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Avatar n tn Hello- I am a dog lover but have one problem. My allergies to dogs cause ichy skin, runny nose and constant sneezing within 10 minutes of being in close contact with them. I was wondering if Zyrtec would significantly help to relieve these symptoms. Have other people had success with it? What are the common side effects of Zyrtec? The current medications I am taking are Zoloft and Trazodone, would it be ok to take Zyrtec with these 2 prescription drugs? Thank you for your information.
Avatar n tn Now, him briefly upping the dose to 100mg, while I cannot imagine that would bring on his chest pain, you need to get the prescribing doc in there forthwith and have him take a look at your husband and declare what he thinks about the Zoloft. And as for putting him back on the Zoloft, in my opinion, that's NOT a good plan, he'd be better off on a tranquilizer, but I am not qualified to argue the point at all.
Avatar n tn I have been taken zoloft for about a year in half now, i recently found out i was pregnant and i had asked my doctors if i could still continue the medicine with no harm to my baby, i was told yes but a few weeks after this i hear of a nation wide lawsuite against the company who made zoloft because of birth defects, now when i looked further into this doctors were already notified months ago of the side effects its causes in pregnant woman, i was very upset about this, i stoppped taken my zolof
1139187 tn?1355710247 REPEAT AFTER ME, I will not take Zoloft. I will not take Zoloft. I will not take Zoloft. Bruce. Please do not resort to taking it. It is an anti-depressant and it is not something you want to experiment with. Take it from me who has had a horrendous time with anti-depressants!!! It will not remedy your buzzing ear! I hope to goodness you meant something else and not Zoloft!!!
Avatar n tn Actually, I started looking into anxiety on the internet in the last little while and was actually shocked and quite alarmed at the vast amount of people that speak about Walmart in particular when they are talking about their anxiety in stores. They also of course do say that they have issues as well in other large stores but pay attention to the usual first comments of these individuals all over the net that mention Walmart when you ask them about their anxiety.
Avatar n tn I was bitten 20 yrs ago and the head of the tick (in Indianapolis) stayed in my scalp for a week, then I developed lumps all over my head that disappeared a bit after a doctor removed the tick. I grew up in WV, w/ plenty of deer and dogs/cats. I don't know what to make of it. Thanks in advance for any input.
Avatar f tn Resting HR is 55-65, the kids come in our room, tv goes on, dogs are bugging me to go outside to go potty - in no time my HR is up to 90-100 and sometimes I feel a little jittery. By 8am I'm in my office doing some work and my HR drops back down to 65-80. Sounds to me like you're getting accustomed to that rush of having to get everything ready and going for the kids and your mind and body are starting to prep for it a little early.
Avatar m tn I definitely have panic attacks (periods of racing heartbeat, shortness of breath, tightness in my chest, nausea, etc) but I also have a strange feeling in my chest 95% of the day. It feels sort of hollow all the time, and every two minutes or so I will have a feeling like a "drop" or almost like a shock in my chest. I have had PVCs (all the time) for at least 5 years, and it almost feels like a more severe one of these.
Avatar m tn Then in 2004 I developed myofascial pain syndrome (muscle knots in the back) and never been the same ever since . I also have IBS and in constant brain fog and I think my personality has changed(depressed all the time) . Is this only happening to me or others also have same kind of experiences?
Avatar n tn I am a 33 year old female who's mother was also given *Bendectin*. I have battled many health problems over the years, and also have a deformed foot. My Right foot is wider then the left by great amounts, my second and third toes are postioned in the V shape pulling away from one another a little more everyday. The third toe is my Turtle :) as I call him...(The large cushion of fatty tissue sits on top like a turtle shell) I started calling it my turtle as a way of dealing with deformity.
Avatar f tn First of all, I suddenly feel a bilateral sensation in my arms of extreme heaviness (not numbness, not tingling) that starts at about mid forearm level and goes up my arms At the same time, my chest feels like it is in a barrel and I am being squeezed completely around These 2 symtoms last about 30-seconds to 1 minute and occur "out-of-the-blue", such as when shopping or sitting on the couch. It has happened at work and at home.
Avatar n tn I keep hearing repeat songs in my head...I do not hear voices only songs. I suffer from extreme anxiety and depression am on Lorazepam and several homeopathic remedies. I was put on several anti depressants for a period of one year with severe side effects. I am now hyper sensitive to medications.
Avatar n tn I don't have allergies of any kind and I'm in excellent health and I can learn to live with the smell of fresh baked bread in my nostrils.. I mean it could be owrse.. still I think I should get someone to check this out especially as I read about Phantom smells being a possible side efect of brain tumors...
Avatar n tn I wake every morning with horrible pain in lower back (kidney area) that radiates to the front of stomach (rib area). I have had battery of tests and found nothing. I am only able to sleep 5-6 hours before pain wakes me, also unable to take a deep breath until I get out of bed (very painful just to roll over), once I stand and get out of bed the pain almost immediately starts to ease. After about 20 minutes of walking around and after first morning void, pain disappears for remainder of day.
Avatar f tn Well, he started her on 50mg of zoloft a few days ago and that isn't long enough for any results in my opinion. I am on 200mg of zoloft and still fight depression. Church in the park today was great and went to a great restaurant up the river with friends. Sat outside and ate and had a live band playing. Beautiful warm day. Love the outdoors. So the last 2 days have been good for me. I tend to want to hole up and that does not help the depression.
306867 tn?1299253309 Have you made any big or small changes in your lifestyle to save money ? I've been a lot more conscious of shutting off lights, pushed the a/c up a few degrees. I've become a buy one, get one free freak. When I run errands I map out a course so there's no back tracking or wasting of gas. I never really eat out any more. A cake in the store costs over 10 dollars.........cake mix and icing cost under 3 dollars if you make it yourself.
Avatar f tn I tried to remove one with tweezers, and it was very tacky (as in sticky) and clearly goes deep under the skin. Part of it broke off but I could still see that the pore was plugged and a day or two later top of the plug was sticking out again. i can't find ANYTHING online that looks like it.
Avatar f tn I found that out after she puked all over both of us one night and I just jumped in the shower with her. Latrice like you I'm still dealing with PPD, but taking zoloft and starting to feel better. Glad to hear everyone is doing well I miss you all!
675718 tn?1449992146 well i got my pills renewed not a problem the zoloft came late though. i am ready for football season+the picks glad the lockout is over lots of deals going on right now i am doing great anyways even though i have no doctor right now they tried to schedule me with the therapist but he cancelled on me i was a little mad that they(VA) didn't call me in time to notify me.
Avatar n tn That's his OWN experience and doesn't mean you'll get the same. Once again, it's not proven yet except in dogs. It hasn't proved in humans (who would give cardiopoison to humans?!?) so it's not known if it'll do the same for humans.
Avatar m tn By the way, if your daughter requires medication, a few of our children in our group have taken Zoloft with success; however, many now use newer SSRI's which are more suitable for children. All the best ...
Avatar n tn In particular, get out of the house, help another person, get sunlight and expercise, focus on something other than me me me. Fifteen years ago I was in the hospital for a month, I remember that it took work to ajust to not being in-patient. It's one thing for me to know what to do to take care of myself, it is another thing to actually put it into practice. I remember that when all else failed I would go to the local animal shelter and hangout with the dogs....
Avatar n tn Worrying accompanies depression which causes chemical imbalance in brain for which doctors prescribe meds like Zoloft and Prozac and therepeutists prescribe getting pets in home i.e. small dogs like yorkshire terrier n all. As far as Dr. H finding a cure, man...who's gona reply to people like us then???? Can't lose him to that. I personally feel he an we are better of him advising about testing and transmission..
186166 tn?1385262982 well...my only addiction is cigarettes...benson and hedges menthol to be exact...named one of my dogs "benson" after them (hehe) i take zoloft for depression. depression, anxiety, and panic attacks run rampant in my family...somehow it skipped over me...i only started on zoloft after my father passed away 11 months ago...glad i am on it or i might not have handled the "new crisis" with my son so well. three of my four sons suffer from depression...
Avatar n tn One month on dont have the burning feeling in stomach but when i exercise i still get pain in throat and during the day have a hot chest feeling in same oplace without a cough. I really dont know what to do,in the space of 10 months i have gone from a happy healthy 19 year old man who enjoys sports and weight training to a paranoid shell of the the person i was who doctors have written off as a hypochondriac.
1438412 tn?1315511519 I take Zoloft, Klonpin, Trazodone, Lamicial. I am still depressed. I lay in a dark room, lay in bed and watch TV. I want more than anything to be myself again. I enjoy going to the beach or zoos or just playing with my dogs, anything that made me laugh. Now I don't anything, just empty? Should I ask my doctor about changing my meds? I tell him how I feel. What can I do?
Avatar f tn They know something is wrong Honey and as with my dogs they always know when I am going to have a very bad spell and they will not leave my side. I sure wish I lived closer to ya, I would help you with your dogs in a heartbeat. Please keep me updated on your appt tommorrow, ok?
186166 tn?1385262982 my little chihuahua had a poo poo accident on an area rug...my husband stepped in it and it is just mashed all down in the fibers...don't want to clean it up. just a mucked up day...couldn't get any worse. it's days like these when thoughts of my boys monopolize my mind. i am so freaking depressed that i just want to run away...just get away from everything and everyone. i am so tired...no one knows or has any idea the depth of my depression...try to be the strong one.
Avatar n tn Then there are the times I was my face, go REAL close up to see those blackheads that NO ONE in the world can see but me. Oh but there there, and if I squeeze hard enough, surely stuff will come out, and how fun is that? And it's FREE! I can't believe it! No admission cost and it's free! Squeeze a non-existant pimple to see stuff come out.
1177051 tn?1263935894 I have tried only a few pills during the course of my treatments which left me in some cases rocking in the corner of my room as if i were in a damn straight jacket ( thank you creators of Zoloft) and others that could make me smile even if the house were burning down (thank you creators of Lamictal) . I've also tried many different kinds of therapist and psychiatrist. I must admit though I've always been good at sabotaging my own treatment. Well... when I was a kid anyway.