Yeast infections and tea tree oil

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Avatar f tn At first I was really sensitive to 100% oil but after diluting w olive oil I've gained resistance for 100% - it feels odd at first, after a bit the discomfort goes away and returns to normal color(no more redness). After 3 days of applying Tea Tree Oil for penile yeast infection I've noticed alot of improvement!! Finally!! Anyone who has the case of the uncureable yeast infection try TTO!!
612551 tn?1450025775 Thanks for the warning, but while I have read Tea Tree Oil is toxic for cats I had not seen any warning about dogs. I believe humans can use Tea Tree Oil for treatment of some mouth/gum problems...don't take this as a recommendation but Tea Tree Oil is sold in health food stores for human use. My wife had used it on her hair for something, I don't recall what.
Avatar n tn Within the last few months I've tried every natural cure possible. you name it, yogurt, garlic, vinegar, tea tree oil, expensive products like threelac. I recently ordered candisil, but it doesnt seem to be helping either. In January of this year, I noticed an odor to the discharge. I went to the doctor and was dianosed with BV and prescribed Flagyl (yuck, I hate antobiotics). It went away for a few months, but I recently noticed the symptoms return.
Avatar f tn if so dont be concerned, it will eventually go away, make sure you take a high dosage of Acidophilis, well i think thats how it is spelt, and this should help to replace the good bacteria, a good diet of brown bread not white, stay away from beer etc not good for it and sugar also makes it worse, also try GynoDaktarin, its brill to get rid of it!!! Drink loads of water and stay away from tea and coffee too. Hope this helps, also try a Tea tree oil douch, it can help!!!!
Avatar n tn She tried a natural soap, Dr. Bonner's tea tree soap and the problem cleared right up by using down there. The tea tree oil in the soap zaps bacteria and yeast. It's worked wonders for her. The soap can be purchased at health food stores or online.
512442 tn?1216263100 to avoid the grossness of putting yogurt on your hoo-ha, try yogurt pills (acidophillus) or buy AZO Yeast, I've used AZO Yeast pills for all my yeast infections and it relieves it in a day or two. These pills are a combination of natural herbs and yogurt cultures and it balances your vaginal PH. That stuff is awesome, it relieves the itching and burning in a couple of hours too. Yogurt is ok but doesn't work as fast.
Avatar n tn Take an internal probiotic once you are done with antibiotics. Natural products that fight yeast are tea tree oil, baking soda, white vinegar. You can use Lotrimin cream. Follow the directions on the tube.
Avatar f tn I bought boric acid vaginal suppositories and tea tree oil but haven't use them bc ur not supposed to if ur pregnant. I don't know for certain if I am or not so I'm holding off till I get af. Any thoughts? I'm getting very frustrated.
Avatar n tn I take Flagyl for the BVs. Unsweetened cranberry juice, yogurt, acidophilous pills, tea tree oil, garlic, etc. do not work for me. I have tried every natural remedy (some have made things a hundred times worse) and am at the end of my rope with this. Most recent yeast infection was the worst (symptoms came after eating a lot of sugar the day before). Swollen, red, bumpy labia, itchy beyond belief, painful intercourse. Went to the doctor, confirmed yeast.
Avatar n tn There is at least one holistic formula which can be used for chronic ear infections. It is called: "Qing Er Tang" and is safe for cats so it should be safe for your Chinchilla. Other holistic over-the-counter topical ear formulas, such as the ones containing "Tea Tree Oil" are toxic for Chinchilla's. The average dose for Qing Er Tang is 0.5 grams (1/4 teaspoon) for 10 pounds of body weight. You will probably only need 1/10 of a teaspoon for your Chinchilla.
Avatar f tn Diflucan (for a full month), Terzol, Boric Acid (for a full month), probiotics, yogurt, garlic, tea tree oil, apple cider nane it! Went to Gyno and 3 times they looked under scope and saw yeast. When they did the culture, it was neg, but I was always using or had very recently used some form of treatment, so I think it's a false neg. The only time I get relief, amazingly, is during my period.
Avatar f tn I also used tea tree oil. Just finished Cleocin and it still doesn't feel right. Now they put me on Diflycan for yeast for 5 days and said if no better call to come in next week. Is the Rephresh what helped you?
10203682 tn?1418697354 Now I really really really hate using conventional pharmaceutical medications but I'll use them if it's bad enough, thankfully it's not yet bad enough for that, if I can't treat it at home by the time my appointment comes around I'll get the same meds I got before but I'd like to avoid it, last night while washing my hair I remembered that my shampoo has tea tree oil (it's an organic shampoo) and using it helps dramatically with dandruff which is most commonly caused by a fungus on the scalp
Avatar m tn Oregano oil burns the skin, so must be diluted with some almond oil or with tea tree oil like 1 to 4 or 1 to 5 . Tea tree oil is a bit harsh , also must be diluted. Sage oil also is a bit strong, but it's worth putting it in higher concentration than the other ones as it worked wonders.... but it kind of knocks you out... makes you either sleepy either forces you to sit and rest. 3. Tradidtional chinese medicine.
Avatar m tn If I get a really bad infection/when I used to get really bad infections, I generally use garlic with 2 drops of tea tree oil on it, plus the tea tree oil bath. I eat grapefruit and take probiotics. (I won't suggest putting garlic in your rectum, but, it's just a thought if nothing else has worked. Given the nature of the colon, it shouldn't travel upwards... But, do what you are comfortable doing.
Avatar f tn In order to get rid of a yeast infection, women have had success in applying a watered down tea tree oil to their vagina using an applicator-type tampon. There has yet to be any trials on humans. I won’t mention yogurt as you don’t want to try it. You can find many home remedies for yeast infections online, some women have reported success using coconut oil, some like pomegranate gel, and there is talk that echinacea purpurea liquid is also effective.
Avatar f tn Find a good one at a good healthfood store. There you can also get soap with tea tree oil or neem oil. They both treat yeast. The topical creams that are made for yeast are fine if they work for you without causing discomfort. I seem to be allergic to them, but I am able to use Lotrimin cream you can get for athlete's foot. I just use it externally in the area of discomfort, and it helps. There is also a pill for yeast that a doctor prescribes.
Avatar n tn Thank you all for your quick comments on the nail fungus. I will try the Vicks, Vinegar,Tea Tree Oil and Loceryl Varnish.
Avatar n tn Homeopothy, alopathic drugs, extra b vitamins, tons of garlic, tea tree oil suppositories, herbal remidies and everything else I came accross(I was working in a health food store at the time). Nothing cured it because nothing treated the problem systemically. It was not until I went on a very strict candida elimination diet that I found relief. Check out "The Body Ecology diet" by Donna Gates. It's a tough one to stick to but is definately worth your health.
Avatar m tn I immediately begin a Candida Diet along w/ taking some anti-fungal supplements AND also dabbing tea tree oil on my penis. So a week or so (3 or 4 weeks after the unprotected sex) after I started the diet I get the sore throat and swollen lymph nodes back which from my research suggested "Die Off"? My Penis at this point is tiny bit better but there is however still some redness on the rim. March 1st. I still appear to have this "problem" so I started using Monistat 7.
Avatar n tn Clean the area with the shampoo, and leave the shampoo on for a 10 minute contact time, than rinse thoroughly. This can be repeated twice weekly. Dilute tea tree oil can also be used topically for yeast and bacterial skin infections. However, your dog will probably lick it off unless you have an Elizabethan collar. If the problem is a urinary tract infection cranberry capsules given orally and forcing your dog to drink more may help, but antibiotics are usually necessary.
1070570 tn?1283439813 I stopped using the Nystatin and try to avoid the the foods that make it worse and I started using enzymes, grapefruit seed extract and most recently I have been gargling with tea tree oil. You put 4 drops in warm water, swish it around and then spit it out. It's anti fungal. I also have FM. Do you think there is a connection between this and FM?
Avatar f tn A lot of stress then came into my life and for some reason right after I shaved my vagina and washed it with tea tree oil to stop the itching. Of course this was too harsh and I started to feel like I had a yeast infection. I get frequent skin yeast infections, all around my period. I have only had the doctor diagnose me for s yeast infection one other time, but this felt exactly like a yeast infection I had before. I called the docotr and she didn't see me but provided me some medicine.
Avatar m tn I also trimmed my leg hair, and swabbed my entire genital area with tea tree oil. I went to the clinic the next day and had a male doctor inspect my genitals. He said it was surely crabs and would prescribe a stronger medication to make sure I got them all. He said I should discontinue the tea tree oil too and then he took blood tests to see if I had another STD. He didn't seem to concerned about the red marks and said that they were like little insect bites.
19413498 tn?1477673341 It can certainly involve the penis. Try washing with tea tree oil soap. Put tea tree oil on the areas as well after patting dry. Treat your feet as well as genitalia because men tend to touch their feet to their underwear when getting dressed and it passes back and forth. Wash socks and underwear in hot water with measured Tide and half cup baking soda. You can get Nigella sativa oil pills from Whole foods or Amazon. Take 1 a day with plenty of water.
Avatar n tn To help ease symptoms, I take a luke warm bath with apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil. Just fill your bathtub up 2-3 inches with luke warm water, add 1 cup of apple cider vinegar and about 10 drops of tea tree oil. It will stink your bathroom up to high heavens but it feels so nice and soothing on an angry vajayjay.
Avatar f tn Stress hinders the body from recovering and encourages yeast growth.. and speaking of yeast infections I just getting over one (my last infection was in March). Last night was my last night on the miconazole and it's gone now. One thing I like to do when I start feel an infection arising (burning, itching) is to take my hand held shower head and clean myself real good with that, with water as hot as I can stand it.
Avatar n tn I wouldn't try that though because I find tea tree oil kinda tingles and gets warm. Also I've read about a trick with garlic. Either eat lots of raw garlic or insert a clove into the vagina (sew thread through the clove several times and let a good length of thread hang so that when inserted into the vagina you can pull it back out like a tampon, or put a clove of garlic in gauze with enough gauze to hang out of the vagina so you can pull it back out) and leave for about 8-12 hours.
1142929 tn?1271626435 And when I tell you I've tried everything...I have tried EVERYTHING. Diflucan, Terzol, Boric Acid, probiotics, yogurt, garlic, tea tree oil, apple cider nane it! Were you ever able to figure it out or get relief??
Avatar f tn They use sulfur, tea tree oil and lavendar which is all safe during pregnancy. I'm at the end of my 2nd trimester and my OB just prescribed me something stronger to put on my face which has benzoyl peroxide in's called clindoxyl gel. He said it's completely safe to use during pregnancy.