shorter half life, but would still stop my mind. Worked for a couple days, then stopped.... Went to a top herbologist - diagnosed me as very low seratonin. Put me on 5HTP and Tryptophan, etc...
Avatar m tn The meds I'm currently taking are MS Contin 2 60mg tabs 3x a day,2 10 mg percocets every 4-6 hrs,10mg valium 3x a day,60mgs of celexa,2.5 mgs of zyprexa,10mgs of librium at bedtime with a melotnin and 5 more of librium if I wake up in the middle of the night.Also 2 different kinds of blood pressure meds.I'm worried that I'm being over medicated,I'm only 41 yrs old and can't imagine what is to come as far as med increases.
11852 tn?1216845043 let's just say smart managers will avoid that at all costs. Keep close tabs on that depression, it will really sneak up on you! I started crying at the drop of a hat or screaming and I didn't even recognize myself. It was frightening and very, very dark. Hang in there and don't let your boss - or any other jerk for that matter - get you down. You're a fighter!
Avatar f tn I didn't want to be away from my baby, you see, and I was breastfeeding her. (Couldn't do that anymore after they gave me Zyprexa - but I digress.) Anyway, Joel kept tabs on me my 3 day, $19,000 stay. The food was mediocre. The other patients? Batsh*t crazy. We had meth addicts, prostitutes, you name it - and I saw one patient sh*t on the floor in front of me at breakfast. It was not a healing environment, you see. So...I kept in touch sporadically with Joel after my release.
Avatar n tn I went on 2.5 mg of Zyprexa and 10 mg. of Paxil and consulted with my psychiatrist. I started getting night sweats about 2 weeks ago and told my psy and am now on 5mg of Paxil along with the 2.5mg of Zyprexa and doing very well. I expect to go off of the meds in about 3 months. I know it's difficult but your symptoms will go away. Just make sure you wean yourself off gradually enough. Moderate exercise also helped me. Take care!
Avatar f tn The doctors put my nausea and diarrhea down to a gastric ulcer and told me to cut down on my coffee and alcohol - I drink 1-2 coffees a day and no more than 8-12 glasses of wine a week - not really enought to cause an ulcer. I didn't take the tabs they gave me for the ulcer but started taking tramal at regular intervals and my 'ulcer' has been cured miraculously.
Avatar n tn get some Zyprexa. It helped me! Many Prayers for you tonite! Cindee Petey7, WOW GREAT NEWS!!!!!!! Hope you continue in the SVR direction!!!!
Avatar f tn That's when I went on the campaign to quit. I did it very slowly,decreasing by one tab per WEEK until I got to 6 tabs per day. By then,for me, I felt I could stop completely but I didn't because I had used this drug for over 25 yrs. So,I continued to taper until I got to 2 per day. I'll say here that this was all a very sad process because every day I knew that soon my "best friend" would be gone forever.
Avatar f tn New family doctor, who put me on Zyprexa -- which is used for schizophrenia! -- and it made my brain feel like paste. He also sent me to a GI doc who barely looked at me and said I had IBS. I, too, have had the nervous stomach thing, but never as chronic as this. I asked for a second opinion. This new GI doc seems a little more with-it. He also diagnosed me with IBS, but sent me for blood tests. He said my thyroid level was off.
Avatar n tn enk! Didn't work.Then Zyprexa...enk! Nope. One other...I think Abilify or something...also ENK! Until the Doc finally broke bread and hooked me up with the "Klonopin"...WHAM! That was the ticket. Now being a heroin addict I had an almost "Hyper-tolerance" to any "narcotic" so I had to take about 4 or 5 2mg "pins" a day. Not having an outside Doctor(no insurance)...
Avatar n tn So I started to take it (three 25mg tabs three times a day for ten days and then two 25mg tabs three times a day for ten days. Please do not use this information for your own use it is only mentioned for acuracy. Consult your own doctor if you want to take this drug). In the first week I noticed that I was feeling really quite good. By day ten the first unusual symptom happened to me. While I was reading my bible I started to cry.