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Avatar f tn Idk if i have a yeast infection or std but im getting really uncomfortsble. Its like its taking over my life and im always tired. Tbe worst problem thats occured is my difficulty breathing. Its really bad at night and after i eat. Its like i have to try hard to get deep breaths and i honesly think im going to lose my breathing sometimes. Its like my throat is closing up an swollen and do are my lymph nodes under armpits!
Avatar n tn So about 5 days ago i had protected vaginal sex with a high risk prostitute, two days later i got a really bad sore throat, bad congestion, dry eyes, and possible enlarged lymph nodes and two days later it was completely gone. I went to the doctor and told him the situation and he says not to worry about it and gave me medication to fight off any infectinos such as gonnorhea etc.. He also gave me cream for my anus because i told him it was red, which never happened to me before.
Avatar m tn the excretion disappeared and after several months the yeast infection was also resolved. However the yeast infection hs bee returniong from time to time. I have been back to my doc several times i have been tested for HIV, herpes, syphyllis all clean. However over the last few months my limph nodes in my groin area is very tender been back to the doc yesterday again did full blood count and other blood test agin to look for infection these blood test indicated every thing fine.
Avatar f tn I have questioned him about it being an std, and he seemes sure its not as he has no symptoms at all. So a little over a week ago I began to feel the symptoms of a yeast infection. The symptoms appeared not long after my period. It was itchy, red, and a little sore. I have had a yeast infection previously once, and the symptoms seemed to be the same. A day before I took an over the counter drug to treat this infection, I did have unprotected sex with my boyfriend.
Avatar f tn Had a repeat ultrasound last week that detected a 1cm by 3/4 cm lump and 5 enlarged lymph nodes. Biopsies on both came back benign, thank God! But breast specialist is wanting to leave this in for 3 more months to repeat ultrasound or put me on additional antibiotics.
Avatar n tn Some forums I've read claim that long-term swollen lymph nodes may be caused by some kind of infection, like HIV... and I became worried when recurrent yeast infections was noted as a possible sign of HIV.. yet that seems impossible as I've had the same (and only) faithful partner for over a year/no blood transfusions or anything and the symptoms have only begun to occur, as I said, several months ago. I know I should break down and risk embarrassment at the doctor's office..
Avatar n tn Pls get yourself evaluated by an ENT specialist for that.Swollen lymph nodes indicate an infection and your upper respiaratory tract and tonsils may be causing it. Tingling of tongue can be due to diabetes, hypothyroidism, peripheral vascular disease, vitamin B12 deficiency or malnutrition.It is also common in alcoholics.Pls get yourself evaluated for these. Treatment will depend on the diagnosis. In case you need more information then pls post us.Take care and regards.
Avatar f tn This is exacerbated by the fact that I have a couple of slightly enlarged lymph nodes near my groin - basically one on each side, but my right side also has a second smaller one that I can feel. I have had these for probably two years (I would guess), and recently switched doctors and brought it up. She monitored them for about 4 months and said they didn't change and are nothing to be concerned about. She said they were enlarged due to shaving and folicullitis (?
Avatar n tn Hey there, In the past when I have had swollen glands or lymph nodes, I was put on antibiotics. There is a blood test for Sjogrens. I have had it. I have had dry everything!! I don't have sjogrens, but with my thyroid issues, I get a lot of varying symptoms. With thyroid problems you can have dry eyes also.
Avatar f tn In April, I had a kidney stone. About this time I also diagnosed myself with a yeast infection. My lymph nodes down there start swelling again, so (being worried) I go to a doctor. She diagnoses me with a yeast infection, does a chlamydia/gonorrhea test, and it comes back negative for those. She doesn't bother with the HIV/Syphilis test because she doesn't believe I have it. Months go by, again, and it's still not better.
Avatar f tn I also realized that I had swollen lymph nodes in my groin, which I had mistaken for just sore muscles. Also, I have some irritation and slight bumpiness near my anus. Finally, one of my vaginal lips feels tender. I wouldn't describe any of the irritated area as itchy - just tender. 1. How can I tell if this is herpes? The irritated bumps look similar to what I had when I was diagnosed with a regular yeast infection, but how do I know if it's herpes? 2.
Avatar f tn I am not sure as to whether or not I have a yeast infection or HSV1. I had unprotected oral about a week ago, and I think my boyfriend had a healing fever blister, or at least one that had just recently healed. My symptoms are some itching, burning when urinating, and recently a few sores in and around my vulva area (they look just like red, swollen pimples). However, some of them are already starting to go away and have only been there 1 day.
Avatar m tn hello guys i already had a previous post to say that i have a swollen lymph nodes & a chronic sore throat for the last 5 months , + mouth Ulcers all the time i was a fraid that it could be HIV , so my GF take the ( HIV AG \ AB ) like 2 times so far for the last 5 months all her tests were coming negative , everybody here told me that she couldn't have it (HIV) i went to a doctor yesterday , he told me that it could be a chronic tonsils , Or a chronic sore throat . what do u think ?
Avatar m tn In fact, many people have lymph nodes that can be felt in the absence of infection or inflammation. In answer to your specific questions: 1. Could this bump be herpes? No, this is not HSV acquired through the exposure you describe. HSV symptoms do not occur so quickly and are self-limited. Even the symptoms of first episode HSV infections resolve within about three weeks of the onset of lesions. 2.
17395667 tn?1456406053 oral thrush 2 weeks ago and I now have tonsil stones IT WAS IN THE NECK FIRST, THEN THE ARMPIT, THEN THE GROIN, NOW ABOVE AND BELOW THE COLLARBONE which is super scary im only 16 and my parents are delaying my appointment bc they dont think it's serious they get mad at me for thinking it might be lymphoma its ruining my life i want to cry all the time I had a normal cbc except for 18% lymphocytes wherein normal 20% but I had yeast infection that time I still hope it's not cancer.
Avatar n tn Are swollen glands and lymph nodes often associated with Hep. I have sore throat swollen glands, very itchy non stop and headaches. The itchiness ties in with Hep but do the gland swellings?
Avatar m tn Can stress cause a weak immune system and then into a yeast infection affecting my lymph nodes, vaginal area? Or is it herpes?
Avatar m tn Also about three weeks ago I had a yeast infection due to acne medication and i never treated it. The yeast infection was itchy and it only got worse. But a couple days ago i noticed that the area between my vaginal opening and anus was very swollen, red and itchy. As of today I noticed my uretha and outer labia were also very painful and red and the spot between my vagina opening and anus has little blister like bump but they are not circular they are kinda like lines.
Avatar n tn It disappeared after a day. I still felt tingling, and I applied cream for a yeast infection for about a week. The feelings became more noticeable with burning on the tip of the penis, pain when I ejaculated, and some back pain. I already had some urination problems as I mentioned and this was different, and felt worse. A week or so later I experienced a prodromal feeling. I went to a Doctor and she did blood test for Herpes, Chlamydia. She also ordered a PSA.
Avatar f tn I have had unprotected sex with this same girl a dozen times and nothing like this has happened until she gets this yeast infection. So my question is what are the odds of this only being a yeast infection and not herpes?
Avatar n tn Sometimes nodes will swell due to infection and then never ever return to their previous undetectable size. As long as they do not grow, are not rock hard and you do not have any of the following symptoms: fatigue, night sweats, fever, weight loss, itching (terrible itching) then you really should be okay. Also, nodes over 1 cm should be investigated further. It seems that so many people experience nodal enlargement. I myself have one on each side of my neck and have had them for 1 1/2 years.
Avatar n tn 1st of this month I got a yeast infection...itching, smelled like yeast. I treated with Monistat 3day but it got worse. I saw urgent care doc (I was going on vacation & couldn't get an appointment w/pcp). He did a urine test & said I had UTI. Since I have had UTIs before I told him I didn't think that was it. He prescribed cipro &, b/c I pushed him about the yeast, diflucan. He did not do an exam. I didn't take the cipro b/c I feared yeast would get worse.
Avatar n tn No STD can cause symptoms in less than 24 hours after exposure, so you can be sure your sore throat and possible swollen lymph nodes the next day were not acquired during the sexual exposure you describe. The other details--shaving, bubble bath, specific sexual practices, etc--don't seem pertinent. So bottom line: see a health care provider knowledgeable about STDs, such as your local health department STD clinic.
Avatar m tn My girl friend at the time of possible infection was having yeast infections/bactiera infections/uti. She told me she had done research and found out that since she had a yeast infection she could have passed it to me. We were fighting already and I had broken up with her the week I noticed a sore(did not break up with her for infection). I went to my doctor and he said it looked like herpes based off the grouping of blister/sore. he recommended I go to the free clinic.
Avatar n tn Certainly the itching and thick discharge 'sounds' like a yeast infection but if you haven't been diagnosed with one before, it is always recommended that your first diagnoses of yeast infections come from a doctor. Second, the swollen lymph nodes to me is cause for a doctors visit.
Avatar m tn Hello, I recently went through I viral infection that caused my lymph nodes in my neck to swell up to about the size of large marbles. I allowed my body a few days to fight the infection naturally and the swelling eventually went down. as I started to feel better (still having swollen lymph nodes) and the size began to reduce I started to get insane dry mouth all day.
Avatar m tn would a yeast infection cause swollen lymph nodes? 3. If my wife starts to see the same signs is it safe to say she has an STD?