Yellow discharge during period

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Avatar f tn Right after my period I noticed a yellow-greenish discharge and it hurts to pee too. The color is a mixture of partial period (brownish) and the color of phlegm to be exact. Ever since my period I've only had this type of discharge two times, second time is today. No funny smelling odor or whatsoever. The texture is just the same with a normal discharge. Not foamy. It's just the color that bothers me and the pain down there. I have a history of UTI, could that be the reason behind it?
Avatar f tn I have the same issue. In talking to my dr you would think I was the only one. I have tried medicines just incase it was an infection (metronidazole baginal 0.75% PRA) and another one (can't remember the name). It started about 8 months ago now. I have norma periods no issue there. I am not on birth control pills, but was about 3yrs ago. I am not on any medications. I go to the gym regularly. I do not experience any cramping during my periods.
Avatar m tn It is also normal to have this increase in discharge before your period. In pregnany the discharge is referred to as leukorrhea. As long as there is no unpleasant odor you should be fine.
Avatar n tn Today I have noticed yellow discharge and some blood,no fishy smell,no pain,no itching,virgin.My period date is coming soon.So is it really something to worry about?
Avatar f tn Also is it normal to have little to medium yellow discharge during this time until they go back to being normal cycles? Im just trying to get an general idea as to what to look out for. Ive read that some yellow is ok cause it is in a clean out mode. Is it normal to have yellow & brown/red discharge? Im just curious as to what symptoms / issues you all had after you got off of the shot? How long was your first period? How long did u spot for?
Avatar f tn I am 33 weeks also but not yellow or smelly discharge, I have noticed lots of white thickly discharge tho.
Avatar f tn This past weekend I had lost my virginity to my boyfriend (his first time too). I was supposed to get my period, which hasn't come even after I took a morning after pill. Twice before I took the morning after pill I had two random globs of blood and once a membrane like brown type of discharge. This is not something that is normal for me whatsoever.
Avatar f tn Im planning on taking a preggo test on Saturday the day before my period should start because I've been having weird symptoms since my husband came in me a few weeks ago. About 2 and a half 3. During my fertile window. I've been feel neasues to just about everything and my since of smell.. I can smell every little thing and it's driving me nuts! But a question I had was about discharge as a symptom? I know on ovulation day it's a little thicker and whitish clearish.
Avatar f tn There's no more yellow discharge and blood. But now there's really thick mucous. It's really weird. My period isn't due for another couple of days.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am 2 -4 days late on a 21 to 23 day cycle ( never longer than 23, in the past 3/4 months), meaning I'm on day 25. I was expecting my period yesterday after some horrible cramps, and instead, I only got yellowish discharge. I've had weird back pain since (probably not related). The ovulation predictor didn't detect anything when I took it this morning... And I know it can predict the same hormones that increase during pregnancy.
Avatar f tn I've been having yellow discharge that has a foul odor. I always have to wear a pad or a pantie liner because the yellow discharge stains my underwear. The odor is not noticeable, unless I smell my underwear or my pad up close. The texture is not very thick and it is smooth. The texture is not clumpy or lumpy and does not have the "cottage cheese" like texture. There are no itching or burning sensations. Also, It is not swollen or red in my vagina area.
Avatar f tn I have yellow discharge 3 days before my period and before that I had brown discharge. I've been on loestrin 24 and idk what's goin on?!!??
Avatar f tn Hmm, there is know way to control your period regularity other than to get on the birth control pill. The yellow discharge is concerning, I would definitely see you doctor about that, otherwise, just sit and wait it out for the period to come. Any chance you're pregnant?
Avatar f tn Which is a bacterial infection not sexually transmitted abd quit common during pregnancy can also mimic similar to yeast infection or present with no symptoms aside from discharge but often has a fishy a bad odor with it. Either way with yellow discharge you need to call doctor office tell them and get an appt to get treated in the event that it is something.
Avatar f tn To me that sounds like an infection of some kind and should be brought up to your doctor ASAP. I never had any discharge after mine just bleeding like a period.
Avatar n tn I had a thicker yellow discharge this morning??? Ew. Is that normal?? No itching or smell that Iv noticed...
Avatar f tn I have been experiencing thin yellow discharge with some blood and a lot of itching and irritation. What can be causing this? I had a bartholin gland cyst a week and a half ago but it has gone down dramatically now, I also used a harsh bar soap and probably went a little too far inside when cleaning in the shower, and I have also been pretty sick with strep and a middle ear infection during this time (antibiotics for two days so far).
Avatar m tn The characteristic symptom of trichomoniasis infection is a heavy, frothy, yellow-green, fishy-smelling discharge from the vagina. The infection can also cause discomfort during sex, vaginal itching, pain when passing urine and occasionally stomach pains. Diagnosis can be confirmed only after pelvic examination and swab samples of the discharge and cervix swabs.Treatment depends on the same.
Avatar f tn Vaginal discharge increases big time during pregnancy and the peach color could be old blood from your missed period.
Avatar n tn Hi, I am a 13 year old girl and I got my period last year in October, After I got my period I started to notice White/Yellow stuff coming out of my Vagina after and inbetween my period. I am not sexually active, what is wrong, what is happening to me?
Avatar f tn Im almost 18 years old and ever since I started getting my period I have yellow to clear discharge about a week before my period and a week after my period is done. What is this? And should I worry?
Avatar n tn You could possibly have a yeast infection. Does it itch down there or burn when you use the bathroom?