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Avatar m tn HHH, I dated a guy back from October-December and we had sex about 5 times. I know it is not healthy to do this but I recently became paranoid and took 1g of Zithromax today just in case of a STD. I was tested before this guy and was clean. I am unable to get a STD test due to facilities closing pretty early and will get one in a couple months but do you think the 1g would have cured gonnoreha, chlamydia, and syphilis if I did have it?
Avatar n tn I was told by my doctor 1 gram zithromax taken in one dose is 95 percent plus effective in clearing chlamydia. Vance am I breaking a rule here?? Im not giving advice, only telling my personal experience.
Avatar m tn Okay, maybe you all can help me out... Maybe not... I've posted here a few times lately over a bad experience on 10-01-13. I had a one time encounter with a guy I know... Unprotected, stupidly! Two days after encounter I was std tested, no symptoms, just nervous. I was treated with 1 gram of zithromax, 1 gram of rocephin IM, and was tested for HIV, HSV1&2, syphillis, mycoplasma genitalium, chlamydia, and gonhorrea.
Avatar m tn am worried that if the GUM didn't allow for Mycoplasma Genitalium at the time I may have passed something to her mouth. I should also point out that a gram stain I had 6weeks ago was negative for NSU so this was years after the first case of NSU. So should I assume that Mycoplasma Genitalium is no longer an issue for me?
Avatar f tn The National Institute of Health has a study which recommends zithromax along with rifampin for like a month to clear it, but most doctors will refuse to accept that a prostate infection of chlamydia is different than needing just 1 gram of Zithromax because they are uneducated or just like top bank money off of people and allowing them to die
Avatar n tn How reliable is a cervical gram stain (or a cervical culture) for Gonorrhea, if the primary contact is oral sex? Everyone involved is asymptomatic for STDs. My recent cervical swab culture was Gonorrhea + last week. I was treated with Ceftriaxone 250 mg IM & Zithromax 1 gram. My male partner & I were tested last year. He is my only sex contact (oral/genital). My partner has contact with 2 other females: 1.
Avatar f tn I'm worried, I shamefully cheated on my wife one time only on the 5th of June, 5 days later I strted to need to pee all the time, I visited my doctor on the 15th June and he tested me for Clymadia and Gonnorhea and gave me 1 gram of Zithromax to take straight away. The results came back negative. 2 weeks later the need to urinate came back again, and 4 times since then I've had a tiny amount of clear discharge in the morning.
Avatar n tn 2 Grams of Zithormax is commonly given to cover/cure both Gonorhea and chlamydia... but you have not been exposed to gonorhea so why give you a 2 gram dose? C) Zithromax treatment for Gonorhea is currently not considered the best form of treatment for Gonorhea, it is now a shot of Rocephin 250mg in the rear end. So again why give you 2 grams of Zithromax, if he suspected Gohorhea, he should have used optimal treatment methods.
Avatar n tn after researching this i looked up the antibiotics for treatment and managed to get my hands on zithromax and cefspan. i took one gram on zithromax then the next day too 400mg of cefspan. the following day i took another 500mg of zithromax and the day after that i took 500mg more of the zithromax and 400mg more cefspan. it has been almost five days since i first took any medication. i still have the same symptoms with no reconizable difference.
Avatar m tn Negative for Trichmonas antigen. Gram Stain: No intracellular Gram negative diplococci seen. Many Gram variable coccobacilli consistent with Gardnerella seen. No yeast seen. Few neutrophils seen. Gram stain is suggestive of bacterial vaginosis; clinical correlation is recommended. Can you please tell me if I may have herpes??!
Avatar m tn If the symptoms do not resolve with azithromycin , should i consider seeing the doctor for a greater dosage of zithromax or changing medication? 4. If results for Chlamydia or Gonorrhea are negative, what could be the causes of buring feeling at urination? 5. Referring to test results for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea being negative, should I consider seeing a urologist? Thank you for your answers.
Avatar n tn The urine test was negative or any UTI or related issues. At that point I was given 1 gram of Zithromax and 500 mg of Levaquin. I was never checked for an STD, I was just given the treatment as if I could have had one.I took these and went on my way. I never felt any relief and on Dec 25th I went back to the ER. At that time I was given another urine test and it too was negative for any UTI or related issue. Again I was never tested for any STD.
Avatar m tn - Her screen was clear - mine showed NSU (Negative for Trich also.). - Both prescribed 1g Zithromax. Mar. 07 - Gram stain came back neg. Apr. 07 - Gram stain showed NSU (not chlymidia). Prescribed Doxy for 1wk & metronidozole. June 07 - Urologist diagnosed prostatitis following cystoscopy examination. - Prescribed alpha blockers. Urologist said it was anxiety related. Aug.
Avatar m tn There are bacteria that are anaerobic and those that are not. There gram positive and gram negative. As for the side effects file a drug reaction form at the FDA site. There are many different reactions to what are similar antibiotics. For example many people tolerate Cipro, a fluoroqinalone and cannot tolerate Levaquin, a similarly structed antibiotic.
Avatar m tn I presented symptoms of urethritis 2-3 days after sexual encounters, and went to the doctor and got treated with a shot (dont know what) and 2 pills of generic zithromax for chlamydia/gonorrhea. I also got a test which takes 1-2weeks to complete. My partner went to the doctor and got a gram stain. He tested negative for any std's, but he did test positive for strep throat.
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed with Chlamydia after having gone to the clinic and being tested (urine) for Chlamydia and Gonohrea since I was experiencing pain while urinating and not seemingly not completely voiding, slight discharge ( It was difficult to tell if it was clear or puss-like since it was noticed on my underwear when it was already dry), urgency of urination, tingling inside my urethra, and feeling like I would have to urinate even after I had just urinated. I was given 1 gram of zithromax.
Avatar m tn After a week of medications, i have returned to the doctor and was reassured i was cured (results showed epithelial cells in my gram stain and a negative urine test) but was nevertheless given a shot of Cefuroxime IM. After several days I still see a discharge when I am sexually aroused or after ejaculation 10-20 minutes after even after urinating i see them. Although I did have these discharge prior to the sexual episode, the discharge now is clear sticky, and thready.
Avatar m tn Retesting at 3 weeks, but medication works quick and you can resume sex 7 days after medication. BUT YOU NEED TO TELL HER TO TEST AND ALSO GET TREATMENT.
Avatar f tn I got tested and was given 1 gram of zithromax and 7 days of levaquin. That was on monday night i was treated and then that saturday morning I had unprotected sex with an uninfected partner. Is it possible I could have infected the partner? They told me the zithromax would wipe it out right away but it seems from reading these forums that that could not be the case. I have been active since iwth the same person and now I feel I might have been infected agian.
Avatar m tn I'm a 26 year old male and I had unprotected sex one time with a female on February 14th 2 weeks later I started to have urinary issues and went to my physician and he gave me 1 gram of Zithromax and 10 days worth of Vibramycin to clear up any possible infection of gonnocual and chlamydia bacteria before the urine tests and blood tests came back, which was negative, also 1 and a half months later a problem of frequent urination: so bad sometimes that I would go to the restroom to urinate and the
Avatar m tn When I first noticed it, I took a 1 gram dose of ZITHROMAX and it did not clear up. Three weeks later I went and saw the doctor and they did a swab test, urine test, and blood test; the results for chlamydia and gonorrhea were negative. They also treated me symptomatically at the time of the above said visit for both mentioned STD’s. I still have a small discharge when I wake up and “milk” it and it appears to be clear and kind of watery.
Avatar n tn 1.5 grams of Zithromax single dose Doxicycline 4 days 1.250 grams of Zithromax single dose All anitbiotics consumed in a period of approx 3 weeks above antiboitics taken 3 days prior to chlamydia/gonorea testing. I have been tested for, HIV, Hep A/B, Syphilis 1/2 gonorea, chlamydia & UTI. All tests results were negative except for chlamydia. 1 out of 3 chlamydia tests were positive. I had urethera burning and right testicle pain with a very very very slight amount of discharge.
Avatar n tn all test came out negative, but heamophilus parainfluenza was found in a swab. the doctor gave me 1 gram of zithromax and 1 week of doxycycline 200mg per day, and 1 week of flagyl 600mg per day. the followed by 1 week of augmntin 2g per day to cure the haemophilus parainfluenze. My question is it is a month already and the redness still did not go away completely and my muscles still ache and my temperature is still at 37.2 to 37.3 C. Could this be a sign of HIV? or any kind of STD at all?
Avatar n tn Approx 5 days after the exposure I took one gram of Zithromax and 500mg of IM Rocephin as a prophylactic. Approx 7 days after taking those drugs I have penis head soreness and a very clear fluid discharge and sometimes the urethral opening is stuck together. No milky or discolored discharge and the clear discharge is very small. Do you think I should try a week of Levaquin? Or is it possible that I took those antibiotics too early and I should now take them again?
Avatar f tn They did a preliminary test there and said there was an abnormal high white blood count. The PA gave me a prescription for four zithromax tablets and a ten day, two a day doxycycline tablets. When I left the clinic I noticed my penis hole had crust later in the day (looked like dry semen that I didn't wash off after masturbating, but I didn't masturbate). Five days later I called back and my urine that was sent out tested negative for chlamydia and gonorrhea.
Avatar f tn The gram staining showed Negative for Trichomoniasis and Monilia. But says many coccobacilli, few gram positive bacilli with many pus cells and clue cells noted. Pap smear says I have Benign reactive changes (typical repair) and pathologist wrote "Severe acute inflammation". The itchiness and swelling subsided a bit with the antibiotic but the purulent discharge is still there but I no longer have to wear pantyliners cause it no longer leaks out.
Avatar m tn Does anyone know what the cure rate of ceftriaxone 250 mg injection is for treating gonorrhea? Or the 400 mg pill of cifixime? I have been having issues for 5 months now and I have taken every antibiotic known to man and I am still having issues. Male Symptoms: Urethral pain " that comes and goes" occasional skanty clear discharge. Test taken: Gonorrhea and Chlamydia Clean but had take ammoxicilin days prior to test "False negative???
Avatar n tn I was treated with Doxycycline and 1 gram of Zithromax. I tested negative for Chlamydia, but still had burning upon urination, itching, pain in my testes, pain in the pelvic area, and some pain in the back and joints. I returned to my M.D. where he told me I had a prostate infection, gave me 7 days of bid Cipro and 14 days of bid Doxy. I am 6 days into this second round of treatment and I still have symptoms.
1886350 tn?1320889148 I was treated with my gram of Zithromax and sent my boyfriend to get tested and treated. On October 6 I was retested negative, as was my boyfriend the following week. My only symptom was excess, yellow discharge. This began in late July and I had to go to the OB/GYN a couple times before the final diagnosis. She believed it was BV. I was placed on Flagyl first, followed by clindamycin.
Avatar m tn I went to the ER and got another shot of rocephin and another gram of Zithromax, and a referral to a Urologist. The fact that my lymphatic problem seems to be responding to something made me start this new thread, as it is kind of a separate issue. I read on a reliable medical post that Reiter's Syndrome can indeed cause reinfection if you have unprotected sex with someone when you have it, but they would not be put at risk for it. But it is supposed to rarely involve the lymphatic system.