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Avatar m tn I am 24 years girl, not married ,I have dignosed with pcos 2 years back , i also have dermoid in my left ovary around 2 cm , suffering from acne & facial hair growth , irregular periods .for 1 year i was on diane 35 & laser hair removal i got good results with my periods & facial hairs , i have reduced around 8 kgs ( now i am 65 kgs hight -5.
Avatar f tn I've had pcos since (and maybe longer) 2007 and have been on metformin 500mg 2x since Jan of this year, plus I'm on Yasmin bc pills. Yasmin, like luisa24 said is the best form of bc pills for pcos. It also helps great if you suffer from mild acne breakouts. To answer your question about the side affects after you stopped treatment, well that i cannot answer. I'm still be treated and pcos is something that just doesn't go away. You will always have it, but the symptoms should get better.
Avatar n tn also what options for treatment are there. i am very embarrassed by these problems and in 3 years of having these problems have been too embarrassed to sugest pcos to my doctor. the hair growth and acne cause me to loose confidence and change the way i interact with people. what can be done for this? If laser treatment is suggested by my gp would i have to fund it? i do not think i would be able to pay for such treatment.
Avatar n tn So the next day i went to the gyno and she took me off of the spiratactone and immediately started me on yasmin. I heard this bc is not good for a person to take. Pcos can lead to diabetes and this birth control can cause diabetes....Should i stop taking it? I went back to the gyno a week after my first appt and she done a pelvic exam and said i must of passed a cyst bc my ovary was normal size. I dont know what to do...I always wonder if i really have pcos and if i need a second opinion.
Avatar f tn I went on the pill (Yasmin) for a good 3 and half years and i must say that i saw an improvement in my skin in regards to acne,hair and regulating my periods but very little difference with the hirsutism. I also found that being on the pill did not help with insulin resistance it actually worsened it! I found myself having constant cravings and episodes of binging which made me feel absolutely horrible!
Avatar f tn I have Hypothyroid, frequent period (in every 17-18 days) and Hirsutism. I was taking Synthroid( half of .075 MG), Aldactone 100MG( twice a day). But now she stopped Aldactone and gave me Birth Control Pill ( Ocella, its generic of Yasmin). But How long can I take this BCP I am not sure. My period are always been so frequent since they started ( in the age of 13). Recently my doc took vaginal and abdominal ultrasound. She found that I have Poly cystic ovaries.
Avatar n tn Hi luisa! Thanks for your comment! As far as my periods are concerned, they have always been pretty regular and only last about 4-5 days. I rarely have any pain or cramps, and to tell you the truth, I feel very good when I do have my period. I'm also surprised that my PCP prescribed Metformin, as I'm within a normal weight range (5'5 and 125 lbs). So I'm not obese or diabetic. I'm not sure if he requested an insulin test, but it would make sense to have one done.
Avatar n tn yes, i have also PCOS and im thin. im taking metformin now and for the last 3 months i had yasmin to help regulate also my cycle. my problem now is that i easily get hungry. my stomach always craves for food. is this really the effects of metformin?
681588 tn?1275086789 My doctor has recently placed me on a Yaz treatment method for 6 months to treat nonclassical congenital adrenal hyperplasia. Any thoughts on this treatment method? So far the Yaz is ridiculous. I'm experiencing every common side effect but vomiting (then again I'm only on day 5). Any feedback would be appreciated.
992128 tn?1364375342 traditional PCOS -- anovulatory, increased androgens, no insulin resistance endocrine syndrome X -- anovulatory, increased androgens, insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes non-traditional PCOS --anovulatory, normal androgens, obese, insulin resistant or type 2 diabetes non-traditional PCOS -- ovulatory, increased androgens, mild insulin resistance idiopathic hirsutism -- ovulatory, increased androgens, no insulin resistance THANK YOU - hopefully someone can shed some light, I
Avatar f tn I can't get much out of my doctor, so I wanted to ask you to tell me your experiences with this syndrome -- What are your insulin levels for instace? Mine was 3 times higher than normal when I checked it 2 years ago! How many of you have already developed diabetes? Does everyone with PCOS develop diabetes and, if so, when? At what age? I'm taking Metformin, Spironolactone and Yasmin everyday. I also have a very health diet, with roughly 120 - 140 gr carbs per day.
363243 tn?1331037450 With all the conditions combined I'm unable to hold a job and have been denied twice for dissability. I have to shave my face daily due to hirsutism, am balding, & am constantly batteling extreme fatigue and aches. My parents treat it like its all an excuse to not have to visit with or talk to them which doesn't help.
Avatar f tn Birth control pills just help matain a normal cycle each month. I take Yasmin and they are a very low dose form of pills. I've been on them close to 2 years and have never had a problem with side affects either. If you have irregular bleeding each month, then bcp will help contol that. Other then that I don't know what else you would take to help with the symptoms.
Avatar n tn My urogynecologist scheduled me for a pelvic (not transvaginal) ultrasound soon (due to frequent urination and possible Interstitial Cystitis or other bladder problem), and I am wondering if this will pick up PCOS if I have it? Is it possible to have a milder form of PCOS? If so, I think that might explain my lifetime's worth of symptoms.
Avatar n tn I took Yasmin for 2 months and Yaz for 1 month. I started having all kinds of issues such as yeast infections and constant itching and severe burning even when the infection was gone. Within 2 weeks of starting this pill my energy level, motivation and spirit hit rock bottom. I had never been so depressed in my life. I think I cried for a couple weeks strait which didn't make any sense because things in my life were great at the time.
Avatar f tn I was then put on microgynon which made things even worse so I changed to Yasmin which was fine for 6 months then the same symptoms again. I ended up coming off altogether with the promise my hubby would have a vasectomy. Well 2 years on and he's "not got round to it" and "too busy with work" My periods have been irratic, so we can't use the "safe" method.
Avatar n tn How old are you may i ask?? im 20 and My period is also irregular has stopped for years at a time. I went to the doctors twice and he said there was nothing to be worried about. There are possible reasons for this, maybe a cyst or something. Fortunately you have a doc thats willing to find out a cause, my doc just looks at me as if im crazy for coming to the doctors and stares at me untill i walk out.