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Avatar f tn Everything they did at the hospital was to save your life and is the typical process with an overdose. The typical dosage for adults is 5 to 7.5 milligrams (mg) at bedtime. You took 5-7 times that much...so yes that is too much and can seriously hurt you. It's over, just learn from it and stick to the prescribed amount. Take care.
5093508 tn?1390547531 How do I safely wean off Tramadol, Valium and Zopiclone all at the same time? I'm full of anxiety, nauseous, sweating hot & cold, and so scared! I used Valium to help me cope with the withdrawals from Tramadol, didn't have enough to last me till next script is due, so began taking Zopiclone. Now I'm scared of that med and need to get off it before it takes too great a hold of me. How do I get off all these horrible medications, that never worked to begin with, but I got addicted to?
Avatar f tn Zopiclone is used to treat sleeping problems (insomnia). HOW TO USE: Take this medication by mouth before bedtime as directed. This medication is usually taken for short periods of up to 4 weeks. Do not increase the dose or take this for longer than prescribed. Tolerance may develop with long-term or excessive use making it less effective.
Avatar f tn I was on Zopiclone to help me sleep and they just stopped it and now won't prescribe any kind of sleeper at all while i'm on methadone as they say overdose risk to high. Not to long ago i was buying valium and zopiclone and ended up with a bit of a habit with them as i was having problems with domestic violence and was total wreck and couldn'tsleep.
401095 tn?1351395370 5 Non-benzodiazepines with similar effects4,5 Zaleplon (Sonata) 2 h 20 Zolpidem (Ambien, Stilnoct) 2 h 20 Zopiclone (Zimovane, Imovane) 5-6 h 15 Eszopiclone (Lunesta) 6 (9 in elderly) h 3 Half-life: time taken for blood concentration to fall to half its peak value after a single dose. Half-life of active metabolite shown in square brackets. This time may vary considerably between individuals.
Avatar n tn ( if each aleve is 100 mg taking 5 is the same exact thing as taking a 500mg naproxen. It is the exact same drug just a lesser dosage per pill since it is over the counter) I really hope this helps. Let me know if you need anything. Going to your doctor and working out a plan to take you from 60mg or so a methadone and gradually bring you down (like the program was SUPPOSED to do) would be the best course of action for you.
Avatar f tn If I just stop taking at it at this point will it go away? Or do I have to keep lowering my dosage. I am very patient but this is getting ridiculous. Can anyone help. PS I am an addict and have been in the program and off drugs and alcohol for 5 yr. and am afraid of taking and other meds that my take me back out.
Avatar n tn No withdrawals. About 4 weeks ago, I cut that dosage in half again. I am now at 20 mg. a day. I can't seem to go below that point without triggering a whole bunch of weird symptoms. I have anxiety attacks, profuse sweating, chills, lack of concentration, "itchiness", random deep body aches, deep, black depression and shortness of breath. I can't determine what is withdrawal and what is some other weird thing. Yesterday, I started getting headaches.
Avatar n tn I too had a bout with B-6 overdose when ingesting 200-300 mg/day for a mild case of carpal tunnel. My symptoms were not as serious as others mentioned here since I was on them for less than 2 weeks, but it was scary and did mess with my thyroid, heart, intestines, and I had vertigo in addition to numbess, pain and tingling. I think I was toxic this quickly due to some kidney impairment. Anyways, I am very glad to hear other sufferers are recovering.
Avatar n tn So now, I'm in another vicious cycle, since I'm not stopping the caffeine, I recently started to take Zopiclone at night to help me fall asleep. But I hate pills, so I have to do something about this. The Effexor I've accepted it because I know that something wasn't right with me all my life and with it I'm doing much better. But this new problem, I don't need. So what I will do is try to find if there are doctors that conducts food allergy test or something...
Avatar n tn Has anyone managed to go on a lower dosage than seven and a half a day. and still function in work. Im terrified to go to the doctor.Detox in hospital and a 30 day rehab program is recomended here in Ireland. I cant take that amount of time off work as ive only bought my first home.