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Avatar n tn I feel as though my procedure left me with an expensive mono type vision (but that is another story). My question is, after the yag laser on both eyes, I have a fair amount of cobwebs (floaters). Will this go away? The doctor didn't seem to concerned, but my research reveals that they may not get better. Some say that your brain learns to look around the blur. What can I expect? Is it absorbed, settle to the bottom or what?
Avatar m tn On January 3, 2012, I had to go through the YAG laser procedure to get rid of the scar tissue from the cataract surgery in my left eye. Since the first YAG procedure in January, I have gone through this procedure two more times, January 17, and February 14, 2012. I have been looking for information on this and I cannot seem to find it. What I need to know is how many times does a person have to undergo YAG laser before it finally causes damage to the eye, more specifically the retina?
Avatar n tn I have had the YAG laser on the right eye in 2006. I have a white active floater swinging across my vision. I thought the part cut out by the laser was supposed to sink. It looks like a puff of white smoke when I look to the left and it swings back when I look to the right. I have vitreous detachment in that eye as well. Would getting another YAG laser treatment make it more likely of retinal detachment/and or could it crack the IOL in my right eye? Or do I have to just live with it.
Avatar n tn Four weeks ago I had a YAG laser to clear out build up on the lens implant. The first YAG did not go well. Apparently there was a "curtain" of protien, cells and or old cataract hanging from the top of the eye casting a shadow on the bottom of my eye. The surgen suggested a second YAG treatment.
Avatar n tn Thus it is not unusual to need a YAG laser capusulotomy in a few months after the cataract surgery. Very common. Normally, I would not do the yag laser until the implant has been the eye at least a few months - preferabley 3 months. Also if you do it any sooner than 3 months - the insurance company may want a detailed expanation as to why. So usually wait 3 months unless patient is very impatient.
Avatar m tn As i read on many posts, 10 months past the cataract surgery is considered safe for the yag laser, right ? Also I learned here at medhelp that yag laser is a very safe procedure, but has its risks, retinal detachment is one of them. I also learned that retinal detachment risk is higher on high myopic eyes, but I wonder what is considered high myopic. My RE is now plano, but I had -5 of myopia before cataract surgery, so my RE is a myopic eye corrected by an IOL.
749258 tn?1233189937 There are some doctors using a YAG laser to removed floaters. Most retinal surgeons do not believe in this procedure. Dr. O.
Avatar m tn i have been viewing some U Tube links involving treatment with the Yag laser and the Opthalmologists who are using this particular Laser say it's around 80 % successful and the rest significantly improved .. this is why i have joined this forum to receive correct advice and many thanks for your time ..
Avatar f tn I have been experiencing some cloudiness and floaters in the eye that was operated on four months ago. The optometrist told me that the opthalmologist can use lasers to "clean it up" but that it could cause retinal detatchment. I've never heard this before, and just wanted to know if it is indeed a danger.
Avatar f tn Hi Dr. Hagan. Does yag vitreolysis work for reducing eye floaters? I was wondering. Am getting used to them but it would be nice if there was something that would reduce them. Barbara; how are you? This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/270914'>To dangerous to do a yag laser treatment?</a>.
Avatar n tn I'm 53 and have noticed a problem with floaters that seemed to start right after Yag treatments. It's been 9 months since RLE and I have adjusted to them with the exception of one activity. Does this make since that I would have an increased awareness doing this motion? When I'm working on the computer doing data entry (looking down at a document then back up at the screen) with a backlight from the outside, I can hardly get through it. Waves of the stuff floating across my field of vision.
Avatar m tn Are laser treatments for floaters also a scam? Wouldn't ttreating the viscous with YAG laser help to accellerate the liquification of the vitrious and thus cause the floaters to settle below the line of sight?
Avatar f tn In general, I would not look to the yag laser as your cure for floaters but this might change in the future. If you do need a yag laser capsulotomy, then that is a generally safe and effective procedure.
Avatar n tn Yes there are currently a very few rare ophthalmolgist who treat floaters with a yag laser. This treatment is definitely not standard of care. It's not being taught in our US medical schools and there is no current laser specifically designed for the job - it has to be a modified laser. There have been no major clinical trials in the main ophthalmology journals about the treatment.
Avatar m tn Recently about 2 months ago, I had a retinal tear in the right eye which was corrected with laser treatment successfully; Beginning about 2 weeks ago I have had increased in floaters in my other eye, had the doctor check that eye, but everything looks fine. Before the retinal tear of about 2 months ago I had perfect vision, no floaters at all. What would cause this beginning problem? Are there any herbal drops etc that I could use to reduce the floaters?
Avatar f tn There are a few rare surgeons that will use a modified yag laser to zap floaters. Not standard of care, can't give it the thumbs up, not covered by insurance, but some desperate patients have tried it.
586266 tn?1223820791 Yes, I know it would not, but he did do a yag laser twice on that eye to try and open the capsule. I was just wondering if the vitrerous would possible clear on its on with time.
Avatar n tn not see these floaters? How i get rid of this trash in my eye? Medicare did not pay for this yag surgery they said 3 weeks was to soon , will i have to pay for another yag?
Avatar f tn Second there is no good treatment for floaters. Vitrectomy is expensive, risky and always causes cataracts to for and grown. Yag laser break up of floaters has not been successful. There is a new laser and laser lens but its new, untested, doesn't always work and some parts of the eye and some types of floaters can't be treated. Better precious time, money, resources and research be spent on the major causes of poor vision and blindness.
Avatar f tn But it took a full 6 weeks after surgery for the pain in the orbital bones to subside (it gradually diminished over the weeks). I now need the YAG laser on the other eye because it's become so blurry I can't see to read or drive with that eye. I'm worried about having pain again after surgery. Any idea what caused the pain? I did not have an abnormal level of inflammation in my eye after surgery or any increase in pressure, so that doesn't explain it. And the eye itself was pain-free.
Avatar f tn Please help me in deciding whether I should take the YAG Laser Capsulotomy for my right eye, as I just posted my comments on the question "How's your vision after cataract surgery?
Avatar n tn After the YAG laser treatment to remove scar tissue from my left eye caused by crystalens implant surgery, I saw this floating blurred streak in my vision. When I attempted to discuss this with the surgeon his only comment was that it may go away and just don't focus on this problem. This seems totally unacceptable to me since I wasn't experiencing that kind of problem in that eye before the YAG procedure. That was about three weeks ago and nothing has improved. What are my options?
Avatar m tn He confirmed that it is PCO and that we need to wait 2 to 3 months before YAG laser to allow a full recovery of the cataract surgery. Well, it would be better not to have PCO, but at least it is a relatively easy to fix problem.
Avatar f tn Laser treatments for floaters is certainly not the standard of care and is rarely done especially in the U.S. and is not covered by insurance companies. The yag laser can break the floater into smaller pieces. There is some risk of retinal detachment. In my opinion, the procedure seems to hold some promise in the future but the actual protocol and procedures and actual equipment specs have not all been worked out yet.
Avatar m tn Hello, Anyone who can help will be really appreciated. Two months ago I had YAG laser in my right eye for two retinal holes in my peripheral part of the retina. The next day I had shimmering in my far out peripheral vision which I need to concentrate to see it. A month ago I went for a follow up to my eye doctor. He made a really thorough examination and found everything ok.
Avatar m tn The doc found a small sac and sheduled me for both eye YAG laser Dec 20. But for one full month now the blur has disappeared. I test it continuousoly all day. No trace. No fl oaters either. I feel duty bound to go back to her for confirmation this week. But she is a first-rate doc and I am reluctant to question her decision. Please advise if is this a normal phenomenon - for one eye to clear itself of a cloudy spot and both to lose all floaters?
Avatar n tn A Yag laser capsulotomy is not a difficult procedure to do and multifocal implants don't make it harder than normal. The problems of a yag laser capsulotomy in a multifocal patient are: 1. After a yag capsulotomy a lens exchange or replacement is much more difficult and complication prone. 2.
678451 tn?1226429577 I will have YAG Laser to correct this, I also got a dry eye which I suspected and for which I am on Liposec opthalmic drops for. Talk about a double whammy! Thank You for your time in responding to my question back Nov 11. I appreciate your time.