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Avatar n tn have not gone to the doctor as i know every one in this small town but might go to one in a different looks a little like a yeast infection from pictures on the net.....any ideas of what i was subjected to or what i might have?
Avatar f tn I would say I drink about 5-6 beers about 3 times a week.) In the middle of the course of the antibiotics I got a vaginal yeast infection and swallowing was getting to its worst. So I went to the ER, of course they couldn't help me right then and there but he he gave the suggestions that it might me a yeast infection in my esophagus so since then (about 2 weeks ago) I haven't had any beer and stopped antibiotics.
Avatar m tn After having written everything here, my rational answers would be that I may be suffering from a severe fungal, bacterial or yeast infection that has all the symptoms of Herpes and should get on antibiotics as soon as possible. But I'm not a doctor. And I still feel the burn in my loins as well as SHE HAD HERPES!! I was great before that.
Avatar n tn Before these 8 months I hadn't experienced any vaginal troubles, I only wish i could say the same now. About a month into the activity I experienced what I believe was my first yeast infection. I didn't go to the doctor and I didn't treat it. I just waited until it went away which it did about a week later. Last week I experienced my 4th occurence of whatever it is. Since the first one I have had an abundance of this, cottage cheese like discharge.
Avatar n tn You may have a fungus infection of your mouth and throat, rather than a bacterial infection. A fungus would not respond to antibiotics, but there are anti-fungal meds that would work. Check with your doctor on this and, if you don't get a response, you should seek a 2nd opinion.
Avatar f tn But if you had a brown vaginal discharge it would not have anything to do with your throat. It doesnt travel inside your body.
Avatar m tn For one, an ARS-related rash wouldn't typically be just in one spot...sounds like a yeast infection. The groin would also not be a common place for an ARS would be more prevalent on the trunk. If you're worried, go see your doc! ARS symptoms, when a person has them, usually present within 2-4 weeks of exposure, and can last 1-2 weeks. Also, it would be RARE to experience just ONE ARS symptom. ARS stands for acute retroviral syndrome.
Avatar m tn But unlike before I also have dry lips and sores within my mouth, (as you'll see in the pictures) at the roof of the mouth and at the back of the throat. My mouth or throat does not hurt at all. My lips are dry. My other thought was it could be an allergic reaction to bread, I haven't had bread in a few weeks, yesterday I had bread, then I noticed all of this. I've heard Candidiasis infections can cause allergies to yeast based foods.
Avatar m tn For what it's worth, herpes wouldn't behave this way, and in any case you already have HSV-2 and can't catch it again, and you were further protected by your valacylovir treatment. A non STD possibility is that you have an oral yeast infection (thrush). I have seen such cases following cunnilingus on women with vaginal yeast infections and I think it's a reasonable possibility for you.
Avatar n tn Also white coated tongue and for awhile burning mouth and frothy saliva. My doctor definitely confirmed a yeast bacterial infection but nothing like thick curdlike pictures of thrush. I had an issue with acid reflux about a month into it as well and have off and on taken prilosec and nexium. I was taking oral Nystatin but that upset my stomach very much. Last week my doctor gave me the pill version that said it was for vaginal yeast infections even though I am a guy so I guess thats okay.
Avatar m tn On evening of day 16 patches look like they are recovering, day 17 gone. No symptoms after this except a mild throat infection on day 23, which went away in less than a week. The most worrisome symptom is the red patches that appeared on day 15. I can't seem to get past that and my mind keeps going in circles around this. Somehow I've convinced myself that it was herpes, especially because it can cause so different symptoms in different people. I'm afraid that it was a mild outbreak.
Avatar m tn Dr. Hansfield, thank you for your insights.  When I mentioned "mentally", it was only because that I or my Doctor cannot find a cause for the very "physical" symptoms that do indeed exist. I am an educated person and do know what is real and what isn't.
Avatar m tn I thought I had a sinus infection, then a polyp. The left side of my sinuses where it meets my throat feels swollen and painful. I also began to notice that it felt as if I still had particles of food stuck in my throat. I never put both together until now. Perhaps rotting particles are causing my discomfort. I have had some relief with nasonex. It seems to open up passages and break down blockage. Some of you may want to try that until we find a real solution.
Avatar f tn Now that that's done with I feel a weird urge to always swallow like my throat is irritated or like there's a lump in it or something and I check it allll he time and it looks fairly normal maybe a little red. No white stuf flike I've red about...yet anyways Im praying. The biggest thing now though besides the throat is this weakness I'm feeling in my leg muscles. Not enough to keep my from my daily life activities but enough so that I notice I'm not myself.
Avatar n tn I have been tolerating a bad ear infection for many months now. And believe it to have originated about over a year ago. At the time I was completely unaware since I cant see into my own ear to notice whether it was red even back then, but i certainly remember having lighter yet similiar symptoms as I do now. Alot of these symtoms seem to involve a throbbing sensation of the jaw and temple region as well as severe migraines from time to time.
Avatar m tn Also, I had a sore throat since yesterday and think it might be yeast infection from the UTI or something. Also, yesterday on monday (+7 days), I started having diarrhea. It's not bad that it's uncontrollable, but everytime I need to go to the toilet to do the business, it's always diarrhea since yesterday. I read HIV might show these symptoms from the 2nd week to the 4th week. No onset of fever or irregular night sweats at the moment but I am getting worried.
Avatar f tn She also swabbed under my tongue for yeast infection. I'm worried I don't have strep throat because I have had it numerous times and my throat was much more sore. It is barley sore this time. I can eat and drink, and don't have fatigue. I've checked online and I have no idea what I have. I'm including pictures of my throat. Anyone have an idea of what it could be? And can cancer be ruled out?
Avatar m tn Does HIV cause yeast infection? If yes, does it mean that if my yeast infection was in fact caused by the HIV, my results MUST have been positive? (I did 3 tests within 3 days between 10-15 day period and they were all negative) Please try and understand the question and not just think that it's impossible for signs to show so early. I am very unhealthy, I don't do drugs, but I get approximately 1-2 hours sleep a day(or even less).
Avatar m tn I've since learned many doctors don't test for HSV and he won't make the call and ask. Within a few days I developed a yeast infection. I hadn't had sex for 4 years so this didn't worry me. I also developed one "spot" on my bikini line that popped quickly and did not scab but was filled with a clear liquid. Looked nothing like pictures online but not like a pimple either since it wasn't white. Got nervous - constantly worried.
Avatar m tn I've researched and it can also be a yeast infection. Can someone take a look at my pics and tell me an honest answer? I really need to get tested, but I am so scared! I know I should've never had unprotected sex with a guy.
1415174 tn?1453246703 Even though i haven't gone yet i'm positive that i have gonorrhea because today i noticed that i also have infections on my throat like i saw in many pictures in the internet and with that said i have two questions 1. I'm taking yeast infection treatment,can that cure gonorrhea too? 2. How long does it take to cure gonorrhea?
Avatar n tn About the was time for my yearly physical, so he did a pap and said doesn't look like yeast to me, looks more like a bacterial infection. I know I am whining, and I am sorry. I just feel so anxious. I just feel like I haven't had any answers since this started. Oh, and yes paj, I found the Candida board. THANKS!!!! Maybe one of these days I will be able to return the favor to someone on this board.
Avatar n tn 1) Is it possible to contract HSV-II herpes in the mouth without visible lesions below the waist? How likely is this? 2) Could a yeast infection be the culprit causing the vaginal swelling and discomfort? 3) Does fordyce cause swelling or discomfort in the tongue? 4) How long does it take for herpes to begin blistering a cracking along the mouth? Thank you for your time and consideration.
Avatar f tn I went to a gynecologist and she told me that she did not think it was genital herpes, and performed an in-office test for a yeast infection and said that is what it was. She gave me a creme and suppository to use. I have used it for 2 days now and the itching has gone away and maybe some of the discharge (i can not really tell because as of today I started my period as well). Now I am noticing many more red bumps on my pelvis area where pubic hair grows.
Avatar m tn I asked her if she had caught anything from that encounter and if I should be worried and she told me that I shouldn't be worried and she didn't catch anything. Now about 3 days after I developed a throat infection went to the doctors he told me it was just a throat infection I asked him about it being herpes he said unlikely cause of the location being the back of the throat being a place where a girl would get it from an infected male.
5728845 tn?1373213674 We have had problems with urine output, swollen tummy, now yeast infection in her MOUTH, she talks about things that did not happen and says off the wall stuff. She threw up dried blood the next day. The hardest part, we never see a doctor, the nurses very seldom come in the room, they don't move her from bed, yes she is weak. They are starting to get her up and put her in a chair. She had surgery last Monday June 30.
Avatar f tn I let it go BUT my concern is this metal taste I have in my mouth, slight sore throat, 4 days after the encounter I noticed a slight yeast infection like substance so I bought a3 day otc pack and did that, and had my women's annual that 4 day also. I'm waiting for the results from my pap as it takes 10 days to come in but do you think I have an std? Metal mouth for sure, anxiety may be giving me chills and upset stomach but I'm just not sure.
Avatar n tn Doc prescribed antibiotics without swabbing and yeast infection meds, and said it looked like trauma from rough oral sex. Throat/fever got better, but it continued to burn down there for weeks. Also developed an "antibiotic rash," so doc said to stop antibiotics and take steroids. A week later, doctor did a pap and found a piece of condom (latex sensitive?). After she removed it, symptoms down there went away quickly, but I felt a UTI so got antibiotics.
Avatar f tn Are these symptoms related to HIV or some other infection caught by this activity Could I caught any yeast or fungal infection of any other std with this activity. I never had these symptoms in my life like neck lumps, hair folliculitis, hand palm skin peeling Really worried, anxious and scared..
Avatar n tn For a few days before I think I had a combination of bacterial vaginitis and a yeast infection because I had white clumpy discharge with itching and then yellowish-green discharge with a smell. It was pretty bad. I am ashamed to say this part but since I was not going out anywhere, for two days I didn't take a shower and didn't really use good hygiene down there because I was being lazy so it was pretty moist and warm.