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Avatar n tn I have two failed implants due to infection which did not respond to Clindamycin. I also got a bad reaction to Clindamycin a feeling of big lump in throat, sore throat and severe heartburn. In spite of the fact that I drank at least 10ounces of water with each pill. My question is since I'm allergic to penicillin. What antibiotic is effective for teeth and gum infections???? Thank you.
Avatar f tn This past July, I developed what appeared to be a gum infection. My gum on the right lower side in the back swelled bad. It made my jaw bone hurt. I was running fevers and felt sick. I was also having ear pain and felt like I had fluid behind my ear. The doctor said he thought I had an abscessed tooth and an ear infection, and put me on antibiotics. He told me to see a dentist.
1886350 tn?1320889148 I was placed on Flagyl first, followed by clindamycin. Also in the mix of everything I had a gum infection and was given amoxicillin, which I stopped taking due to getting a yeast infection from it (treated successfully with monistat). Everything considered I’ve had an entire pharmacy prescribed to me. During the week that I was waiting for my boyfriend’s retest, I noticed some yellow discharge. I felt for sure he would test positive again, but felt relieved when he came back fine.
Avatar n tn I had just switched allergy medications, from Nasonex to generic Flonase, right at the time my symptoms returned. Could allergies have led to a sinus infection? Can the sinus infection cause dizziness and fatigue? Due to the holiday weekend I haven't been able to call my doctor, but after 3 prior visits he's never suggested sinuses to be a cause.
Avatar f tn I check my temp when I get these episodes and its perfectly normal. I do not have a infection or am not sick. Im not even in a cold environment. Everyone around me is not cold. Its the weirdest thing, and I cant find a answer for it. Its like my body is messed up and sending these chills for no reason. Please help.
Avatar n tn i am 19 yr old male with only 1 sexual partner whom i am still in a relationship. I went to the gum clinic and found out i had "nsu" or "ngu" was given 4 tablets of "zithromax" as one dosage. a week later i went back to make sure the infection was gone and they told me i had chlamydia. Can two virgins having unprotected sex get chlamydia?? would the antibiotics for the nsu have cleared up the chlamydia? Thanks...
Avatar n tn Stomatitis, periodonititis and gingivitis can be caused by bacterial or viral infections which set the patient up for gum and teeth infections. A common cause is Bartonella infection. There is a simple blood test for bartonella. It is controlled by the antibiotic: Zithromax. A deep teeth cleaning, with periodontal treatment is also necessary. If the gum problem is an eosinophilic granuloma than this is a bit harder to control. Eosinophilic granuloma is caused by an allergy to something.
Avatar m tn Hi, I was recently diagnosed with Gonorrhea and NGU 12 days after having unprotected oral and protected vaginal sex. The next day i went to a GUM clinic I was prescribed the following medications. Zithromax 2g, Cipro 500mg 2x/7 days, Doxycycline 2x/7days, Metronidazole 2x/7days and Ceftriaxone IM.
Avatar n tn i have recently been diagnosed with urethritis and I Have taken a test for Gon/ Chlamydia (results due in about 2 weeks) My partner recently was treated for Faryngitus (a week long course of Penicillin V i think it was called) would this have cleared up any possible gon/chlamydia infection she might have?
Avatar n tn As far as I understand it, you have to go to a doc in the UK to get meds. How do you know you have chlamydia if you haven't been to the doctor? You might have a different infection that would need a different medication.
Avatar m tn Given the antibiotic treatment, the prompt resolution of your symptoms back then, and the subsequent negative tests, you can be sure you no longer have a chlamydial infection. Further, based on your description of the GUM clinic evaluation, I'm quite confident you have no other infection either. Your new symptoms, starting a year after your chlamydia diagnosis and treatment, probably are unrelated to that infection or the sexual event when you caught it.
Avatar m tn No penile masses or [clusters of] vesicles. No lesions on my lips although today along the inside of my lower gum on the right I feel some bumps or sores and one or two on the left inner lower gums [although 3 days ago I burned the heck out of my tongue/mouth eating some soup]. Plus being on the inner gum makes them impossible to see. My right side of my neck aches and the right submandibular salivary gland is over active. Never ever any clear or coloured penile urethral discharge.
Avatar n tn i should note that i have been living with my partner for almost two years now. so i visited GUM dec 2nd 2008. i was given azithromycin (4 tables). i was so worried i sent my girlfriend for a test also. All her tests came back negative.She was called by GUM also and given Azithromycin too( heard its standard practice).
Avatar n tn The prednisolone and vitamin E would be for the auto-immune part of the disease and the Zithromax should cover the secondary bacterial infection. Zithromax is excellent for upper respiratory infections and it also is effective against Bartonella. I would continue with the Lysine for a possible Herpes infection just in case. It is just an amino acid so there is absolutely no contraindications.
Avatar m tn I researched on the net and thought I may have an STI most probably gonnorea or chlymidia. I took a course of Zithromax but still felt discomfort so I took a course of docycycline, with no real effect. 3 weeks on and I now feel a burning in my urethra. It doesnt hurt when I urinate but I do feel the need to urinate more often. It isnt so much in my penis I feel it but the area between the base of my penis and my anus. It does get worse when I sit down.
Avatar n tn This is the reason I’m writing to you I had a PCR urine test for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia and both came back negative. However, they did not tell me if I had a non-specific infection. I asked the doctor about this and he said that it wasn’t important. However, I would like to know if I have an infection or not. In England, I believe that they can tell you if you have a NSU infection with the PCR test by looking at the white blood cell count.
Avatar n tn )which i had in the uk GUM clinic. I realise gonnoreah is possibly transmitted via oral but i have read males would have discharge and pain, so can i discount this? Does any of the symptoms i have described sound like anything std related i should be tested for? The exposure i have described is my only exposure since being tested. Also is there a reason why gonnoreah is more readily transmitted via oral sex and chlamydia is not?
Avatar n tn Inflammation goes down with ibruprofren and I have not warts, lumps, bruises, or itches other than hemorrhoids from a bad case of diarrhea from Zithromax. I'm worried it could be herpes even though every thing I foind on the net says its "rare" to have urethritis this way without the other tale-tale signs. Can someone please help me?
Avatar n tn Question 4-should I seek alternative treatments (Zithromax?) Question 5-does rosefen effetively cure chlamydia? Question 6-could I have been diagnosed incorrectly? Question 7-is there a possibility that the doxy did not cure my chlamydia?
Avatar m tn Took the relevant antibiotics and now three weeks after completing them I'm experiencing a heavy discharge and mild lower abdominal pain. Went to the GUM clinic on the advice of my doctor at the time of diagnosis who said that they couldnt rule out gonnorhea as they didn't know if the nurse in my surgery had ordered this test on the swabs.
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed within weeks of contracting it and was treated with a dose of Zithromax. I went back to the same clinic to get re-tested and the result was negative. they also did tests for gonnorea amongst other STD's which also came back negative. Around a year ago however I noticed a small amount of discharge whilst urinating. It literally looked like milk and the consistence was quite watery.
Avatar n tn Usual STD tests came back negative, visual inspection (including during the peak of the swelling) by 3 doctors at 3 GUM clinics have said that it isn't an STD. The frustrating thing is, it wasn't there before the incident so it must have been something that I picked up then, no? Neither Clorimitrazole or Hydrocortisone have an effect on it.
Avatar n tn I checked with my PCP and got diagnosed with an ear infection, for which I am on the 4th day of Zithromax. He also gave me Vicodin for the jaw pain. The ear pain has settled down; however, the jaw pain (can't even pinpoint the tooth anymore) is solidly in my left jaw, molar area, and up to the top jaw as well. The pain responds somewhat to aspirin and Vicodin, but comes back in an hour or so after medicating. The pain itself feels like a vice grip coupled with a sharp throb.
Avatar f tn After 5 days I had burning feeling in my bladder where I had to urinate every 5 minutes or so. I tested negative for all possible STDs but I received doxycycline, Zithromax and metronidazole. And later I got 1 G of Cefaxone (intravenous) and later 500 mg of Cefixime for 5 days. I had HIV, HBC and HCV PCR qualitative test after 10 days (results: not detected), tested HIV combo after 21, 40, and 72 days (results: nonreactive).
Avatar m tn They confirmed it was a very bad fungal and bacterial infection. They prescribed me Zithromax, Fluconazole and Aciclovir just in case it was Herpes and also Daktarin and Hydrocortisone to be applied twice a day. I noticed a lot of improvement almost immediately, in a week it looked so much better. I got my results back on 4th Dec which were again negative however there was another red spot I noticed on the head of my penis completely different to what I had earlier.
Avatar m tn Hello Terri. Thanks for the reply. There are GUM clinics which offer the test but closest to me is a 3 hour drive. Unfortunately the sex was with multiple partners and I haven't spoken to any of them since. I certainly haven't heard from any of them pre or post encounter, regarding any infections. Since using the shower emollient (specifically for itchy or irritated skin) I've felt significantly better "down there".
Avatar m tn I have know been treated with Doxycycline,azithromycin,Zithromax,zithromax and metronidazole combined.Still no change to my Nsu/ngu.I am seeing a Urologist tommorow at last. The clinic are now lost as to what is causing this so hopefully the Urologist can help. Could this be prostatitis causing this or something else.Any ideas.
Avatar m tn 11 days later while defecating noticed white discharge on my penis and noticed a clear discharge throughout the day. Next day went to a GUM clinic and was diagnosed with Gonorrhea and NSU. Was prescribed the following: 1. Ceftriaxone 2 shots 2. Cipro 2x/7days 3. Azithromycin 2g 4. Doxycycline 2x/7days 5. Discharge persist after the first 3 days and added metronidazole 2x/7 days.
Avatar n tn MALE 32, no previous health problems Jan '10 - got sick in Thailand (vacation) some sort of throat infection. (swollen neck lymph nodes, slight fever, swollen uvula, no appetite, difficulty swallowing), course of Amoxicillin cleared throat problem and seemed to end the problem at the time. Feb '10 - slight discomfort on the right side of the jaw (lymph node), gum irritation, slight fever.
Avatar n tn She did fine - no infection, doing OK now. I did fine - no more infection (but I sure worry about what might happen again if/when I begin tx again - that was no fun.) Glad your on antibiotic now. That will probably do it AOK, but you still might want to ask just to make sure. Best of luck!