Yellow discharge without odor

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Avatar f tn I had a yellowish discharge without odor around wk 5 and 6 but it hasnt come back again. If you are strongly concerned I would call your doc.
Avatar m tn Well it's been like over 3 weeks since I had sex and am taking birth control and just this week I been getting this yellow discharge and at first I thought it was normal but than it started to smell kinda funny and I don't know what it can be
2104569 tn?1333759402 After using, i then realized that i had vaginal discharge ( brown-like blood for a few day then yellow-like white. It then returned to brown-like blood but with an odor) I've not been sexually active for 1 year, since i left my boyfriend in April of 2011. I've been ever since on Depovera( birth control ) because of painful periods. I've been diagnosed once with BV & treated, but for some reason discharge is present and n ow with odor. I've ruled out the cause of sexual activities.
Avatar n tn I have had sex without pertection recently and now i have like a greenish yellow discharge ive heard of the bv and i think it might be that or maybe a yeast infection im trying to get my mom to take me but she is tking forever to make me an appointment and keeps putting it off and putting it off. I dont know what to do and its a foul odor and i been using pantyliners so its not on my underwear im so scared i need help!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar n tn I still get a discharge but I really don't notice such a bad odor after it. I do notice that after douching, at the end of the insertion part there is a yellow goo on it. I don't know if all this is normal or not so I'm just checking to see if any other woman has this issue? Thank you!
Avatar f tn If it smells bad, really bad, it could be bacterial but doubtful as you'd definitely be complaining about the odor if that was the case and the discharge with bv is often greyish and watery. So, I'm suspecting more fungal/yeast oriented. Are you in the states? Planned Parenthood does see minors and treat them and it would be great if you could be swabbed to see what the discharge is exactly and get treated properly. Don't be embarrassed.
Avatar n tn I was prescribed Metronidazol, which didn't help. I developed strange yellowish vaginal discharge (without odor) in August, following abdominal pain. At the same time I got my eye infected as well. The tests for Chlamydia came back negative, but doctors thought it's good idea to take Doxycycline, as I also had UTI symptoms. Nothing changed, went to urologist who prescribed Ciprinol, no change. Then the culture test showed E.Coli at cervix, which was treated with Unasyn twice before resolving.
Avatar n tn I also have that lot of discharge the first was white discharge with bad odor, then yellowish smells like cheese eww! and its getting itchy having the same odor then this brown discharge and a couple of days pass I had this darker brown like black maybe and not so bad smell then now last week I had this light red stuff and having so so bad smell and its getting light pinkish brown like that, my siblings notice what that ******* bad smells in me everytime I pass them.
Avatar n tn i have sex with my boyfriend then many time in two day then because he *** inside me i dicide to ****** the vigina, i alsoput oitment inside, vagisil, inside two time and something else because i was feeling discomfort, then i ****** to get rid of of the staff i put inside my vigina. i use to get the mucus discharge and after that the discharge is yellow it doent ich or burn i just dont get that exited as usully.
Avatar f tn Hello, Bacterial vaginosis is the most common cause of abnormal vaginal odor and discharge. It is caused by a change in the type of bacteria found in the vagina. The exact cause for the change in type of bacteria is still not known, but it is can be due to IUD’s,multiple sex partners or having intercourse with a new partner. In addition to unpleasant "fishy" vaginal odor, thin white or yellowish discharge from vagina may also be present.
Avatar f tn Hello, Going by your symptoms, it looks like bacterial vaginosis to me. It is the most common cause of abnormal vaginal odor and discharge. In addition to unpleasant "fishy" vaginal odor, thin white or yellowish discharge from vagina may also be present. Diagnosis can be confirmed after pelvic examination and microscopic examination of the vaginal discharge. Treatment is by metronidazole and clindamycin.
Avatar n tn I have this Vaginal discharge it is like a yellow color. it doesn't bother me but it is there quit often.. I don't think it is anything serious because i am not sexually active so i don't think it is an STD... and sometimes discharge is normal.. but i was not to sure i wanted somebody to tell me more about it and if i should get it checked out by a doctor...
Avatar n tn Hello, Normal vaginal discharge is odourless. Abnormal discharge may be yellow or green in color, chunky in consistency, and have a foul odor. It is usually caused by an infection. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
Avatar n tn I just had a partial hysterectomy about four weeks ago and I'm experiencing a very foul odor. I'm still having a little bit of a bloody discharge, which they say can happen after hysterectomies, but the odor is to die for...literally. I can't take it any more. I'm hoping it's just the discharge and once that is completely gone then so will this odor. I'm sad to hear that you guys are still experiencing the odor YEARS after your surgery. That makes me sad.
Avatar n tn I am periodically smelling a foul odor that appears to be coming from my nasal passages. It smells like rotting flesh! Of course, I am concerned and I hoped that someone could offer some guidance in rectifying this matter. I also would like to add that I have been a frequent user of Afrin nasal spray for many many years. Any assistance that you may offer would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn Unusual vaginal discharge with an unpleasant odor,The discharge might be milky white with a “fishy” odor. The odor can be worse after sexual intercourse,. Other symptoms women may experience include itching or burning in or near the vagina. Some women have no symptoms. If you feel like you have any of these symptoms please go visit your doctor and get tested. If you have bv, your doctor will prescribe metronidazole (Flagyl, Protostat). This medication is taken by mouth.
Avatar n tn Any yellow or green or yellowish green discharge from the nose indicates infection. I have had sinus infections without even realizing it. Go to the Doc. Untreated sinus infections can really screw up your ears and sense of balance, leading to constant dizziness, nauseau etc. Not to mention the damage to your sinuses,i.e. loss of smell and taste.
Avatar f tn Hi! A thick white discharge is normally seen at the time of ovulation. So if you are any where near your ovulation date, then this is a possibility (say 10-17 days after the start of your last period as you are in). Pregnancy too causes a white discharge. So if you have missed your periods or are likely to get them in 4-5 days, then pregnancy could be the cause. Take a test if you have missed or if you miss your periods.
Avatar n tn For example, white discharge accompanied by itching in the vagina could signify a yeast infection. A clumpy, cottage cheese textured yellow or green discharge with a foul odor indicates infection. Clear and stretchy discharge is "fertile "mucus. Brown discharge occurs immediately after the completion of a menstruation period. This is normal, and it is the body's way of cleaning out the vagina. Spotting is another type of discharge that is common during early pregnancy.
Avatar n tn The vet said that when you take them to get groomed, if you do, they clean it out without a problem. After that is done you shouldn't have that disgusting odor. It has to be done often. I would still like suggestions.
Avatar f tn It started with itching inside and then with this odor discharge and that looks like coyote cheese. It is very unusual. I have had before 3 weeks this white and sometimes clear discharge, with no odor. I do not know what do I have!! I am very worried! I have had unprotected sex (I know it is very unsafe but I'm allergic to condoms). What do I have? Is it a yeast infection? Or a STD? I am worried!! I am waiting for a call back from my GYN.
Avatar n tn it was just the one time, and with a condom, but afterwards i noticed the consistency of the discharge change form normal to gooey. i also noticed a non-fishy (foul-smelling and maybe sour?) odor occur. also, i get discharge that is white, sticky, and hardens and sticks to my underwear. the color is white and sometimes a little yellow tint. i have been tested multiple times for yeast, BV, STI's and i am negative for them all. the discharge also when it comes out makes me super itchy.
Avatar n tn I get the small bit of light yellow discharge, with the HUGE smell. Even though it is embarrasing, I sometimes but a tampon on so it can hold the smell it, that depressing. I have a real problem feeling like a WOMAN, when I can't be free to go about my daily life without being bogged down with such a burden. I just read about Enzara. It looks like it's over the counter. It SAYS that it doesn't have any side-effects(???), and doesn't promote vaginal dryness. I wonder.
Avatar f tn Like to the point I can't have sex now without it really hurting and being so sore that it burns. Now I'm having a green/yellow mucus like discharge There's no odor, and I've recently had the second routine round of testing for everything because my OB requires it, and everything came back fine. I'm really not sure what to make of this. I haven't been able to call since it's the weekend, but I plan on calling as soon as they open in the morning.
1598952 tn?1310399778 I swicthed onto a new pill a month and a half ago, but ever since I get thick white/yellow discharge after I take my pill everyday. It didn't occur during my 7 day break which made me think is it the pill causing discharge? I have been checked for chlamydia which came back negative, but me and partner still use condoms along with my pill after a pregnancy scare. So what is causing this discharge?
Avatar n tn I have looked at other websites that tell me that period like cramps are an early sign of pregnancy and i am quite worried as i have never experienced period like cramps without a period before. I doubt my period will come (if it does) untill i am due next week because my periods are always regular. I do not have anyother symptoms.
Avatar f tn it is either a yellow or brownish discharge like Diarrhoea. When it is discharged it stings and smells. Sometimes I get a warning and it feels like air bubbles (vaginal farts) before it happens, other times it just happens without warning I have also experienced this when I get a smear done as well. It is like cramping and then discharge. Sometime last the whole day other times just the one discharge. I have had various tests done and all result come back fine.
Avatar f tn ALL women have discharge though. BUT if there's an odor I'd get it checked out. You can get both without having sex at all.
Avatar m tn I will get yellow-ish discharge, though I've always had that. My discharge cycle of clear to sticky, ect., is normal. I have had a minor UTI before. I solved the irritating peeing with cranberry juice. I have had my period for a long time. My discharge smells all the same. An odor, but not unpleasant. I think the odor is actually from urine... I drink cranberry juice whenever I can, and when I notice yellow discharge I usually change my underwear or I put on a maxi pad.