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5093508 tn?1390547531 How do I safely wean off Tramadol, Valium and Zopiclone all at the same time? I'm full of anxiety, nauseous, sweating hot & cold, and so scared! I used Valium to help me cope with the withdrawals from Tramadol, didn't have enough to last me till next script is due, so began taking Zopiclone. Now I'm scared of that med and need to get off it before it takes too great a hold of me. How do I get off all these horrible medications, that never worked to begin with, but I got addicted to?
1529985 tn?1293303379 Hi chips . I have had headaches for 12 years plus. But now i have been diagnosed with APS= Antiphospolipid syndrome. This can give you headaches memory loss,etc.
Avatar n tn SUMMARY Known migraine from late teens, not discussed with any doctor before the episodes increased a lot. Then I had my neurologist (which I have seen for years due to epilepsy treatment and followups) confirm the diagnoses I allready knew. My family has migrane from my great grandmother down to my own mother) . I was prescribed almotriptan and then rizatriptan, the last with best effect.
Avatar n tn Started 50mg Trazadone at night instead of zopiclone and it worked wonders. Headaches and backaches reduced. Melowed out my muscle tension and helped normalize my mood. Only drawback is morning drowsiness.
Avatar n tn I have been taking a sleeping pill, zopiclone for 4 yrs. Two yrs ago, I began sensing tension in my internal organ, probably the kidney. The tension feeling is strong when I lie down, but eases when I stand up and walk around. Could this be a kidney problem? My doc friend said if one has a kidney problem, he could not even urinate. But I can urinate. Is the tension feeling reated to the sleeping pill? Thanks in advance for your ans.
10847390 tn?1413262144 After that, I felt the same way for about a week (couldn't fall asleep until early morning) when I finally went to see a doctor, he checked my blood pressure, heart rate and simply told me it was due to a lack of sleep. He prescribed me some sleeping pills (zopiclone) I started feeling alot better for a few weeks but that dizziness and headaches were still hitting me sometimes.
Avatar m tn However, these medications don't take my headache away like (oddly enough) Zopiclone does. If i could describe my headache- its an electrical storm, a very unsettled mind in the physical sense. But Somehow, Slightly higher doses of Zopiclone/Immovane stabalize the mind more, and take away the pain. In addition, it relaxes me.
1529985 tn?1293303379 -Random Pains and Aches all over my torso (organ areas such as right ribs,heart location,left ribs,lower abdomen[both sides],back pains (lung areas/middle of back). -Headaches that persist day after day -Dehydration -Clammy Hands -Wheezing (Only when I lay down) -Joint Pains -Tired/Fatigued all day -Pale Skin -Itchy eyes (when showering) -Weekness -Little bit of blood in nose mucas (mornings) -Skinny Look (But no loss of weight?
Avatar f tn Hi I posted earlier about being 10 days clean from zopiclone and how I was stiff sore and headaches well I just now went through a bout of sweating and anxiety and all I could think of was should I refill my script and try again after my vacation, or take one ativan I feel so imbarrased and like a failure for even thinking such a thing.I truly thought I was over the hump and on my way back to normal, I need advice this anxiety is scary and will definately ruin our vacation if it keeps up.
Avatar m tn I just stopped 185mg per day16 days ago. To help me I obtained some 30/500 Cocodomol, Trammadol Zopiclone 7.5 (to help sleep) & Vittamin B99. I've been taking the same dose for 6 years. I quit suddenly & felt that the Cocodomol & Trammadol really were helping. After 12 days I thought that the major symptoms were over & even started to feel quite good for very short periods of time. Since then, (I'm now on day 24) & I'm feeling worse again.
Avatar m tn OK so I was in hospital over regaine the product gave me a bad reaction and I became depressed and suicidal so was hospitalized I was put on risperdal 4mg mirtazapine 30mg zopiclone 7.5mg Week 2 in hospital my penis shrivels up and is smaller Week 3 I'm out I go to GP over my penis he ignores me and gives me omeprazole 20mg as I had a bad gut to.
1529985 tn?1293303379 -Random Pains and Aches all over my torso (organ areas such as right ribs,heart location,left ribs,lower abdomen[both sides],back pains (lung areas/middle of back). -Headaches that persist day after day -Dehydration -Clammy Hands -Wheezing (Only when I lay down) -Joint Pains -Tired/Fatigued all day -Pale Skin -Itchy eyes (when showering) -Weekness -Little bit of blood in nose mucas (mornings) -Skinny Look (But no loss of weight?
Avatar f tn I have been suffering with these headaches for 15 years. I have been taking Topomax and Amitriptyline for about 7-8 years, but over the last 3 months my headaches are getting more severe, also I feel sick and when I bend over I get a weird pressure feeling through my nose and head, which also makes me feel sick, also my nose is stuffy which can cause the headache to get worse. I have just started using a nasal spray to keep my nose clear.
Avatar n tn I have been noticing the past few months that I am having weakness in my right leg. But I have also been getting alot of headaches. Also, I am on a sleeping medication called Zopiclone and have been taking it for about 8 years or so. My neurologist has told me that if anything were to change with this tumor it would affect something on my right side. And each MRI I have had it has grown at least a mm.
Avatar f tn daily headaches, back/neck pain started about 10yrs ago from my little one hanging off my neck and she forgot to let go when i started to stand up, oh & usually abit depresssed. i take the following meds daily, butorphanol spray 3 bottles a week (i do add water to the bottle all the time to make it last/weaken it) demerol 50mg 3 per day, oxycodone for my neck/back pain, ativan and then because i dont know how to fall asleep anymore ive been on zopiclone 7.5 every night.
Avatar m tn Doc said this was Ok and also recommended the tylenol codeine combo which is an otc medicine. If the headaches were bad I took 500 mg Panadeine (tylenol and codeine combo) but that was seldom and once I went to the hospital and they gave codeine phosphate because I was really in pain and quite distressed. Hot/warm baths worked for me too. And lots of rest. I also used Zopiclone which is a sleeping pill that has a muscle relaxant in it. I never used any of those drugs before treatment!
221913 tn?1372280261 So we went to the Hospital and they gave me a vallium type drug that disolves under the tongue and a bunch of imovane (zopiclone). by the time I got home I was sleeping. The sleeping pills work in about an hour so if I can't sleep I take one but try to only take one or two a week. 100 has lasted the whole treatment time with a few left over.
Avatar f tn After reading about other people I realize im not hard core in the amount I take ( that isnt the issue) I take 2 every nite to help me sleep and If I get a headache I can take 8 in quick succession, the amount for me is irrelevant its the fact I feel the need to take them at all , even if I have no pain.
1506646 tn?1290451087 I take one every day , sometimes up to 3 or 4 when I really have a Migraine even when they do not help. Have had daily headaches, severe ones for 2 weeks now. I also have panic attacks in the night with burning sweats and great fear and cannot stop it other than getting up. Also have bouts of Vertigo now and have to go to hospital. I am a young 64 and do not drink but take T3's. Wondering if the Panic attacks are related to taking T3's.
Avatar m tn Well I'm afraid I am loosing my mind and think I'm gonna end up like the walking dead or having a seizure etc !!! I went to bed that Saturday night and took my usual medication diazepam and 2x 7.5 zopiclone went to sleep sat night got up Sunday felt ok even tho I only had 8 hour sleep with a missed nights sleep obv. Now last night I had to get up at work at 4am this morning !
Avatar f tn I felt I should tell you what happened with the lithium. I did start taking it, and within two days, I developed headaches, nausea, a lot of palpitations (Even on the Tenorman) and really swollen ankles (While on Lasix). I stuck to them for a week then called my GP (my psychiatrist who put me on it was gone away) and told him what was happening. He told me to stop them right away, that I didn't need to wean them. I stopped them and 2 days later the all the issues were gone.
Avatar n tn As soon as I switched to decaf they went away. Kooky. Insomnia? You betcha, doctor prescribed some sleeping pills (Zopiclone) that I took every shot night, as well as in between quite frequently. Dehyradation on a daily basis, headaches and ringing in the ears that comes and goes - have it right now and hoping it trails off over the next few days.
Avatar f tn I tried Ambien and Ambien CR, I sleep well with it but it gives me horrible day-long headaches the next day so I've stopped taking it. I take a Clonazepam and a Benadryl before bed, Tylenol too if I think I need it, and sleep pretty well most of the time. Lately the dreams have been wild, though!
Avatar n tn Rarely drink alcohol, non smoker. No abnormal headaches. I generally feel this problem daily. Feel good when I first wake, worse as day goes on. Next saw a balance specialist at ENT clinic. They ran many tests: and concluded my inner ears were working normally. Next tried Physical Therapy to resolve balance prob: walking in straight line while moving head up down left and right etc but did not help. I also had eye check at the ophthalmologist, results normal.
1035252 tn?1427231433 Just wanted to say how right your dr was about mirena causing headaches.... I went from never having headaches to having headaches everyday and about four dibilitating headaches a week.... Lol I kept going to the dr for them and they said it's not a side effect of mirena lol since the day after getting it out in march I have only had one minor one lol I hate how drs lie..... I have never taken that pill so I can't help you with that....
Avatar n tn being jolted from sleep and adrenaline surges. Tried a course of sleeping pills for a week (Zopiclone) but that is starting to loose its power. Now I'm switched to Propranolol and have to say it's not working all that well. It was my first dose tonight and I took 40mg. Still feel the adrenaline pushing through and I can't get a moment's sleep - it's real torture. My condition started after a sever viral infection.
Avatar m tn I am now having to take Restoril during the day so that i dont get headaches and taking 15 mg of zopiclone per night also. Otherwise i cant sleep. I can't even take a nap, i cant fall asleep on my own anymore. The headaches during the day are persistent, especially base of skull and like vice in the temples. I am so tired and i ache everywheres. i got an mri done and there are 10 lesions in my brain. My blood work comes out ok. I also think i have fatal insomnia.
Avatar n tn when I turn my head, sometimes I even get a stabbing electric shock at the base of my skull, and headaches there. Exhausted, but can't sleep. Restless legs, muscle spasms, yes even my poor anus spasms, and that is a whole different world of hurt. Morning stiffness that lasts about 1/2 an hour. Constant sinus issues. Canker sores in my mouth and nose, and below the belt. My teeth chip really easy. I have GERD, was recently on a Chemo therapy drug to help food motility.
Avatar m tn I get neck pain and tenderness also, with headaches. Im told its allergies. Too many people are suffering with this for my liking this year. I hope no one tested some radioactive bomb or something that is giving all of us an allergic reaction...It seems especially bad this year. We all arent crazy. I also think they keep spraying more and more pesticides without us knowing. Too many weird illnesses now, and if you read a lot of these posts, we are all complaing of the same things.
Avatar f tn I was being treated for insomnia...stress and a full class/ work schedule will do that. So the doctor first put me on Zopiclone...I didn't take well to this at all...I sleep the entire day after and had a major headache. Then in typical "me" fashion, I began to worry again..."What if it's something else?" So I went to google obsessing over it and spent hours....