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Avatar n tn since she has had to have her gallbladder removed and is now having problems with her heart rate dropping and passing out. I am scarred this pill may be causing this. Her OB doctor says it shouldnt be could this pill be causing this problem?
876503 tn?1240169553 These symptoms have continued to worsen, and a month ago I've started fainting and vomiting with little to no warning, and not during menstruation. I dropped and had a seizure in a parking lot in the middle of the day! I've had an ultrasound on my pelvis that came back normal. I also have very low blood pressure (usually in the 80/50 range, 56/30 when I faint) ... and I'm considering attributing everything to that? Was tested for low blood sugar and came back negative.
Avatar f tn I am 17 and have been on YAZ for three months for an ovarian cyst and was fine until a few days ago. Now, I feel like I'm losing interest in the boyfriend that I loved so much. It's getting ridiculous. I'm crying every day and got so worried that I fainted. I've also made myself sick over it because I do love him, I think, and something is screwing me up. It got so bad tonight, after the fainting incident, that we went to talk to his mother. She suggested it could be the birth control.
Avatar m tn just wont up one day and started fainting while standing. It's very weird and multi-symptom and baffles my doctors. My nerologist seems to know more about it then my cardiologist. I would go see a good nerologist because from what i noticed a cardiologist seems to keep doing cardiac workup that comes up normal. My heart is fine...and most of the test are done lying down. I usually make doctors check my blood pressure standing up too now.
Avatar n tn I've been taking 500mg metformin myself and I have not experienced any weight loss. I am actually taking it for diabetes treatment. But it has not helped with my weight loss.
503727 tn?1210442710 As soon as I get into a place I get so dizzy and my vision is all messed up. I get so hot and sweaty and my heart races. I want my life back. I still dont believe that its just anxiety causing all of this. I feel like I have something else wrong that the doctors cant find even though i have had bloodwork, mri, ekg, and they were all normal. I started taking .25mg of xanax once a day. still dont feel any better yet. So if anybody has any help please give it to me.
Avatar n tn I wonder if adderall/yaz could have created a serious problem. . . what if I go to the emergency care center and they tell me there's nothing wrong -- then what do I do???
1252901 tn?1271135468 Based on the information you have provided me,I could see that the symptoms have been aggravating and possibly been relieving once you taken Effexor and Yaz simultaneously.These symptoms seems to occurring as an association.Even though these two classes of drugs don not have known interaction but still they do cause similar side affects.Yaz like oral contraceptive pills causes menstrual disturbances,breast swelling,tooth disorder and migraine.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with PCOS back in 2004 after 3 years of numerous trips to the GP with severe abdo pain, no periods, sickness and fainting. Turns out I had a 5inch cyst and multiple ones on both ovaries that had to be removed by laparotomy. That took years of pleading and demanding an US, trying to convince them it was was not stress or just being young! I went on to have 3 miscarriages in succession after being advised to start a family sooner rather than later - I was 25 then.
Avatar n tn Simple question here, has anyone ever had a negative blood test and negative urine test and went on with their daily routine and a month or so later found out you were in fact pregnant while having ultrasound done. If this has happened to anyone or perhaps someone you know, please respond, I'd appreciate the information. Thanks.
1484157 tn?1287848250 I have gained almost 20 lbs in three months.. I fall asleep at work and constantly yawning.. I have had fainting black out spells, no desire to do anything and no sex drive.. Since I quit Yaz, I am starting to feel much better. My aunt is currently in a blood clot battle from being on yaz. She is about to lose her leg.. I am getting the IUD in a few weeks, No hormones in it, So it is my only option.. Some women can't handle estrogen either. I am one of them...
Avatar m tn The PA in the ER gave her IV fluids and told her that they thought she had a fainting episode and sent her home. She went to her family doctor a couple days later. They did an EEG which showed some abnormal activity. Since the episode, her blood pressure has been low (90/60) and her blood sugar has been low. She is also experiencing light-headedness, headaches, confusion, lack of coordination, nausea, & stomach pain. At times she said she feels confused...
Avatar f tn Started with Yasmin, didnt like it, went to Loestrin, didnt like it, and now found YAZ. YAZ worked WONDERS for me. I was a very happy person, of course with mood swings, but that comes with being a woman in the first place. I stopped BC all together about a month and a half ago, and that is when all the hell started. I had my first panic attack after ending the pill.
Avatar n tn I took these two pills and did stop my period with no side effects. And no fainting occurred! I continue to take the iron pills daily, however I stop taking the chasteberry when my period stops though continue to take the iron. So now whenever my period wont start or is continuous I will start up the chasteberry again. Check it out ladies! http://www.aafp.org/afp/20050901/821.
Avatar n tn It has been a long recovery process, and I am just starting back to work full time. I have switched back to my faithful YAZ.
Avatar f tn I have to pull my records and search for reasons and answers. All these drs toss my around like a hot potatoe and when I get a good dr, they move away! Uggh! So I have all these drs telling me I have real pain...multiple health issues causing pain. And then I have these drs who say my pain is all related to my opiate use! Well, it was real pain for 1.5 years untreated (ICP) that lead me to cry out for help.
Avatar n tn i've been having severe abdominal and pelvic pain as well along with nauseousness and fainting. i'm curious though, have any of you with this issue had the gardasil shot?
Avatar f tn I like that I don't have to pill it up every day. Pills I've been on before, including low dose yaz, and lo-ortho, as well as ortho tricycline have all made me a little nuts. Most of the pills affected me about a week before my period. Road rage, breaking things, etc. my step-mom pointed out the pattern. I switched to Nuva ring bc taking a pill the same time everyday is impossible for me. I work long 12 hour shift and just not possible bc Bed time fluctuates, wake p time fluctuates, etc.
Avatar n tn First, I will feel a bit dizzy and nauseas, then I will have to run to the bathroom because the diarrhea hits me and I feel like while I'm going to the bathroom I will pass out, then the nausea and dizziness with cold chillls and then I am hot so I have to take the sweater off that I put on because I was cold. I am 30 years old and I have a mild case of lupus that has been under control with plaquinil over the past ten years.
537497 tn?1292556656 Ive never had anxiety until I started on my birth control Yaz. The first time it hit I was riding the train to work and I couldnt swallow, I thought that I would die right then and there. When I got to work I looked up every possible diagnoses for not being able to swallow/ feeling like I was choking on my tounge. It was just sever anxiety and then once I looked up the side effects of the birth control I realized that it was just from the pills and my body needed to get adjusted.
Avatar m tn It just strated outta the blue I went to take a deep breath and i couldnt get that last bit of hair to satisfy the breath and this whole vicious cycle started. After that for about 2 years i was constantly taking deep breaths and not able to get a satisfied breath. I WAS CONSTANTLY YAWNING>SIGNING AND TAKIN UNSATISFIED DEEP BREATH ALL DAY LONG. I had reached the point when i was staying home in my bed just hoping i would die so it would stop. After 2 years or so it seemed to just go away.
Avatar n tn Bowel symptoms similar to IBS have been a main symptom, deep pelvic pain, low back pain, I had chest pain, palpitations, fainting episodes, and stabbing right ovary pain. Since laproscopy in Feb to remove endometriomas from both ovaries and to detach the right ovary from the pelvic wall, and having been told I have endo through the pouch of douglas that they were unable to access, I have not had any relief from pain. The nature of the pain has changed.
Avatar n tn I just assumed it was because I had children and was so busy with them (I have a 2 1/2 year old and one that is almost 1 1/2). I am starting to think it could also have something to do with the iud. I am considering getting it removed to see if this changes anything. If anyone has experienced anything similiar to this I would appreciate any feedback.
Avatar n tn he gave me a blood test and my thyroids are fine. I am not pregnant and so he put me on YAZ. My period still hasn't stopped so I went to the hospital. I have been in a lot of pain and passing big clots. I also have been sick to my stomach and dizzy, also I have had a few hot flashes. The Dr. at the hospital did a few blood test and said my Hemoglobin was very high and I was bleeding my from cervix a little bit. He gave me provarin to take for 10 days to stop my period.
Avatar n tn I've been to vascular surgeons, cardiologists. hand surgeons and regular md's and no one can help me. This just happened again to my thumb after 10 years and my cardiologist prescribed high blood pressure meds...and I DON'T have high blood pressure, I've been running for 25 years! If anyone has a diagnosis please share...I know your frustration.
Avatar n tn I tried taking yaz when she first found it but that made me unbelievably sick and I had to stop taking it. But she said a low dosage of something else may work. I am really scared. The odd thing is, she seemed very aggressive about it and having to deal with it ASAP but yet my CT scan is scheduled a week away? Should I be scared? I still want kids and am afraid that this will affect that. And she said she'd fight like hell to save my ovary but that may have to be removed also.
Avatar n tn I am 31 years old, am healthy (exercise almost daily, eat healthily, am not overweight, do not smoke, and only drink socially), and yet I always feel like my breathing is extremely laboured. I constantly yawn to try to catch a satisfying breath. There are some periods throughout the day where it's not laboured and I feel as if I breathe normally, but then it creeps up on me and I have to start yawning again.
Avatar n tn Hi everyone - I have just come across this forum - and would like to ask help and advice. I have been taking nurofen plus (ibuprofen + codeine sulphate 12.8 mg per tablet) for 5 years - I take about 24 tablets per day (all at once - like the feeling along with the pain killing effects) I must give these up - for I understand this is addiction - and must find another way to deal with pain. I guess nurofen is much like tylenol (2? 3? 4?) - dont know which one.
Avatar n tn Once I had it removed I did not have a period for 3 months and like you I had pinching etc...They performed a scan and no cysts found...