Zantac dosage in pregnancy

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776572 tn?1360290739 was sooo sick last night so took one 75mg pill last night and another pill again this am on recommendation from motherrisk morning sickness helpline. seems to be helping, however i plan to stop taking the pills and change my diet, concentrating on consuming more alkaline foods instead of taking meds. nausea was remarkably reduced this am and in fact, i didn't wake during the night with the urge to vomit -- first time in weeks.
Avatar f tn I am 9 weeks and have really bad acid reflux and my doctor said I could take zantac. Has anyone else taken zantac in pregnancy?
7349088 tn?1390657733 Has anyone taken zantac during pregnancy for heartburn? I'm 22+5 and have heartburn almost every other day. Sometimes it's so bad that I just want to sleep so i don't feel it.
Avatar n tn my 14 weeks baby girl weighing 12 pounds spits up at least 3 to 4 times every feed (4 feeds per day) and she burps many times as well and she gets all cranky and fussy while burping or spitting.. She doesn't cry excessively but she just seems annoyed and we need to keep distracting her..
593603 tn?1229378162 I took it with my first pregnancy, but it was a lot later in the pregnancy. I am dying here, and need a fix.
Avatar f tn s in pain the entire time. And he cries literally all day . I give his zantac to him in the morning and in the evening. But it's not helping. So has any of yalls babies done this ? If so what did yall do?
1656454 tn?1302497320 stop taking zantac
Avatar f tn The dosage is low for me so I take one in the morning with breakfast and the next one I take it for dinner. Tums does not work for me either. Milk helps me when I run out of my meds. Just be alittle more cautious with what you eat that way you can monitor what gives you heartburn.
Avatar n tn studies done in animals have shown NO bad effects on off-spring and there are no trials in pregnant women. This is as positive a recommendation for use in pregnancy was we can have. There are almost no medications where studies have allowed pregnant women to be included. Thus, you can use this medication in pregnancy. Antacids, such as Rolaids, can magnify the constipation that often troubles pregnant women. Finding the antacid that works best is trial and error.
280369 tn?1316702041 I took it in my pregnancy in the last trimester, one a day before bed and my baby is a healthy 8 week old now. I had really bad reflux and nothing else I tried worked. My Dr said it was ok to take since I was only having one a day. If I were you I would take your doctor's advice. Good luck.
11278126 tn?1419304633 Tums or Zantac. I exceeded the daily dosage on Tums so my doctor told me to take Zantac Maximum Strenghth.
1398693 tn?1343684738 Apparently I have to take zantac and prilosec to stop the acid. So for now until I run out of prilosec I'll take a prilosec at night with a zantac and in the morning I'll take another zantac.
Avatar f tn 3 zantac-- burning in esoghus after lunch
8377023 tn?1399509160 Headache, fever, pain- Tylenol or Tylenol ES Stuffy nose, headaches- actifed, benadryl, saline nasal drops, Tylenol, claritin, zyrtec, pseudoephedrine Cough- triaminic, robitussin DM Sore throat- chloraseptic, cepacol Heartburn, gas- mylanta, tums, maalox, pepcid ac, zantac Gas- mylicon 80, milk of magnesia Constipation- metamucil, colace, dialose, surfak, citracel, Diarrhea- Imodium, kaopectate, clear liquids for 24 hours, call pcp for appointment if diarrhea lasts 48 hours Nausea, vomiting- vi
955928 tn?1273123180 early appointment with the doctor coz of confirmed pregnancy - increased dosage to 75 mcg Next followup in 3 to 4 weeks with repeat TSH and FT3
Avatar m tn Just a thought, have you moved recently? Mold in your house/apartment could be causing your cough. It's the right time of year for it to become rampant and it can grow in places you can't see like under the carpet near doors/windows, behind the washing machine, under the sink, etc. Anywhere that moisture collects. It's worth checking out anyway.
Avatar n tn t have GERD, but i had awful heartburn in pregnancy. my doctor refused to let me have anything other than tums in the first trimester. DH is a pharmacist and he agreed. however, as the pregnancy progressed my heart burn stayed bad, and i often vomitted because of it. later on in the pregnancy, they both allowed me to take something. i think it was pepcid- i got a prescription for it because my copay was cheaper than buying it OTC.
Avatar f tn Buy people who have gone through similar situations. Reflux is common with pregnancy. I had it really bad. I talked to my Ob and she let me tale zantac in a lower dosage as of end of second trimester. Talk with your doctor...they have tricks and tips that ate safe for you and baby.
Avatar f tn I think you should ask your doc, each are fine alone in pregnancy but I have no idea about taking then together!
Avatar m tn I feel this is dangerous but the doctor thinks its fine. Oh I also take up to 300 miligrams of zantac for acute acid attacks.