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Avatar n tn My main concern now is that they (his doctor and mother) have elevated his drug regimine to include 3 drugs that have known interactions with each other, 1 (Concerta) that is known to potentially cause sudden death, and 2 (Clonidine and Zolpidem) that are not recommended for children. Although Strattera does have some potential side effects, I believe it is by far the safest.
Avatar n tn Your son's body chemistry would be in a turmoil that could cause arrhythmia (irregular heartbeats and cardiac arrest)by the drug cocktail prescribed. To illustrate, excessive alcohol, street drugs, etc. can cause irreversable heart cell damage (cardiomyopathy) and that would be a lot less potent than the all prescribed drugs you have listed.
535089 tn?1400677119 Substances Causing False Positives According to a report by the Los Angeles Times New Service, a study of 161 prescription and over the counter medications showed that 65 of them produced false positive results in the most widely administered urine test.
Avatar n tn as for the drug testing, i'd worry about that when the time comes....just focus on the job interview process for now, and IF drug testing comes up...i believe they are looking for different drugs than you have in your system.....and you always can mention you have just sucessfully come through 'chemo'....which you have...
1910757 tn?1348686919 Long-term use of zolpidem is associated with drug tolerance, drug dependence, rebound insomnia and CNS-related adverse effects such as dizziness and light headedness. It is recommended that you very gradually taper off over a period of months. (Short-term use would be taking three to no more than five pills per week for a period of 12 weeks.) Also clonazepam is a high potency benzodiazepine. It's very important to taper off very slowly.
544292 tn?1268886268 So I dug up some more info that I wanna share ... in case you are dying of curiousity. Or need more info like I do. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http***mb.rxlist.com/rxboard/ultram.pl?noframes;read=3179 not just for breakfast anymore Posted By: mkny Date: Friday, 21 October 2005, at 3:53 a.m.
Avatar f tn This just links to a site to sell more tests. I certainly don't need to pay for more testing, with no chain of custody or proctor it is less than useless.
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Avatar f tn I have been off the Zolpidem for 1 1/2 years now and still suffer from memory loss, I am seeing a neurologist now and he's testing me for dementia because of the Ambien(Zolpidem). I think these pills need to be removed from the shelves.. I missed my appointment I had with him last week because I FORGOT I had it.
1504275 tn?1300760036 First of all, adderall is a very powerful and addictive drug and should never be taken without doctor supervision, particularly a script intended for another person. I'm wondering how you've been able to continue getting it and what your friend does for med, when you are taking her/his supply.
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Avatar f tn However, I'm not excited bc when I called today to ask what he was testing for, the nurse just said he's testing the lipids in my liver, kidneys,thyroid, and also testing to see if I'm anemic. That's it. When I asked why she said bc they want to make sure there isn't any problems with any of those things like liver failure or something that could be causing the rash. I was shocked that that's all he's testing for and not retesting for any autoimmune diseases.
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Avatar n tn Oh, yeah, I'm a non-smoker, don't live or work with any (never have), very light social drinker, and non-drug user (never have been -- I know... really boring). Original diagnosis - 1984 - Graves - took Radioactive Iodine way back when. Thanks in advance.
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4043517 tn?1374010173 Went home, made it about an hour and had to lay down, next thing I know I'm moaning and groaning trying to move myself into the bathroom about 11:30PM. Got dressed for bed, and spent the next every two hours waking, moaning, walking and peeing. Popped some Norcos in the middle of the night so there goes some of my stash. Couldn't help it, this **** hurts.
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Avatar f tn I got put on subutex (not suboxone as that contains naloxone - similar to naltrexone) and unfortunately after a few months on the subs (buprenorohine) I got very sick and had to taper and get off. I believe some people can handle that drug with no problems (at low dose I.e 4mg or less...
Avatar m tn GREAT Universal Mind! I'm glad you are getting an endocrine workup. Perhaps this will show your head injury also goofed up those brain glands. And I also think it is perfectly okay to get the medicine you need however way you have to, to make your discomforts stop. I think "the drug war" and not giving people adequate pain relief is the wrong way to approach misuse of drugs. But that's for another forum! We'll see what happens, let us know.
673736 tn?1228238186 keeps close check on this and to date have had no surgery. Testing done is routine US and blood work. I had a colectomy because of severe diverticulitis 2yrs ago in Jan., I have no colostomy. My complications, compared to others as mentioned have been minor, I have frequent loose stools and tend to have a decreased imm. system, which my dr. has said can happen. If my daughter gets the stomach flu or if it going around at school I catch it rather quickly and have a problem controlling my bowel.
Avatar m tn I finish all allergy testing and mold testing next week and then back to the environmental doc to start a plan of action!! I am sure it will be detoxifying the central nervous system while supporting the body in other ways. If this does not produce the results then I will travel to Md which will be a flight or 12 hour drive to see Dr Shoemaker. I will be surprised if I still have these after testing negative to neurotoxins.
Avatar n tn Well, you can be patient for few more days and keep observing the progress of the jerks to see the effect of the drug you are presently taking. Stress is a major factor in triggering the symptoms and worsening the daily activities to sometimes even impossible. You can get a sleep study test done to know your present sleep pattern, which can also be discussed with your attending physician.
Avatar n tn There should eventually be a new drug coming called AVEED. This used to be Nebido. My husband was on the clinical trial and I cired when they took him off of it. 1 shot every 3 months. Worked miracles! One thing to remember, if you don't take your medicine, you not only will have no sex drive, but it effects your mood also. Please do not forget your wife!!! She is suffering right along with you. I can't tell you how many times I cried because my husband isn't "normal"!!
Avatar n tn Believe it or not, some itchy eyelids are caused by a mite called a demodex. By removing one lash and testing it by looking under a microscope, proper treatment can assist you in possibly eliminating your problem. I didn't read this idea on any of the posts. hope this goes through.
Avatar n tn Thanks to Duchess47, Wepst and JDanMan for your comments and suggestions. I will seriously look into all of your suggestions and hope that it's just some seasonal allergy thing. Thanks again.