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Avatar n tn hey everyone, does anyone know what diane 35 is? if so, what are the side-fx, and does it actually work?
Avatar f tn Hello, the only two pills I tried were Yasmin (I am currently still on it and have been on it for 3 years) and Diane 35. I feel absolutely fine with Yasmin! I was so scared when I began to take it (esp. since my doc said I will have to take it forever), but I really feel much better with it than without it. I never gained weight from it either. And I didn't feel anything when I began taking it. Maybe your symptoms are caused by the change you made from Estelle to Yasmin?
Avatar n tn in regards to stopping yasmin and came across a message forum. (not this one) Okay, now, my concern is the effcts after STOPPING yasmin. I understand that all bc pills are different and so are we women as far as side effects go. I have read postings about women who stopped taking yasmin and have experienced the following: - anxiety, panic attacks, heart palpitations and fluttering - depression - excessive weight gain - hair loss *I already have a prob.
Avatar f tn Hello, I've recently started taking Yasmin as birth control (I am on my first pack and 3rd week). I've taken Diane 35 in the past before, but I've taken a break between the two pills. I've been experiencing bleeding and thick black discharge but I am not on my period. Is this normal? It looks worrying to me. I am also currently taking roaccutane 20mg a day. Should I continue taking Yasmin or stop mid cycle?
Avatar f tn I've only been on 1 bc pill and that is Yasmin. I find Yasmin works great alone and also with Metformin. Are you taking Metformin too? My pills are generic brand, but they still say Yasmin. The only difference I've had with them is the price. I get a 3 month supply with my prescription plan for $10.00 or $5.00 a month. I never had any breakthrough bleeding with Yasmin or any side effects other then just the first month of being on them.
Avatar n tn I take the birth control pill Diane ED 35, and I am in my second month of using it. When it came around to take my first lot of sugar pills, I took them for two days and then went straight back to the active pills. I did this about 13 days ago, and for the last 11 or so days I have had my period. It is fairly light but still noticeable. Why is this happening, and will it go away within the next 6-7 days? Because I am so sick of it and really really can't have my period next weekend.
Avatar n tn Yasmin worked well for me. I just had breakouts around the time of my period though.
Avatar f tn I've been taking birth control for about four years, maybe take a few months. I'd do your research and talk it over with your doctor. I can't remember if my friend was on Yaz or Yasmine (both are in commercials, so it's hard to remember), and she had some pretty scary stuff happen after getting off it.
Avatar n tn I had the same thing with the Yaz. I was on Yasmin and switched to Yaz and promptly gained about 5 or more pounds. No problems at all with Yasmin, and I was on it for 5 or more years. I still work out like I did on Yasmin, and I've never eaten a lot, although, the Yaz does make me hungry all the time, and I can't seem to get rid of this bloating. I spot constantly and cramp. I have another friend that is the same way.
Avatar n tn If you are female do not take the progesterone only pill as that makes acne worse, instead go on diane 35 or yasmin.
Avatar n tn Yasmin recently became available in the US and has also been studied in polycystic ovarian syndrome, and 1 study showed it to be similar to Diane-35. However, there are some concerns of the increased possibility of pulmonary embolism with this OC. What are your thoughts on this? I am feeling very desperate to try to reduce my symptoms - esp. the hair loss - and appreciate any additional information you can provide. Thank you.
Avatar f tn I have read a lot of literature on Diane 35, Yasmin and Yaz. Which of these in your opinion would be most effective in treating moderate acne? Thanks.
Avatar n tn I take Yasmin and its helped my body stay regular. Birth control pills do not cause cancer or cysts on the breasts. Birth control pills actually help to reduce the risks with ovarian and endo cancers because they cleanse your body each month.
Avatar f tn For you the best type of birth control would be something with light dosages of hormones monophasic - like Yasmin, Diane-35, Logest, Jeanine - however I would recommend you to consult with your doctor before starting treatment. Irregular periods could have been provoked by the recent beginning of sexual activity. But the doctor will know for sure after he has taken your blood work and examined you.
1356959 tn?1488979548 I have been using Skineron cream for my forehead which was badly burnt by the sun and acne, wow i could see the difference, one has to be patient though. I'm worried about coming off the Ginette 35 tablets, i have read through the internet about the worst and bad acne people had after stopping the pill, has anyone ever experienced this?
Avatar f tn I gain weight very easily usually and struggle to maintain it off, but Yasmin never caused any problems in this respect, I'd say on the contrary. Spironolactone which is used to treat hirsutism or hair loss is a diuretic, and therefore it will actually help you not to retain water (I have this problem). These are the most common approaches and none of these will lead to weight gain.
Avatar m tn I have been on yasmin, Diane 35, micrgoyn 35 and micrgoyn 50 then switched back to Diane 35. Had a mirena inserted for a whole 6 days before it was removed due an infection an fearing it was perforated. Between all of this I have had two d&cs done due to extended bleeding between October-June (done in May and June) as well as an exploratory laparoscopy in June. The pills have been changed between January and May.
Avatar f tn if you're 24 and still getting acne then hormones play a big role in your breakouts and you really should be on brith control. diane is better for acne than yasmin and alot cheaper too. good luck!!
Avatar m tn Since the begining i ve been sufferin only from irregular periods and i didnt know much about this problem and the doctors didnt really explain it to me.Now i am on diane 35 but i have a lot of facial hair, on the legs....everywhere...do not mention obessity,high blood preasure.....i am really scared i caN not really handle this problem....i am not married but one day i probably will and i would love to have a child....but i am so disappointed when i think what is going on with me....
Avatar f tn I am diagnostic pcos since i wad 17 i am 25 years old now.i used to take diane or yasmin in order to have my period. Im am married and trying to have a babe since one year ago. I started with clomid with no ovulation 3 months and added metformin with clomid 3 more months also no result. I mooved to menogon with one per day i had hyperstimulation ovsry right 8 cm and left 9 cm. During this treatment treatement i had 3 folicules. I stoped all the treatments for one month.
Avatar f tn I am diagnostic pcos since i wad 17 i am 25 years old now.i used to take diane or yasmin in order to have my period. Im am married and trying to have a babe since one year ago. I started with clomid with no ovulation 3 months and added metformin with clomid 3 more months also no result. I mooved to menogon with one per day i had hyperstimulation ovsry right 8 cm and left 9 cm. During this treatment treatement i had 3 folicules. I stoped all the treatments for one month.
1927233 tn?1326673987 I once took Yaz (Yasmin) for a month and after discovering many small hard and very sensitive lumps in my breasts after one month, I stopped taking it. My doctor had no explaination. 5 years later, and I am trying birth control pills again (for various reasons). This is my first month on Diane-35. My breasts are extrememly tender and sensitive, putting on a bra is painful, and there are small hard lumps in my breast. Are these side effects normal? Are they dangerous?
Avatar f tn but it did not work to quit. I was yasmin for awhile then i had mirena put in that is a dui, and then i had that removed due to yeast infections and then i switched to a pill called loestrin24 for awhile. then last summer i quit it all and wanted to see if my head pains went away in the sides of my heads and a foggy feeling in my head, burning type feeling and tingles and such. but nothing changed.
895242 tn?1241553326 And this week I will try a acne diet, with Omega 3 supplement, Zinc and Vitamin D. I hope that will improve god! I already try Diane 35, that didn't work for me...
Avatar f tn if yes please elaborate 2- The two types of birth control she used are (Diane 35 + Yasmin) can you recommend another brand that wouldn't have that side effect? 3- Has anyone tried (Inositol) and noticed an improvement? if yes, can you provide the symptoms eased and the brand? 4- any advice?
Avatar n tn This is the only treatment i am getting, because the doctors said that an insulin problem is at the base of this entire disease. I did take last summer Diane 35 for 3 months, but that didn't really help, and I am not that keen about taking hormone pills as I am already messed up as it is! I am sure that somebody from here has or has had similar issues maybe, and I would really appreciate your opinion, your experience and maybe advice on this PCOS topic! It would help me a great deal!
Avatar n tn This indicates a increased sensitivity to testosterone and Diane 35 is a testosterone blocker. I wish I knew about diane 35 10 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope this helps.
Avatar n tn Hello, im 17 years old and suffer with moderate acne which has been ongoing for the past 5 years. I have tried many antibiotics and topical treatments throughout the past 5 years, all of which have not worked. I have recently been referred to see a dermatologist as my acne is really getting me down and lowering my confidence. However i am worried, that he/she may not prescribe me roaccutane as my acne is not severe enough.
Avatar n tn Now, he's put me on birth control pills (Yasmin) and said to see if that helps. I'm on day 6 of the week of placebos and still haven't had a period. What's next? Is this a common problem? I had no idea that the depo would have this affect when I started taking it. I'm sure that was the combined failure of me reading and my doctor not explaining it to me, but I really want another child, and I'm started to get worried about why my period won't come back.