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Avatar n tn (I have had asthma my entire life and at the first signs of a sniffle and some tightness I immediately start a prednisone taper and Xopenex nebulizer). I was prescribed azithromycin and told to continue with my xopenex and prednisone. I also took cough syrup, sudafed and motrin. Saturday I was significantly worse and over the weekend it esciladed. My temperature would go from 96.2 to 100.5 and back down over a 30min period.
Avatar n tn (I have had asthma my entire life and at the first signs of a sniffle and some tightness I immediately start a prednisone taper and Xopenex nebulizer). I was prescribed azithromycin and told to continue with my xopenex and prednisone. I also took cough syrup, sudafed and motrin. Saturday I was significantly worse and over the weekend it esciladed. My temperature would go from 96.2 to 100.5 and back down over a 30min period.
172023 tn?1334675884 I recently had pneumonia, and it exaccerbated my formerly very, very mild asthma (I hardly ever had to use my albuterol inhaler). Now I just finished a week of oral prednisone and antibiotics, am nebulizing 4-5 times a day with Xopenex 1.25mg, and am on Asthmanex daily now. My peak flows are still around 300-350 in the mornings, improved to 420-480 post nebs, but am plagued with a frequent horrible cough, day and night. How long should it take this to resolve?
Avatar n tn 1 week in hospital for RSV, then 3 ER visits for labored breathing, then 1 week in hospital with Pneumonia. It's been a month since the Pneumonia and I've been consistent with the Pulmicort (2 x's a day) & Xopenex (3x's a day) and he seems to be 100%. Drs have labeled him as someone with RAD- Reactive Airway Disease, meaning that a simple cold can turn into something worse for him, like Pneumonia. My question is, how long do I continue doing the treatments if he is now okt?
Avatar n tn I might have worded that funny about "asthma can lead to pneumonia but not the other way around". Pneumonia can also antagonize asthma if the person already has asthma,but pneumonia doesn't actually cause asthma.
Avatar n tn Has done breathing treatments since his bronchitis,the xopenex didnt really do anything for him.In November ran a high fever of 103 and couldnt stop crying was admitted for 3 days ran tests including tap and chest xrays. He had pneumonia in R and L lower. However when examined was told his lungs sounded fine. Was given meds and sent home at his recheck dr.thought he looked and sounded good ordered repeat xray for dec.
Avatar n tn My son was hospitalized again for Mycroplasmic Pneumonia. He still has the rapid breathing. The Dr thinks the second time he had the Pneumonia it didn't clear up. We were supposed to see the Pulmonologist but he was hospitalized again. He is home now but we don't have the Pulmonology appointment until Sept 6. I'm scared there will be a hospitalization again before that. Hopefully not. Does anyone know of any good Pulmonologist in California?
Avatar n tn My 18 months old son start coughing, after a cold in mid may 2007, after 2 or 3 week of no improvements (no fever or lack of appetite), his ped diagnosed bronchitis and prescribed Azytromycin (for 3 days), Xopenex every 4 hours until cough succeed and suggested an X-ray. The next day the X-ray showed a possible pneumonia, so he was put on Omnicef too for 10 days.
Avatar m tn Hi My 4 year old had walking pneumonia recently. he has recovered however he is still coughing. The doctor prescribed xopenex and pulmicort. when he cough it seems like a wet cough and he had mucus in his throat. I wanted to know how I can help him flush the mucus. Do I continue to give him xopenex please help.
Avatar m tn I have had pneumonia since Feb 19th - perhaps slightly longer - I can not easily take a deep breath - it feels like I have to yawn in order to get enough air. Is this a common symptom? I have had two rounds of antibiotics - Advair and Xopenex - and several other prescriptions. Overall, I feel stronger - less coughing, wheezing, chills, but, I still have the shortness of breath. This is very scarey - any information, suggestions or same symptoms - might be helpful to me.
Avatar n tn Albuterol and Xopenex are both short acting broncho dilaters (SABA). Xopenex is good for children because SABAs are stimulants and can cause children to be hyper. Xopenex is a more "pure" for of the medicine and has much less of the stimulant side effect. I am not sure why they gave you two SABAs. Is one a neb solution and the other a metered dose inhaler (MDI - spray type inhaler).
Avatar n tn 5 Days ago I started getting a cold, so I went to the doctor and they gave me 2 Xopenex 1.25mg treatments, a presciption for methlyprednisolone, Biaxin 500XL, and a nebulizer for home. Also I am on Advair 500 DPI for every day use, and a Xopenex MDI inhaler. They said I had bronchitis. I started feeling better the next day, but today I woke up in distress again and now nothing is working not even the nebulizer, I feel anxious and I dont even have the energy to cough anymore.
Avatar n tn My grandson is 2 1/2 years old. He currently has pneumonia for the second time. He had it this same time last year and was put on Levalbuterol and Xopenex both last year and this year. His breathing and lungs are better while he is on the medication but when he comes off of it, he seems to get it again and at times, has trouble breathing. The trouble breathing is always after he has a bit of a coughing fir. The pulmonologist has not ruled out asthma, but he says that it is unlikely.
Avatar n tn My son has chronic issues with pneumonia and bronchitis and the like, he was a NICU baby and is also a regular in the PICU. His most recent hospitalization left us with a doozy. After his 4th abnormal CXR, he was CT scanned. There were 2 significant findings- 1. Uneven aeration of the lungs. 2. Opacity in the LLL. Which is believed to be scarring due to frequent infection. His pulmonologist said she would need the results of his most recent labs to fully interpret the CT. I don't understand why.
Avatar n tn I've been on Vantin (200mg) to prevent infection, for 5 days. The chest x-ray was negative, but the doctor thought for sure I had pneumonia when he first listened to my lungs. I first thought the blood speckles were from my raw throat (like, raw from excessive coughing). Overall, I am feeling better since starting threatment with the strongest dose of Xopenex (don't have it with me atm), Azmacort, Humibid DM, and Zyrtec 10mg. I'm extremely fatigued.
Avatar f tn Last year I had a really nasty sinus infection, after that I experienced shortness of breath. I have been on Advair, allegra, Zyrtec, with no relief. I had a chest x-ray and blood work that all came back good. THe only relief that I get is when I take my xopenex inhaler. I get a "wet" cough and seem to feel a little better. I also am constantly feeling sinus pressure and a constant dip down my throat. My doctor "thinks" it could be asthma.
Avatar n tn On my 4th trip to the doctors office they said I had pneumonia. So i did steroids again and more antibiotics and an inhaler. Two weeks later I still had the cough and they told me bronchial spazms and yet again more steroids. Two more weeks and back to the doctor he told me that im getting sick so often because of my allergies so he prescribed me allegra-D 24 hour. I've been to the doctors office 12 times in the past 4 months. I just changed doctors and thought maybe this one got it right.
327369 tn?1326123508 Literally one day his lungs will be clear, maybe slight wheezing and then BAHM he has pneumonia. It is not controlled at all with the plan when a cold comes and none of the treatments work. Is this how asthma is for some people or is something more serious going on. I am just so concerned. Thanks!
Avatar n tn Her breathing is normal on a daily basis but when she gets any sort of cold it always ends up going right to her chest causing rapid breathing combined with the chest and tummy rising and falling dramatically. The pediatrician has prescribed Xopenex and Pulimicort to be inhaled via the nebulizer in the past. After researching the negative long term affects of the pulmicort I have decided not to use it for my daughter.
Avatar n tn He was diagnosed by x-ray with walking pneumonia about 4 weeks ago. After treatment he was better for about 1 week. Then he started coughing again. I took him back in and the Dr said that she could hear fluid in his opposite lung this time. She put him on Singular, Nasonex, Zithromaz, Pulmicort and Xopenex with a nebulizer and Pancof-PD for cough at night. All at the same time. It kinda scares me!! He has been having up to 5 potty accidents a day. Is this possibly related?
Avatar f tn My son, who has had asthma since he was about 9 months old, started with a cold on Sunday. Tuesday he developed a fever which spiked at 104.9 while on motrin. We were able to bring it down but the next evening, same thing. All day we had alternated Tylenol and Motrin. Brought him to the ER where it spiked at over 105 (also while well within time frame where the dosages should have worked). He's been coughing non-stop.
Avatar n tn She has had a chest CT scan with normal results, a CF sweat test with normal results, has no immunology isssues, yet is suffering with this problem. She currently takes the following asthma meds (singular, advair MDI and xopenex via the nebulizer when coughing). No one seems to know what the problem can be. She started having the problem when she was 2 1/2 and caught pnuemonia. She is currently on her third round of antibiotics this month. Any ideas???
Avatar n tn Almost all my meds have stopped working (spiriva, symbicort, advair, etc.) the only meds that have any effect is my xopenex inhaler - even the xopenex solution for my nebulizer causes breathing problems sometimes. Even the oxygen(2 ltrs) is not working as well. If I am setting down I breath very well with or without the oxygen but if I start moving around I must have the oxygen and then I'm still short of breath.
Avatar f tn In January I had pneumonia. I took antibiotics and thought I was well. In April, it came back. The CT scan said bronchiectasis. I took 3 different antibiotics and 2 rounds of prednisone. The second CT scan did not show bronchiectasis. The xrays and CT scan said the pneumonia was almost clear and I didn't have to go back until September unless I became sick again. It has been three months since my rmedical release and not a day goes by when I don't cough up green phelgm.
Avatar f tn I am forty something year old woman Asthmatic ((on zyrtec, singulair and xopenex as needed) Diabetic (type 2) semi controlled with food and exercises only Borderline high blood pressure Saturday, I had about 1/4 of a chewed peanut in mouth when I went to speak I lost my breathe and had to catch it many times.
Avatar n tn Her drs have told us Zithromax is famous for not completely killing an infection. She was seen at National Jewish and had pneumonia again while we were there. She saw her pulmo a few days before and I told him of her cough and sinus symptoms, so he put her on Zithromax. 3 days later she spiked a high fever and drs there did an x-ray that showed a bad pneumonia. The drs at National Jewish said they don't like Zithromax for that very reason, it just is not effective in many cases.
107366 tn?1305683975 I don't have to go back to see him until October, when I will get my flu and pneumonia shots. Knock on wood, I don't have to see any more doctors until August 13! What a lovely thought!
Avatar n tn Why would our pediatrician prescribe him xopenex, pulmicort, and amoxicillin all in the first visit and BEFORE the mucus sample lab test results even came back?
Avatar n tn Now he's on Orapred, Zithromax and Xopenex in a nebulizer. My son says he has been feeling bad a very long time and he's ready to feel better.Help!! Do you think I should continue treatment through his pediatrician or seek a doctor who speacializes in this? What type of MD do I need? We go back to his pediatrician 11-5. Thank you.
Avatar n tn She has been taking Clarithromycin, Rifabutin, Ethambutol, ACETYLCYSTEINE, Ipratropium bromide,and Xopenex without improvement. She has no energy or appetite. Her pulmonologist and ID in Virginia seem content to letting her suffer with chronic coughing, wight loss, and a feeling of breathlessness. She is failing and we don't know where to turn. I've heard of a Center in Denver for NonTuberculous Mycobacterium, are there others?