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1266083 tn?1358567662 Okay, this may be TMI...but I am confused...Okay, I came down with a yeast infection on Tuesday because of some antibiotics I was on last week to prevent my onset of strep throat getting any worse. Okay, well I called the doc and they said that Monistat (sp) will be fine to take at 19 weeks. Well I took that Tuesday night around 11pm, I expected it to take around 24 hours to work. Well, 24 hours was 2 days ago! I am not sure if it is safe for me to take another dose.
Avatar m tn ever since i have being developing rashes mostly at my stomach and now it has reached my neck and hands even in my scalpes.. which tend to start and develop in big pimples and its itchy! have done hep b and hiv which are both negative! coming from a small community we dont have labs which test all std.. kindly suggest symptoms to which std is it? been few months now and every morning i have this..
Avatar n tn From personal experience yeast infection is not the cause.
Avatar f tn i have an yeast infection i hear that yogurt help cure it i have yogurts here at my house different flavors i also have these go-gurts in strawberry flavor is it okay to use those or wud i have to go buy different kind
Avatar m tn Your itchiness in the genital area is highly likely to be caused by a fungal problem called Thrush. Your groin joint pain and back pain may be due to arthritis or from urinary infections or bowel problems. You can get itchiness and soreness in the groin area in the folds of skin if you are overweight.
Avatar f tn My exs I had relations with both experienced a urinary track infection. One had a yellowish whitish cream that tasted kibd of sour coming out of her vagina. I didnt want to be rude and ask what it was so I pushed it aside and continued to eat. Im doing fine after all that sexual stuff. I always wash my mouth and hands after I finished with them. I was wondering should I be worried if I have an std or am I safe?
Avatar f tn My son is 8, he fractured his wrist a week ago and has been in a splint wrapped in an ace bandage. his hands have always been clamy and now the dr. says he is getting a yeast infection in between his fingers of the splinted wrist. I have a cream for it but i was wondering if i could put something like cotton balls between his fingers while he is at school to help keep the affected area dry so the yeast will not get any worse. It's bad enough having an 8 yr.
6005122 tn?1393531086 I'm currently 13 weeks pregnant, due May 5th and I found out last week I have a yeast infection. My doctor recommended I take the 7 day dose of Monistat (which I have never used before). On day 2 of using the Monistat, I went to the restroom and clumps of blood were coming out. I immediately went to the ER just to make sure there wasn't an underlying cause of the blooding. Baby was fine but ER doc told me to contact my OB/GYN to treat the yeast infection another way.
Avatar m tn A month ago i went to a escort who performed oral sex on me for at least 4 minutes after we where gonna do vaginal sex but it didnt happen because my penis wasnt fully erect so she gave me a handjob and i ejaculated inside condom a week later my penis started stinging and i thought it was an std so i went to planned parent hood to go get tested and the doctor looked at my penis and said it was a yeast infection and i had no stds was it possible i got the yeast infection thru the oral sex with co
Avatar f tn Hello, I was wondering if a vaginal yeast infection could cause abrasions in the vulva, specifically inside the labia majora? I have been having soreness and itching for about a month, and I just stopped having sex all together because it stings when I do. After visiting a women’s health center (about two weeks ago) because of these symptoms, I was diagnosed with Bacterial Vaginosis(BV), but the metrogel I was prescribed gave me a yeast infection.
Avatar m tn Who thought it was a bacteria infection so he gave me antibioctics which in turn have me a yeast infection on the penis , he then have me creams which help the itch on the outside but did little on the inside , my next visit I was given diflucian @ 100mg per pill 4 2wks and was check 4 HIV and all stds which came back neg. My girl was check and all hers was neg.
Avatar f tn The dermatologist gave him fluconazole tablet 150 mg to take daily for a month. (Normally one clears up a vaginal yeast infection in a woman) and to apply econazole nitrate cream twice daily. I decided to take matters into my own hands and have take 1 tablet for a week and another fluconazole tablet for another week. I threw the hair towel out when I started having this infection, I have stopped the wine altogether and cut back on the coffee.
Avatar m tn - I have the Tinea Corporis sore on the face of my right thigh, it is dried up but not dead yet. This sore is four inches in diameter and circular in shape. - I have another Tinea Corporis sore on the bottom of my left thigh, it is dried up and two inches across. - One Tinea Corporis sore on the back of my right forearm, two inches in diameter, dried up again. - One Tinea Corporis sore on my right tricep, four inches across. Dried. The color of all these sores is dark red/gray.
Avatar n tn should i keep taking amoxicillin even if it cause a yeast infection or should i stop and treat the yeast infection
Avatar f tn I once got a yeast infection from fingering because the guys hands were dirty. HOWEVER, this time I have no discharge and there is a white thing on my vagina.... i'm really scared that I have a different std... do you think its possible that he made a mistake? the exam took 1 min, he looked for 45 seconds and was like, "its definitely a yeast infection" I think he should have tested me for other stds anyways... what do you think? i'm really scared.
Avatar n tn You can indeed get cuts and tears from a yeast infection. In fact there are other dermatological problems that can also cause those symptoms. Herpes can be transmitted from oral to genital, but it isn't that common. If you don't have small blisters in a cluster than I doubt it is herpes. Look into lichen sclerosis or just do a search for vulvar skin disorders.
492921 tn?1321293496 I wonder if your partner could use monistat cream? Have him try that, buy the 7 day one and have him apply it. It works well on women! I remember I gave yeast infection to my ex but he didn't even know what it was and didn't tell me so he was in a discomfort for a while.
Avatar n tn I used to foster a little boy who had a nasty yeast infection when I got him. He was about 2 as well. I bathed him twice a day in epsom salt and let him run around naked for about 15 minutes afterward to dry out the area. When I did put a diaper on him, I put cornstarch (cooking cornstarch) and the Rx cream (which I beleive was soemthing like nystatin) on him SPARINGLY. My daughter has gotten a few yeat infections from antibiotics and this same remedy helped with her.
Avatar m tn In anycase these bugs are going around, wash your hands and stay healthy. Also yeast infection prevention - try washing yourself well down there, and changing your underwear everyday if not twice a day. I used to have a bad jock itch when I was a child, ---I didn't shower or change my underwear it was pretty bad. Wear lose clothing and try not to stratch it. Anti-fungal cream worked for me.
809236 tn?1280609758 Hi all, I actually stopped pumping for my baby (had a preemie, so I could only pump) 3 months ago because I got a yeast infection on my nipples and it was so extremely painful and so difficult to get rid of that I couldn't take it anymore. I tried EVERYTHING to remedy it, and finally thought that killing my milk supply was the only thing that I could do. Unfortunately, however, it looks like I sacrificed my milk for nothing because I STILL can't get rid of the yeast.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with genital herpes about two months ago. My initial outbreak occured the first week of September 09, and the week prior I was experiencing a few irritating cuts on the inside on my vulva. I have experienced these cuts a few times before in my life, as I always thought they were recurrent yeast, and would come and go every 2 months or so. During this time while I had the cuts, I was having unprotected sex with a somewhat new partner, and it was also the last day of my period.
Avatar n tn Did anyone know that it is common for people with diabetes to have reaccurring yeast infections. Did anyone know that people with HIV have reaccurring yeast infections. Did anyone know eating lots of pickles & pretzels can make a yeast infection worse,because they are high in yeast content themselves and breed bacteria found in reaccuring yeast infections. Did anyone know that taking antibiotics for any kind of infection will sometimes give u a yeast infection.
Avatar n tn however, I have taken penicillin in the past and it did not give me a yeast infection, so like everything else it will depend on your body. need to get this out of my head- it sounds like you have more of an infection than herpes...i too am having trouble getting rid of a yeast infection. the diflucan did not work for me, neither did monistat.
Avatar m tn I have had a very itchy vagina for a few months now and whenever i go to itch i have white stuff on my hands i know that sounds gross but i also see just white stuff sitting in my vagina..... i have never had sex and rarely use tampons idk what to do to.
Avatar f tn I have eaten yogurt yesterday and today and the smell seems a bit better than it was and the abdominal stuff has too. So bacterial infection from not showering or maybe his hands weren't clean? or yeast infection or what? and what should i do because i want this cleared up ASAP.
20794198 tn?1508781806 It isn't that unusual if you have a new girl friend for especially her to get a yeast infection at first and then eventually the person gets used to the new partner. But then you could be spreading it back and forth if you both are not treated at the same time. If your rash looks different than what you see in the groin area then you may want to see a dermatologist. Is it possible for you to have acquired an STD? If so I would check for Syphilis just to be sure.
268911 tn?1213748381 I really think I have found my problem. Symptoms are, stinging in the hands and feet, dizzyness, body aches and bad pain, muscle and joint pain, constipation, sweet cravings, black spots in my vision, extreme fatigue, VERY irritable and mood swings. The more I began to read the more I was convinced of this problem. All this time I've been fighting the wrong problem and 11..yes I said 11....
Avatar n tn My husband is asthmatic and his inhaler kills certain bacteria in his throat which apparently can occasionally cause a yeast infection in his throat. Eating the yogurt also took care of his sore throats!