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1391959 tn?1280443462 No vagisil is ment to reduce yeast infection symptoms and i would think the soap would work well cause it is daily use...
Avatar m tn Ok. If its not yeast, what else could it be? It has the symptoms of a yeast infection such as redness, itching and it goes away everytime i apply the yeast cream but it comes back once a while. Thanks.
Avatar m tn May 27, '05 I had a urinalysis and it is negative (cleared) Beyond this I have no contact with anyone, Nothing.. June '05 = Pain when im urinating, Headache July '05 = Headache, Gas pain ( I always farting 15 times a day)) August '05 = Blurring of eye/itchy, gas pain, bad breath, pimples September '05 = Blurring of eye/itchy, gas pain, bad breath, pimples, foul odor when perspirating, sore throat.
Avatar f tn So I also think I was probably cut during the process. And it could possibly be or turn into a yeast infection. But the whole tampon/TSS thing is in my mind worrying me. I've been dizzy which has been a anxiety issue for me, but now I seem to believe it's a symptom of TSS. I'm also pretty positive I had a fever at some point today bc my face got hot...which has also been a sign of anxiety for me.
Avatar m tn And yeast infection on penis
Avatar n tn Please tell me everything you know, does this sound like a yeast infection or genital herpes? I've never gotten anything like this before, and I have a doctor's appointment today. Thank you in advance, I'm really worried.
Avatar m tn I'm a big believer in the yeast problem. I had a book on the Yeast syndrome that I read years ago. After reading it, I thought...I bet I have that problem. But, as per my usual self, I didn't correct my diet to see if it would help me. But several years later, I tried getting off of gluten (wheat, barley, rye and oats) due to other symptoms and family history.
Avatar n tn This could indeed be due to the yeast infection. This condition responds well to medications and symptoms usually resolve. However, it is always good to wait for the result of the culture and totally rule out HSV in the picture. Do keep us posted with the HSV culture. Take care and regards.
Avatar n tn or is there any other thing that can cause penal thing that is different from yeast infection symptoms is that i have very very light tingly feeling.....u can say almost it because i am using yogurt treatment a lot and keeping my penis clean all time? also will yeast infection result in stomach upset and gas problems or was it my over thinking that made me upset my stomach.....thanks again for your time bro and sry 1 last thing.....
Avatar f tn In Oct I had the symptoms of a sinus infection, sinus pain, ear and head pressure, neck pain, jaw pain, and a low grade fever. After being put on Augmentin I got only slightly better and still presented with the same symptoms as well as feeling winded. I was then put on Z-pack as and Prednisone but again got only slightly better.
Avatar m tn I tested negative last friday but i'm developing symptoms such as oral yeast infection, smell and taste disorder, weight loss, lymph node flare up, headache, constapation, yellow stool, nausea, chills
Avatar n tn Infective causes are sexually transmitted and include syphilis, chancroid, genital herpes, LGV, trichomonas, gonorrhea, Chlamydia and granuloma inguinale. Yeast infection by candida albicans can cause red itchy bumps on penis. You need to get a complete STD panel done. Traumatic penile ulcers may be caused by vigorous acts of masturbation or sex. Behcet's disease (if you have mouth ulcers too), Stevens-Johnson syndrome and diabetes (if the ulcer is not healing) should be explored.
Avatar f tn Make sure you take probiotics if they prescribe an antibiotic for a bacterial sinus infection. Mayos clinic states that 80% of sinus infections are caused by fungus (yeast) and yeast responds to rain. My head is like a freaking barometer, lol. Probiotics might do the trick on their own.
Avatar n tn I certainly do not have herpes and am suffering from the same symptoms. If it is or may be a yeast infection, you should not go on the birth control pill until it is completely eradicated because the pill can raise your succeptability to yeast. As well, I heard that for the pill to be really effective, you should take it for a cycle or two before using it as birth control. You can tell that to your impatient man.
653419 tn?1226784235 You can't have an std. You might have a yeast infection from the meds, but you need to follow up with the doctor. You need to start posting in the women's health forum, not here. You can't possibly have an std because you haven't had sex.
Avatar m tn a doctor checked my prostate and says it is enlarged which could cause penis pain around the tip. a burning sensation though normal? what does this sound like? i got some cream for a yeast infection & fucidin. any help would be appreciated. i am looking into a referral for a specialist as this has been awhile. all tests including multiple swabs, urine, and physical examinations came back negative. i never had a herpes test though. only examinations and a couple of those at that.
Avatar n tn The doctor admitted that pre-diabetic neuropathy was a reach for her because she didn't know what else it could be. She firmly does not believe a yeast or fungal infection or any kind of worm infection would cause my left foot to tingle. She observed the sole of my left foot that had a pinhole scar in it from stepping on a nail 4 years ago. She said the wound closed over so a fungal infection via that wound was unlikely. So, there we are. I am hopeful the lack of symptoms will continue.
Avatar n tn I've done a lot of research on long headaches like this but none of the symptoms are exactly what I'm feeling. This headache is mild to moderate in pain (it isn't killing me). It feels like it hurts on the top of my head, on the back of my head and sometimes on both sides. Within a 5 minute interval, the pain can be great, and then all of a sudden feel like it isn't hurting as bad (i wouldn't say it is throbbing).
Avatar f tn / I incorporated acidophilus, yogurt and Azo Yeast into my diet to try ruling out possibility of a systemic yeast infection. Will keep posted. Thank you!
Avatar f tn Last week I went to the doctor because I still had a sore throat and developed sinus infection symptoms such as headache, conjestion, yellow mucus when blowing my nose, pressure in my behind my eyes, jaw and temples. The doctor recorded a slight fever at 98.7. I also had a scratchy cough keeping me up at night because it was tickling my lungs. It was not a dry cough. I was also experiencing fatigue and a sore neck and shoulders with some lower back pain.
Avatar f tn at this point, no more self treating for yeast. also no more trying to battle it with garlic and yogurt either since neither are very effective at treating or preventing vaginal yeast overgrowth ( commercial yogurts, when applied vaginally actually encourage yeast overgrowth! ). You need to be seen regularly when you have symptoms and get properly tested for yeast. Indeed some of us are just prone to it but there are far more effective ways to deal with it.
Avatar f tn Around day 12 or so I started itching and burning a bit and by day 14 I had a full blown yeast infection. I was swollen, red rash, itching severely, burning but no discharge so I was really scared it was herpes. I used a three day anti fungal and it cleared for the most part after the third day. By the 2nd day it was remarkably better. Now I still have dryness and what looks like a paper cut.
Avatar n tn 2a.) What sort of tests can I request as part of this investigation? The first doctor I told about these symptoms put me on adderall to treat "having a headache and a hard time focusing", and so you see why I might want to go in with specific suggestions. 2b.) I've seen several internal specialists. None of them have given a response when I tell them about the digestion problems. In any case, I seem to be okay eating wheat. 2c.
Avatar f tn About two weeks ago I developed what I believe to be my first vaginal yeast infection (at least the first that was diagnosed by an md) that included fissures. MD gave me 1 150 mg Diflucan (I used the generic). 1/2 a week later my gut felt full and no appetite and three days after that I developed what looked like oral thrush. Went to an express care md (due to the day and time) and the md said it looked like oral thrush (no lab work ordered) and prescribed nystatin for 21 days.
Avatar f tn In the days that followed, I developed further problems--like urinary frequency, hesitancy and burning, and developed my first ever yeast infection. By the end of the week, I developed viral symptoms--fever, headache, fatigue, chills, aches & pains (particularly buttocks & hamstrings), and enlarged groin lymph nodes.
Avatar f tn I moved into school the 25th on my first night 2 nights at school i had a horrible headache, by the third day i began to have cold like symptoms, I also began to have a pain in my lower abdominals when I went to the doctors she told me i had bv and prescribed an antibiotic, on the last day of having the antibiotic i began to feel really itchy and was diagnosed with a yeast infection she said it may have been because of the antibiotics.
Avatar f tn Before anyone reading starts calling me a hypochondriac hear me out LOL ... 1. Yeast allergy symptoms may include headache, sneezing, itchy nose, itchy eyes, nasal congestion, and sore throat. Arent these the same symptoms people exhibit when they come into close proximity with us??? I know sometimes i cause these symptoms in myself. With the Thrush my daughter's mouth also had a slight fecal odor, some people on this board mentioned having a fecal odor.
Avatar f tn Long story short - slept with a guy unprotected (both thought we were clean from previous testing) and gave him oral, 1-2 weeks after this I came out with horrible vaginal infection. Swelling, burning, discharge, severe itch, lesions on vagina, urethra and internal vaginal swelling/heaviness, pelvic pain, red spots/blisters on bum and inner thigh, hot sunburn like rash on buttocks and thighs, raw throat, blistered lips, fever, hot face, chills.
Avatar n tn This recurrence seemed more like a yeast infection, possibly from all of the antibiotics but it went away on its own, which doesn't make sense to me. I did wait the necessary interval to get a blood test for herpes though I don't yet have the results.