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Avatar f tn Hello, I recently had my tonsils removed due to chronic infection and was advised by my ENT afterward that I had a yeast infection in my throat. I had my first bout with diverticullitis 2 weeks before my surgery and was on 2 antibiotics for 10 days which (I'm assuming) triggered the yeast growth. My questions are: Could the antibiotics that I took for diverticulitis also have triggerend an overabundance of yeast in my colon?
Avatar f tn The ulcers in his mouth look the same as the ulcers in the colonoscopy photos on his colon. Could this be a yeast infection in his colon?
Avatar m tn Yeast in the colon is a controversial subject, as there are few studies suggesting that treating a yeast infection can help with symptoms. If this is suspected, it can be found on a stool test. A colonoscopy can also diagnose yeast, via a biopsy, but should be done if the stool test is inconclusive. Typically, a colonoscopy is done with "conscious sedation," meaning, you will be awake, but groggy. Some people, however, fall asleep with the medicines that are given.
Avatar f tn He or she would be the best to tell you about side effects. If not enough info from that person, then go see your ob-gyn. Probably there are yeast-infection/antibiotic/birth- control-pill knowledgeable women posting here, but it is a complex interaction you are asking about, and an ob-gyn would be the best to advise you. Home treatment of a YI without even a call to a doc makes me nervous.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if it is possible that he has a yeast infection in his small intestine? I know that when antibiotics are used for a long time this can wipe out the normal bacteria found in the gut. Is it possible that yeast overgrew and are causing him to have the symptoms he is experiencing? Can it cause him to not absorb nutrients? His symptoms are so bad that he doesn't have the strength to do anything but sit anymore. He tires easily and can't leave the house except to go to the doctor.
Avatar m tn I have had a yeast infection in the rectum for almost one year and have gone to a proctologist, dermatalogist, and gastrointeralogist with no results. Can you help?
Avatar n tn My wife and I got married in January, we havent had sex in, well without pain, in 1 1/2 years. A previous doctor couldnt pick up a yeast infection. Kept telling her the pain she's been having down there was because she was "raw." I wont get into that and the pain i'd like to deliver to that doctor's face. But anyway, we have seen a specialist in Hershey PA twice over the last 2 months. He prescribed Spornox, Itraconozale...spelling on both?
Avatar n tn Hi there Edad. I don't know what it is, but I'm betting it's not a yeast infection, because econazole treats that too. I'd follow up with your doc and tell him that you aren't seeing any improvement. The doc will probably prescribe something else, or give you a referral to a dermatologist. What kind of GI problems do you have? I don't know of any connection between the two conditions, but then again, I'm no doctor. Morgannon P.S. Has your doctor raised the possibility of eczema?
Avatar m tn Your gut is full of good bacteria (flora) which helps keep everything in order. Its keep the bad bacteria at bay, as well as keeping the yeast in our body from growin too much. When you take antibiotics it kills the good and bad bacteria and leaves your gut all sorts of ****** up. This is why most ppl will suffer from consitpation or diarrhea while on antiobiotics.
Avatar f tn Broad-spectrum antibiotics not only kill the good bacteria in the colon, but also in the vagina and mouth.
Avatar n tn -( What might be wrong with me?
Avatar n tn The thick cream colored stuff does not fall it only comes out when something is inserted in. From the reading it seems like it could be a yeast infection but could it be serious...Is the discharge supposed to stay stuck inside of my vagina? Will over the counter drugs work? PLEASE HELP!!!
Avatar n tn A yeast infection is normal everyone will get in some point of their life.Remember its an infection not a disease. be safe and worry free.
Avatar n tn I have my second yeast infection in two months. both times it's been a few days before my period. I wonder if it's something to do with that? I eat yogert every single day? I just turned 40. Could it be hormone changes?
Avatar f tn Hello, I recently had my tonsils removed due to chronic infection and was advised by my ENT afterward that I had a yeast infection in my throat. I had my first bout with diverticullitis 2 weeks before my surgery and was on 2 antibiotics for 10 days which (I'm assuming) triggered the yeast growth. My questions are: Could the antibiotics that I took for diverticulitis also have triggerend an overabundance of yeast in my colon?
Avatar n tn My father in law was diagnosed with Colon Cancer, by the time we discoved it he was already at Stage 4. He recently had a colostomy. Before he had surgery his nutrition index was 9. He had the surgery on 11/09/07 and was expected to leave the following Wednesday-Thrusday (11/14-11/15). After the surgery he had a 101.4 fever for 2-3 days. He was also experiencing alot of pain so he was recieving the morphine as well. In the few days after the surgery his nutrition index went down to 3.
Avatar f tn Would Lab not make the diagnosis when my swabs were sent in for yeast? It has to be some deep skin structure Derm infection coz antifungal creams help but does not cure it completely. Also, I did not know the hygiene practises with it coz i didnt know what I got. Its with your and God's assistance here we may have an end to this nightmare finally. I am seeing Doc Tuesday or Wed whenever I get an appt.
Avatar m tn This cleans the colon of all the toxins and waste bacteria and neutralizes the body of any acidity. Yeast grow more in an acidic environment, so a good colon cleanse is a good way to start your treatment. Yeast is also considered to be toxin in the body and the cleansing the colon will help to get rid of it. While you are doing the colon cleanse, do not eat any dairy products, grain (gluten), soy, wheat, eggs, splenda, Trans fats or fructose or any foods that contain yeast.
Avatar n tn I've never heard of it, being that I am vaguely familiar with colon cleansers in general. Could anyone give me some advice on colon cleansing, specifically Oxypowder. If it works, I'll try it.
433485 tn?1321816990 I had a couple of feet of colon removed a few years ago. Recovery was complicated by a bad incisional infection, and it was a good 3 months before I could digest pretty normally. Intestines don't like being disturbed in any way, and they tend to go on strike for quite some time while they recover. Instead of moving the way they're supposed to, they just lay there and sulk. Well, that's what it felt like at the time!
Avatar n tn It seems that almost always after my husband and I have sex I am extremely irritated, red, and there is a lot of discomfort in my vaginal area and a yeast infection usually follows. I have colon problems too, I think I have IBS and after a bout with that recently,( I had wiped a lot) and my skin was so sore, I am thinking b/c of all of the wiping and now I stay red and irritated in the entire perineal area. Could this be a yeast infection too?
Avatar n tn Does Herpes lesions clear up quickly on their own? I used a 3 day treatment to clear the yeast infection, the 4th day I was in pain from the lesions and I went to the doctor the next afternoon. I was already feeling much better and I believe the lesions would have continued to heal fast even without the Valtrex the doctor prescribed. Does Herpes come and go in a few days? I know I sound desparate but why wouldn't I be...this is stressful and kind of scary.
Avatar n tn During this operation I was given an end-illeostomy and the large colon and rectum remained in place. In the following days when I was back at home I found myself having to deal with large amounts of mucus continually being discharged from my rectum. I am aware that with the large colon still intact the colon naturally produces a small amount of mucus, just as it did for the first 18 months after I was originally given the illeostomy.
Avatar n tn Eating yogurt is said to help reduce this, but the main thing that women are never told is that men can be carriers and yes you can get a yeast infection in the mouth. Chronic yeast infections warrant your partner to be checked. There is medication that can be given to them as well.
Avatar n tn My doctor explained some women that are more prone colonize yeast. I used to get them so bad in my teens, that nothing over the counter ever worked. I even had one that lasted for over a year. I do not get them as often as I used to. You may try taking a teaspoon of extra-virgin or virgin coconut oil from time to time; it does have anti-fungal properties. It did help lessen chronic yeast infections for me.
Avatar n tn i just want to make sure its nothing too serious about a week ago i went to my gyno and was given two 150MG tablets of Fluconazole for a yeast infection. since having visited her, i have noticed the ends of my stools have had a white color to them and possibly a fuzzy texture? i can't tell if the stool itself is white or if there is something white on the stool (it is definitely white, not just pale). i will notice this about every 2 times i have a BM.
140029 tn?1393301742 ), which is especially effective for urinary tract problems and yeast infections. My guess is you have a yeast infection now, because that's what lots of antibiotics lead to. They destroy the beneficial bacteria that live in your gut, and that probably accounts for the nausea and such. Possible remedies are aloe vera juice and DGL (deglycerrized licorice).
Avatar n tn He thought I was simply overly sensitive due to the infection. My uretha is in a constant stage of erection. I asked the doctor to check for sexually transmitted diseases and got a clean bill of health there. Do you think I need to see a Gynacologist, rather than an Internist? Also, how long do I let this go on before I take a more proactive approach?
Avatar n tn it was more like bothersome) in my lower right side. I decided to treat the white cm with an otc cream thinking a yeast infection was coming on. After a few days dh and I bd and right after I was very red and inflamed and he was also which also happened with a previous yeast infection. Today, I have noticed a light pink, red watery discharge. Anyway, Im making an appointment with the gyno to see whats going on. Maybe and infection...ovarian cyst...both???? What do you think?