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1266083 tn?1358567662 Okay, this may be TMI...but I am confused...Okay, I came down with a yeast infection on Tuesday because of some antibiotics I was on last week to prevent my onset of strep throat getting any worse. Okay, well I called the doc and they said that Monistat (sp) will be fine to take at 19 weeks. Well I took that Tuesday night around 11pm, I expected it to take around 24 hours to work. Well, 24 hours was 2 days ago! I am not sure if it is safe for me to take another dose.
Avatar f tn Monistat is probably the only med they recommend for yeast infection during pregnancy. Can't your doc prescribe something?? How long can you go on like this? Good luck to you. I hope it goes away!
Avatar f tn I had a friend recommend using panty liners to prevent yeast infection just change them frequently like you would a pad or tampon.
Avatar f tn So I think I have a yeast infection is it okay to take over the counter meds for it? Not the pill but the cream? I know it's tmi sorry :/ 13 weeks and 3 days btw.
Avatar f tn This is the first time I had a yeast infection. I got a pill for it, it went away. But then it came back the next week. Did anyone go through this? Is there anything I can use?
Avatar f tn In the last year I started getting yeast infections more regularly than I'd like so I thought maybe its a yeast infection no big deal. I bought probiotics, yogurt, made sure I'm wearing cotton underwear, watch my diet, and keep away from sexual activity for as long as possible. However when I would have sex my husband would say something wasn't right. Due to insurance reasons I was trying to put off going to the doctor but finally gave in when nothing was working.
Avatar n tn not to be gross but do you think you have a yeast infection and you got yeast on your finger thinking it was cotton from the tampon? i dont really think a tampon would disinigrate like that. i also think if it were still in there, you would feel it (a "thickness" in there). def. keep your eye on it. you may need to call your dr. especially since you are itching and stuff.
Avatar n tn hope i dont have an infection. i have no symptoms, and the tampon is out. can i use a tampon right after i pulled old one out? probably should take a "breather". if i dont have symptoms am i in the clear?
552173 tn?1282606890 I have heard some people say the one day treatment doesn't work. Yogurt helps, but I don't think it will make it go away unless you do a tampon of yogurt. You can look up home remidies(spelling) for yeast infections. Or try another monistat treatment.
Avatar f tn So now I have a case of yeast infection. If it's not one thing it's another. I don't know the soonest I will see my doctor. So now I need to know... Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can take safe to hold me on on this uncomfortable feeling of having a yeast infection until I see a doctor? Any safe home remedies money is tight?
10203682 tn?1418697354 So I can feel a yeast infection comming on and I'm 33 weeks my next appointment is jan 5...
Avatar f tn I'm not so sure about eating the yogurt but I was told by a female dr that dipping a tampon in natural yogurt and inserting it works! Probably not the nicest thing to do anytime never mind actually being safe during pregnancy!
Avatar m tn After about 3 months I did a bit of research and realised I had a yeast infection but I was still too embarrassed but I found canesten so I used that but nothing happened and I even tried garlic cloves and inserting a tampon with natural plain yogurt but still no results.
Avatar f tn is I use toilet paper in my panties (keeps dryer than a pad) and change it every time I go when I have a yeast infection bc it keeps it dry down there...
Avatar f tn Okay this sounds crazy but it works, if you have access to plain unsweetened yogurt, dip a tampon in the yogurt, insert it and leave it in there for about 2 hours twice a day. That should help with the itch until you're able to get to the pharmacy.
Avatar f tn albicans, but antifungal treatments take care of Candida species of yeast. If you want to treat a yeast infection you will need to essentially kill the fungi with antifungal medications as discussed above, which can be purchased by prescription or over-the-counter (OTC). Vaginal yeast infections happen because there is an overgrowth of the fungus Candida albicans, and less frequently other Candidaspecies.
Avatar n tn Although, I'm not sure it is a 'cure', I'm still in the process of experimenting. I did buy over the counter yeast infection treatment as well. I'll tell you though, the yogurt was INSTANT relief of the itching and pain for me. Just try it and you'll see it helps, at least until the medication does its job. Also, I am using aerius, an allergy reliever to help stop the itch as well.
Avatar n tn Does this sound more like herpes or a yeast infection? Can an untreated yeast infection last this long? Anyone with a similar experiece? I know I should have already seen a doctor but it's easy to put off when you have no insurance. I do have an appointment coming up soon though, but ANY help would be greatly appreciated!
Avatar n tn I am 21 weeks pregnant and I thought I had a yeast infection and several obgyn visits ago I told my doctor that I get them a lot so she prescribed me some cream. The time before when I thought I had one it turned out not to be and so I didn't use the cream, but this time I did. You insert it vaginally and push like you would if it was a tampon. Sorry it this is too much info, but have no other way to describe. I have been having a lot of discharge...which is usual being pregnant...
Avatar n tn Did anyone know that taking antibiotics for any kind of infection will sometimes give u a yeast infection. Did anyone know that yogurt with live active yeast cultures will help ease a yeast infection by directly putting plain yogurt on the genital area, where it will replace the natural bacteria that should be in the vagina but was killed off by antibiotics or bacteria killing antibodies found in the body. Did anyone know there are lots of reasons why a female will get yeast infections.
Avatar f tn To be honest, I used to get yeast infections fairly often, but i treated with a tampon soaked in plain yogurt and it was so relieving topically and I have not had either infection since (that was 5 years ago). I read the plain yogurt treats both Bc it provides benificial bacteria to bring down both yeast and bacteria colonies which have overgrown.
Avatar f tn My period was about 3 weeks ago, I was taking penicillin for strep at the time, then used apple cider vinegar for the resulting yeast infection, now my boyfriend has a yeast infection (he's not circumsized), but I don't...
Avatar n tn i get bacterial vaginosis alot-its very common, the gel is probley metrogel- it works great but you should have been told that anti-biotics can cause a yeast infection and just eating yogurt with active cultures will solve this problem. The way my dr explained it to me is if there is an odor of fishlike than its an infection.
Avatar f tn When I had a yeast infection, I went to the gyn and he gave me a cream to use for 3 nights. I did it, thought it went away and had sex with BF a couple of times. Well my symptoms came back because BF was then infected. Guys dont show symptoms of it, so you never know. I went back to the doctor, he said no sex for 2 weeks gave me a cream and 1 pill for me to take and 1 pill for BF to take. Finally it worked.
Avatar f tn So I during my check up last week my doctor informed me that I have a yeast infection. I was asymptomatic and had no clue I had one till he said so. He prescribed me an antifungal which is a class c drug. I didnt feel comfortable taking that so I did some research and found out that garlic has anti yeast properties and is natural. Since I didnt want to just be shoving garlic in my 'cooter' fearing infection etc.
Avatar f tn Tea tree oil. Put a few drops onto a tampon, insert tampon half way, remove and discard tampon, repeat once a day until symptons go away. You can also just apply with your fingers, but the tampon seemed a little easier for me.
Avatar n tn It will not lose its probiotic strength because it is frozen, when it thaws out in your vagina the cultures become active again. You can also dip a tampon into the yogurt and insert if you have a yeast infection with your period. Also there are Hemorroid/vaginal pads which have witch hazel in them and they are great for cooling. At night when you have infection take 1 or 2 Benadryl before bed this will help with the itching and take down some of the swelling.
253352 tn?1247268711 I read on a website that an at home remedy for yeast infections was to put yogurt in an empty tampon applicator, freeze it, then insert into your vagina. Is this something that would really work? It just seems very strange to me.