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Avatar f tn can taking levothyroxin along with tricor and zetia cause knee joint and lower back pain?
Avatar f tn Hello- I have had lower back pain, knee pain, general pain throughout body for several years. My CT scan-MRI from 3 years ago had shown some arthritis in lower back. It seems each morning when I wake up I am very stiff, hard to move, and in pain. I noticed yesterday that now my upper left back around the shoulder area is achy, especially when I move or turn. I am taking Atenalol, Lyrica, Celebrex, Zocar, Zetia, Niaspam, Synthroid and Ativan.
Avatar n tn Hi, Sometime I recommend switching a ptient with myopathy (Muscle weakness/ cramps) on statin to Zetia...though its said to cause myalgia, back/ joint pain and sinusitis ( did you pain start after Zetia?) In any new onset headache its crucial to mention the age, a recent weight gain, any hurbal or over the counter meds, is the headache is progressive , associate with nausea, vomiting?, blurred vision, tearing, or stuffy nose?
Avatar n tn There are times when I take a real deep breath the sharp pain returns and now I am scared to even take a deep breath. No weird arm feelings, or leg, or left side pains. Maybe some tingle some times but nothing serious. I went and had blood work done back in Feb of 07. My Cholestral (Bad) was around 283, and the good was right where it needed to be according to my doctor. I have changed my diet some. I have chewed Skoal for 13 years, never smoked. Drink on occasion.
Avatar n tn I take Vytorin, trilipix and Zetia to lower my cholesterol also coq10, atenolol, alprazolam, aspirin, altace tried niaspan but the flushes were too unbereable, I also suffer from muscle pain and weakness especially back pain is this too many prescriptions? I had a triple bypass 10 years ago, my cholesterol is usually around 220. When I discuss this with my doctor he gives me more meds.
Avatar f tn I had chest discomfort after a plain stent was put in back in 2007. The pain comes and goes. Maybe no more than a 3 or 4 at the most... on the 1 to 10 pain scale... Make you worry that if for sure! Finally went to the Mayo Clinic in 2008 to see if they could tell me anything. After 3 days they wound up telling me that when a piece of metal (stent) is inserted to that area of our bodies, the brain immediately begins sending signals back and forth to the brain..."hey..
Avatar n tn Exercise is key, and I too have a hard time exercising because for every 30 min walk, it takes me 2 days to recover since I have osteoarthritis of the knees and feet and the back pain I get is intolerable. I don't have diabetes or smoke or drink, but I have renal hypertension, so if I take an aleve, it elevates the bp.
Avatar n tn How severe are your headaches, mine are new to me and include piercing sharp pain, and pressure. Hope you can get to the bottom of your trouble soon.
749148 tn?1302864559 Still having back pain, burning bi-lateral upper legs.. seems like sore everywhere... must be my fibro flarring, but... it's friday!!! Neuro appt next friday :) 3 month f/u for PPMS I think I need to talk to her about something to make me more comfortable although I hate to add anything else to my many rx's now!
Avatar m tn 1 No immunity to Hepatitis B Virus In addition, I have 3 or 4 lumps of fat in my legs and abdomen. I’m shedding my leg’s hair. And I am 5’ 9” and 195lbs Hispanic/Caucasian. What do I have? Is my depression related to the findings above? Sometimes feel disabled (see below) and call in sick for work. Am I? Additional details: Fear of Public Speaking, “social ly challenged”, decreased interests in family, personal, and work related activities, often has difficulties sleeping.
Avatar m tn OH yes one more question Back in 199 was put on a statin and got cramps, and pain that would radiate up the right side and across a hold the bottom of the rib cage. So they took me off that statin put me on another same thing, this went on for 11 years different ones over and over again with the same thing. at the end was told to go on this new one back in 2009 the cramps did not happen but the pain up the side and along the lower rib cage continued.
4764932 tn?1359847798 I stopped taking statins and havnt looked back pain wise. I told my new doc about my dilema. I asked , and he said if he were me hed rather have statins and pain than wait for a heart attack. That's when I decided to get an endo for armour. In five weeks on armour my actual head has gone smaller , and everywhere else. Synthroid dont work on me , armour does.
Avatar n tn 5 years ago I underwent a 64 slice CT and a Stress Test for chest pain. I have a very high stress job. Both came back clean as could be. However recently I am developing quite a bit of pain in my right tricep primarily when exercising, when I'm under actue stress, and sometimes when I lay down. Without getting personal it happened while I was with my wife so to speak last week. I also can get a bit of pain on the exact same spot on the left side, but not that often, not that intense.
Avatar n tn Went through some pain management classes and that helped also in the long run to use my mind over the pain I have. So, not only doing the exercises, but eating the right way is what helps a greatdeal. I have NO sugar in my diet [even though one can], but I prefer not to...I have NO white flour of any kinds. No pasta anymore unless it's whole wheat. I eat whole grain breads low in carbs, lots of veggies, fruits and vitamins.
1405767 tn?1282638198 as for addiction I have been set free once myself at the age of 26 it lasted till my early 30s when I got messed up with pain pills chasing pain from my back I do know this God gives his grace and love he gives out freely to those that ask....I also know that sometimes he says no...or not now...
Avatar n tn I have being checked by a doctor and he did an electro and he said it is ok, I have PVC but it is nothing to worried about. I also have chest pain, and pain in my jaws, arms and shoulders ( That scares me a lot cause I think I am going to have a heart attack ) Are you taking any medication? I am taking Atenolol 50 mg a day for the PVC and Clonazepan for the anxiety. I feel quite better but the PVCS are very bothering. I know how you feel.
21064 tn?1309312333 I had been hypo for over 1 year now and the levo was helping with the palpitations but it wasn't going fully away and the muscle deterioation/pain and hardening was worsening. Neuro said he has seen amazing results from other MS patients and although we don't know if I have this he wants me to try it.
Avatar n tn I evidently had a lot of covascularization, for there was little pain and no real decrease in my high activity level. My last nuclear stress test, a yr ago, I went 17 minutes on the treadmill and everything checked out. I have a 55% ejection fraction, which is marginal, but I have an athletic heart that overcomes this evidently. However I have had a hard time controlling my LDL level.
Avatar n tn Statins have caused cramping. I'm on zetia and altace, and baby aspirin. I'm eating healthy now. Inernist says maybe welchol next. 1. Anything else you would suggest? Sorry to be a pest, I have a horrid family history and want to do what I can. I'm really trying to relax.
Avatar n tn Have osteoporosis and had lumbar fusion in 7/07. The fusion was due to sciatic nerve and it is fine. I take Zetia, coumadin, atenolol and was taking actonel. The actonel was stopped b/c the docs are going to try the yearly injection/whatever. Have not taken actonel for four weeks. I still have lower back pain but unlike the pain I had pre-surgery. I do not have to take pain meds for this but it is annoying and hurts. It also aches when I'm sitting still.
182884 tn?1259316506 she referred me for a Stress test, and put me on Nitro along with Zetia added to the meds I already take for Cholesteral, blood pressure, etc. April 28th, 08 . After fasting, had one day rest and Dipyridamole Stress Sestamibi Myocardial Perfusion Scan and Cardiac Wall motion analysis. Pt recieved on resting, an IV nuclide dose of 10 MCI technetium esstamibi followed by three plane gated SPECT resting imageing.
Avatar n tn I was then re-checked this past October 2005. Cholesterol did creap back up, and re-check showed that ALT came down, but were still elevated at 60 U/L. Just to be certain, Doc ordered Hep. blood tests, which came back negative. Because bad cholesterol was too high, I was placed on a low dose of Vytorin 10/20. I have been taking this now for 2 1/2 weeks.
Avatar f tn Today, while at work ( I am a bank manager), the pain came back and everytime I moved it would become more severe. It came to a point that I thought I would pass out. I had to take 2 Nitro pills and that finally controlled the discomfort, although it was still there. In fact as I write this, I still don't feel right. I have CAD and have 3 stents already; 2 in 2006 and another in 2007. My last angio was June 07 due to ABN EKG and that was ruled no restenosis.
Avatar m tn I then noticed pain in my center right portion of my back. I continued for about a minute and then stopped my workout early. The pain became positional (meaning I could excacerbate or relieve the pain by getting in certain positions). It was like this all day and then the next day everything was fine. Heart? Or just maybe nerve pinched? I take metoprolol,pravastatin,nexium,zetia, and one baby aspirin per day.
Avatar n tn LOL (feel the last stent was not necessary) Another stent means another year on Plavix and another year of knee pain that needs surgery desperately. I wonder how people on Plavix due to stents, have any type of surgery. Last week, the Cardio doc vetoed getting a tooth pulled but my DDS and Oral surgeon said it was so decayed that this in itself can hurt the heart, so they pulled it. They told me to continue the Plavix. I did. They did not stitch the area thus avoiding more bleeding.
Avatar n tn Hello, I just turned 36 and am experiencing pain while ejaculating! I haven't told my Dr. yet, I was wondering what could cause this? Also, I can tell that the color is a lot darker than "usual" and a few months back had an enlarged prostate my Dr. thought and wrote me some Antibiotics, it sorta just went away, but I get constipated quite often cause I take methadone and that's when I noticed that I would seem to have pain while the stool goes near the prostate area!
Avatar m tn I am very active (I play doubles tennis 5 days per week and play twice on Tuesdays and Thursdays (morning and night). My blood-work has always been excellent (even prior to the M/I). My cardiologist has me on a very aggressive drug regimen based on my significant personal and family history.
Avatar n tn Cardiac chest pains are usually intermittent and triggered by a stresses like exercise and emotion. If someone has chest pain for more than 2 straight hours and has negative cardiac enzymes, it is very unlikely to be heart related. Aortic pain can last that long without positive enzymes but this pain is so severe people usually immediately seek medical attention.
Avatar f tn I had a bad reaction to the statins- ended up in the hospital with very high liver enzymes. Recently, I have been getting very lightheaded and experiencing pain in my upper arms. My doctor refered me to a cardiologist who performed the heart ultrasound and the holter which came back normal. The stress test however was abnormal- 1 millimeter st segment depression. My cardiologist would like to a heart cathetrization and possibly insert stents.
Avatar n tn I started smoking about 3 mos later (yes I know not good but it didn't last long) and the angina pains came back. At the 6 mos mark the dr did a cath and found everything looked good. At 1 yr 2 mos, the angina pain has worsened, even to the point that when I lie in bed it starts (jaw pain, chest pressure and burning along the sternum as wel as the flip flop feeling in my chest) and trhe Dr said "its too soon for changes" and he doesn't care about the native coronaries.