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Avatar f tn He also has ED and we are trying to work thru that. He has a discharge that is clear then when dry turns yellow. I don not know what to think of this. Can it be pre-ejaculation?
Avatar n tn i had protected sex with this girl about 2 months ago, now i have a yellow discharge coming from under my foreskin and it smells unpleasant, I havnt been to the doctor about it yet but i will go soon i just want to know could it be a STD? i havnt had sexual contact with anyone else exept for her.
Avatar f tn A woman can still be pregnant even if you didnt ejaculate inside her. Men produce pre- *** it is a clear fluid but does contain some sperm. It is produced when the man gets aroused so if you penetrated at all there is always a chance. Lower backache and cramping in the lower abdomen are both signs of early pregnancy. A woman's discharge will also take on a different consistency when she becomes pregnant. However, the color is very important.
Avatar m tn You had unprotected sex, so you put yourself at risk, and one symptom for Chlamydia is discharge in men.
Avatar m tn i have greenish yellow vaginal discharge for the longest now. i never been to the doctor . i even had the itching and the burning after sex men it is painful. can't enjoy a good sex with my husband. but my main concern is to get rid of the vaginal discharge once and for all. PLEASE HELP!!!
Avatar f tn Sometimes yellow discharge isn't an infection, sometimes it is. You may want to get checked out just to be on the safe side.
Avatar n tn Women usually get itching, pain when having sex, cramps, smelly discharge, green, yellow or heavy white discharge. thouh some women dont even show symptoms and if they do they think it is a yeast infection. only way to get rid of it is in a dose of antibiotics and you nd your partner have to take this at the same time, avoid sex and avoid drinking. also wash all your bedding and towels. <--- source of the internet (this may not be true but just to be clean.
Avatar n tn I constantly open the lips of the penis and look in during the day. Sometimes cloudy white discharge comes out, other times i think I see yellow liquid. Also, I have been figuring out that I haven't been drinking much water for a while. Lots of Sodas and lots of alcohol. Would this have an effect on this discharge. With all the test I've done they can't be all wrong, right? I am a gay man, but still wondering if yeast infection is possible.
Avatar m tn t even present symptoms. But most men find that the discharge is usually associated with painful and frequent urination.
Avatar f tn My suggestion is just to keep an eye out for anymore discharge over the next couple of days. If you see more discharge then see a Dr for some testing. If no discharge then don't worry about it. Also maybe you and gf should go get tested for STD's together?
Avatar f tn Greenish discharge but dr already confirmed not a UTI. Can anyone else relate?
Avatar f tn Or it may be semen leaking out when i have sexual excitement?
606638 tn?1299565361 Usally the discharge is green or yellow or white. Usally green discharge is indicative of gonorrhea. If the discharge is yellow or white rit might be indicative of an NGU or chlamydia; sometimes the discharge can be only urine. None of these are iron clad, meaning that if you see a white discharge it could mean chlamydia it could not. It could mean gonorrhea it could not. Untreated gonorrhea, chlamydia, can lead to PID in women and Epididymitis in men.
Avatar m tn While I was using the bathroom, as I was finishing/wiping I got a feeling like I had to urinate. What came out with the urine was a clear yellow jelly like substance of some kind. Maybe the consistency of sperm, and about half a teaspoons worth in amount. No pain. I'm worried because I know both chlamydia & gonnorea have a discharge as a symptom. The only unprotected sex I've had was receiving & giving oral with one person & we do not have multiple partners.
Avatar f tn can you help me, i have a yellow discharge, and has a smell, but sometimes it doesnt have any smell, i dont have any contact to any men and im still a virgin, just masterbation, i wonder what it is and im scared.
Avatar m tn As for your second question on how it might affect men who ingest the discharge,in my opinion, I don’t think it could cause obesity,bloating or diabetes.However,the best source of information and opinion would be their own treating doctors. Take care..
Avatar f tn I made an appt to see my OB, and the day I went to see her, I had large amounts of light yellow cottage cheese like discharge. My OB did a culture, and while the culture came back as yeast positive, when said that the yellow color was indicative of something more serious. My doctor always makes things out to be no big deal so I am worried. Could this be indicative of herpes? have no lesions that I can see no flu like symptoms.... unless I have sores on my cervix. Thoughts?
Avatar f tn I'm 18 now and I lost my virginity at 17 then a year past I had sex in February and in March now it's may and I get this very very light yellow discharge it comes and goes it will go for a long while then pop out of nor where then when I walked 5 miles which was the first time I did that my vigina smelled but no discharge no itching no burning no nothing then I used summer eve and I put some on my finger and stuck in my vigina hole and all over my vigina and now I had that light dischar
Avatar m tn Two weeks before i experienced a discharge (yellow/greenish;no pain) I had unprotected sex, oral and anal, with my long term partner. We were both tested a month ago and were clean for everything. 9 days before the discharge i received just oral sex (although brief) from someone new i began dating. Both men said they are clean and have not been with anyone. I've taken another STD test and waiting for the results.
Avatar n tn Recently I looked inside of my penis, like inside the pee hole, and I saw a yellow gooey substance stuck to the wall on the left side on my urethra. I wiped it away, and it has not came back at all. It feels like the glands/lymph nodes in my pubic area are swollen, but that may be my imagination, idk. It wasn't technically a discharge, it was just stuck there. I did masturbate quite a bit before then without showering...
Avatar f tn Which is a bacterial infection not sexually transmitted abd quit common during pregnancy can also mimic similar to yeast infection or present with no symptoms aside from discharge but often has a fishy a bad odor with it. Either way with yellow discharge you need to call doctor office tell them and get an appt to get treated in the event that it is something.
Avatar f tn 2- Why Im asking this is because I have cervix inflammation 2 months ago and the doctor assumed it is a BV and prescribed me antibiotics, but to no avail.. symptoms are only pale yellow discharge no smell at then I tested for all STDS except HPV, and all came back negative...Maybe that is because of HPV? does it cause yellow discharge? no smell...please let me know ...
Avatar f tn I am 8weeks pregnant with my second child and I am getting yellow discharge every time I go pee and wipe? Why is this??
Avatar n tn When I went to the doctor I had the yellow discharge, he took samples from my cervix and sent it into the lab, he also did a pelvic exam, and his exact words to me was "It looks like it could be either gonorrhea or chlamydia, but you do have cervicitis but luckily it hasn't progressed into PID just yet" At that time I had one sore but I just thought it was an ingrown hair because hair was inside of it at that time so I didn't mention it...