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Avatar n tn My son was then put on medication for anxiety (Zoloft, Paxil and diphenhydramine were given) to these meds he had bad side effects and was immediately taken off (nightmares now included walking in sleep, wetting pants night and day, more anxious,talking and eating even more, hard time waking in morning. This Dr. left the practice. I was directed to another Dr.(a stand in until new Dr arrived) who told me to have a medication reevaluation done.
Avatar m tn In 1995, Fifteen years ago I told my doctor that I feel like crying and sad for no reason and he put me on Zoloft 25, 50 and then 100mg. Later I was even taking Zoloft 150mg then back 100mg and even 50 mg. After taking 16 years I told my psychology doctor that I want to stop taking Zoloft and he advised me to tapering off. Now I am almost 5 days off from Zoloft but I have so much nightmare dreams and my shoulder are under pain and feel like confused.
Avatar n tn Also now I am having crazy, weird and sometimes disterbing dreams and when I am not dreaming I am wide awake. I am perimenopausal but now I am having bad night sweats and more hot flashes than ever. My question is - will this even out after few weeks on the 50 mg zoloft? Should I ask my DR to up the dose? I am certain I cant live like this for very long but if its a matter of leveling out I think can handle it if it doesn't get any worse.
Avatar n tn I've been taking Zoloft (for 6 weeks) for GAD and depression (along with Buspar for 2 weeks). Anxiety and depression seems reduced, but the mornings I feel terrible/anxious until I eat. There seems to be a positive response, so give it more time? Lastly, major side effects seem to be vivid dreams from the Zoloft. Is there a chance this will subside? thank you, celi.
Avatar m tn What sort of problems are you having? Do you mean you are having these dreams rather frequently?
Avatar n tn Then the weird dreams started, and I asked him again so he told me that it is very common and that is way he started me taking them in the morning. What I end up doing is to take 150 mg. in the morning and 150 mg. at night, so far I am not sleepy neither I have weird dreams. Talk to your doctor and try to get your own balance, we are all different and have different reactions to this medications. Good luck.
Avatar m tn Sometimes I can't remember if I dreamed something or if it really happened - that's how realistic and vivid my dreams are. I usually have at least 2-3 dreams per night that I can remember, and I've been like this for as long as I can remember. I don't know anyone else who is like this except my mom, so I thought I'd throw it out there.
612551 tn?1450025775 I believe, and my cardiologist confirms it is possible, that Metoprolol (beta blocker) cause me to have unwanted dreams every night... never miss a night, or even a nap, always dream and dreams that are slightly upsetting. I like to call them troublemare not nightmare. I have tried, with doc's approval, changing how much and when I take my BB. I had been taking 100 mg in the morning and 100 mg in the late evening - couple of hours before my bedtime.
Avatar f tn When I do sleep I have ongoing dreams and my mind doesn't get any rest. Now with the Zoloft my sleep is much less restful. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn The doctor put me on zoloft 150mg for about a year or so and I was so much better and came off of it. Now once I hit 25 I got a panic attack along with anxiety this time. I tried a few different things first and then was put back on zoloft to see if it works again. Well I been taking it for 4 months now and honestly I have noticed my anxiety levels are much higher being on it. My panic has gotten better, but the anxiety is ridiculous. My thinking pattern is just not right either!
Avatar m tn After several years I tried to get off them( with my Drs support) I titrated down from 100 to 50 to 25 etc. The withdrawls were terrible!!! Huge mood swings, very violent dreams, and of course the ZOLOFT ZINGERS!! Any time I move my eyes only and not my head the dizziness is awful!!! Unfortunately, my job requires constat ladders and rooftops. My reason for posting is that I wanted you all to know there me be some help!!!!!!!!!!! A couple of yaers ago I had a bad concusion.
Avatar f tn The first day I felt really nauseous and yesterday and today I've been feeling more anxious than usual. Is this normal when starting?
Avatar f tn When I was talking to her my mind was racing and I was really shaky. I don't think the Zoloft is helping and I don't know about the Klonopin yet. I hate to go back to the doctor and talk about his with him. You think he would've realized how bad the situation is when the counselor called his nurse and was explaining what was going on. Like I said, she didn't see how we could make any progress talking until we get my anxiety off the high level it is now. What do you think I should do?
Avatar f tn When I weaned off of Zoloft, I initially had a very hard time and decided to go back to the doctor and asked if I could go on a much slower taper which helped tremendously. My mantra has always been, 'the slower the better.' Keep us posted!
Avatar f tn I wanted to know if anyone is experiencing long withdrawal symptoms after taking Zoloft. My max dose was 100 mg. which I took for one year. I weined down very slowly under doctor supervision. I have been off of the drug for about a week in a half. My symptoms / troubles are: Dizziness Numbness and Tingling over my entire body (Almost feels like chills.
Avatar n tn Though it may be difficult for you as it may seem, I would suggest taking your Zoloft at the recommended dose and set an appointment with your psychiatrist and ask to be tapered from Zoloft slowly to minimize the recurrence of withdrawal symptoms. You may also consider taking other antidepressants that may not have the same side effects for you.
Avatar f tn I have been playing around with my Trazodone script (I usually take 150, moving it down, eliminating it, etc.) but it doesn't seem to affect it. I also take Zoloft, Lyrica, and occasionally Ativan. This morning, I woke up at 4:30 after 75 mg of Trazodone, felt ok, but still sleepy. I couldn't get back to sleep, so I got up, read etc for about an hour and a half. Was able to go back to sleep, but then came the bad dreams. I still feel out of it and I woke up 3 hours or so ago. Any advice???
396099 tn?1216258586 I've still got a very very mild stress level but it's very managable. Getting a bit better every day I think. Oh and the dreams are really "out there!" Not scary or exciting. Just extremely vivid.
Avatar m tn 30 am like clock work. These VIVID Nigjtmares and Dreams seem so REAL and I awake in PANIC,it's been like this since I started taking my Anti-Anxiety MEDs.
Avatar f tn These weird dreams seem to dominate my thoughts, and I wake up feeling awkward, anxious, and upset. I take Zoloft(100mg) in the morning and then Trazodone(150 mg) at night due to the insomnia Zoloft causes. I realize that one of the side effects of Trazodone is abnormal dreams, but I literally cannot sleep without it. Even if I take Benadryl or something similar, I wake up about 2am and cannot get back to sleep.
Avatar n tn Half the people like Paxil the other half like Zoloft... I'm on Paxil only 10MG and it's giving me weird dreams and making the anxity worse that I was already on Xanax for.... I have been doing so much research online since the first of the year with myself getting sicker, I am seeing an inner ear doctor on the 10th, I believe after that I will no longer need the Paxil...I also believe I will be able to cut way down on my Xanax....the mind plays hell on the body and anxiety....
Avatar n tn Try no to be too concerned and think you have some deep seated problem that needs deep therapy and resolving. I had the goofiest dreams when I started taking zoloft. This has since gone away after taking the med for 2 months. Now I dream more normally. Since you notice you didn't have these weird dreams before you took the effexor, then you can be certain it is the medicine doing it. I was so bothered by it.
Avatar m tn Had one beer. went to sleep at midnight got up at 7:20.I had strange dreams about Jeff and Naomi and their Peeing cat. It turned into a "feud" and was movie like. Very Very vivid and weird. Woke up at two after dream and had strange vision, felt weird, Robot-like... realized I had forgot my pill, took my zoloft, went back to bed. at 3:30 Dog barked to be let in, I had to pee. Strange night of sleep. Feel fairly rested today though.
Avatar m tn added a sleep tablet and suggested I wasn't sleeping deeply enough. The dreams subsided only to return in full force since the beginning of the year with the new development of slapping, punching doors and falling out of bed. After speaking to a pharmacist and being informed that Effexor could be causing these sleep disorders, my dr. switched me to Zoloft. In the beginning I took 20mg. I felt great....no more sleeping problems. She had suggested I increase to 50mg.
Avatar n tn I feel like a damn guinea pig.... Approx. a yr.ago my obgyn put me 1st on Celexa 20mgs felt GREAT for 2 wks, then my body, i feel, got immuned to the stuff, so I up'd it to 1 in the a.m. & 1 in the p.m. felt confused, couldn't concentrate etc. He then switched me to Zoloft...sweating, bad crying dreams, more depressed so my therpist told me to stop taking Zoloft, wait until I see a "shrink" to determine what I need to take, which is a month away.
Avatar f tn very lightheaded, dizziness, unable to focus, numbness in my legs, sleep disturbance, horrible vivid dreams and very irritable...I'm starting to wonder if I am really doing the right thing. I want to get this stuff out of my system I am very happy now and do not need the medication anymore. It worries me that most of the other posts on here are getting off Zoloft to go onto other drugs.
Avatar n tn I personally will never again in my life take an anti-depressant. As for Zoloft, my sister in law was on that about....3 years ago. And it made her gain like 25 lbs within a few months. (between summer and christmas) and she wound up suicidal as well. i know more people who have had bad experiences than good with antidepressants.
Avatar n tn Will I gain weight if my diet and exercise remain the same while on Zoloft? I'm slim and like to exercise and eat a healthy diet so even gaining 5 pounds would likely make me more depressed. Will Zoloft help my PMDD? I get so irritable and depressed a week or two before my cycle that life is totally unbearable. I'm a vegetarian and usually have a poor appetite from stress so I take a Multiple with Iron, Zinc 50mg, B-complex, B-12 100mcg, Vitamin-E 200iu, Biotin 1200mcg.
Avatar f tn i was given 100 mg of zoloft and .5 mg of klonopin. i take the zoloft at night along with 1/2 of the klonopin and then the other 1/2 in the morning. today is day 5. i feel more anxious then before, jittery, moody, and just not myself. i know it takes awhile for the zoloft to kick in but i though thats what the klonopin was suppose to help with? do you think klonopin just isnt the right med for me or is it just because zoloft is "overpowering" the effects of klonopin?
94902 tn?1330483267 Although my anxiety has not come back, I can't help but to think - what if its something else and not the Zoloft withdrawal. Anyone had experience coming off of Zoloft? Or had the funny head feelings that I mentioned above? Any comments would be appreciated.