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528396 tn?1217529613 I'm sorry that you have to go thru so many times of infection. Do you know if your infection was cause by yeast overgrowth? which can be passed on from one person to another, and vice versa. If you google 'yeast infection' will find out it is not necessarily sexually transimitted. Hugs.
Avatar f tn how well do you know her is she healthy? I had a problem similar to yours in a way I got yeast infection in the same area and something maybe viral that affected my central nervous system somehow. my wbc and esr were high, serum proteins are out of range (albumin, beta 2 globuline) and recently I found that Complement C3 is high, doctors have come up with nothing and for now I'll just leave it. Maybe I can advise you on how to fight the fungi on the scrotum.
Avatar f tn A majority of sites said it was probably from a recent viral infection, which she had just gotten over. I decided to rest her and give it a week and try not to panic about it. It worked and the lump went almost entirely away. That is until today. It's back. She's not had a recent viral infection. Perhaps she is coming down with one. I began to worry a bit when she also said her private hurt. I wondered if it was a UTI or yeast or something.
Avatar n tn No syptoms at all - that is until my mind started going crazy. It late July my wife went on a 5 day trip where she rode horses in tight riding breeches. She did this for several hours a day and in very hot weather. As well as kept very long tiring hours. When she got home she told me her vagina itched a little and she had a very small discharge. No odor. She figured it was yeast and it went away within a day and a half and she hasn't mentioned it since. That is when my mind came undone.
Avatar n tn in the last two weeks i have had three blood vessels just pop in my fingers. i was not doing anything out of the ordinary. what could be causing this? should there be a cause for concern?
Avatar n tn Ordinary creams do not help (in fact I think they made it worse.) I recently went to work in a sewing mill and am beginning to wonder if it isn't some type of allergic reaction to something the fabric is treated with. I read at another site that SBR lipocream would help protect hands from chemicals. I am going to try it. Perhaps this may help some of you too.
Avatar n tn About 48 hours ago, I noticed this heat sensation in my left shin. At first I thought I was standing too close to a heat vent in the floor at work! It is a warm, sort of tingly sensation that lasts 5 seconds and occurs, I don't know, 10 times throughout the day. I wonder if I slept on the leg funny?? Stress?? I am 43 and in reasonably good health but seem to be a hypochondriac (spelling?) at times.
Avatar f tn It's a staph infection - i had something that looked exactly like that and in the same spot. Initially suspected as MRSA, but the cultures indicated others - just regular staph. A ten-day course of oral antibiotics with a prescription cream took care of it. The only effective OTC cream that i've found for treating this is Curad's new silver antibiotic cream, but i doubt it would be very effective at eliminating yours, as it looks fairly deep.
Avatar n tn GUT! Either an occult infection, chronic infection, food sensitivity/allergy that lead into some sort of SIBO or leaky gut/dysbiosis. This happened to me! I first got infected with some nasty travel bug in New Zealand 3/12 - I think Giardia but it was never isolated. 6 months later I finally was treated for Giardia but I think it continued to reoccur. My gut has been an issue on and off but better now than it was ever before.
Avatar n tn For example, I walk on the beach regularly, but the soreness and reduced muscle function cut my walks in half. The infection was thought to be (but not confirmed as ) Endolimax nana, a parasitic infection treated with Metronidazole. Within several days of treatment, my gastric symptoms went away and my legs felt much better.
571042 tn?1271450741 If he didn't, you might want to try that too. If it is a yeast infection, yeast grows in moist environments, so if you keep her diaper off that might ward off the infection growing. Hope her tushy feels better soon!
Avatar n tn Both ringworm and yeast infection are fungus. in fact one of the very best treatments for ringworm is monostat mixed with hibiclense I am not a medical pro, but I did rescue 3 infested kittens 4 years ago and my hairless dogs got ringworm. from that i learned the ringworm spores can live many months. I bought a woods lamp, only to discover all ringworms do not florese. dry skin does florese. grr a waste of good money.
Avatar n tn Also, while you have your Vet at your farm, please have time take a look at your horses' teeth. Over time, horse's teeth get worn in such a way that they have points and makes it extremely difficult or impossible to chew the hay and grain, and most of it falls out of their mouth, or they end up not eating as much as they should. This could lead to weight loss. The Vet.
Avatar f tn I have such body aches also but such pressure in my head, behind my eyes and ichy ears. I was just treated for an ear infection. my muscles all over hurt and twich. any comments please.
Avatar n tn And I am excercising by horse riding, I own 7 horses, so seeing to them is what's also helping, and I try excercises in my room. It's hard for some people to lose weight, I guess that's metabolism, but still. I'm aware this can be a cause, but would it still *Hopefully* clear up if I got medication from the doctor? I really want to get rid of this problem, because I'm having basically what everyone else is having.
177465 tn?1288242063 I have never really had a full blown yeast infection before. (Had about 1/2 one once due to a medicine allergy but that's it) But lately, I have been having a lot of really watery cloudy discharge. I have to use a pantyliner or else!! I haven't really had much itching or burning...but do feel almost like raw. (Sorry tmi) I am in the a/c all day so I don't think it's from sweat, I dry really well after showers......I don't know.
Avatar f tn I had a really bad cold virus 18 months ago, and about two weeks later starting having strange symptoms. First I had charlie horses in my lower legs and feet, then muscle twitching in my legs, pins and needles feeling is my feet and hands, hand swelling, hands and arms falling asleep, occasional sharp pains in my head, dry eyes and mouth at times and occasional puffy face, eyelids, and dark circles under my eyes. I had a warm burning sensation that would travel up the side of my head.
Avatar n tn 6kg (original weight 75kg), regular food intake Mid February - end February * Nausea * Pain in thorax and chest Begin March - mid March * Nausea * Intense pain in abdomen * Bloating feeling in intestines * Burning pain in hands and feet * Stiff limbs and hands * Rigid muscles * Burning and sharp pain on chest * Obstipation (avg 5-6 days), blood, fleshy pieces and mucus with stool * Burning pain in throat * Pass out * Warm and cold sensations entire body * Feeling that my intestines are sack
394687 tn?1290924440 I am pretty darn miserable from late evening to about 2 pm the next afternoon then I start loosening up and can go to the ranch in the evening and ride my horses (can barely walk but can ride - funny). I am trying different antinflams - none seem to help. Have the prednisone up to 7 to 10 per day. Taking Darvecete up to 4 times a day. Good news is my been on an alkaline diet and am getting much better energy wise - tummy is much better and so are headaches..
Avatar f tn my LLMD is giving me ORAL antibiotics and ive had this for 2 years, i heard in the late stage a person should have IV antibiotics. can lyme or a co infection still be cured in the later stage with ORAL antibiotics? and finally i was wondering if theres any hope for me? should i ask about the iv antibiotics? and what is the best way to prevent yeast infections from the antibiotics... yeast is bad with the ankylosing spondylitis and i keep getting them on my antibiotics. please help !!
Avatar m tn Then he scratched his nose so much it started bleeding, then he scratched the back of his neck so badly he had to be sedated so it could be cleaned. He got a secondary infection from the wound and came really close to not making it. Now the problem is that we cannot control his bladder. This is a terrible thing for him because he does not realise he doing it, and he is terrified of doing anything wrong. I just feel so bad for him; he looks terrible and is just a really sad puppy.
Avatar f tn -Muscle aching -Feeling unable to breathe -Twitching continues (of course) - Reoccuing palpable lymph node on back of neck - Spasms and charlie horses on right leg in the morning - Small twitching I can't feel seen on right calf - Tingling of face (mainly on left side) - Feeling off balanced - numbness of left arm (went away) - Dizziness Mid June to Now: - EMG said to be normal (have not recieved report) - Twitching now on almost every part of body (arms, legs, calf, shoulder blad
Avatar n tn I use it right in conjunction with the otc yeast infection med. In 5 days I can get the whole mess to go away. One thing of note, I've been prescribed Clomid for infertility and when I'm on a dose higher than 25mg/day (so the months I've taken 50 or 100mg/day) I have not had a yeast infection or the fissures. My YI and Fissures typically come right before my period starts and since the Clomid so drastically affects my period, I'm guessing that's why I don't get them.
Avatar f tn The cat could also have foreign material stuck in the paws like glass or something that is not allowing them to heal. There could also be a bacterial infection or resistant bacterial infection or yeast infection present. Basically, what should be done is a thorough visual exam of the feet to check for foreign material. If nothing is found, an impression smear of the discharge should be collected on a slide and looked at under the microscope.
Avatar n tn Save the rest of that stuff in the applicator. Could come in handy. I got thrush from the meds (it's basically a yeast infection on your tongue). Endless uses for those meds. FlGuy: Candida. You oughter win some sort of prize for that one. Rest of you: Thanks for cheering me up. Maybe I'll go place a personal ad for someone who doesn't sing kerioke.
Avatar n tn I have similar issues-i'm 19 and am going to the doctors this coming tuesday and i'm afraid they may say its herpes-i thought it was a yeast infection-i just got off of antibiotics and then this yeast infection, or what i htink and hope is one, came around, and i know that can happen. but then i have some cracks in my skin down below and some reddness, i sometimes have gotten cracks before, and thought it was maybe from stretching the skin from sex or something.
Avatar f tn I have a yeast infection (vaginal and intestinal I believe), eyes swollen, itching, temp drop, difficulty breathing, pain in joints, chest pain 36+ hours, fatigue, insomnia or non-restorative sleep, rapid pulse, hair loss, problems swallowing, hypersensitive to clothing/touch/smell, water is painful, wgt loss, thyroid med only since 22 Aug. 60mg 1 am/pm w/no food. Called PCP this AM, out of town, no appts next week. I am scared, suggestions would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn I have had ongoing symptoms for about a year and a half with no end in sight or specific diagnosis. My problem started out with what I thought was a yeast infection, confirmed by my gyno. I was given Diflucan and the infection was gone within a week but a subsequent muscle burning developed down the tops of my thighs. From there, burning and various sensations spread from head to toe, but primarily in my arms and legs.
Avatar n tn pap smears can be abnormal from a lot of things. having sex recently, inflammation, infection (yeast or STD) etc.... tons of things can throw the test off. one of the others that seems to be becoming an epidemic lately is HPV. are you sexually active? if so, with how many people? have they ever been tested? the worst thing about HPV is that so many women think "i dont have any warts" and that that clears them of having HPV.