Zofran and drowsiness

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Avatar f tn is zofran safe to take during pregnancy... im 9 weeks and 4 days and the nasuea has been so bad i cant keep anythinf down at all...
1468090 tn?1289097010 zofran is usually used to control nausea in cancer patients or for surgery. with pain meds, they usually give promethazine, which is what i take. so in answer to your question, no. i have not taken zofran to the best of my knoweldge.
Avatar f tn phenergan tends to cause drowsiness and cand drop your blood pressure.Zofran is expensive, around 75.00 for a rx. not sure how many pills, but not many. Good luck...
Avatar m tn do you think I will still have side effects when I'm done if I take it slow?? and have you ever taken Zofran?? I haven't used it yet.
Avatar f tn My question is more about the side effects. Which are drowsiness and constipation. Will my daughter experience that as well? ?
Avatar f tn I took zofran and didn't feel any side effects from it, but I was only taking it on an as-needed basis. It's hard to tell if those symptoms are side effects or just pregnancy lol I think it may just he normal but I'd call and ask my doctor and he/she might recommend something for it to help you out.
Avatar n tn Hello Joanne, It is generally seen that alcohol, sedatives, and tranquilizers can increase the drowsiness of meclizine and should be avoided while taking it.So pls ask your father to abstain from it.Alcohol allergy presents in the form of hives,flushing,swelling,itching,dizziness,vomitings,respiratory difficulty etc. It is usually not the alcohol that produces the allergic reaction to the wine or beer.
392430 tn?1382908381 This is so opposite of my first pregnancy. I am trying to remain positive and not get overly worked up about this. I go back in two weeks and hopefully I will have maintained my weight or put on a pound or two. I did get to hear that beautiful heartbeat though of our pouchling. I recorded it so Chris can hear when he gets home. Well off to eat something...hopefully.
Avatar n tn I had the same thing with the Yaz. I was on Yasmin and switched to Yaz and promptly gained about 5 or more pounds. No problems at all with Yasmin, and I was on it for 5 or more years. I still work out like I did on Yasmin, and I've never eaten a lot, although, the Yaz does make me hungry all the time, and I can't seem to get rid of this bloating. I spot constantly and cramp. I have another friend that is the same way.
Avatar f tn Which medicine are you on? I had zofran.
Avatar n tn The medications I take now that are helpful for Parkinson's as well are Zofran and rhodiola. Zofran in me is sedating but is although an experimental medication (although FDA approved for nausea from chemotherapy) has been helpful at controlling a wide variety of spasms. Rhodiola is not sedating but although in clinical study is a natural remedy so its still an unknown quantity so you could ask your doctor (or preferably neurologist if you are seeing one) about it.
Avatar f tn Everything else Ive tried isnt helping and its so terrible! I barely get through work and if it gets any worse Im not going to be able to work I really dont want that!
Avatar n tn The speclialist has done bloodwork and a gastric emptying study and low and behold I have pancreatic insufficiency and gastroparesis!
Avatar n tn Since you have cancer, and I assume a great deal of pain, why do you want to get it out of your system? Having bad side effects? Like any opiate med, the drowsiness and nausea will subside with time as your body gets used to it. Phenergan or zofran can help greatly with the nausea. You'll probably need some kind of stool softener or laxative to take with it since hydromorphone is one of the worst for causing constipation.
Avatar n tn Call his doctor and see if he will prescribe an anti-nausea medication like pheneregan or something similar. You can also have him suck on a sliver of fresh ginger root, placed between his teeth and gums. The ginger root stops nausea. Ginger ale is also a good drink when you have nausea.
Avatar f tn Does anyone else have no nausea but puke a lot, the last two day I have not keep nothing down even when I swallow my spit TMI lol I puke that back up, also think I'm dehydrated I'm 8wks 4dys think I'm gonna go get IV fluids had to have it done at 5wks but the Nausea and Vomiting was so bad I was so dehydrated they couldn't start a IV till they hot packed my arms.
Avatar f tn However I'm very familiar with abdominal headaches. My daughter has this issue. Our doctor recommended keeping Zofran on hand and using it at the very first sign of nausea, also as soon as nausea shows take one prilosec a day for 14 days. I am not a doctor and before starting any medication regimen you should consult your doctor but you might mention this to your doc and see what they say. It has worked wonders for my child. Praying for your family.
Avatar f tn Not together but I have to switch because they each have undesirable side effects like severe constipation with zofran and horrible tired drowsiness from phenergan....seabands , lemons, crackers, sprite, ginger ale never did anything for me.... Sometimes carbonated drinks made it worse.... I find if I eat what I crave , and eat slowly not overrating usually I'm okay.
Avatar f tn I used Zofran and compazine in the past (not on tx) Zofran If it's okay for him to take had no sides and worked the best for me, i've heard others say the same thing.
427265 tn?1444080036 For nausea, I found that both phenergan suppositories and pills and the sublingual 8mg zofran were more helpful. I'll say one thing for hydroxine though. In doses of 50mg and above, it does have quite a calming effect (it is also used as a tranquilizer I believe, or has been in the past - phenergan has also been used in the past for its antihistamine and tranq qualities as well as for its ability to help with nausea).
Avatar f tn Every single time I check into the ER, the first thing they give me is Zofran. Usually it's 12mg Zofran, 10mg Toradol and 2mg Dilaudid Kidney-stone pain doesn't come without nausea & occasional vomiting, and Zofran is SOP for them, whenever I walk in the door. Phenergan (Promethazine) is what they USED TO use on me, but i found that it made me REALLY, REALLY drowsy, so one day they switched me over to Zofran, and it's all I've had since then.
1654058 tn?1407162666 I took Vistaril tonight. I hope it helps. Even tho they called in zofran? I'm not gonna need it tonight. SE are so unpredictable! I have to start this routine so early in the morning and evening. I also take Nadolol for portal hypertension. I take omega 3 n Vit D with Riba. Multivitamin. Skipped the shake today. I've GOT to get out of bed tomorrow! Who can think about laundry, housework, family n friends? lol. On the upside - finish my 1/2 way thru Telaprevir tomorrow. woohoo!
Avatar n tn This was followed, on the same day, by Zofran IV at the local hospital. His condition did not improve and he was sent to Iowa City for further evaluation. In looking at possible side effects of the above 2 drugs, I have noted liver failure as being a possibility, but rare according to the information. I would appreciate any insight anyone may have on the possibility that the drug treatments may have caused his liver failure.
Avatar f tn Within a couple of days almost all of the symptoms disappeared (nausea, bloating, vomiting, fullness, dizziness, swollen ankles and feet, fast heart beats, and more) and within a week or so even the fast heart rate and early beats disappeared. I know everything was related to the same thing causing the nausea. Once that causal factor was blocked, the nausea disappeared and everything else went back to normal.
Avatar f tn It worked really well for me. It can cause drowsiness so I always took it at night. Also Zofran is something else you may try. It caused me severe constipation so I didn't take it. There is also a law suit here in US against it for birth defects so just check with your doctor. Also peppermint candies and eating multiple small meals a day I heard helps some women. It didn't help me at all but worth a shot. Hope you feel better.
Avatar n tn I think everything is over and I clean up. I walk out of the toilet and in about 2 minutes time the stomach cramp and the fainting sensation comes back (I've fainted only once to date from this and was out for about 15-20 minutes). 6. When I get back to the toilet I have a really violent Diarrhoea episode in pure liquid state.
1654058 tn?1407162666 With that said use the phengran at night and ask for Zofran during the day. Zofran works just like phengran without the drowsiness and is used mostly with pregnant women since it does not have the side effects.
959034 tn?1253675076 Ophthalmic beta-blockers undergo significant systemic absorption and may also interact. In addition, propranolol and other beta-blockers may reduce the CYP450 hepatic metabolism of theophylline, and serum theophylline levels may be increased. MANAGEMENT: Oral and ophthalmic nonselective beta-blockers (e.g.
Avatar n tn Helps the stomach to empty by gravity. Another good med is zofran, does not cause drowsiness. Expensive, but effective, so if you have good insurance, ask about it. Good luck.
Avatar n tn Zofran is a good antiemetic, which does not cause drowsiness. IT IS VERY EXPENSIVE.