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862235 tn?1336063895 She's not taken any TX meds since Friday and not done her Friday IF injection. She's off the TX. Her liver is in early stage 2 fibrosis and the hepatologist said she could wait for another TX that might be easier to tolerate. Has anyone else experienced inner ear disorder while on TX? Could this be the cause or just a sad coincidence?
501944 tn?1224059621 I have had Crohn's disease for about 3 years and I am having problems with vomiting and I don't know what to do!! If you have any advice please help, I feel lost! I have some problems swallowing and I frequently feel like there is something in my throat ready to come up. I was vomiting almost every night for about two weeks I then felt a little better and it only occurred every couple of days. Well right now I can't hold anything down. I'm afraid to eat, but I am hungry.
Avatar f tn I have been on liquid diet since Friday and now get diarrhea even when I eat Jello. Oh and I forgot to mention, my liver enzymes are always high when this happens. I'm so frustrated. Has anyone experienced anything similar? If so, has anything helped?
1840891 tn?1431551393 I had only very minor abnormalities in any of the blood tests and my ultrasounds and alpha-fetoprotein were always coming up looking pretty good, so my doctor wasn't very worried about my disease progressing - until I had to have surgery in 2005 for an unrelated but risky congenital defect of of my pancreatic duct.
Avatar m tn It was not done to determine the stage of your liver disease. Heterogeneity means the fatty liver cells are seen throughout the liver as it commonly is. Hepatic steatosis means fatty liver. Also called NonAlcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD). Steatosis affects approximately 25-35% of the U.S. population. NAFLD is found in over 80% of patients who are obese. Diet and exercise are the treatments to reduce NAFLD.
Avatar f tn Mey momof Itching and liver disease has never been thoroughly understood. An increase in bilirubin levels may sometimes have this effect and very often bili levels will rise as a result of treatment more specifically because of possible "anemia.. I would not worry about this whatsoever .
Avatar f tn I am taking a fairly low dose (100mg/day) and have tried zofran (gave me headaches), compazine (makes me drowsy) and am now trying anzemet. Has anyone else experienced nausea on cytoxan oral? If so what worked best for you? Thanks!
252327 tn?1250187576 When I went off it ( do to news about cancer) My thyroid went out of wack and I wound up with Hashimotos disease. My doc put me on synthroid ( now I am up to 112 mcg per day) Rencently I have been feeling ill , nausea and headaches.ocasional heart palputations , vaginal dryness. My labs came back as follows. LH 40.7 , FSH 125.2 prolaction 3.3 Estradiol <15 progestrone 0.4 , TSH 0.114 , T4 1.66 Estrogen level still not resulted.
Avatar f tn I have found that good nutrition and adequate water is the best energy boost. Careful not to take fat soluable vitamins like A,D and E. These are stored in the liver and can cause acute symptoms of hepatitis. A B12 complex is great for energy. Eating small frequent meals is best. Fibre intake is important in helping the body to eliminate toxins that are sitting in the bowels. A gentle cleanse is a great idea.
Avatar n tn Obviously these complications of End-Stage Liver Disease have nothing to do with Hepatitis C and its treatment unless treatment fails and in time a person develops End-Stage Liver Disease. This is one of the aspects of severe liver disease that can happen if hepatitis C is not stopped before it destroys a patients liver. Luckily most hepatitis C infected people never have to deal with these extreme conditions. Most people on treatment that have issues eating are due to nausea.
590177 tn?1288429454 anyway I had to be resuscitated and spent almost the entire month of march in the hospital and I ended up with liver, heart and various other parts damaged...luckily, they have healed and I am in recovery, and take that steroid replacement so seriously....my life depends on it,,,does yours?
Avatar f tn I looked like a Loris, redness everywhere, especially around the eyes and forehead and face and scalp. I looked so bad I did not even go to the grocery store for weeks. The only place I went was to the dermatologist and she was quite concerned. It is finally under control now, but not totally gone. As far as the vomiting is concerned, you may want to ask your doctor for a prescription medication. I used Zofran for the nausea. I took 8 mg every 8 hours.
Avatar f tn If the pain is continuing in the same area in which the GB was in, you may need to focus on that now non-existent organ. It could be continuing issues with your biliary. You may want to talk to the doc about SOD, sphincter of Oddi dysfunction. Check the following link: http://hopkins-gi.nts.jhu.edu/pages/latin/templates/index.cfm?pg=disease1&organ=3&disease=12&lang_id=1 Make sure your docs check the liver and pancreatic enzymes. You may also want to ask for an MRCP.
Avatar m tn Of course again all this depends of the current status of your liver disease. FIND A DOCTOR WHO TREATS PATIENTS WITH HEPATITIS C AND LIVER DISEASE. Find a gastro or hepatologist at a local hospital that is experienced diagnosing and treating hepatitis C ASAP. Get away from your current doctor as he/she has played Russian Roulette with your life by not monitoring your liver disease over the last ten years (as you have aged and liver disease progresses more quickly).
Avatar f tn its been two weeka, two doctor appointments, no help related to my diagnosis. only zofran for nausea... what do i do? does the gagging and being tired and weak ever stop, or until i get treatment what should i expect?
488823 tn?1218374167 the virus primarily lives and multiplies in the liver itself, and circulates in the blood as a result of the blood all being circulated through the liver. The problem is that the virus can sometimes hang on in small amounts in limited area of the liver without being circulated by the blood, and this is easier for the virus to do when the liver has more scar tissue, which blocks some of the blood flow.
Avatar n tn I had the same thing with the Yaz. I was on Yasmin and switched to Yaz and promptly gained about 5 or more pounds. No problems at all with Yasmin, and I was on it for 5 or more years. I still work out like I did on Yasmin, and I've never eaten a lot, although, the Yaz does make me hungry all the time, and I can't seem to get rid of this bloating. I spot constantly and cramp. I have another friend that is the same way.
941046 tn?1250642429 My primary doctor refused to give me anymore pain medication so I went to another doctor. He gave me vicodin and a referral to another GI specializing in liver and pancreas disorders. This doctor is so busy I can't get in for a consult till mid August and the vicodin isn't working anymore. My new doctor says he is reluctant to give me anything stronger because he doesn't want me to build up a tolerance to narcotics.
Avatar n tn Went to the ER and was given Zofran and Loratab but my liver enzymes were normal.Can it still be my gallbladder?
3053632 tn?1340271285 There are a number of people on this forum that are experts with stage 4 liver disease and hep c who have or are battling their way back to health. If you have more questions on what you can do to fight this you may wish to include the condition of your liver in the title or the question. It may also be good to put some additional info in your profile so people know the state of your liver for future posts. You will find many good people and a wealth of knowledge and support here.
Avatar f tn Zofran (Ondansetron ) is the med of choice for cancer patients and people with advanced liver disease also. It is used to prevent both nausea and vomiting. So it won't harm your liver should that be an issue. Cheers!
Avatar f tn It is well know that anit-inflammatory drugs can damage the stomach as well as the liver and kidneys. People have been known to die from using these medications even when taken as prescribed. I suffered from an adverse reaction (not related to stomach issues) from taking Ibuprofen as prescribed. If you are still using anti-inflammatory drugs, you should be prescribed with a stomach protecting medication like Omeprazole or stronger to protect the stomach.
492869 tn?1285022533 Then I took another, and tried to get some sleep. So at 4pm I took 3 Tylenol, 2 Nauzene, 2 Zofran, Toprol XL, and Zomig. I also drank a bottle of water, and a glass of coke for the caffeine. I put my oxygen on around 4:30. I had some pain relief between 5:30, and 6:30. At 5 I took my normal medication. Theo-24, and Ritalin. At 7 I took took another Zomig. At 8 I took 3 more Tylenol, 2 Nauzene, and another bottle of water. My first seizure was somewhere around 8:30.
Avatar f tn In 2005, I became very ill and was out running errands and ended up driving myself to the ER, my liver function tests were elevated and had to be admitted to hospital. My gastro did another ERCP and dilated the bile duct to see if that would help the problem. Felt a little better and then same symptoms would come back.
1214651 tn?1266767012 Anyhow, I ran across an article about how she died and it was from undiagnosed Crohn's disease and I got SCARED! I knew something was seriously wrong with me and no doctor ever suggested surgery to me. I WILL NEVER understand that!
Avatar n tn It could be if there is a stone in the gallbladder or if its wall is inflamed. Peptic ulcer disease and sometimes cholecystitis and pancreatitis can also cause abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting. For ruling out the probable causes you may need an upper GI endoscopy and blood tests. Please discuss this with your doctor am sure he will provide further assistance. Regards.
Avatar f tn my last trip the nurse practitioner said that barrets isnt a pre cancerous disease and it is just a pouch my husband and i were looked at her like she was crazy. when we told her my specialist said it was pre cancerous she said well i guess listen to your specialist. she also gave me a cocktail and sent me packing. i do knos that barrets isnt something the doctors know much about but i feel as though i am just supposed to sit here until it turns into cancer.
1280753 tn?1367761532 4, Lymphocytes Absolute 154, platelets at 73k. my sides are unbearable, with extreme nausea (doing zofran and prochlorperazine), weekly infections and fevers; 3 days ago it hit 103.4 and is back down now. i was on 1 course or Z pack, prednesone, advair (for asthma) and it helped, but they don't want to do it again. that was before this weekends fever. I called the DR and no go. The vertigo is still killing me, i am on Antivert. I saw an ENT and he prescribed it. a ton of fluid in my ears.
2644165 tn?1387247948 Doctors, For approximately 2 months, I have had constant neck pain, stiffness in my neck, fatigue, on-and-off fevers, headaches, and I am now experiencing tinnitus and seeing floaters. This all started off three weeks after what my family doctor thought was an outbreak of shingles. I had a large raised, red rash on my right hip without pustules for about two weeks; a small scar is still present today.
Avatar n tn It's a fairly common bacterial disease that will cause the sulfur burps and ongoing explosive diarrhea. It seems that if you don't treat it, it has the potential to go on for years, as the bacteria have their own life cycle and the symptoms will change depending on where in their life cycle, they are. It comes from bad water or other sources.