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Avatar f tn Also, my husband stopped all alcohol (he was a social drinker, around 2-3 glasses of wine per week) and NSAID's. A month later most of his LFT's were elevated, ALT 79, GGTP 178, ALP 113 & AST on upper end of normal at 40. The doctor said to stop the Lipitor...but stay on the Zetia...... and retest in 1-1/2 weeks which he did this past Sept. 30th.
Avatar n tn I have a family member who drinks every night and all weekend long he is a diabetic taking 2 1000 mg of metformin,10mg's of zetia and high blood pressure pills I believe that altogether he takes about 11 pills a day. He does not tell his doctor that he drinks. After consuming the liquor he can eat everything in sight he is not over weight but the morning after he has no recollection and what he say's or does the night before. Can you please tell me what effects this is having on him.
950978 tn?1246133159 I was diagnosed in having a fatty liver. I take Zocor 40mg and Zetia 10mg. My ALT level is 120 and AST is 52. My question is should I control how much I drink or not drink at all?
Avatar f tn All of the medications you have listed can raise the enzymes. Specifically, cholesterol medications like Pravachol and Zetia can do it. Stopping them and repeating the enzymes is a reasonable course. You can also consider an ultrasound as well as blood tests looking for hepatitis for further evaluation. Abstaining from alcohol and repeating the test can also be done. Alcohol can possibly raise the levels as well. These options should be discussed with your personal physician.
Avatar n tn My latest numbers are T-343, Tri-171, DLDL-212, Direct HDL- 104. I do not have HBP, diabetes and do not smoke or drink alcohol. My diet is good but I do not exercise. It has been suggested that I could try Pravastatin as a last resort but if adverse symptoms occur, that will be the end of the statins for me. Should I even consider another statin as they all seem to have the same effects.
Avatar m tn Had colonoscopy a while ago and found internal hemorrhoid. And I used to drink a lot of alcohol in my teens, twenties and early thirties. Now drink about 1 or 3 beers every 2 or 3 months.
4764932 tn?1359847798 5 million to settle lawsuits over Vytorin and Zetia, which accuse the companies of intentionally delaying the release of the ENHANCE study. Class action lawsuits have been filed against the manufacturers, claiming they violated consumer protection laws by covering up the results of a negative study. The proposed $41.5 million settlement will resolve nearly 150 cases pending in a New Jersey federal court. The settlement follows a $5.
Avatar f tn Have been on Lipitor 40 mg. and Zetia 10 mg. for some months (and had been on Lipitor for years) - familial h/o elevated cholesterol but my grandparents ate salt pork every day and fresh biscuits and lived to the ripe old age of 92 and 91 respectively. My Mom, on the other hand, died at 62 of either primary (brain) or secondary malignant melanoma (although she was healthy until this time).
Avatar n tn Hi, I am a 60 year old female, a little chunky, not obese. I have never smoked, never used alcohol, never used any illegal drugs and never abused any prescription drugs. I have low cholesterol (thank you lipitor, zetia and flaxseed oil) #:>) And I have very mild hypertension (cardizem la 120mg daily) easily controlled and with a usual sitting BP of 110/70. (Sometimes, I can go for months without needing any medication for the hypertension.
Avatar n tn , and you figure 20 million people are taking statins, then 1 in 100,000 taking them is dying from the medicine. I am looking forward to Zetia, the new drug, and I wonder why its 18% reduction in cholesterol is not more talked about...it has no side effects like the statins that are lethal.
Avatar n tn Also, increase your level of exercise and avoid all processed foods, sugar and alcohol.
Avatar n tn I am currently taking Atacand (for BP), Zetia (cholesterol) and Effexor (anxiety). My cardiologist has recently prescribed Coreg which I am now taking in addition to my other meds. I have used many bodybuilding supplements including prohormones, various forms of creatine and stimulants. I also take Multi Vitamins, Omega 3 and Hawthorn Berry. In my 20's I frequently used Cocaine, Meth and I still use Cannabis regularly. I have been Coke and Meth free for around 15 years.
Avatar n tn I had chest pains two months ago, followed by normal EKGs and a normal heart stress test. I immediately stopped all caffeine and alcohol consumption, and with dr's approval stopped taking Crestor and Zetia. Had LUQ pain & no normal bowel movements for a month (all gas/diarrhea), and had a colonoscopy and upper-endo, and tests for dehydration, liver, kidneys, pancreas, blood sugar, anemia, and carcinoid--they've all been normal/negative.
Avatar m tn Had colonoscopy a while ago and found internal hemorrhoid. And I used to drink a lot of alcohol in my teens, twenties and early thirties. Now drink about 1 or 3 beers every 2 or 3 months.
Avatar n tn I am on small amount of Beta Blocker,small amount of Ace and Plavix, Crestor and Zetia and Plavix. I am not sure if any of these meds can cause havoc on my breahting. I also have two right sided thyroid adonomas. I have terrible gerd and wheeze in my throat all the time (past 2 years) and have sinus drainage also. Told I must have asthma and was given advair and albuterol. I take them to just take them but they have not helped in the least.
Avatar n tn If you do only one thing, reduce your sugar intake and eat more protein and vegetables. Eliminate any alcohol intake while you are healing and cleansing your body. As always drink lots of good water and stay away from soft drinks. Hope this helps someone!
Avatar n tn Coronary artery disease and heart attack prevention starts with a good diet, low in fat and cholesterol, daily to 5x/ week exercise and no smoking or tobacco exposure. Small amount of alcohol consumption is OK. Over the years we have learned that family history is a powerful predictor of cardiovascular events, however, unfortunately, family history and your genes cannot be modified.
Avatar n tn I am a 48 yr old female with high triglycerides but my cholesterol is fairly normal. Last chol. reading was 219, and triglycerides were 324. I have tried all kinds of meds. with every side effect they offer. Lipitor, Zetia, Lovastatin and am now on Tricor. I exercise regularly, weigh 155(which I am trying to lose some weight slowly) and am 5' 6" tall.
Avatar n tn I have a stent, take lipitor, toporal, plavix, tricor, diovan, and aspirin. Recently I was started in zetia because my cholesterol was 135 and that was to high for a cardiac patient. I also have aortic insuffiency and pvcs and LVEF is 58. When I went to the doctor before christmas he said the monitor showed I was having 400 pvc's per day last year is was 100's. What could cause the increase in pvc's in one year and what could cause it. I do not drink coffee or alcohol.
Avatar n tn The only three things currently available to raise HDL significantly are exercise, alcohol, and high doses of Niacin. Because you have a good triglyceride and ldl profile with such a low dose of statin, you could probably get the same with Zetia or Welchol which work in the intestine (Each in different ways). A new class of drugs to raise HDL should be on the market by 2006, if they pass testing. In the meantime, I take and believe in Niaspan.
Avatar n tn It sounds like you're on the right track. Any additional things to consider would be eating healthy, avoiding cigarettes and alcohol and trying to keep stress low. Fatigue is really common with a low EF, as well as with the medications used to treat it. In time, with the medication you are on, you may see improvement. Exercise, as recommended by your doctor, is a way to stay in shape and keep the energy you do have. I hope you get some energy back and see some improvement in your EF.
Avatar n tn He was diagnosed with a low thyroid production and put on Synthroid. He has high cholestrol and is on Zetia (10 mg.) Clarinex (5 mg) and Levoxyl (0.1 mg.) all 1 time per day. The itching on his hands has now become splitting skin and painful. Someone he knows looked at his hand and said "I know what that is..it's a liver problem" When I asked, he said that he does have dark urine. Anyone know what is going on here....he has been seeing a doctor.
Avatar f tn My PCP suggested I start Fosamax, which I did, I've taken 6 doses in a once weekly regime and now my ALT is 105 and AST is 54. I'd appreciate any feedback regarding elevated LFT's and Fosamax, thanks.
Avatar n tn I also take mineral supplements and eat plenty of bananas expecially before exercise. Coffee and alcohol are in moderation. My VT's ( I feel them every time) and PVC's have dramatically declined. I need more time to evaluate my changes but I think I am on the right track. Avoid anything made with sugar and refined flours. Hi fructose syrups and trans fat should be zero. Hope that helps.
Avatar n tn The cardiologist and his research assistant were very complementary of my proactive care which has included Lipitor for 10 years, zetia, flaxseed oil and a few other vitamins. My cholesterol levels are excellent. They felt that this has helped me despite my family history. I am not on a beta blocker because I take allergy injections and beta blockers can not be used with them. I am very concerned that I am unable to stand for more than a moment or two!
Avatar n tn When I fell apart in 1992, the first thing the docs did was take away ALL alcohol and sharply curtailed fast food (once a year?). Alcohol is a poison. You are already overweight, so the carbs and calories in beer are bad, along with the sodium and saturated fat in fast food slop. Please get smart, for your own sake. Be well.
Avatar n tn His bizarre behavior and various physical symptons are a direct result of him mixing the alcohol with these meds. Of course they aren't going to find anything neurologically wrong with him. These meds and the alcohol especially are affecting his brain. I believe him when he claims his benzodiazipine withdrawal took a year. He's got multi-layered problems and it seems the doctors are throwing meds at him to help. Which aren't obviously, they are making the matters worse.
Avatar n tn I also was told that this is how my heart lays or the leads were placed on wrong, or I must of coughed during the EKG, yada yada yada, when it showed a heart attack on an EKG. I too am on Crestor and Zetia and this is working well for me. I have stents but they could not stent the heart attack area. They could not by-pass it either. I am on Zebeta (worked better for me than Coreg)and an ace inhibitor.
Avatar n tn Always ate a healthy diet and exercised but my cholesterol didn't budge. Started taking Lipitor and Zetia about 4 yrs ago - previously doctors were not comfortable giving Lipitor to me because I am of childbearing age (41 now). I wouldn't be afraid to try a statin - it has worked wonders for me. My total cholesterol is under 200 and my last LDL was 133 which is amazing for me. Wish doctors would have prescribed it earlier.