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Avatar m tn After two weeks of taking Zyprexa, she came out of the psychosis, and has had no psychotic symptoms since. Her thyroid level is now normal, and due to weight gain, and the desire of not wanting to take medication that potentially is not needed, we have decided to stop taking Zyprexa. After taking 20mg for almost one year, we have decreased to 10 mg. She has been on 10 mg now for about one month, with no signs of withdraw, or other psychotic feelings.
Avatar f tn Metformim is a medication used to control or prevent the onset of diabetes and/or regulate blood sugar and this is how it helps with these potential side effects of Zyprexa but you could discuss the specifics with your psychiatrist. What you describe are potential side effects of concern from Metformim so you should inform your psychiatrist.
886824 tn?1253736654 Hemochromatosis is classified by type depending on the age of disease onset and other factors such as, genetic cause and pattern (mode) of genetic inheritance. Type 1, the most common form of the disorder, has symptom onset about 40 to 60 years old. The symptoms vary greatly from mild and non-specific to severe. Some people with type 1 never even experience symptoms in their lifetime. Many health professional believe that type 1 is often underdiagnosed.
Avatar n tn I belive it could be muscle realted. Certain things I do will onset the symptoms. I called my cardiologist and he is suggesting some sort of stress test (myo ???)Would you recomend taking this extensive lenghtly test? I've been able to continue with my evening activity without any other pain. I was scheduled to have some blood tests prior to the cardiologist changing his orders. Could you please provide some thoughts.
Avatar n tn t want to embarrass him. My son has gained a lot of weight on Zyprexa, which is why we have switched to Seroquel. However, his penis has shrunk. He has noticed this too. It is extremely small and can barely be seen. I have read lots of info on his various meds but have never seen this mentioned as a side effect. Do you have any comments on this? Is this something I should mention to his doctors? He just had blood work done which all came back in normal ranges.
Avatar m tn Started .5 mg of Zyprexa for anxiety.
Avatar n tn My son has recently been told that he has schizophrenia. He's 21 years old and a very mellow fellow. The doctors perscribed Zyprexa, which he has been taking for 2 mos. We have noticed a more withdrawn behavior ( not much social inter-action ) and my question is: Is there a more "Natural - herbal" form of medicine out there that will do the same thing as the Zyprexa.
1255322 tn?1349067594 Began to complain regularly about abdominal pain, headaches and neck pain around the end of school (1st grade). Treated with Tums and Tylenol. Little or no relief.
791606 tn?1240593511 Went up to 5mg of zyprexa....just made me more tired...so went back to 2.5 the next night.
599945 tn?1240382354 on a decreasing dose of zyprexa with no side effects so far. should be off it by weekend. also on amytryptaline since last week. no result yet.
791606 tn?1240593511 Ok...i'm only going to take the 2.5 for now on...I'm getting all the house work done...yippie!!! Hearing that buzzing again in my ears...and lots of thoughts buzzing around.
Avatar n tn Seems like I need a lot less Xanax when using the Zyprexa. I know it is not labeled for anxiety, but I believe it is being prescribed for that in a lot of circumstances. Thanks.
Avatar n tn I listed "antipsychotic meds" because they didn't have a spot for Zyprexa. It is a drug I was instructed to take at night if I felt I was slipping into a mania and then call Mayes' office the next AM to recieve further instructions... I don't think I"ll be taking that anytime soon. Evidently it knocked me out cold. Rob was luckily home and heard me crashing around upstairs so we up to check on me.
Avatar n tn I was on 15 mg of zyprexa for bipolar and I recently decided i wanted to get off of it due to the side effects....I am now experiencing extreme side effects such as horrible nausea, no appetite, not being able to sleep...etc. I have lost some of the weight that I gained during my zyprexa use and I am just ready for these side effects to be over. I didn't realize coming off of it was going to be so extreme, but it has been. If anyone has any suggestions please help.
717296 tn?1233204670 I think taking synthroid and phentermine first thing, then doing this, should be my plan of action. I am taking zyprexa, but if my weight continues to creep up then it's going to have to go.
Avatar n tn A psychiatrist friend of mine suggested the possibility of taking 1 mg of Zyprexa. However, he cautioned that I should talk to my regular psychiatrist about this. This is why I just wanted to get feedback if anyone has tried this before.
Avatar n tn my son take 7.5 mg of abilify in the morning and 15 mg of zyprexa. when abitatlify started to take. he is talking to himselff. is it bad . is it induced psychosis. he was on zyprexa -. foe 5months. not much omprovement. how long it take to get better with these combinations.
1021784 tn?1306363011 Xanax as an faster onset of action, by mouth it's take around 10-15 minutes before you notice it's effect BUT it's the benzo with the shoter half-life around 6-12 hours. The Ativan onset of action don't kick in very fast, normally take 1-2 hours before you feel something, unless you use the one who dissolve under the tongue, and the half-life is around 10-20 hours, it's action on the anxiety last longer than the Xanax, but it's milder also...
15242955 tn?1534438461 Most likely, lithium and zyprexa. Very least, klonopin. It really is individual, and sometimes, it depends on how much you are on, besides, just how you respond to it. Most of everyone I knew had tremors on lithium. For me, definitely lithium and on zyprexa, and never with klonopin, Zyprexa caused huge weight gain for me from uncontrolled appetite, so my dr. took it off. Without lithium, it also gave me occasional, slight tremors. I was on a low dose of Zyprexa.
1623698 tn?1299161234 If you are the type of person who cannot get off of the zyprexa easily, plan on a very long, slow withdrawal. It took me about 6 months to come off of a 2.5 mg. pill. Finally the pill was down to 1/16th - then I took it every other day for two weeks, then I stopped. It has been about a month since I have totally stopped zyprexa and I still have nausea (but it is manageable) and tons of itching. The doc suggested I try it again - that itching/nausea are a sign of stress. I.will.never.take.
Avatar n tn starting to fret about onset of winter soon
581283 tn?1217970892 I started taking Zyprexa in the morning today. Even though I'm taking two diabex/day now (as of several days ago), I'm still eating and snacking badly. I'm really getting concerned about my weight gain, and I know that will make me even more depressed than I already am. I might try taking one tonight too. Dr. Johnstone is still away, so I can't ask her advice right now.
Avatar n tn Dont be afraid of the zyprexa. Zyprexa does not make you gain weight. the intake of more calories than you use is what you makes you gain. weight. I did initially gain weight when I first stated the zyprexa but I have since lost what I gained and I am continuing to loose more with healthy diet.30 mins a day exercise Take your thyroid med in the AM when you wake up. wait at least 4 hours before taking any other meds. Take the zyprexa at night before you go to bed.
Avatar m tn The pain started after several push ups. Also i am used to sleeping on a couch and placing my head on the arm rest. If i place my hands behind i do not feel any pain if i breath in deeply. But while working on the computer, if i breath in deeply, i feel some pain on top of my left breast.
Avatar n tn and I am 260 lbs. I have a history of PSVT that does not warrant ablation. I wonder what the onset of action for Synthroid is? Thank you very much for your time.