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Avatar n tn I have only been on Lexapro for a little over a month, and although it worked very well in the beginning, it has made me very depressed and/or easily irritable since. My psychiatrist wants to put me on Lithium to try and help with the anti-anxiety pill, even though I don't have Bi-Polar disorder. My mother does not like the sound of Lithium, cause she's only seen bad things, but I don't really know anything about it, nor do I know any other medications that I might be able to take for that.
595559 tn?1241144238 I started on lithium just before Christmas and so far so good. I have felt horrid today but on reflection do not think it is down to the lithium. Lithium has been around for donkeys years and as long as the proper tests are done and you follow the instructions correctly then it is a good medication to be on. There are very rare cases where people have bad reactions but I think this can be said for a lot of medications.
4971738 tn?1390568984 I'm weaning off other things like the geodon and lamictal. She wants me to get down to only zoloft and lithium. If my dose goes up any higher I will have to get my lithium levels drawn to make sure they're in the therapeutic range. All in all I've done okay with it. No mania, no super depression. Like hempem said though I have noticed my sense of humor going just a tad.
700212 tn?1240764420 I have taken lithium for nearly 2 years, I know people who have taken it for 30 years and are healthy and fine. Lithium works well, its very effective and if you follow the guidelines its also very easy. It has no psychoactive effect thus its not likely to blunt your mind, mild insommnia is reported by some patients and a mild motor tremor is usual in the first few months but will fade over time.
Avatar m tn Yes, I have been on an SSRI and lithium at the same time. It was quite a while ago, and I don't remember what happened. I believe the latest thinking is that bipolar depression is different from unipolar depression and that SSRIs are nor a good idea for people with BP. They can kick you up into mania.
955560 tn?1250198145 If it makes you feel any better, I am currently taking a high dosage Tri-cyclic antidepressant, and 900Mgs of Lithium, and 200Mgs a day of Lamictal, and 2.50Mgs a day of Xanax. That's enough medication to knock a horse on it's ***. I'm still alive.
979425 tn?1251406763 But my boyfriend and I are thinking that if we do plan to stay together we want a child in the future...and i want to know how does that work with lithium and other ppls experiences..
Avatar f tn Weight gain is not a certainty on lithium nor on any drug but the majority of AD, AP, MS and a pile of other drugs used in mental illness treatment have Weight Gain as a possible side effect.
337492 tn?1212462436 I take lithium & Zoloft, 150 mgs. Zoloft, every day. I don't care for the Zoloft because of the sexual side effects but otherwise it works for me. My doc's view on anti-depressants & manic-depressives is that as long as the lithium is continued as prescribed (or whatever anti-manic drug is used) is that the anti-manic drugs will "keep a lid" on any mania the anti-depressants may cause.
Avatar f tn I have boploar 2/ADD and some learning disability. Paxil made me a kind of zombie. Zoloft made me a much more intensely out of it zombie. Prozac, I really didn't notice much of anything with that. (I'm remembering these out of order). I tried nardil which I didn't notice anything with either. Celexa, Lexapro, (I thought I'd never forget them) they were almost like being on nothing. There are others but none of them really did anything for me. So my doc put an antipsychotic in the mix.
Avatar n tn I was prescribed zoloft and lithium 9 months ago for bipolar disorder. I got off the lithium and used lamictal and zoloft instead. It tired me out and I couldn't focus so I got on modafinil. While on modafinil zoloft and lamictal the ringing began. I got off modafinil and am now only on zoloft and lamictal. But the ringing persists even after about three weeks. What do you recommend?
540310 tn?1343627720 i feel like a bloody guinea pig and iam sick of trying different meds it shouldn't be this bloody hard. After being on effexor then on zoloft and dexamphetamine then off zoloft back onto effexor now off dexamphetamine till i have been on lithium for a while and my moods are more stable. i have also been on aropax,edronex and tegretol. effexor aggrivates my liver and it was helping with the depression until now.
Avatar n tn I have been taking zoloft, klonopin, and lithium since I was a senior in high school. Now, seven years later I am just now getting off zoloft. I have been crying a lot more, ultra-sensitive, and lack of motivation. Anyone experience the crying??? I am confused with the withdrawal symptoms, but do not want to tell my doctor because he will put me back on the meds. And I want to start a family in a couple years and do not want to be on meds then.
755952 tn?1240099060 I chose to try everything else before the lithium because I was worried about lithium and the risks of toxicity. However, I do wish it had been my first choice now because the difference has been quite remarkable.
10139253 tn?1426478980 I take 4 or 5 medicines, Zoloft Lithium Klonopin and Metoprolol and have been always tired..... i want to try and get off the Zoloft, been on it since 2005.... and 200mg since 2009...... i am scared though..... anyone got any tips, i was put on it for Panic Disorder not Depression although one causes the other.
Avatar n tn I take Lithium and Zoloft currently and am stable, even working full-time with three teenagers. I am 47 years old and in pretty good health. However, I really want to quit smoking but have not been able to though I've tried several times. I also need to lose about 35 lbs.!!! I'm on thyroid medication for low thyroid and I also have an enlarged thyroid gland. In addition, while I never had anexoria per se, I was quite the dieter in my teens and I even made myself throw up a couple of times.
905918 tn?1251459429 I just found out i am pregnant again i miscarried in april at 8 weeks, I don't know if it was cause im on lithium, serorqual, kloniphine, and zoloft i am really scared that i will miscarry again because of all these different meds...My physch Doc has not called me back about this and well she just never calls back period...Can anyone tell me anything they know about this!!!!
Avatar n tn sp), lithium, anti-psychotics, tranquilizers, etc. My most recent doctor has given me elavil, prozac, zoloft, wellbutrin, serzone and trazadone alone or in varying combinations (over a period of 10 months). I have had blood work done several times to see if there was something physical going on. (No.) The only thing that has ever done anything good for me is the zoloft, which I am taking now 200mg/day (have been for about 5 months). The only thing is, I feel only a *little* bit better.
142722 tn?1281537216 I've been on all sorts of different medications and doses over the last 18 (OMG!) years. Currently, I'm just taking Zoloft and Lithium... so far so good.
Avatar f tn I am currently 11 weeks pregnant and taking Zoloft..is this safe for the baby or should I taper off of it? I have a lot of anxiety and I'm afraid if I go off the medication I will be a mess.
Avatar n tn Last year i started taking zoloft and xanex for severe anxiety and some depression.....I felt great...I decided to take myself off of the medacine because i felt that i didn't need it any longer...Plus i went through divorce and was removed from my ex-husbands insurance...And anyone that has been on zoloft knows how expensive it is...But anyway, i was fine for about 3 months...And then it hit me again out of the blue like a ton of bricks...I had to get back on the zoloft and the xanex....
Avatar m tn Hi I'm a medical student and I'm 25. Don't worry about this at all, this usually happens with zoloft. I'm on zoloft too btw 100 mg/day, this happened to me too when i was on 75 mg, so i increased it to 100 and everything is alright now i think ur dr has to increase it to 150 mg or 175 mg max, and u'll refeel very good in a matter of week..........
Avatar n tn recently, my husband and i decided to have our third baby, and i wanted OFF of this zoloft. i stopped cold turkey 4 days ago, and i have that vertigo (dizziness) so constant!!! i can't concentrate, i'm scared to drive, go up and down stairs, ugh. i now know i should have probably weaned myself off of it, but i'm so stubborn, thinking this was going to be easy. the brain zapping is frikking insane and i try to take my mind off of it by muching on ANYTHING - crackers, chips, pretzels...
Avatar f tn My mom was on Zoloft for 7 years and in the last year developed a hand tremor. She was taking 100 mg. and the doc tried to increase by 50 mg. and then decided to take her off completely. So she went from 100 to 150 mgs to nothing. Talk about hell. She is on 22 mgs now and is still suffering and still has the tremor. We went to neurologist and we are going back after she gets off zoloft completely to see what to do next. It is a crime.
Avatar m tn I've been from through Celexa, Paxil, an antipsycotic called Perphenazine, Lithium, Currently take Wellbutrin and Clonezepam and I"m about at the end of my rope. Every SSRI that I took made me totally impotent and at the age of 25 I'm not willing to give up my sex drive without a fight. I fear that I have to accept that SSRIs are the medications that I respond best to.
Avatar n tn I am transitioning from Zoloft to Prozac and would like if you could tell me how that transition should take place, in terms of balance, in weeks 1 and 2. My doctor has said to move to 50 of zoloft and 10 mg of prozac, week 1. 25 mg of zoloft and 10 mg, still, in week 2. Then he begins the next increase. I was also low on thryoid, and I am on a .5 dosage of synthroid, for the next 4 weeks, at least. Thanks for the input.
1269044 tn?1393193503 You reminded me that when my two sisters and I were taking zoloft.....two of us took ours in the morning and the other sister found that she had to take it at night. So for sure....your body chemistry may do a lot better by switching to dosing at night. Glad you are feeling better now and will be looking forward to what becomes of your dr's visit.
Avatar n tn Thank you for your instruction. I was trying to determine if I felt weird/bad b/c I came off the 50mgs so quickly (almost 3 wks ago) and was just now feeling the effects, BUT that these effects would dissipate over w/in the next week or so.
Avatar n tn In these months, since I've started Zoloft, my mood swings up and down, not only because it's a side effect of zoloft, but also because I've drank a lot while on zoloft, and alcohol interacts with the drug. Firstly, mi psychologist diagnosed me with maior unipolar depression, but after 2 months of antidepressant my mood changed with ups and downs, with a possible hypomania. So, I've taken Depakote (valproate) for a week, but i can't stand its side effects, and I've stopped it after a week.
Avatar f tn It is possible that you are suffering from suicidal ideation due to the zoloft but also just as likely that these thoughts were there before you started taking the zoloft and the zoloft merely gave you the energy that you needed to carry them out. What do you believe?