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Avatar n tn The medications are primidone (essential tremor), propranolol (essential tremor), zetia (cholesterol), crestor (cholesterol), foltx (blood vessels), synthroid (overactive thyroid), and altace (blood pressure). I had a very mild heart attack five years ago and the altace and foltx are on-going preventitive medications. My problems are.
Avatar m tn I am 5 years post LAD cardiac stent placement. I take Crestor, Zetia, and Metopranol to manage hypertension and, hypercholesterolemia and Clopidogrel to prevent platelet aggregation. Two years ago I developed Menier's disease with hearing loss and tinnitus. Cause "unknown". Six months ago over a two week period I lost my sense of taste. A trial off Crestor = no change. The neurologist recommends that I stop Metopranol and substitute propranolol.
Avatar f tn Bilirubin tests came back in normal range. Cholesterol results have been within normal range with medication. I take pravachol 40 mg, zetia 10 mg, Zoloft 100mg, nexium, occasionally celebrex, and lunesta. Three months ago I had a cervical spine fusion, and was taking Ultracet and Flexeril before surgery and now only occasionally need Flexeril. Which of these medicines could contribute to the abnormal LFT? I drink a glass of wine each night, and maybe 3-4 glasses on a weekend night.
Avatar n tn Q im taking aciphex i was on nexium but dr thought that could be the cause for diarrhea, im on zetia for chlostrol, toprol for pvc;s not having pvc;s now , is this a common thing with colon surgery could any of the meds that i am on causing the swelling , i have plans to take my adopted doughter to florida she is a 37 year old down;s child loves to ride the train, please help, thank you, nancy lee
Avatar m tn He is now on 60mg of Crestor QD, Metoprolol 25mg BID, Plavix 75mg QD, Lisinopril 2.5mg QD, Zetia 10mg QD, Niacin 2,000mg QD, Fish Oil 4,000mg QD, ASA 81mg QD, along with Garlic and CholestOff daily. He has done well and had no further problems since his heart attack 18months ago. My question is would he benefit from Bypass and what is the likleyhood he will need Bypass in the future?
Avatar n tn I took lipitor and pravachol for several years. Had to go off because of high liver enzymes. Also took zetia. When no cause for elevated enzymes was found, Dr. thought it might be Zetia. Went off that and enzymes continued to be elevated. They have dropped some, but remain around ALT 172 AST 92. I do not drink much alchohol. Maybe a glass of wine every few months. I am not jaundiced, not in discomfort.
Avatar m tn Welbutrin 300MG daily Zoloft150MG daily Ecotrin 81MG daily Zetia 10MG daily Omega 3 2000 MG daily Vitamin C 2000 MG daily Multivitamin daily Propranolol 20-40MG when needed Zanax 1MG when needed Please help answering my questions above. Thanks in advance. Also, I have hemorrhoids and sometimes bleed through the anus when having bowl movement. Had colonoscopy a while ago and found internal hemorrhoid. And I used to drink a lot of alcohol in my teens, twenties and early thirties.
Avatar n tn - Serologic tests for viral hepatitis (which has been done) - Measurement of antimitochondrial antibodies (for primary biliary cirrhosis) - Measurement of antinuclear anti-smooth muscle (sm), and liver-kidney microsomal (LKM) antibodies (for autoimmune hepatitis) - Serum levels of iron, transferrin, and ferritin (for hemochromatosis) - Serum levels of ceruloplasmin (for Wilson's disease) - Measurement of alpha-1-antitrypsin activity (for alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency) Followup with your perso
Avatar n tn I would always recommend contacting your physician if there is concern about new symptoms. Vytorin is a combination of two cholesterol medications - Zocor and Zetia. Zocor is in the same class as Lipitor, and both medications have the potential of affecting the liver. The golden stools (i.e. "clay-colored") can be indicative of biliary obstruction, which can also be a sign of biliary duct disease. At this time, I would certainly consider a visit to your physician.
Avatar n tn im a young 74 year old female had reflux all my adult life,tried all meds, had preasure causing what seemed to be heart trouble felt like heart was skipping or adding a extra hard beat set off nerves alarming always worse when i had cold or cough and when i lay down then i was started on nexium works good no heart burn still have bloating after eating sometimes very seldon had what felt like heart trouble if i missed a couple of days the feeling came back, i have worn heart monitors a cardl
Avatar m tn When my Cardiologist found out, he went through the roof and put me on Zetia. Zetia worked great for a while then I had to quit taking it due to infrequent Bowel Movements. Now that I look back, I think I may have been possessed by a Demon because the Bowel Movements only hit when there was no place to go. The last straw was when the demon manifested while I was stuck on the Mississippi River Bridge. I could see a Port-a-Can at the foot of the bridge for a construction crew.
Avatar n tn ive been treated for acid reflux for years i am now 75 but still very active,i started with tums and went through all meds and now on 40 mil mexiun twice a day which controls heartburn if i miss a day i have bad presure in chest, i wonder if its to much since my food comes back, hours later as if not chewed, by lunch even with a small meal i start bloating by night,no matter what i eat its so bad feels like i can breath good and , and it seems to effect kidneys action, my stool is brightyello
Avatar m tn I take 50mg of atenolol daily (as well as asprin, plavix, lipitor 80, zetia lorezepam and enalapril)and I have read that this beta blocker can weaken the LES. I have had 2 negative thallium stress tests in the past 8 weeks and I am relatively certain the pain is not cardiac related. I realize that you cannot diagnose me in this forum. My gastroenterologist is booked solid for the next two weeks, and I would appreciate any insight you might have about my symptoms.
Avatar n tn This past year I started to take medication FLOWMAX which has helped me urinate much easier. I also take 10MG of Zetia for cholesteral and Toprol 50MG for blood pressure. Vitamins are also a part of my daily diet. My last check up was very good, prostate exam was normal and PSA was .08. So why the continuation of blood in the semen. After ejaculation I also have some discomfort in the rectum area for a few hours.
Avatar n tn The cardiologist had me on Zetia 10mg 1x/day, and cholestyrimine with the evening meal. At her suggestion, I also was taking Benecol pills twice per day. After a few weeks, I had abdominal/chest pain and one occasion of dark stool with a small white spot.
Avatar n tn Yes, I did try statins which raised my AST/ALT a little higher so they put me on Zetia. I also take Avandamet 4/1000 mg twice a day along with Lantus insulin 40 U q.p.m. My question is why are my liver enzymes elevated, should I be concerned? Also, is it really a good idea not to have a cholecystectomy done at this time, and what are the risks to me if I continue to put the surgery off? Thank you in advance for consider of the abovementioned matters.
Avatar n tn Benzopine MES 1Mg (Take one, twice daily as needed, substitute for Cogentin) Gabapentin 300MG capsule TEV (Take two, three times daily) Geodon 80MG capslue ROE (Take one, three times daily) Seroquel 100MG tablet ZEN (Take one in morning and one at night) Simvastian 20MG tablet TEV (Take one tablet at bed time) Sertraline HCL 100MG tablet TEV (Take one tablet, twice a day, substituted for Zoloft) Carvedilol 25MG tablet MYL (Take one tablet, twice daily) Lisinopril 20MG tablet SAN (Take
Avatar n tn I don't know the answers to your specific questions, but tell me this. When you cut out fast food, what did you substitute? What is a typical day's intake? Also, some people cannot control their cholesterol levels with diet and exercise alone.
Avatar n tn I've been using it for years every night, and wondering if that could have something to do with this. My doctor doesn't think so. I'm also on Lipitor and Zetia. Another thing I'm wondering is the use of sugar-substitute products. Today I thought I felt fine, not as trembly or shaky, but at lunch I had unsweet tea with one of the sugar-substitutes, and I've noticed the trembling and shaking a lot since lunch. To make a long story short, I am seeing a neurologist on Friday.
Avatar f tn Laying in bed is oainful in the arm pit, middle chest, jaw and at times the left arm. When I get excited or angry it gets worse. I am on Liptior, Niaspan, Plavix, Zetia, Metorpral, Asprin and Lexeprel. When I run the impact causes such pain in the chest and left area I have to stop. Nitro is a temp fix at best. I am called a challenge and am down about this.