Yeast infection and pap smear

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Avatar n tn would BV or a yeast infection show up as abnormal on a pap smear? would HPV? also, with a blood test and a pap smear, what is standardly tested for?
Avatar f tn I had white discharge And after urinating it burns slightly and it itches. So i went to Er this morning they did a urine sample. And pap smear . Im not pregnant the test was negative. The doctor asked me if i ever had a std i said yes once and was treated . Upon returning in the room he said he was going to treat me for std and i said why we dont have any test results and he said something about white cells . I refused the treatment because I didnt have any results.
Avatar m tn Recently have been having back and stomach pain and problems with a normal bowel movement. I also have noticed that I believe I have a yeast infection it burns and itches. I just don't know what to think I am pretty worried. I don't know what all kinds of cancer are related to a abnormal pap smear but I am scared. What is the chance that I could have cancer of anytime down in that area?
Avatar f tn I finished my period last week and right after that, I noticed what I thought was a yeast infection. I used Monistat and it is gone. I am wondering what you think my chances for contracting HIV, given my post abortion abnormal pap smear?
Avatar f tn No I didnt have sex...but I've been to the er multiple times for bv and I've had vaginal exams and pap smears and they all showed normal except this last one they said I had bv really bad and I've had it off and on it never fully goes away and now my pap was abnormal at my 17 week one and I'm now almost 21 weeks. I have to get another pap in 12 months that's after I have my baby.
Avatar f tn I had an abnormal pap, had a colposcopy and biopsy and my Dr. gave me the option of waiting to see if it got better on it's own or having it treated. Regardless I was told I would need to go back every 3 months till I cleared so many paps and then 6 months, and then yearly. I did go ahead and do cryotherapy, but between my pap and the colposcopy which was a week or so later, I also developed polyps on my cervix that weren't there, my Dr.
Avatar n tn I done my Gardasil vaccine shot at 2009. And always did pap smear routine yearly. My previous pap smear result is at 2012 it came normal. I have concern now because I just have new partner and we didnt used condoms in between our intercourse and I had oral sex to him too. My question is: is hpv makes my pap smear became abnormal wich is ASC-US? IN FACT I already done my vaccine and it was Gardasil. Im afradi with wartz or whatsoever. And I did oral sex too.
Avatar n tn Hi, We just found out yesterday that there were abnormalities in my wife's pap smear. She is 9 weeks pregnant and the doctor said that there is a yeast infection and an abnormality in the pap smear due to HPV infection. She also said that she would need to do a biopsy of the cervix after the pregnancy. This is the first time she is getting this abnormal pap smear. The other scary thing the doctor mentioned was that one in 3 cases with such abnormalities would result in cancer! Is this true?
Avatar n tn I'm 30 years old and gave birth 30 months ago, before I got pregnant I went to my OB because I notice some discharges, It's color light green sometimes and sometimes light brown...I had a pap smear and she said I had inflammation on my cervix, so I take all the medicine she prescribed including the process of proper washing and disinfecting with Lactacyd femenine wash, the itchiness gone for maybe 2 months, then I got Pregnant. During my pregnancy, the itch returns untill now...
Avatar f tn Are you sure its a yeast infection? I had what I thought was a yeast infection for a LONG time, and it turned out to be bacterial, I was using hospital medication for a yeast infection (they called it in for me) and it didn't work, so I got a pap smear and it was bacterial. Make sure you check to see if it's gone or not!
Avatar f tn Hence you should consult a gynaecologist and get vaginal swab test and Pap smear done. Proper treatment will help get rid of the infection. Hope this helps. Take care and good luck.
Avatar f tn In september i went for a full std checkup for a green discharge and oder and suprisinly everything tested negative and i was told it was a yeast infection. I wasnt happy with that so i got a pap smear everything tested negative again. The green color went away know i always have a creamy white discharge. So i gave up on that. In november i got punemonia and got put on antibiotics and since then i've been on like 20 different sets of antibiotics, i know its horrible.
Avatar m tn Hello hun, did they do a pap smear with u? Or did they just tell u it was a yeast infection based on symptoms. I thought i had a yeast infection n it turned out to be BV which can only be treated with antibiotics and can be harmful in the long run.
Avatar f tn Hi i am 23 female i recently got diagnosed with a yeast infection and was given the one time tablet itching went a away and discharge seemed to ease up but it never seemed to really go away I HAD unprotected sex with my fiance one time and he complained. That after sex his penis felt tight .
Avatar f tn But the burning sensation never really stopped then the second time they said I had both bacterial vaginitis and a yeast infection and the Dr prescribed a vaginal cream as well as a pill but still the burning hasn't stopped. I've just kind of been dealing with it but I'm getting tired of the pain.
Avatar f tn Same symptoms and turned out to be a yeast infection for me but since i have been on medication no discharge and i got my sex life back but i do need to start using lube....
Avatar f tn I have had a yeast infection previously once, and the symptoms seemed to be the same. A day before I took an over the counter drug to treat this infection, I did have unprotected sex with my boyfriend. The day I decided to treat this infection was because it seemed to be worse, a single sore on my labia. It was a little sore, and it never seemed to hurt very much when I peed or anything... It was just red and almost appeared as a rug burn?
Avatar m tn my very recent pap smear came back all clear and im assuming it would have picked up a looming infection, the pap smear before that one several years ago picked up a BV infection caused by the copper iud which was replaced by the mirena. So, i know i do have herpes but this does not feel like herpes and other then that i am healthy, i am wondering if this could be a bad yeast infection? Also, i have read that mirena and antivirals can cause yeast as well as not cleaning up after sex.
Avatar n tn For me, all they had to do was take a sample (like a pap-smear), and they could tell for sure if there was an infection. I've read that during pregnancy, pH changes and that can cause itching..... But I would have them do a pap-smear and test for any STD's or yeast infections. If they find nothing, ask about the pH.
Avatar n tn Hello, I just want to say congrats to all those who just got their BFP's and good luck to all the TTC'S out there! So i had my DD 10 weeks ago and I recently got my pap smear results back from my post partum check up and I don't really understand it, I can't call the doctor casue he is out this week. So it reads, pap benign, cellular changes, no cancer. So I understand it all but the cellular changes. What does this mean and has anybody had this result?
Avatar n tn I had a Pap come back abnormal last year and freaked out thinking my boyfriend had given me genital warts and I would have to get my cervix removed and would never have kids, etc. It turns out that the abnormal result was caused by having sex the night before my Pap, and when I went back for a repeat everything was fine. Hopefully this is the case for you!
1092836 tn?1282351829 If so, do I need a Pap Smear and when? If receiving oral sex is considered to be sexually active I've been sexually active for 2 years. Thank you.
Avatar f tn She told me it was probably an allergic reaction to a condom, but I had a pap test done. This was my first pap smear- I'm 21 years old. I'm worried that I may have herpes. Would a pap smear indicate the herpes virus? What kind of STDs does a pap smear test indicate?
Avatar n tn hi i just had a smear test this morning (it was my first 1) and i found it to be very unpleasent, i'm just wondering, do smear tests show up if u also have a infection? if so then do u have to have another one or not? or does it just show up for cancer?
Avatar n tn Hi, i just recently was told i have HPV. I got a pap smear and i was told it was normal...but, they told me i tested positive for HPV... Would this mean i have genial warts? I also seem to get alot of yeast infections....would this be from the virus?
Avatar f tn As for a yeast infection, the best thing you can do is NEVER douche! Don't put soap inside your vagina, and take probiotics three hours or so after taking antibiotics because antibiotics can give you a yeast infection! Oh and sometime the wrong birthcontrol pills can give you a yeast infection.
Avatar n tn Hello, I have had a yeast infection on and off for about three months. I went to my doctor three months ago and was prescribed medicine. One day after my appointment I noticed a few slightly raised bumps on the very inside of my vagina. After messing with them they became more raised, like skin tags. They have remained the same for 3 months (I haven't slept with anyone other than my boyfriend).
Avatar f tn I think I might have BV or maybe a yeast infection...can this cause abnormal pap??? I am very scared and looking for any info. I can get!!! THank you!
Avatar f tn When they called back they said I was negative for chlamydia, bv and gonorrhea, and that my pap test and smear had been fine. They did tell me I had a yeast infection which I didn't take antibiotics for because of my birth control. I've heard herpes can sometimes be misdiagnosed as a yeast infection. Does the discharge from herpes cause it to bleach my panties?