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526089 tn?1237141049 today i am sarting my 12 week. pray for me. i noticed yesterday that i have yellow vaginal discharge when when i wipe. do you think it is normal? i do not feel itchi and it does not smell. this is the first time that i reach 12 weeks so please share your exprerience with me.
Avatar m tn Well it's been like over 3 weeks since I had sex and am taking birth control and just this week I been getting this yellow discharge and at first I thought it was normal but than it started to smell kinda funny and I don't know what it can be
Avatar n tn This past Friday I had vaginal discharge that was thick and white; it looked like cottage cheese. I had minimal itching, and am very red/irritated. Naturally I thought it was a yeast infection and treated myself with OTC monistat. Today (sunday) I notice the color of the discharge now has yellow in it...and it stings to pee. Im going to make an appointment to se my OBGYN tomorrow morning. Any ideas or a heads up on what Im dealing with or facing. The sex was protected.
Avatar n tn My friend has yellow discharge everytime when he ejaculates since 1 year,he was saying that he cums in his pants when hes asleep without fantasazing, std was negative it could be hiv ???
Avatar n tn For right now, I probably wouldn't worry about it and just keep an eye on it. Vaginal discharge can have a yellow tint to it and that's fine. Though if you notice new symptoms or other issues, then make sure to make a doctor's appointment to get checked.
Avatar f tn I've been having yellow discharge that has a foul odor. I always have to wear a pad or a pantie liner because the yellow discharge stains my underwear. The odor is not noticeable, unless I smell my underwear or my pad up close. The texture is not very thick and it is smooth. The texture is not clumpy or lumpy and does not have the "cottage cheese" like texture. There are no itching or burning sensations. Also, It is not swollen or red in my vagina area.
Avatar f tn Hello ! I'm 13 years old ,never had my period yet. I think that I have discharge but I'm not sure , I had a white ( slight yellow) color liquid coming out from my vagina . I had that for 6 months , is that normal ??? Also, I have had all the stages of puberty; My breast are growing and stick out, i have alittle unerarm hair, you can see pit stains, I have puoic hair, i get pimples, and i think i have discharge. Are these signs of my period is coming??
Avatar f tn Is it my imagination or do I have a lot more vaginal discharge now? It's not your imagination. It's quite common to have more vaginal discharge during pregnancy. What you're noticing is probably normal leukorrhea – the odorless or mild-smelling milky discharge that you may have noticed in your underwear before you were pregnant. There's just a lot more of it now, partly because of increased estrogen production and greater blood flow to the vaginal area.
Avatar n tn Herpes does not have a yellow discharge it sounds very like the type of symptoms associated with Gonorrea she needs to see a Doctor aain or go to an STD/GUM Clinic for further evaluation of this discharge ..... yellow/green discharge suggests infection of some sort going on....
Avatar n tn how to get rid of vaginal discharge medically.its not a yeast infection or and STD. its yellow ish /white in color. what are medical ways to get rid of it?
Avatar f tn Who told you green/yellow discharge was normal? Whitish/yellow is normal, whitish/clear is normal; even yellow is normal, but green/yellow is a prominent indicator of a chronic bacterial infection, a foul odor further indicates bacteria. You need to see your doctor or gynecologist for evaluation and anti-biotics.
Avatar m tn But before i knew i was i started having yellow, greenish, smelly discharge and my vagina was itchy and irritated. I have two kids and with both pregnancies i had yellowish discharge. I went to the gyno and he said that my cultures were negative. Then i went to the ER and they had asked me if i had ever had an STD before and i havent and they also said that my cultures were negative.
Avatar f tn I recently have been getting a thicker yellow-ish discharge it smells a little but not super bad. what could this be? STD? i am sexually active, but still with the same partner as my 1st. There's no other symptoms and i don't really want to go to a doctor. Suggestions?
Avatar f tn Have been celibate for the past 5 years and now I have a pale yellow sticky discharge that looks more like ti comes from the clitories as the tip of my pubic hairs are hard and glued together in the evening. what is this?
Avatar n tn I have this Vaginal discharge it is like a yellow color. it doesn't bother me but it is there quit often.. I don't think it is anything serious because i am not sexually active so i don't think it is an STD... and sometimes discharge is normal.. but i was not to sure i wanted somebody to tell me more about it and if i should get it checked out by a doctor...
Avatar f tn i had that creamy yellow/brown discharge the last time i had my period. it started like a day after my period ended. it would only be when i wiped and it would look kinda like snot (i know gross), but thats the way it looked. if you have a fishy oder, then i would consult your doctor, even if you dont if you are concerned ask your doctor what it could be. mine didnt smell, i just had it about 4 days after my period was over then it went away.
Avatar f tn Hi, Anytime you notice a change in your discharge that seems abnormal or odd to you, you should consider making an appointment for a pelvic exam w/ a gynecologist. Yellow or green discharge is usually indicative of a vaginal infection (and sometimes possibly STD's). Since you do use condoms and don't believe he's a risk, it's possibly a minor infection (yeast or BV) that can usually be easily treated by your doctor. Also, sometimes condoms can cause allergic reactions in some women.
Avatar f tn Some ultrasensitive urine home pregnancy tests can detect pregnancy about 4-5 days earlier, but if they are negative, you would have to repeat the test on your periods date if you miss them. Yellow vaginal discharge can be a normal finding. It is also seen in cervicits (inflammation of cervix), vulvovaginitis (inflammation of vulva and vagina) and STDs like gonorrhea and chlamydia. The discharge can also become yellow due to medicines.
Avatar f tn Hi im 20 weeks preqnant and throuqhout this preqnancy ive had some discharqe, but lately ive been havinq a yellow discharge with a mild funny smell. What can I do to qet rid of it.? Is it normal.? Please help.
Avatar f tn went to the hospital yesterday bc of heavy vaginal discharge. Doctor said its normal.
Avatar f tn I'm a first time mother to be in in my 1st trimester I'm 7 weeks and I've had this discharge it comes out white clear and dries yellow... is that normal? I've researched and so far it says it is I just wanted to make sure from other mothers if they had it? ?! And lastly today when I wipe down there...a small barely wet light light pink peach looking color comes after I wipe. I noticed it after I made a bowel movement... it's not heavy is not an odor it barely is a dot in the tissue. ..
Avatar n tn For some reason why do i get vaginal discharge everyday?yes im sexually active and i discharge everyday except for me being on my period and my discahrge is normally clear or whitish and turns yellow when its dried. Do i have a bacterial infecton??