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Avatar n tn Also, what is the recommended dosage for the Zantac? I am still having some breakthrough with my current regimen (i.e., one 30 mg Prevacid in the a.m., and one 150 mg Zantac in the p.m. Thanks so much and I look forward to your answer.
Avatar n tn but im thinking of trying zantac for her the least doisage possible just to cjeck if it will reduce the spitting and the crankiness after feeds, but i also don't want her tummy to get used to it since my self i have been on omeprazole for years and can't live without it.. it's only during my pregnancy that I have changed to zantac and in severe cases pariet or lanzor.
776572 tn?1360290739 was sooo sick last night so took one 75mg pill last night and another pill again this am on recommendation from motherrisk morning sickness helpline. seems to be helping, however i plan to stop taking the pills and change my diet, concentrating on consuming more alkaline foods instead of taking meds. nausea was remarkably reduced this am and in fact, i didn't wake during the night with the urge to vomit -- first time in weeks.
Avatar n tn I seem to notice less hives when I take two Zantac daily plus my daily Zyrtec. In fact, my hives are very much improved since I added Zantac to my routine. Also, when my face is red and burning, I use petroleum jelly to soothe. I also use Mary Kay products, like their creamy cleanser. I switched from Avon products, which were too harsh. For my scalp, I use prescription Nizoral. That does the trick. My swelling is much improved since my medication was bumped.
1656454 tn?1302497320 stop taking zantac
Avatar f tn stopping zantac for a week to see if it is has an effect on stomach problems
11278126 tn?1419304633 Tums or Zantac. I exceeded the daily dosage on Tums so my doctor told me to take Zantac Maximum Strenghth.
1398693 tn?1343684738 Apparently I have to take zantac and prilosec to stop the acid. So for now until I run out of prilosec I'll take a prilosec at night with a zantac and in the morning I'll take another zantac.
Avatar f tn So my 2 1/2 month old is on soy based formula due to milk allergy, he's been on it since he was a day old.. he has acid reflux. So he's on zantac. But 3 weeks ago he got to the point where he cries while he's eating. He seems miserable. I don't know if I need to call tomorrow and ask to see if they need to up his dosage on zantac? Or something. He eats the bottle but he cries like he's in pain the entire time. And he cries literally all day .
Avatar m tn I feel this is dangerous but the doctor thinks its fine. Oh I also take up to 300 miligrams of zantac for acute acid attacks.
Avatar f tn Hi, my son who is now 3 also had reflux, though not as severe as your grandson's seems to be. Zantac worked for my son; however, it doesn't work for everyone. There is alot more that can be done for him. Take him to a pediatrician, or call the GP you saw and ask him for a referral to a gastroenterologist (tummy doc) for your grandson. If you can get the GP to give a referral then you can save money since a pediatrician may just refer you to the tummy doc anyway.
Avatar n tn not for me
164914 tn?1269573907 it worked well bc before she would cry and scream for my son was on zantac for about 5 weeks and it was not working...he has other medical issues..trach and we choose to get a nissan..which is a surgical procedure..that you dont have to worry about..: ) but its suppose to be a permanent way to stop reflux..and..long behold three weeks later he's refluxing at this point..ive come to the conclusion its all based on the child..meds do work..
99627 tn?1301270952 Jazmine takes Zantac for reflux and it has helped her out.
Avatar n tn Hello, I have a 12 year old son that has been on 10mg Adderall lx for @ 8 weeks now. For the first six weeks or so his teachers we amazed at the difference it has made however, I just talked with his teacher and she said that the week before Thanksgiving and this last week that Logan has been blurting out more and not as focused. The thought of increasing his dosage scares me but at the same time I want him to have the success. I made a call into his doctor but would appreciate your input.
220217 tn?1209679677 Has anybody been okay'd to take Zantac for heartburn? It was the only thing that worked on me before my pregnancy and now I'm afraid to take it. I'll ask tomorrow, but thought I'd ask if any of you had used it?
7349088 tn?1390657733 Has anyone taken zantac during pregnancy for heartburn? I'm 22+5 and have heartburn almost every other day. Sometimes it's so bad that I just want to sleep so i don't feel it.
5458962 tn?1374337013 My Doctor told me buy this for my heart burns and it works :) im so glad i only take one pill every 12hours..
Avatar n tn If you look at the label on cough syrup for children, even those typically recommend for age 6 and up (at least the brands I have seen.) When my 2 1/2 year old has a cold with a cough I give him milk slightly warmed with honey in it. I have also given him a teaspoon of honey on it's own. It works extremely well.
Avatar n tn Severe eczema infection with staph infection and possible herpes infection. Hospitalized for 5 days. at texas childrens hospital.
3055148 tn?1368211800 Has anyone ever taken Zantac? My doctor told me to take that everyday instead of taking tums b/c they are pointless, but I kinda don't wanna take medicine.
Avatar n tn I guess it was about 3 years ago when I was diagnosed with hypothyroid and after I started taking Synthroid and the slowly increased my dosage, I started feeling better, dropped weight, etc. Recently, as I go back every 3 months for labs, they have had to increase my dosage and I'm now up to 200mcg. I was taking 150mcg for the longest time, then 175 now 200 and yet I'm still fatigued, gaining weight and I eat very little and very healthy.
1330108 tn?1333677304 Next step- keep up with the meds, and keep giving it to her regularly. Watch for the old symptoms to creep back as she gains weight- the dosage of zantac is based on weight and needs to be adjusted every few pounds. You will know if it's not as effective, as some of the old symptoms will gradually come back. Also, watch to make sure certain foods you eat don't aggrevate it. It is possible/likely even on the meds.