Yeast infection and abnormal pap smear

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Avatar m tn I recently had a abnormal pap smear. I am worried that it could be cancer. I have an appointment for more test to be ran but I have to wait till then. On a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being normal and 5 being bad I was at a little over 2. Recently have been having back and stomach pain and problems with a normal bowel movement. I also have noticed that I believe I have a yeast infection it burns and itches. I just don't know what to think I am pretty worried.
Avatar f tn At my post abortion check up (2 weeks post), I had a pap smear and the results came back abnormal. I subsequently had another pap smear with a colposcopy, an ECC biopsy and a cervical biopsy. My gynecologist said after the biopsy results came in that the results were fine and that I had nothing to worry about. To my knowledge, she did not do an HIV test. She did not seem concerned about it and never brought it up to me.
Avatar f tn My pap smear came back abnormal, they showed me a scale about cancer and said I'm the very bottom..that I have to have another pap smear in 12 months? They mentioned hpv but she said I might not have it all. I don't understand my baby will be here around June 12th, so my next pap smear is after I have the baby? They said I could delivery naturally also. I just don't understand. Also awhile back I had BV which never really went away I still have it off and on could that cause abnormal pap smear?
Avatar n tn I am 22 years old and received abnormal PAP smear results on the PAP I got last year. I then had a colposcopy (which came back normal) and a PAP smear six months later (which also came back normal). My question is, what can cause an abnormal PAP smear? Is HPV the only cause? My husband is the only sexual partner I've ever had and I'd like to know if any abnormal PAP smear ensures that I had an STD. Are there other causes? Thanks very much.
Avatar n tn would BV or a yeast infection show up as abnormal on a pap smear? would HPV? also, with a blood test and a pap smear, what is standardly tested for?
Avatar n tn Hi, We just found out yesterday that there were abnormalities in my wife's pap smear. She is 9 weeks pregnant and the doctor said that there is a yeast infection and an abnormality in the pap smear due to HPV infection. She also said that she would need to do a biopsy of the cervix after the pregnancy. This is the first time she is getting this abnormal pap smear. The other scary thing the doctor mentioned was that one in 3 cases with such abnormalities would result in cancer! Is this true?
Avatar f tn Also, other infections can cause and abnormal pap like irritation, yeast infection, bacterial infection (bv) and sometimes mishandling of the smear can cause it, also using yeast infection cream or having sex before the pap smear can also cause false results. A pap smear is a precaution to make sure u dont have cancer but it is not a diagnosis...
Avatar n tn (Biopsy results are usually about 3 days) and then you will know if the abnormal pap was due to the infection of if it is due to dysplasia. What were the results of the HPV test? (HPV is not tested through regular STD tests, it is only ran through pap smears and usually not until you are older as most younger women will test positive anyway.) If the result of the biopsy from your colposcopy confirms dysplasia then that would have been caused by HPV.
Avatar f tn I had an abnormal pap, had a colposcopy and biopsy and my Dr. gave me the option of waiting to see if it got better on it's own or having it treated. Regardless I was told I would need to go back every 3 months till I cleared so many paps and then 6 months, and then yearly. I did go ahead and do cryotherapy, but between my pap and the colposcopy which was a week or so later, I also developed polyps on my cervix that weren't there, my Dr.
Avatar n tn I had a Pap come back abnormal last year and freaked out thinking my boyfriend had given me genital warts and I would have to get my cervix removed and would never have kids, etc. It turns out that the abnormal result was caused by having sex the night before my Pap, and when I went back for a repeat everything was fine. Hopefully this is the case for you!
Avatar f tn I think I might have BV or maybe a yeast infection...can this cause abnormal pap??? I am very scared and looking for any info. I can get!!! THank you!
Avatar n tn I had mild dyplasia and I chose to have lazer surgery because I didn't want to deal with cervical cancer. Well the pap smear after the surgery came back normal and then had abnormal pap smear in 2008. Dr teated as bacterial and yeast infection then did biopsy and was DX with moderate dysplasia in which did the colposcopy and then leep so aparently with me the virus grew back. Go back to your Dr. and ask.
Avatar f tn I have since been doing a lot of reading and im worried that other things can cause an abnormal pap smear suddenly such as inflamation due to another STD or vaginal infection. like herpes or yeast.
Avatar n tn I do not really have enough information to comment on your ovaries or your pap smear. If you have the actual pap smear and biopsy reports and /or the ultrasound reports, I would be happy to comment. I can tell you that there is no relationship between cervical disease and ovarian disease. They are very tissues that develop very different problems.
Avatar n tn Hello, I just want to say congrats to all those who just got their BFP's and good luck to all the TTC'S out there! So i had my DD 10 weeks ago and I recently got my pap smear results back from my post partum check up and I don't really understand it, I can't call the doctor casue he is out this week. So it reads, pap benign, cellular changes, no cancer. So I understand it all but the cellular changes. What does this mean and has anybody had this result?
Avatar n tn For me, all they had to do was take a sample (like a pap-smear), and they could tell for sure if there was an infection. I've read that during pregnancy, pH changes and that can cause itching..... But I would have them do a pap-smear and test for any STD's or yeast infections. If they find nothing, ask about the pH.
Avatar f tn She told me it was probably an allergic reaction to a condom, but I had a pap test done. This was my first pap smear- I'm 21 years old. I'm worried that I may have herpes. Would a pap smear indicate the herpes virus? What kind of STDs does a pap smear test indicate?
Avatar n tn A pelvic test is what you got - the pap smear is when they swab your uterus to check for anything abnormal - then they get that swab tested. I hated my first exam! - I felt violated almost & strange for a little while. It's not exactly a fun thing to get done! Each one gets easier, and you basically get used to it more & more. If you felt anything was too cold or she/he was too rough or whatever, just ask your DR to be more gentle next time.
Avatar m tn Recently I had an abnormal pap smear, the doctor said it showed a few abnormal cells. She said it didn't mean it was cancer and could just be a yeast infection or inflammation but they recommend looking closer with a scope at an OBGYN clinic. She also said I had some clear discharge (I commonly get this around my period) that could be a sign of a yeast infection. The pap was also done 4 days after my period and I recently (within a few weeks) had had a urinary tract infection.
Avatar n tn I have always had a normal pap smear until last August I had a yeast infection. I just had a pap smear this week to ensure the infection had been cleared and to make sure my IUD was in place as well. Today my doctor called and said I need to get a biopsy of my cervix done because my pap was abnormal with abnormal changed cells. I am very concerned because all the research online says a second pap is recommended in none severe cases but a biopsy is recommended in the most severe cases.
Avatar n tn I was prescribed Aldara 2 years ago after having an abnormal pap smear and bumps on my labia. My doctor told me that I didn't have HPV, but I wonder if I could have had HPV and it went away before my coloscopy. I've had three normal pap smears after my one abnormal one. Is it safe to try the extra Aldara on these skin tags/bumps? I've read that it is possible that the skin tags are inflamed due to the yeast but I would rather them go away. Thanks for the help.
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm 21 years old and went in last week for my first annual PAP SMEAR, at which I was also offered a free STD/STI screening. (I was given both in bootcamp and little less than a year ago and everything came back normal, and I tested negative for ALL STD's). Well, two days after my PAP, I got a call from the nurse informing me I tested positive for Chlamydia, of which I was asymptomatic.
Avatar f tn Mid-Feb, finally diagnosed with yeast infection and oral thrush, used Nystatin and took Diflucan; symptoms diminished; during Y.I. noticed tear between anus and vulva; late Feb, given cephalexin for peritonsillar abcess, developed vulvar irritation again for a week before taking Diflucan, which went away; diagnosed with Mono late April; throughout this time period, I had 3 more pelvic exams which turned up nothing suspicious other than yeast.
Avatar n tn He figured the small red spots on the tip were irritation or possibly yeast infection and prescribed some antifungal cream. We did a pap smear test just to be sure, but he said he would be very surprised if it came out positive. Test came back positive the next day. He mentioned how mild it was and how he really had to scrape to get anything. Then he said: "it was so small that I think I got mostly (or a lot) blood." This particular pap smear does not report type.
1331397 tn?1294043495 I researched the syptoms but nothing i found matches the infection to be exact. i had a yeast infection before and this does not feel like one. i am scared that this may be STD related beacause of other comlications i'va had in the past few months (see posts). Someone please help me!
Avatar n tn abnormal PAP smear with cervical dysplasia (pre-cancer cells).
Avatar n tn If that was negative, I would probably do a complete pelvic exam and pap smear, looking for any evidence of yeast or other infection, or any polyps. If the exam was normal, I would proceed to ultrasound to rule out ovarian cysts. If all of that was fine, I would probably give you some hormonal medications such as oral contraceptive pills for 4-6 weeks to get you back on track with your cycles. I hope this helps!
Avatar f tn She did a smear and exam... even without getting the results she knew it was a yeast infection. I'm on the same treatment plan as I was the first time, so I really hope it clears up. It's stressful and I had no clue this kind of thing happens because of pregnancy. By the way when I was itching and burning really bad I would use ice packs over my shorts which helped me.
Avatar n tn i have a abnormal virgina discharge is scent less and white .......thick white clots mix in clear fluid....did i mention it was pap smear is next month ....but if anyone has any ideas please help me .....