Yeast infection and cranberry juice

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9771234 tn?1405797408 Many people mistake a bacterial infection and other infections as a yeast infection, treat it as a yeast infection and see no results. Please don't just go buy an over the counter cream with out consulting with your doctor or midwife.
2181422 tn?1400514980 Is it only the red cranberry juice that helps with yeast infections and all that or does the white have the same benefits? I don't have one but I figure doesn't hurt to drink it..
Avatar f tn When I was younger I got uti quite frequently and could feel them coming on and I would start taking double the amount of azo cranberry pills long with black cherry juice and that usually would wipe it out. If its bad already its probably too late for those things. If you get antibiotics make sure you ask about some probiotics because then you could just get a yeast infection or something else.
Avatar f tn Call your doctor. And get antibotics for it.
Avatar n tn Go and see your doctor and if it is yeast infection try to eat more yoghurt and drink cranberry juice. you can apply yoghurt to relieve itch but ask you doctor what the problem is.
Avatar n tn My doc always gives me a prescription, but tells me to drink lots of water and cranberry juice. Cran juice has acid that helps kill the bacteria, and drinking plenty of water can help keep things clear down there, as water helps to purify our bodies of unwanted things.
Avatar f tn so lucky me, I've got a yeast infection. I have never had one before so I went into the doctor to see what I should do to treat it and they said using the 7 day Monistat cream is safe to use. I'm on day 4 of the treatment and I'm wondering how long the symptoms are supposed to last? I'm super uncomfortable still. Anyone ever had a yeast infection even pregnant? How long did your symptoms last?
Avatar f tn Do you know what you are having? (Boy or girl) i heard you only get yeast infections with boys but i can be terribly wrong.
Avatar f tn Drink a lot of lemon water like 4-6 cups a day and you can also try unsweetened cranberry juice from concentrate. I did the lemon water and it got rid of it. I never had to go to the doctor for it.
Avatar n tn I was given an antibiotic via iv and now i think i have a yeast infection what is safe for me to use
Avatar f tn I will of course eat yogurt and drink cranberry juice while I take them. However, that never really helps me prevent a yeast infection. So any ideas for after the fact?
Avatar f tn So through out this whole prenancy I have been getting a yeast infection it comes and go, at first they told me to cut down on my sugar and I did, all I drink is cranberry juice and water, so now most of the time I feel dizzy light headed and vision gets a little blurry, can anyone help?
Avatar f tn Now i know its normal to get yeast infection after or during antibiotics, i got one last month in january and decided i would get a monostat after the antibiotics and i did then right after the monostat treatment i was on a new set of antibiotics and the yeast infection is back. I've tried the plain yogurt and gallons of cranberry juice. My main question is, is it possible for a yeast infection to spread to the anus?
Avatar n tn I called the Nurse Practitioner and she told me to continue the Antibiotics but it is causing a severe yeast infection. Can I use Monistat to help with the yeast infection and drink cranberry juice for the urninary tract infection? I am approx. 3 months pregnant and in pretty good health. I have been dx with HPV but the bx has shown no cancer. I don't think the N.P. or Doctor understands how bad this is for me and causing me to be uncomfortable.
Avatar f tn I know I have a yeast infection because I have had them tons of times before and also I been taking a antibiotic daily prescribed by my doctor for recurring uti that also cause my yeast infection. What should I use to get rid of it?
Avatar n tn Sometimes they want you to come in to be sure it is actually a yeast infection, but sometimes not. And every doc has a list of meds he/she is comfortable with pregnant women using.
Avatar f tn or what i am assuming is a yeast infection. I've had it since wednesday and I still have it and it is only getting worse. It's Sunday. I've tried using Vagisil, Candida Yeast symptom relief pills, anti-itch cream, neosporin, and drank cranberry juice. NOTHING is helping. It hurts so bad i can barely move at this point. My mom said the doctor isn't going to be able to help any more other than confirm it's a yeast infection.
1315373 tn?1274196785 Drinking lots of fluid will flush the infection out, Cranberry juice helps! Yeast infections are easily cured.. doctors will either prescribe you something like amoxicillin!!
Avatar f tn Acidophollus and unsweetened cranberry juice should do the trick!
Avatar f tn I also have a yeast infection and it s u c k s my ob prescribed a cream but it didnt work...try drinking cranberry juice its good for yeast infection...
Avatar f tn I plan on continuing this for awhile, and maybe later begin regularily drinking no-sugar added cranberry juice regularily to keep my bladder in check. I am waiting on the juice,however, because I want the "good" bacteria to have a chance to do its job. I really hope this continues to work, and hope this helps others.
Avatar f tn It doesn't necessarily have to smell and can be treated with yogurt and cranberry juice..
608005 tn?1234189746 If it's really a bacterial infection and not a yeast infection, then the meds won't cure the infection. Give the meds that u used a couple days to work. Usually you won't see complete relief the night after using the meds. If your symptoms persist, you're gonna have to get a prescription from the doc to get rid of the infection. Because of the holidays coming up next week, maybe you should call today to get an appt just in case.
12693075 tn?1442249992 You don't take antibiotics for thrush - they are what often causes thrush in the first place and lead to a candida overgrowth (although you're right about getting your partner treated as he could have it and be spreading it - but there are special thrush medications for that), and cranberry juice is not particularly helpful for thrush, only UTIs (and only unsweetened).
Avatar f tn I would go in and see your doctor to have them test you to see if you have a urinary tract infection. Since it is Friday. If you are not diabetic you can drink a lot of cranberry juice and water and see if you feel better by Monday. If you don't go into the doctor. For the spots on the external vagina I wouldn't put anything on them and leave them alone. Don't scratch them or anything. See if they go away on their own.
Avatar f tn Please I need some help I've been struggling a yeast infection since early mar. I was on amoxcillin-clav in march ever since had a yeast infection . Tried most creams ,and had a dyflican in fact had three no not at once one s week ,and it helped for a little ,but came back fell blown again could it have been I had a allergic reaction have not had a yeast infection for about 7 yrs.I don't have diabetes or HIV it's like it is hybernating.
Avatar f tn If it's itchy or whatever just put the cream on the outside to relieve a little bit and drink cranberry juice.
Avatar f tn Im 32w pregnant and i have a yeast infection two weeks ago doctor prescribed a cream for me but it didnt help i still have it and im tired of having it because i cant have sex since it hurts... So does any one know if i can use any type of cream like monistat or is it bad for my pregnancy?
Avatar n tn The book is also written by a woman who suffered from yeast infection for years. I hope this book will help you to get rid of your yeast infection and make your life happy and candida free.