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922048 tn?1387942584 Yes I have the answer OPK that I just bought with the $7 rebate and I plan on buying another box so I can get the rebate on that one as well.
Avatar f tn I want to buy a stroller & car seat that comes together I seen at Burlington coat factory baby depot that there is one for $200 do you know if there's any more cheap then that bkuz at babies r us it's way more expensive n for baby depot I also got a 15% off coupon any baby item I got from the parents magazine...
612876 tn?1355514495 Hey gang, I haven't been able to be typing much on the computer. I'm taking a "holiday" off a few of my meds, and I'm not sure if that's contributing to my problems or making things better. (A few things do seemed improved, actually.) Nausea and dizziness have been awful, though, but that may be in great part due to the rising temperatures. I'm growing more and more married to my air conditioner by the day. (I'm probably not alone in that, I suppose.
Avatar n tn I take it you are talking about the xopenex ampules and not the xopenex spray? If its the spray then there might be something that can be given to him that is not as strong. Hope this helps.
212161 tn?1599427282 thank you so much i have the rescue one xopenex hfa says its levalbuterol. than i have one for night its a powder its asmanex . i have been like this now for 2 months it seems to get better than last night it was not bad but woke me up at 1 could not sleep for coughing and wheezing and scared i was going have a bad attack and die from it , so i need the inhaler just to scared to take it. so are these ok or will the xop cause the heart speed. thank you so much.
Avatar n tn Hi, fast heart rate is due to Xopenex. Initially, use of this drug is associated with this side effect but over a period of time, tolerance usually develops. In case if you have a pre exisiting heart disease, please avoid this drug. Consult you treating doctor to lower the dose or frequency, other alternative is sustained release deriphylline tablets.
Avatar f tn Either way though, with your reactions after exercise, it sounds like a fast acting broncho dilater (some form of albuterol - Proventil, Porair, Maxair, Xopenex, Ventolin) might be a good idea. These medications can be used as a pretreatment for exercise eliminating the reaction and allowing for a better workout. I hope that helps you. Good luck obtaining an accurate diagnosis and the medication that is best for you.
220090 tn?1379167187 "The federal government is sending each of us a $600 rebate. If we spend that money at Wal-Mart, the money goes to China. If we spend it on gasoline it goes to the Arabs. If we buy a computer it will go to India. If we purchase fruit and vegetables it will go to Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala. If we purchase a good car it will go to Germany. If we purchase useless **** it will go to Taiwan and none of it will help the American economy.
1315759 tn?1274044788 or the breathing treatments? at the hospital, they give me xopenex, which works ok, not really good for me. the last time i went to the hospital, the therapist gave me atrovent and xopenex, with 4 doses in one. i told them it was making me too jittery, way more than normal and nobody listened. instead of getting better, it was staying the same and making me feel out of control. how can i get my doctor to prescribe me a pulse ox for at home?
Avatar f tn Have any of you registered at Target and had trouble getting your 15% off coupon for registry completion? I haven't gotten my coupon yet. I called customer service and they told me the coupon code was emailed to me Nov. 5. I hadn't gotten it, so they said they would resend it and even though it's coming through email, it would take a week or 2 for me to get it.
312330 tn?1245176752 Flovent, serevent (essentially advair), singulair, zithromax and xopenex ( I am on several others but these are specifically for my asthmatic problems). Some people do very well on Theo...I hope that it works out for you.
Avatar f tn Costco pharmacy offers Differin for $160. Plus, there is a $25 rebate available at the Differin website. So this would bring the cost down a bit. In addition, Galderma (company that makes Differin) has a patient assistance program that provides free medications to qualifying patients. Google for more info. Looks like there's some paperwork to fill out.
Avatar f tn Hi ladies, I coupon and have read a few moms suggesting nuk bottles. Well on coupons.com there is a $3 off coupon if you buy a nuk bottle and pacifier. If you're interested hurry because the coupon will go fast. Happy savings!
5770739 tn?1382315166 well they had an in store coupon to save an additional $2.00 per pack and I had a Huggies manufactured coupon for another $3.00 off which made the diapers be $3.99 a pack!!!! Needless to say I racked up on diapers today! I thought I would share this with all the mommies on here :) if any of you want the link to where you get the $3.00 Huggies manufacted coupon I will galdly send it to you!!
Avatar f tn I havr been using target. You are able to use target coupons with manufacturer coupon, plus their cartwheel (coupon app) and the Target debit card savings.
Avatar f tn Do any of you ladies know of any good coupon sites or anything that would help out on diapers or anything?
1530342 tn?1405016490 A year ago Njoku, a construction worker, had just purchased his first home and qualified for a federal rebate for first-time home buyers on his tax return. He says he requested to have the rebate deposited directly into his Chase bank account in Auburn, Wash., but when the IRS rebate arrived, he found out that Chase had closed his account because of overdrawn checks. The bank deducted $600 to cover what he owed and mailed Njoku a cashier's check of $8,463.21 to make up the difference.