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Avatar f tn I called the doc and she said to give it the full week on the 50 mg and if it wasn't better by then to go back to the 25 mg and we'll go slower. Hope it works!!
11388046 tn?1418566821 I was on Zoloft for several years for anxiety and it worked wonders. I tapered off and after a few months felt that I needed to go back on it. My doctor started me on 50 mg and I felt some side effects, difficulty staying asleep, restlessness, jittery/tingly feeling. After about a week these side effects stopped and I started feeling better. Wednesday my doctor upped my dose to 75 mg. It is not Sunday morning and I have not really slept since Tuesday night before I upped my dose.
Avatar m tn Doctor prescribed me Zoloft (well the generic) and I started taking it yesterday. 50 mgs for the first week then if all is well 100 mgs. Today my pupils have been huge all day. Was also a little jittery and felt weird. Anyone else on Zoloft? What about the pupils? This is my first time taking an SSRI.
Avatar f tn I was having panic attack after panic attack, on edge, jittery and very nervous and my head had really funny thoughts nothing really bad just was thinking of weird things!!
Avatar f tn i got terrible insomnia and the jitteryness and twitches. but me and zoloft are bffs now. ive been taling it for panic for almost 2 yrs now. im still a bit jittery at times and i even kinda twitch randomly but i can handle it. its not like obvious or anything. youre already ahead of my game, the therapy helps alot too. and zoloft is a very safe drug. im not gonna lie, the first couple weeks felt like hell for me but thats pretty much how anxiety is for everyone.
Avatar m tn You can look at my other posts they may help you. zoloft will cause insomnia and I myself could not put up with it. karen is correct you should gradually feel better after several weeks but..........I firmly beleive that side effects should be minimal. I think if the SSRi is correct the effect at first will be placebo like, you will feel nothing then gradually feel better.
Avatar f tn I am currently taking zoloft since nov 09, I've had to increase the dosage twice and am now on 150mg, the first couple days are worriesome I was jittery, and can cause diarrhea, and I did feel a little panicky. it is suppose to give you a boost of energy (per my psychiatrist) but if you are in panic mode you may feel it is just exacerbating your panic attack. It does go away in about 4-7 days.
Avatar m tn I have been on zoloft for two weeks and it hasn't done anything for me except make me sexually dysfunctional and I can't bet back to sleep in the mornings. Any adice out there. Is prozac better with the sexual side effects and with the depression. If so maybe I should switch.
Avatar m tn im tapering off Paxil to go on Zoloft...20 mg of Paxil at night and 25 mg of Zoloft in the morning...I too Have the big D..along with increased anxiety and depression...some tremors. I have been in bed for 5 days now just praying it goes away. It has been 7 days and I know I have to give it time...we are moving from florida to kentucky and my husband has been in kentucky for the past month while I have been here falling apart..
Avatar n tn since I have been taking zoloft (four months). I consulted my prescribing dr. and my primary physician both claim that the zoloft should be weight neutral and that there is another cause for the weight loss...which has me more worried. I am the skinniest I have been since jr. high. Most of my clothes hang on me and people ask me what is wrong...I look sick, etc. I have had no other changes to my diet or exercise plan. The weight seems to be dropping faster than it did at first. Any insight?
7389797 tn?1390599324 My doctor prescribed me Zoloft 25 mg and Trazodone 50 mg for sleep. This is my 6th day taking it and today and yesterday I've been feeling this restlessness in me. It feels like energy is just churning in my stomach and I could literally run 10 miles in 1 hour. I went to the gym today so I could take advantage of the energy and to deplete it. I take it in the morning and around 5th-6th 'peak' hour the restlessness hits me.
Avatar f tn Hi again, Just an update and question, I have still been quite jittery and we have decreased the zoloft to 50mg. I am going to have hormone testing and start natural progesterone to help with the period problems next week. Because I have never had good results from the zoloft I was thinking that asking about lexapro may be a good option, with less side effects? My md had recommended adding wellbutrin or effexor to the zoloft but I don't think that is a good idea.
Avatar n tn I would like to know if I have taken Zoloft for about two weeks, one a 25 mg and now for four days 50 mg. can I stop and how do you di o it and cut it back. My doctor seems to thing I have a anxiety disorder because I worry about my health sometimes. I have had a few panic attacks over the year and became afraid of them. He thought I might try this drug. I really don't like medicines and I am just afraid of them and the side effects. Can you advise what to do.
Avatar f tn i personally felt a bit jittery for about 2 days, then felt sick the 3rd day b/c the thought of eating anything made me want to puke b/c i had NO appetite and i literally had to force myself to eat, which makes eating healthier much easier b/c i had no cravings, and still dont and i'm on week 5. and now i feel great. so far i've lost 20 pounds. i know that after 1 month i lost 17 then i stopped for a bit and hit a plateu so i tweaked my diet a bit and added exercise and i'm back to losing.
Avatar f tn I did that and my chest pains went thru the roof along with the anxiety and jittery. I have a script for .5 mg Ativan that I half and take. Called psychiatrist and said to go back down to half (12.5) to see if it helps. I take it in the morning as when I took it at night I didn't sleep for 2 days. I have to be at work at 6 am so I take Zoloft 5am. My question is I don't drink any caffeine plus I don't have a good appetite.
459689 tn?1276573743 i tried paxil and wellbutrin a few years ago and they both immediately made me feel jittery and even more anxious and i was advised to go off of them. i may be losing a very good paying job soon and i want to stay on something that i can get generic...i ask my doc if i could take remeron on an as needed basis to sleep and did last night and had me first good sleep in 7 days. i am afraid of getting addicted to needed something to aid my sleep and would rather not go down that road.
Avatar f tn Hello and welcome! Yes, that's a very typical and commonly occurring start-up side effect. The good news is, it's pretty short lived. Most people report that the side effects start to really improve after a week or two. My experience with Zoloft has been good, I'm on it again now for the second time, and I experienced the same side effect, feeling very "jittery", "amped up", shaky, as if I drank 12 pots of coffee.
Avatar f tn The doc put me on Zoloft a week ago for my IBS, depression and anxiety and as of today (6 days into it) i've started to become very anxious and jittery. I was just wondering if this is normal or anyone else has experienced this? I'm 20 years old and am used to being very happy and carefree before I got the IBS which induced the depression and anxiety which is a vicious cycle.
1756969 tn?1332440763 i believe he metioned it was a mood stabilizer i also have borderline personality disorder. and he said if the zoloft/wellbutrin combo doesnt work than he suggests i try that instead. does lexapro cause weight gain. please be honest! i do want to get my moods and depression under control i am unhappy and i dont want to gain weight though. ugh!
Avatar m tn I called her back and she prescribed me Zoloft and she wanted me to start off small 25mg daily for the first 7 days, and then increase it 25mg every 7 days after that till I reach 100 mg daily. I'm currently at 75 mg but I start 100mg tonight. I've noticed that I'm more calm and not as jittery anymore when I first started it and I'm starting to have good days but my depression is really high right now.
Avatar m tn He basically said this was all anxiety still, and thought I really needed to be on a daily medication instead of just taking ativan when it got really bad. He prescribed me zoloft 100mg, but suggested I start with 50mg to try and lessen the side effects. I have not taken it yet as I am anxious about taking it (of course). I am really just curious as what to expect when starting this. It is supposed to have fewer side effects than the paxil.
305180 tn?1279720347 I have been down that road before, and it scared the heck out of me until I understood that it was part of the package. Zoloft is an SSRI antidepressant...and while it doesn't have any SPECIFIC anti-anxiety properties (like a benzo...Ativan, Xanax, etc)...it works to basically increase the amount of serotonin in the brain....leading to an overall improved state of mind, which in turns decreases anxiety.
192332 tn?1189759428 found out i have high blood pressure along with severe depression and G.A.D.He prescribed me a bp med and zoloft.Anyone take zoloft?if so did it help?My doc says it has a calming effect.I heard from someone else it has a speedy effect.if so i'm not taking it.I could really use some input before i waste my money to pick up my perscription.Thanx .................
Avatar f tn I am on my 4th day of Zoloft. I am jittery and more anxious than usual. Will this go away? How long before I can benefit from this drug?
Avatar n tn I been on Paxil and kolonopin for the past month and a half and so far so good. Zoloft always made me feel numb and I didnt like the side effects. The even put me on buspore and that really didn't work for me. It made my panic attacks worse. Lexapro was a bust also but now the meds I'm. Taking make me feel great and I can still function through the day. Prayer helps to because no matter how many pills the doctor can put you on only God can make you and take you through anything.
1198812 tn?1350629166 I lift 2-3 times a week and run about 5 miles a day (which is also good therapy for me), and my performance is definitely dependent on how I train and eat...not Zoloft. I do notice some side effects whenever my dose is adjusted, however, they usually go away in a week or so and plus I expect them, so they don't tend to bother me that much anyways.
192332 tn?1189759428 But every system is different. I never took Zoloft. I had the Lexipro and I never got jittery from it. But I did have to go through 4 BP meds till i found one that didn't make me feel wierd - like a headache across the back of my head and a "zippy" feeling. I think your BP med is affecting you - not the zoloft.
Avatar m tn Is this normal in the beginning stages? My psychiatrist and pharmacist told me to try taking the zoloft and trazodone together at 8pm so I'd pass out by 10pm. And maybe the trazodone could help balance out the restlessness. Can someone please let me know if this is what tends to happen in the beginning stages?
Avatar m tn He was still have problems calming down his mind at night and couldn't sleep or eat very well even with the zoloft. I personally take lexapro for depression and anxiety. It has worked wonders. Only felt crappy for a few days after I started taking it and then I was feeling noticabley better. Been on it for 4 years now. I hope the zoloft works for you....different meds work totally different on other people.
6579347 tn?1388505968 I've been on 50mg of zoloft for about 7ish months now. At first I felt the same way that youre explaining. I was super jittery and even had some kinda twitch in my toes. My side effects went away about a month after being on the pill. I still get a bit of anxiety but mostly when I havent taken my pill at the same time everyday. Other than that 50mg has done wonders for my anxiety. Hang in there.