Zyprexa long acting injection

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Avatar f tn I've had a rough several days and saw my psychiatrist today. He gave me Zyprexa. This is only a short-term "band-aid" for 3 or 4 days max - and hopefully not that long. I have never taken it before. I read all that teeny tiny print in the insert, but none of it was for such brief usage. What should I expect? How should I feel? He is trying to get me back to a more normal state, but is hoping for sleep. Sleep is fine, but he wanted me to start right away and I've had a dose.
Avatar n tn sept 16 2016 I was given an injection of abilify maintaina. It;s like one of the longest acting injectable antipsychotics with a half life of 45 days. On top of that it turns out I don't even metabolise abilify so it took like 90 days or so for the side effects to even begin to lessen. It was absolute hell from the hour it was given. The only way I made it through it was some knowledge of oddball things inluding illicit dopamine drugs. Anyway the akathesia never went away.
Avatar m tn Goodness gracous me, you seem to be a medical mystery. Well regards the Ambien instead of acting as a sleeping pill its acting more like a anti-d or benzo....strange? Does the Ambien actually help in giving you a restful sleep? Cause maybe if your managing to sleep well on it then your body is rested and feels more able to cope with everyday life, hense all the improvement in symptoms. WHy though wont they remove the tumour? this makes no sense.
Avatar n tn Can the liver be screwed up for this long and still avoid being detected? Can inflamation be detected by ultrasound? It feels like it's burning, not like heartburn, but a firey sensation...hard to describe. Someone, please help me settle my fly away brain...thanks.
Avatar n tn I looked it up a month or so ago and it seems some people hear a radio-like voice in their head after taking it and it seems to get better after they are off for some people, but not everyone. As long as you have a good doctor though, they are probably prescribing what you need, maybe medicines won't have the same affect on you as it does some people. There are probably many people who take it and have no problems. Good luck whatever you decide with your health issues!