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Avatar f tn Does anyone still get sick after taking zofran? I feel like its not even working. My last pregnancy I was sick the whole time to. Im only 11 weeks long way to go!
1201433 tn?1329001237 I just want to say it is like night and day since they gave me a script for some , started today, I was up all last night vomiting, do not suffer ask your doctor for some!!
Avatar f tn This is not a question but a warning... many women are prescribed Zofran for bad morning sickness while pregnant. DO NOT TAKE IT! A dear friend of mine took it while pregnant with her first child and it gave her baby a cleft lip and palate and her baby had chronic seizures and just passed away a few months ago. Many court cases are now being conducted against this product. Please pass this on so we can all have healthy babies.
Avatar f tn I took it with my first child but not very often I also lost 18lbs in my first trimester all although it did work it's now linked to many birth defects and I would suggest not taking it.
2147300 tn?1369693288 I took 8 mg of Zofran every 8 hours. I did not wait to get nauseated or start vomiting (although when I started taking it I was nauseated, vomiting, and bloated. Once I got some on board, then I was able to prevent the nausea and vomiting by taking it every 8 hours. I don't see (in this blurb) how long it takes to work, but I don't think it takes long. I think it works pretty fast. It might take a couple of doses before it reaches full effect because you are already nauseated.
Avatar f tn Ok so I know there are a lot of working moms to be out there. How do you handle the vomiting and nausea and still go to and stay at work? 14 weeks and have been so sick all the to me its hard to stay at work or go to work. I started taking those anti nausea and anti vomiting medicine it worked for 2 weeks now im struggling again. I'm constantly nauseous or vomiting. I'm barely holding on to my job.
Avatar m tn Hopefully others will chime in and let you know how they did working. I am retired so I did not have to work. I don't think I could have worked while on Incivek and for 3 months after that. However, that was because I had the Three Stooges for a treatment team and they had no clue how to treat side effects and no desire to do so. Had I been treated for the side effects as soon as they appeared, I probably could have worked, at least part time.
1711722 tn?1356491154 But I paid close attention this weekend, and still got sick at the same time, so I am not sure if the Zofran is not working for me or just needs a time adjustment or I need to up the dose. Your input here helps, so thank you again everyone.
Avatar n tn I was in the hospital twice in one week very sick I kept throwing up and turned out I was dehydrated so they prescribed me Zofran because the other medicine was not working for me. I am doing much better now but I'm going to be concerned throughout my pregnancy now because I hear Zofran is not safe. I am in my first trimester,7 weeks 6 days with my 2nd baby.
Avatar f tn I know that I would be so weak I couldn't even stand in the shower or walk downstairs. REALLY difficult. Im not sure why the Zofran wont work with morning sickness. They can land on the moon..... but....... they cant come up with a cure for morning sickness. Take care and God bless.
Avatar m tn I took Zofran but it was for an off label use not for nausea which is its general use. Although it does control nausea it can create it in a minor way so the best thing to do is eat food with it. And it can be a bit sedating. Long term for Zofran a liver function test is advised as was by my provider but that's true of many medications including what I am on now. With any medication you should speak to your provider for more information and you can go to the medication website in the meantime.
Avatar f tn Now that I'm 36 weeks, I throw up at least once a day and it's always unexpected. The zofran isn't working anymore :/ anyone go through this too?
Avatar f tn Ok, my nausea meds are just not working, don't want to show up again in ER, realize the pills are not as effective a the IV form, any suggestions? I've had protonix, zofran and am holding out on the phenergen until bedtime as it will kick butt If that doesn't work, am clueless know that nausea meds calm stomach so I can eat and if I don't, stomach acid multiplies........egads.........knock me out for a week!
Avatar f tn I was recently sent to the ER by my ob for rehydration since I wasn't able to keep ANYTHING down for the past week. I was prescribed zofran but it honestly doesn't seem to be working for me. I'm 9wks. My prev pregnancy I had bad nausea but not nearly this bad vomitting. Anyone experiencing the same???
Avatar f tn My daughter came out perfect and I took zofran and then some other nausea medication with a higher dose when zofran stopped working for me. Don't stress, youre doctor wouldn't give you unnessasary medication if he didn't think it was worth the risk.
4237864 tn?1406937617 When I had morning sickness zofran was my best friend worked like a charm
Avatar n tn If you and the baby are at risk and nothing else is working then it's a good thing to try. Nothing else we tried worked except the zofran for me.
Avatar m tn Hi i have been taking tramadol for over 3 years but for 2 only once in a while last year i had a very huge family problem and threw my self on the pills, end up taking 7/8 pills (50mg) a day for about 4 months,I'm now on my second day of withdrawal and I'm not so bad yet, the worse is the energy levels, I'm taking tubercoulosis treatment so my Doctors have me Zofran for the side effects of the treatment and I'm taking the chance to use the zofran they have me to kick the habit as far as possible
Avatar f tn The Zofran helps to keep food down, but the side effects make me feel awful too. Not to mention I feel really bad taking meds while pregnant as I rather things natural. It has been a full week and I want to stop taking them. Has anyone experienced hypermesis.
Avatar f tn Dicelgis should be taken at night because it makes yu tired I took that and it helped me sleep and made me feel not nauseous. Not sure about zofran cuz my OBGYN doesn't like it.
Avatar f tn Ive just been prescribed zofran 4mg. It says to take one tablet four times a day but its $60 for a box of 10 and only have one repeat script. I think she wants me to only take it when I need it and stick to maxalon. How often do you need to take it ?
Avatar f tn I was hospitalized, homecare with iv, every med you could take etc. I am still on zofran now and it is working wonders for me. It is safe. I used it during my first pregnancy but it did not help, but this time success. It does make constipation a bit worse. But I would rather be clogged up than vommiting 24hrs a day.
Avatar n tn Ended up in the doctors office today leaving with zofran. Not too sure how I feel about it though. Apparently it can cause birth defects. Weighing out all my options.
789911 tn?1368640383 This is the drug I was prescribed for nausea during treatment. Thank goodness I am not having continuing problems with nausea. Something to look into to be aware! WASHINGTON -- A drug used to treat nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy may trigger dangerous and possibly lethal changes in heart rhythms, the FDA warned Thursday.
Avatar f tn i did not and am sure that everyone is different. i lost so much weight down to 90lbs and i was not tired but WEAKNESS took over my life. i did not care about much, and i did not know anyone to help me. i learned a lot about my self during this time. i met another lady in my drs office she had hardly any side effects, this only made me more depressed but i learned QUICKLY just how different this drug affects people. i felt great then i just wanted to die. this is normal i am told.
Avatar f tn Those were my 2 problems at the beginning I didn't start working until I was 5 months. My doctor gave me zofran for nausea and iron tablets that helped with the energy and now I'm good to go.
10426661 tn?1410358039 Zofran worked for my first pregnancy but it did not for this one. This one is twins though so maybe that's why. It does constipate you almost immediately though!