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Avatar f tn I don't know if I need a really good prenatal massage or to see a chiropractor. I have a big yoga ball and was thinking of rolling on back with my knees bent? To see if that would help?
Avatar f tn cycling, running, yoga, Pilates, and see which one you enjoy. It is important that you like it, because it will help you to be consistent. Another tip is to exercise outside. Running and cycling is so much more effective and healthy when done outside because it offers variation to the work out. If you like exercising indoors with a group, join classes at your local gym.
616227 tn?1251079998 Oh, brutal! I did a combo kickboxing/step class this morning. Since the "official" instructions from the manufacturer of the injections I got for my knee yesterday says "no strenuous activity for "48 hours" (not even standing!), I'm not sure if this old girl could do those squat jumps. Heck, even without the shots, I'm not sure if I could do both class and that workout on the same day. But, those look awesome and I may try them tomorrow - we'll have to see.
Avatar n tn My right thigh has also gone numb, slightly to the outside right front of the legand almost half wayup to the hip from the knee. 1. It was and never has been appendicitis, as you and I both correctly found out. 2. Both the CT and the Lower Bowel Scan Xray appeared negative for Crohn's disease (I could see the Terminal Ilium of the Small Intestine flex and bulge as it easily passed the barium liquid, and the walls of the Terminal Ilium were thin and flexible.
Avatar n tn The first occurrence was in my right knee. If I bent my knee near its maximum extent (such as when kneeling, crouching or climbing into bed), I experienced an incredibly painful tearing/burning sensation in the area of my patellar tendon. I would immediately react and straighten my knee and the pain would completely dissipate within several minutes. Afterward the area would feel about 50% numb, as if injected with a mild local anesthetic that was slowly wearing off, for several hours.
359574 tn?1328364024 You have mad skills with animals, I bet you could do the same! This week, it's too much work, babysitting on Thursday, and trying to squeeze some Yoga in, too. I've started my downhill crash before my next Tysabri infusion next week.
Avatar f tn Have you tried things like chiraprater, maybe yoga, even parhaps only OTC meds? Sometimes after you detox yourself 100% of the pain meds you realize that your pain level actually lessens. I know that a 3 or 4 pill addiction doenst seem very bad but it will only get worse--We all started out by takin only that "one" first pill!
Avatar m tn Thanks. I do think Yoga might be the long term solution. Wondering how you hapened on "Rodney Yee", his name is unfamiliar to me, not that I'm current on Yoga teachers. He does have a video for back issues slanted for beginners. This may be a good one to start with although not sure if even the beginner vid makes sense while I'm in the acute stage.
Avatar n tn Numbness and burning and itchy. It started out the size of a quarter just above my knee cap during my last pregnancy. Docs said it would go away after I delivered because most likely a nerve was being pressed on...Needless to say it did not go away, and has only been progressivley getting worse. It now starts just above the knee cap and covers almost the whole upper thigh in numbness or anything on the back of my leg.
Avatar m tn Sorry this is a long one. My condition is 7 years old. I’ll be 48 yrs this year (2015). It started as pins & needles, itchiness on my upper back, inside (both) arms, inner thighs, both calves (inner and outer). Over the years, the severity of itchiness & pins & needles reached a level of pain of about 8/10-9/10. (10/10 would be a cut with a knife).
Avatar n tn I am tired of these boils, like the HUGE one I have right now on the back of my right knee that I am terrified to have lanced tomorrow at the doctor, so 90 days of juice really doesn't sound that bad at all. :) A vegan lifestyle that includes juicing is totally safe and VERY good for you. You get ALL of the nutrients, proteins, fats, carbs, and calories you need, I promise. :) I can't recall his name...
Avatar f tn if I were really looking,there are a few things... Join a yoga class. There are some cool guys in my class... Play golf... Sit outdoors at a coffee place and wear lipstick... Any bookstore... Smile,all the time... Volunteer... Then there are the personals. I do read them once in awhile and some are very sweet. But,really,when you least expect it,you stumble across a really nice guy. You just have to be visable...
Avatar n tn Allergic to titanium? I have had three knee replacements, one a cement/antibiotic one. I am in constant pain and my leg has red spots on the aria of the knee replacement and is always wormer then the other leg. Now I have developed a severe allergy in my sinus, with the tubes plug and water on one ear. No one can tell me what I am allergic to. I read many people having the idea of allergies to titanium and I have read that the medical community say it not possible.
Avatar n tn Find a good yoga studio that teaches restorative yoga in your area, or look into Yin Yoga or Svaroopa yoga - both these forms of yoga are very therapeutic - and especially, they help open up the hips/tailbone/pelvis - especially the psoas and iliacus muscles. The psoas is your tenderloin, essentially. It connects at the top of the femur, runs through the pelvis, and re-attaches all along the lumbar spine.
Avatar n tn Oh and don't forget, stretch, stretch, stretch (e.g. yoga, pilates) !!! Your massage therapist may also give you specific stretching excercises.
Avatar m tn male and this has been going on for years. yes MRI's and Physical therapy ect ect ect. beds, yoga. name it ive done it. It is something I deal with and have to accept. I dont want to but who has a choice in the matter? It would be nice to have a site where REAL doctors could answer questions to people in need of just a tad of advice. By the way. Ice pack for 10 to 15 minutes seems to help. In my situation anyway. The pain usually subsides within a few hours. Thanks for reading.
Avatar n tn I go to gym for run and mild weight lift. I do yoga, without crunching my abdomen much. By experimenting a little, I found that the pain is not related to these activities. But, sometimes I apply warm towel to left lower abdomen (not to the balls!) and it seems to help. Anyone can try this and see if it works. And experiment with your physical activities to see if there are any agravating factor in them. If not, keep yourself physically active, it helps a lot.
Avatar f tn I never did any kind of real aftercare except that I started attending a unity church. I got very into holistic things like acupuncture, yoga and meditation. I was doing and feeling great. Then after awhile, I started to slack off.... Fast forward to 2009. I had almost 2 years clean, except for the occasional Vicodin Rx when I had dental work or whatnot. Then I started having really bad almost daily headaches. I went to my GP and they gave me Darvocet.
867787 tn?1318939830 I have the same problem. Especially the "Vulcan Salute". I have my husband grasp my toes and squeeze them back together. It seems to put things in order and stop their mis-behavior. My fingers will do this as well as other body parts. Weird stuff!
Avatar f tn Anyway, now that I'm older I have started having bad pain in my lower back and its like the pain runs through my right leg. Sometimes the pain will go to my knee and stop other times its goes all the way to my foot. Also I sometimes feel as though my brain is foggy or tingly. I used to have seizures as a child and I don't know if I may be having seizures and not realize it. I have talked to my doctor about all this but its not helping me. Has anyone had any problems like this lately?
Avatar n tn , are the critical exercises. You may want to explore Pilates as well. Or, yoga. There are alternatives so don't give up.
Avatar n tn my sensation after a great walk then yoga workout is like my foot and leg is starting to 'fall asleep'. it just started happening and i've been walking briskly for about 4 months now.
Avatar n tn After a year of being flake free, it came back strong after a few sessions of heated yoga. The yoga studio seemed to have some mold on the ceiling, and I am pretty certain my eye flares up around mold spores, and is associated with candida, or yeast. Even though I stopped going to the studio, the flakiness persisted for months and months. I have been doing the following and it's helped A TON...
Avatar f tn They look like white heads, but they dont squeeze out quite as well or as easily as white heads can. I notice they go away for a few days if I do hot yoga, where I am sweating for 90 minutes, or after a long run. So cleaning from the inside out seems to be the case. To be entirely honest i think its the body trying to detox. I didn't get these until I started drinking two 44oz sodas a day(because my job was stressin me).
Avatar m tn it feels like my cell phone on vibrate mode and it has been increasing for several months now. it's one-third of the way down my thigh between my hip and knee and is not really painful. It does it any time of the day or night. Any info would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn It started when I was on crutches after knee surgery and went to one crutch/cane for about three weeks. It would come and go. I started going to Personal Trainer to get more help strengthening my knee (after completing physical therapy for knee), but kept upper body exercises to a minimum due to the pain. We had to modify a lot of exercises that pull on your back - especially core exercises because they use the same muscles to stablize your back that are hurting!
693804 tn?1304724074 ) I was more concerned for my bikes shape than my knee cushioning my fall, but we both managed to get-up thanks to my good friend we were riding with. Little Sue(my bikes name) and myself are banged up a little, but still able to ride...YAY!!!...And I sure won't do that again!...I hope...LOL! I hope everyone is having a 'GREAT WEEKEND!!!...
Avatar n tn I've had to accept hand-me-downs from family relatives, and might be able to find 1 or 2 pair of shorts in my drawer from last year (my fat shorts), to squeeze my butt into. No matter what I do, it won't come off. I even tried healthy diet, counting carbs and calories, eating 3 balanced meals a day, diet pills, exercising...EVERYTHING! It just won't work! I'm very frustrated, and now even my husband tells me I'm seriously fat! But knows too that I've tried everything!