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Avatar f tn I should also add the for a number of months prior to all this i have had a recurrent oral problem. A small blister-like abcess related to a damaged tooth. Is it possible that the Zithromax was working on both the chlamydia and oral problem(which uncharacteristically disappeared entirely for 2 weeks) and it decreased the efficacy of the zithromax? Many Many Thanks in advance!!!
Avatar n tn Prior to starting treatment all my blood work looked good. My tooth is absessed and infected (tooth broke, filling fell out) and there's no saving it. The dentist prescribed antibiotics which I started today. Now the toenail I could probably just wait until it falls off naturally instead of having the doc remove it. It is not infected nor does it hurt. I've just kept it bandaged so as not to snag it on anything.
Avatar n tn I checked with my PCP and got diagnosed with an ear infection, for which I am on the 4th day of Zithromax. He also gave me Vicodin for the jaw pain. The ear pain has settled down; however, the jaw pain (can't even pinpoint the tooth anymore) is solidly in my left jaw, molar area, and up to the top jaw as well. The pain responds somewhat to aspirin and Vicodin, but comes back in an hour or so after medicating. The pain itself feels like a vice grip coupled with a sharp throb.
Avatar n tn Several years ago I had an infection that caused the left side of my face to swell up. I thought it was a tooth but the dentist said no, it was sinus infection, and that because the antibiotics have to basically "go through bone" (that's how he put it) it can take several rounds to clear up an infection.
Avatar f tn Hi, In late October I had a nasty cold which complicated into an ear and sinus infection. I had severe ear and facial pain (thick pale green nasal discharge, no fever, earaches, tooth and jaw pain, swollen lymph nodes in neck). I went to a doctor and she prescribed me three cycles of antibiotics through November and December to help clear it up (Zithromax, Ceftin, and Levaquin). It was a pretty tough infection. Strep test and X rays tested negative. White blood cell count was normal.
242516 tn?1368227505 Clues that you may have a bacterial infection include - pus coming out of your nose, - upper tooth pain or pain in your face, - sinus pain on one side, - new or worse symptoms after initially improving after a cold Instead of antibiotics, reach for over the counter painkillers, fever reducers, and decongestants.
Avatar n tn After the first week, it seemed to migrate down a bit and I felt like I had a deep ear infection in my left ear. Simulataneously, I noticed problems with a numbness/tinglyness/warmness or weird feeling in my left arm. It seems weakened. I'm no stranger to ear infections, as I had them occasionally as a child (I never had tubes, though) and I get them as an adult usually at the tail end of a cold/flu. So this seemed out of place because I have not had any cold or flu.
Avatar f tn Today is Monday. This past Thursday I had my last upper molar extracted (not wisdom tooth, the one next to it). I was in the chair for an hour and a half. There is one root still in there that was hooked. The dentist didn't want to mess with it anymore because he was afraid of pushing it into my sinuses. The extraction site seems ok, but is difficult to see since it's way in the back of my mouth. I don' t have the severe shooting pain that people describe with dry socket.
Avatar f tn The doctor said he thought I had an abscessed tooth and an ear infection, and put me on antibiotics. He told me to see a dentist. The dentist told me that it didn't really look like an abscess but went ahead and performed a root canal because the tooth was sensitive to cold water. My gum got better after the root canal, but I was still feeling sick and having ear and face pain, as well as my jaw was hurting. I felt like I was really sick with an infection or something.
Avatar f tn I check my temp when I get these episodes and its perfectly normal. I do not have a infection or am not sick. Im not even in a cold environment. Everyone around me is not cold. Its the weirdest thing, and I cant find a answer for it. Its like my body is messed up and sending these chills for no reason. Please help.
Avatar m tn Your pain is most likely inflammation or infection in the bone around the tooth root. Approx. 10-15% of root canals fail. Information contained within this reply is intended solely for general educational purposes and is not intended nor implied to be a medical diagnosis or treatment recommendation. This is not a substitute for professional medical advice relative to your specific medical condition or question. Always seek the advice of your own doctor for medical condition.
Avatar n tn The prednisolone and vitamin E would be for the auto-immune part of the disease and the Zithromax should cover the secondary bacterial infection. Zithromax is excellent for upper respiratory infections and it also is effective against Bartonella. I would continue with the Lysine for a possible Herpes infection just in case. It is just an amino acid so there is absolutely no contraindications.
Avatar n tn The problems first manifested themselves as persistent headaches and pain/pressure between the eyes, in what was most likely some kind of infection of the ethmoid sinuses. Thankfully, that part stopped, but what I'm faced with right now is frequent mild pain in the maxillary sinuses, a persistent post-nasal drip that I can feel on the back of my soft pallate (over 4 months now), a seemingly abnormal fatigue, and a ringing in my ears coupled with some ear pressure.
Avatar n tn I had an abscessed tooth, a bad one, that was treated by opening and draining. 5 days later, on a return visit to check it, the dentist recommended immediate removal due to the severity of the infection and concern of it entering my bloodstream. Coincidentally, I think, within a day or two of removal, I began having ear pain, then sinus pain, congestion, and infection, now added to that is a severe upper respiratory infection.
Avatar n tn my doctor prescribed me 825mg Augmentin for when i go to have my tooth pulled, should i take this now before the tooth is pulled to prevent any bacterial flaring? should i have the tooth drained first? is this even what could be causing it? i just wish someone had an answer for me as im afraid to have all these problems now and go have a tooth pulled and be on pain killers on top of everything else...
Avatar m tn Organism resistant to Cipro, Ceftriaxone, and Zithromax. Seems to be susceptible to Doxycycline, but hospital only prescribed half the recomended dosage, dut to also injecting me with the Ceftriaxone and giving me zithromax. The Doxycycline got the swollen lymph nodes to almost stop hurting . They are only affected on the left side in the auxillary, cubital, groin and lower thigh. I feel like I get fevers, but temp is normal.
Avatar n tn The typical cause of tinnitis is infection, usually around a back tooth. Early signs would not include fevor or swelling. I would find a dentist or oral surgeon near you and get a quick eval. They will probably put you on a 10 day course of antibiotics which should reduce the symptoms enough that you can go back and get a full evaluation to find the cause and remove it.
Avatar m tn Neither the doctor or the nurse that came in and gave me seven pills to take stuck around long enough for me to ask a single question. I'm also on penicillin for a tooth infection and I'm not sure if I should take it with the other meds. The actual diagnosis was Urethritis which can be caused by other things I'm sure but I'm having no burning at all when I urinate and no discharge at all.
Avatar n tn I was given Zithromax 5-day series. On day three of taking Zithromax, I developed a few small painless cuts and red bumps (small red dots) within my mouth. I also developed a mild case of oral thrush and my entire mouth became extremely sore and tender. The cuts and bumps were painless and disappeared within 2 days. The thrush disappeared within 1 1/2 weeks. I was panicked, so I went to an STD clinic on Dec. 13 and was tested for HIV, trich, syphillis, gonorrea, and chlamydia.
Avatar f tn I have been prescribed Clindamycin to clear up a possible tooth infection. I was wondering if anyone has had any heart rhythm problems attributed to antibiotics. I have pvcs/pacs, all tests, ekg, echo has come back completely normal. Im just worried about taking a new medication,, afraid it may cause the palpitations to be worse, better yet cause a dangerous arrythmia!! Any advice would be great!!
Avatar n tn I finally learned that I had an infected root canal in a maxillary tooth that was the source of my sinus infection. Unfortunately, with the nerve stripped out of the tooth I had no pain sensors and was oblivious to the infection until I had routine dental exam/x-rays. I had the tooth extracted and my sinus problems abated within a couple weeks. I was disturbed that the ENT Dr. did not consider this contingency when he did my assessment.
Avatar m tn Neither the doctor or the nurse that came in and gave me seven pills to take stuck around long enough for me to ask a single question. I'm also on penicillin for a tooth infection and I'm not sure if I should take it with the other meds. The actual diagnosis was Urethritis which can be caused by other things I'm sure but I'm having no burning at all when I urinate and no discharge at all.
Avatar n tn During the time of our encounters I have taken antibiotics. The first time was the week of 6-21, when I had a wisdom tooth removed and the Dentist perscribed a Z-pack which entailed that I take 2 pills the first day and 1 pill the remaining four and the other time was on July21st, after our last encounter I developed pain and a stinging sensation on the right side of my penis.
Avatar n tn During the beginning of the infection I started experiencing recurrent chest pain, and shortness of breath after exercise or even walking up steps or sometimes even while sleeping. I also noticed an increase in palpitations. I was on Keflex for 3 weeks prior to oral surgery (we were on vacation out of state and I was too ill to drive home for a while) followed by Clindamycin 10 days post oral surgery, a couple weeks later the chest pain came back and so did a very deep jaw pain...
Avatar n tn What about the yeast infection? I have read that Antibiotics have yeast infection as a side effect?
Avatar f tn White, raised patches Red, slightly raised patches Discharge with a curd-like appearance (like cottage cheese) Thick, dark brownish coating in the mouth Dry mouth Fissures or cracks in the mouth If the infection spreads down your esophagus, you may also experience: Difficulty or pain with swallowing Sensation of something stuck in your throat If thrush spreads systemically, you may develop a fever.
Avatar n tn i have a hard bump in the very top of my gum right behind where the tooth was i got pulled and on the other side of my gum at the top i feel another on starting over the tooth there and when i touch it the pain shoots up to side of my nose into my cheek and behind my eye, my dentist tells me im fine theres no gum infection, im not fine ive been battling this since march when the tooth pain became consistant, i thought i was going to get the tooth pulled and in a few weeks id be fine but im sti
Avatar n tn 1 fang in front, 3 molars in back, inflammed gums, smelly breath. Broken tooth on side OPPOSITE nasal swelling. 3) inflammed, swollen, red nostril, occasionally opens and bleeds after he paws it. very small ulceration, 1 mm in diameter. inflammation comes and goes, sometimes nose is hot other times cool and wet. frequent, small amount of mucous draining from nostrils. Other side of nose is normal. 3a) I can find no obvious allergic condition, have tried various foods.
Avatar n tn Last night April 4th I had 1 lite beer and i have a a lot of them in my mouth they are tiny and white and seem to be pretty close together however there are a few that are on the inside of my cheeks and well today most are back by where i would have a wisdom tooth coming in? I wont be able to call the doc until monday any ideas??
Avatar n tn I declined as he was halfway done and by time I would of gotten to the hospital the tooth would of been out. The tooth was impacted and quite infected which prompted the removal. After the procedure I was prescribed Tylenol #3 and Zithromax. The day following the surgery I ended up vomitting profusely. During this process the blood clot came out of the extraction site. I continued to do salt water rinses and taking my medication.