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Avatar n tn I am leading towards just going back to paxil and continue with the valium but I may have good luck with the zoloft and klonopin combination and I feel may regret the change but am not looking forward to switching from valium to konopin. I've never taken zoloft before and have taken paxil quite a few times for several years at a time on both klonopin and valium.
Avatar n tn m just not educated on it but it seems that there is a known interaction between zoloft and valium and I am thinking that taking zoloft with valium is causing a build-up of diazepam and it's major metabolite hence more interactions and it could be causing more zoloft build-up as well. I'm just not sure. Thanks.
Avatar n tn Ok my story is long so I'm not going to get into it but I've been taking either valium or xanax for my panick attacks/anxiety my doctor gave me xanax before I was pregnant, then while PG and nursing I took nothing at all of course, and now I have a new doctor that started me with valium but wants to switch me to zoloft (this is a therapist)I don't want to take a daily drug for many reasons again I'm just going to leave those out, but both xanax and valium did the trick when neede
Avatar m tn Does Zoloft make you sleepy then wind you up? I am tapering valium so hard to know "what is doing what." though I don't take much valium (it's in your system for 200 hours).
Avatar n tn Posted by Anna on May 13, 1999 at 08:06:35 My 13 year old son (who is bigger than I am) was diagnosed with irritable bowel earlier this year. The pain has been almost constant. He has become depressed (talking about suicide)about it but along the way the old psychiatrist thought anxiety might be aggravating it so he was taking Bentyl for the cramping, a minimal dose of Valium (2mg per day) for anxiety and muscle relaxing and just started Wellbutrin for depression.
Avatar n tn Posted By Anna on May 13, 1999 at 08:06:35 My 13 year old son (who is bigger than I am) was diagnosed with irritable bowel earlier this year. The pain has been almost constant. He has become depressed (talking about suicide)about it but along the way the old psychiatrist thought anxiety might be aggravating it so he was taking Bentyl for the cramping, a minimal dose of Valium (2mg per day) for anxiety and muscle relaxing and just started Wellbutrin for depression.
Avatar f tn I developed sever depression and anxiety after I got hurt and had to have several surgeries and now live with chronic pain. For my nerve pain I took Valium for about 18 months. I would also use the Valium to help with my anxiety because I had it so why not. My pain management dr started me on Zoloft and it helped with my depression and anxiety. After about 8 months I started taking lyrica for my nerve pain so I no longer needed to have Valium.
Avatar m tn ) I have been tapering valium since June last year (did crossover from Klonopin/Ashton method) and started Zoloft in June (25mg) and upped it to 50mg in August. I have held the valium taper since August due to diarrhea and decided to taper zoloft but now I am not sure which to taper first. I am at 6.5mg valium down from 12.5mg (was c/t in August also from 9mg and reinstated to 7mg almost immediately).
Avatar f tn who prescribed me ativan and Zoloft, would not prescribe me the valium. Adventually I came off the Zoloft due to the side effects. The Ativan did its job for awhile but i was taking "too" much a day according to him so he just put me on Klonopin 4mg per day. It seems to be fine keeping me calm and not too many side effects but it is not helping with random anxiety onsets nor is it helping me with sleep.
Avatar f tn I was on a couple mood stablelizers..depokote , seroquel & zoloft plus valium for severe cases..its really helped!
Avatar n tn First of all, welcome to the community. Taking a benzo (Valium) and an SSRI (Zoloft) is quite common, but don't do it on your own. I assume a doctor has prescribed this...just follow his/her instructions and you will be fine.
Avatar m tn Should I discontinue the zoloft until I have gotten down on the Valium..it`s only been 3 days (of hell) since I started it.I know it takes weeks to become effective,but the side effects,and it`s stimulant properties, started from day one. My activity level is low,mainly due to the depth of winter here,and finding things to keep me busy is near impossible.I live in a rural northern area,and finding a doc to go along with everything I am learning is a problem...
Avatar f tn You have a lot of misconceptions about how these drugs work. I think you've also gotten a very odd sense from someone that Zoloft caused your rectal bleeding but you say you were told it didn't cause the swelling. Lots of things can cause rectal bleeding, including hemorrhoids but also harder to find and diagnose anal fissures (had one, so I know).
Avatar f tn I forgot in the final list Day before yesterday ( first day on Zoloft) I took 2.5mg Valium then the Zoloft, then 2.5mg Valium before the horse ride, then another 2.5mg at about 11pm as the nurse at the hospital ( over the phone said it would be fine) "Yesterday I took Zoloft at 9 30 am, Valium 2.5mg at about 3pm, and then Valium 2.5mg at about midnight. This morning I took Zoloft at 9 30am and about about 12pm took 2.5mg Valium again.
1557928 tn?1304810663 Day 6 with no valium, and I must say with the sertaline the actual desire for valium has been pretty non existent. I also believe that I contracted an illness at the same time as I decided to stop because yes I feel and felt as if I had the flu, but I am coughing up stuff and my throat is sore, the same as my gf had a few days before I stopped.. So it is possible to simply stop valium like that, even at high doses like I was taking, with a little help from sertaline and a good mental attitude.
Avatar f tn Has Zoloft helped anyone with sleep? I've just started on 6.25 mg because of depression and anxiety caused by insomnia. My MD says Zoloft will help me sleep within about three weeks. Anyone have any experiences to share? Thanks!
Avatar f tn Well, the valium definitely didn't work out either. For some reason that drug and klonopin gives me severe anxiety attacks along with other problems.
Avatar n tn Anyone up for another happy Sunday? Jokes and fun stories??? I've gone to therapy a couple times now and I'm really feeling good... got some issues I'm working out with the doc they want me on zoloft, I take either valium or xanax for anxiety and (i know i've already posted this sorry) don't want to take a daily med, just want something for when I need it....
Avatar n tn hello. i was diagnoised as having depression and was on zoloft for 4 months. it left me with a false self of confidence, feeling that nothing mattered, unemotional and a 20lb weight gain.i thought i was happy on it, but i wasn't. i also had night sweats and major hypo manic episodes beyond normal. plus major alcohol binges. it did cure my bulimia though. my doctor now has me on depakote, starting slowly until i reach 1025mg per day.
Avatar n tn So I have a question about my medications and the risks that they might have on my unborn baby. First is zoloft,I have been on zoloft for about 7-8 months and it works great. I take 200 MG at bedtime. My doctor assures me that its safe but then the N.P that did my Ultrasound said the benefits outweigh the risks. So my question is what are the risks and is it a safe medication for pregnancy? And the other question I have is how dangerous is taking Valium when needed for anxiety?
Avatar n tn I just am having a hard time dealing with paranoid feeling and vision problems and spaced out feeling. Everything is foggy and I feel off. Please, any experiences with zoloft and these feelings would be helpful. Peace.
Avatar n tn Hey there...I see its been some time since you were on here....I was wondering if you started with an SSRI like zoloft? I also wanted to share my experience... I am currently weening off pain pills and in the process I was introduced to zoloft. Let me just say this....who cares if you have to take a pill everyday if its safe, doctor perscribed, NON ADDICTIVE, and helps with your moods and possibly with your addiction!!
Avatar f tn I was on Valium x 7 years for anxiety. I also took 50 of Zoloft. Now due to lifes stressors the valium don't work. My anxiety made me think I was loosing it. Doc put me on Klonopin 1mg 2 x day. I do not wan to take anything. He said I could just stop Valium and start Klonopin since they were both benzos.. Any ideas????? I am sick and tired of pills. I am an RN and I see enough dope.
1032715 tn?1315984234 s for people off all drugs,I still take 4 different medications prescribed by my doctor-Zoloft for depression 200mg,Valium to help with the counselling I'm going through and in the beginning to help with the withdrawals 10mg,I'm also on a blood pressure tablet Ramipril 10mg and Omeprazole 20mg for reflux and heartburn.
Avatar n tn First of all, how long and at what dose were you on Xanax? Xanax must be tapered very slowly over a fairly long period of time to make the w/d less severe. Did your doctor simply tell you to stop taking it.........cold turkey? If she did, I would suggest you find a new doctor who understands these types of meds better. Going off Xanax too fast will produce the exact symptoms you're describing.
Avatar f tn I am on Zoloft, my side effects were nothing like yours. I did feel pretty icky the first couple of weeks but not sick like you. I started out on 25mg I can't imagine starting at 50 since the 25mg made me feel pretty crappy. Infact I just took a 50mg for the first time today, I have been on it for 26 days. I too, am sensitive to meds and HATE taking them. Why not break you tablets in half, that way you can take as little as possible and if it doesn't work you can take a little more.
Avatar m tn I take Zoloft 100 mg 1x day. I love it...it works great for me! Some people have side effects but I have always had good luck. I also took Clonazapan for a "shorter" acting med and liked it too. It helped me sleep. I would suggest an anti-depressant over something like xanax or valium though....the anti-depressants are better for you in the long run (although all drugs have side effects).
Avatar n tn Hi there if I was you I would just stick to one benzo, beleave me I know I have been on benzos for 30years, there not to be messed with, I cant tolarate any meds that they try and mix with the benzos. I realy think if you stick with just one benzo things will get better for you. good luck.