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Avatar f tn Recently, got sore throat with bumps on the back of my throat (boyfriend says he does too), tested for strep came back negative. Took the zithromax 250 mg and had to pee every 5 min. the first day and didn't get my period. I felt better while I was on the med . After coming off med all symptoms came back with a vengeance!! I am soooo confused considering all docs have said I don't have either of these things because all tests have come back negative. Any help would be appreciated!!!
Avatar n tn I assume that I have one of either chlamydia or gonorrhea, but because I can't speak Portuguese nor can I find a Brazilian doctor in my area who speaks English I haven't been able to confirm. As a result, I went to a pharmacy and got a 10-pack of 500mg Cipro and a 3 pack of 500mg Zipro. I took 1000mg of Cipro and 1000mg of Zipro yesterday and another 500mg of each today.
Avatar f tn Has anybody been on Cipro for like a sinus infection and noticed that they feel worse as far as the liver goes? I just finished up a 1 week dose of this stuff and taking the last one today made me feel lousy. It had been making me feel bad since the the 2nd day, but this last day, has been the worst day on it. Liver pain, abdominal pain in my left side, too and feeling slightly nauseated and just all the around more flu-like.
Avatar f tn I was so terrified of this medication because I've heard it can cause heart palpitations and ventricular arrhythmias I didn't even take it until the illness got so bad I almost couldn't get out of bed. Well, I finally broke down and took it because I am so sick and am on day 2 and am having real scary palpitations. My doctor assured me this would not happen. Anyone else have this with Zithromax? Am I dying? I am terrified to death - I hate this so much!
Avatar n tn But even the cdc recommends azithromycin(zithromax) or doxycycline. Cipro is effective for gonorrhea but may not be against chlamydia. Finish your meds and watch for symptoms. If you aren't better in a couple of weeks, schedule a test for cure and go from there. In the mean time, refrain from all sexual activity for at least 7 days. Condoms break, so if you have sex in that time, you may infect your partner and potentially reinfect yourself.
Avatar m tn I dont think I need zithromax as I cant get Chlamydia that way........ Should I get some testing and should I give my wife some Cipro? Thanks Doc.
Avatar m tn Feeling no better and been desperate I buy 1g of zithromax and took it. I do this in my day 5 in Cipro (That was last Friday). Today, (Monday), I went to the urologist and send me for urine test for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea and also a blood test (VDRL). He prescribe me another 1 g of zithromax but he didnt know that I already took it last Friday. If I have Chlamydia or Gonorrhea, it will appear in the test or the antibiotic will bring a false negative??
Avatar n tn Testicle pain/discomfort, irritated and dry head of penis, slight, clear discharge off and on, urethra feeling irritated and stinging at times. Frequent feeling to urinate. The discomfort (almost like a tightness) in and around the testicles being the most consistent.
Avatar n tn I have several different types of arrhythmia and have had to take Cipro (once for Campylobacter and recently for diverticulitis). It's a wonderful antibiotic, really knocks the infection out. Never increased my heart arrhythmias at all. I would think since I'm prone to them anyway, it might affect me but it didn't. Each person is different however. You won't know till you take the first pill.
Avatar n tn I have read some of your journals and wonder if a combination of zithromax, cipro and biaxin would help? And how long of a treatment course? He took zithromax briefly for awhile but ins would only dispense a small amt at a time. He has been on cipro. Currently he is on ceftriaxone, biaxin, plaqunenil and pennecilin since february with very little improvement. Any insight would be wonderful.
Avatar n tn I went to a doctor who thought it may be prostatitis (finger in rear end and tender prostate) and prescribed cipro for one month-500g/2x per day. Here's my concern...a std wouldn't show up that soon would it? Was I too soon in testing? Is urine test as good as a swab? Is there a high occurence of false negatives with the urine test? If its not chlamydia or gonorrhea, it coulf be a NGU, but wouldn't those most likely be an ecoli, staph, or strep? If so, cipro should work?
Avatar m tn Feeling no better and been desperate I buy 1g of zithromax and took it. I do this in my day 5 in Cipro (That was last Friday). Today, (Monday), I went to the urologist and send me for urine test for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea and also a blood test (VDRL). He prescribe me another 1 g of zithromax but he didnt know that I already took it last Friday. If I have Chlamydia or Gonorrhea, it will appear in the test or the antibiotic will bring a false negative??
Avatar n tn She showed no signs of abrasions or lesions on her anus or vagina, but I am now concerned about my exposure (yes I should have thought about that before I know) I have found conflicting information about std risks associated with rimming and cunnilingus, specifically what is the risk of Hep B transmission? I have taken a 1g dose of Zithromax for potential Chlamydia and begun a 5 day course of cipro for other issues, but just freaked by possible Hep B.
Avatar m tn Gonorrhea/Chlamydia Pos… Hiv -; Was treated with zithromax(4 pills) and a shot of Rocephin Fifth appointment: Urologist… didn't know what else to do gave me Suprax(1 pill) and Diflucan(2 pills immediately and 1 pill every day for 4 days after totaling 6 pills). Next appointment is this thursday.
Avatar f tn My partner was given Cipro for UTI, Suprax and Zithromax he started the Cipro last Thursday and when positive results came back yesterday started the other two meds, his symptoms were gone before starting the Zithromax and Suprax, I had no symptoms. My question is what is the percent of reinfection if we have sex over the weekend. My doctor said normally Gonnorhea is non infectious after 24hrs of treatment and Clamydia is 1 or 2 days. Is that correct?
Avatar m tn 1 gm of zithromax and 500gm of Cipro all in single dosage, is that all or do I need to see the doctor again
Avatar n tn My doctor prescribed Cipro (tests showed the staph was resistant to penicillin) and after two rounds (three days each) it has finally cleared up again (again, about a week after my cycle has ended and after two three-day rounds of the cipro). She also recommends having a herpes blood test done because she wonders how I contracted the staph and why it is recurring with my cycle.
Avatar n tn ) I've taken Doxycycline (100mg for 14 days), Levaquin (500mg for 11 days), and just took Zithromax (1g yesterday.) One thing that's really bothering me, is I've been getting this weird feeling in my urethra, like a feather tickling me. He said it could be the "prostate cleaning itself out." I asked my doc if it could be trichomonas, but he said men would rarely ever have any recognizable symptoms. Tested negative for herpes (HerpesSelect at 8 weeks, is this reliable?
Avatar n tn I imagine the trace of blood in your urine might be traumatic, from the vigoous stimulation you decribe, and I doubt the cipro and zithromax are treating anything or will make any difference. Follow up with your own doctor if you have continuing symptoms. Sorry I can't help more.
Avatar n tn The discharge looked mostly like urine but just a bit thicker. Went to the doctor and he prescribed Cipro. Did a urine test for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia and they were negative. Still concerned, went to the STD clinic that day and got the full workup a Rocefin injection, Zithromax 1g pills, and Metronidazole 2g pills. I still had the same symptons for 4 more days. However, on the 5th day (today) I still had them but later in the day I went to urinate and saw a small blood clot come out.
Avatar m tn About three weeks ago i had unprotested sex with a woman, who I have no idea her sexual past. Aprrox. 2 weeks ago i got a chest and sinus cold. My doc put me on Zithromax, the next day I started to feel burning while peeing, so I started taking cipro with the zithro thinking I had a UTI. The burning did not go away, i went and saw my doc about this and he took swabs for chlamydia and gonorrhea.
Avatar n tn I've had symptoms since February 2004, which now (September 2004) are mostly left-sided epididymitis and to some extent prostatitis. At their worst (May 2004) my symptoms were disabling -- pain made worse by sitting, sit-bone and tail-bone pain, feverishness, back-pain.
Avatar n tn The last 5 months or so have been constant hell for me, filled with anxiety. And its just getting worse. I'm a married 32 y/o male that has messed up a couple of times and is so afraid of losing what's most important to me. Last Oct, I had brief unprotected sex with another woman. I freaked, and tested negative for stds, and so did the other woman. In Feb. I was put on 10 days of doxy for a sinus infection. After 3 days of it, I received unprotected oral from yet another woman.
806220 tn?1238258097 I tested neg for gono and chlamydia, but lymph nodes in my left side of my armpit, elbow groin, and leg swelled and were painful. I underwent treatment with cipro, riaxin, zithromax, none of which helped. I took doxycylcine which did reduce the pain and swelling but not completely, so I got doulbed dose of doxy, which just barely improved reducing swelling and pain in nodes, but then I started feeling pain on right side nodes, with no swelling.
Avatar m tn Said he would send out to urine to culture for chlamydia and gonorrhea. He prescribed me the 1 time deal Cipro and Zithromax as treatment just in case. Is this testing and treatment sufficient? Should I worry or test for anything else?
Avatar n tn They gave me a prescription of Cipro (one pill) and 4 zithromax pills. I called a week later and was told that I had NGU (negative for gon., positive for chlamydia). Now, I was a little shocked considering I've only ever had sex with one person in my entire life and have been with that person for 11 years. So I informed my partner of what happened and advised he get tested as well (haven't gotten results back yet).
Avatar n tn During my visit to the ER, I was given a shot of Rocephin and 1,000 mg of Zithromax in pill form. I received a call four days later telling me that my test culture was positive for gonorrhea, and the doctor prescribed me another dose of 1,000 mg of Zithromax. I took the medication as prescribed, but I'm still having discharge. However, the discharge is no longer white and milky; the discharge is a clear and it's a very small amount. It's only present when I have to urinate in the morning.
Avatar n tn Poisons me. HORRIBLE stuff. I take Cipro on my own (had some from soemthing else - full prescription) and Voila! cramps stop. About 2 weeks go by and I start to feel bad. FLu-like. My ribs start to hurt. My belly starts to swell. and that damned lower RQ pain. I go to the Clinic to get some Zithromax for this stupid swelling in my clogged Salivary gland. guess what? BAD flu-like symptoms go away!.....then it comes back. WORSE.