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212161 tn?1599427282 thank you so much i have the rescue one xopenex hfa says its levalbuterol. than i have one for night its a powder its asmanex . i have been like this now for 2 months it seems to get better than last night it was not bad but woke me up at 1 could not sleep for coughing and wheezing and scared i was going have a bad attack and die from it , so i need the inhaler just to scared to take it. so are these ok or will the xop cause the heart speed. thank you so much.
212161 tn?1599427282 thank ya so much you dont know how much better i feel, i have had asthma that came from a cold in oct i still have it because am so scared to use a inhaler, i have pac and papations ,racing heart so i would not do it i felt last night like i was ubder water but it got better am wheezing only at night when laying down, dr says this will go away and that i dont have asthma that i will need a inhaler everyday, but that i need to use to get over this i was hoping it go away on its on but after las
Avatar f tn I was born with eczema and I started to have bronchospasm few years ago. The doc said it might be asthma and prescribed me with salbutamol. However, i found that I don't have the common syptoms as asthmatic people .e.g wheezing or coughing, and it doesn't disturb my sleeping as well. I just feel the bronchi contract and chest tightness which go away after few minutes later without taking the inhaler. I've taken the inhaler before but i found it no use, so i didn't use it anymore.
Avatar f tn ll get used to the inhaled medicine better or later he will reduce the number of times you need to take the inhaler---or give you an inhaler that delivers less medicine and doesn't have this effect. I hope it's better by now.
Avatar n tn My 6 year old grandaughter often has to take Xopenex HFA for asthma related issues. It makes her extremely irritable, she has a bad temper and in general is very mooddy? Is this a side affect?
Avatar f tn I have been diagnosed with Bronchiolar asthma all my life (22 years), My inhalers have not been a bother with me worked perfect helped me so much expect the Blue one which made my Asthma worse.
7748835 tn?1393868668 Hello MadiBogden, I just finished reading your comments. You asked what you should do. Well, I would go back to the doctor that prescribed the Advair 250/20 and the Ventolin HFA. If you are not getting relief from these products, your doctor needs to know this. There are other asthma products on the market. You could also ask your doctor if duoneb is right for you. I have asthma myself. I didn't have asthma when I was little, I developed asthma as an adult.
Avatar f tn You might be reacting to that and not the medication, switching to the HFA inhaler version would help that (or vice versa). If is VERY unlikely you are allergic to every single medication for asthma because there is a lot of differing types and specific meds. You might want to talk to a pharmicist for less common alternatives if your doctor is having trouble - they may not know of the other alternatives.
212161 tn?1599427282 hey have a question has anyone gotton asthma at late in life am 49 never ever had asthma and got a cold now its going on 6 weeks and am still coughing all the time and wheezing a lot but i refuse to use the inhaler , i have a racing heart and dont they make your heart race? could some one plz shed some light for me. my son had it grew out of it he had as a small child , probley because i smoked when preg with him , but i have never had it and they telling me i do. thanks for all the help.
Avatar f tn So if you are experiencing frequent attacks of asthma, you should try to prevent triggering agents which cause asthma and also get evaluated by a pulmonologist for correction of dose of polemicist for preventing further attacks of asthma. Hope this helps. Best.
1763947 tn?1334055319 When I went to refill my inhalers the pharmacist said I was taking two inhalers that have steroids in them and that most all people take only 1 of those. I am taking Symbacort,, Asmanex twisthaler and xopenex HFA as a rescue. I am moving soon to FL and have only been in Texas for 10 months. I will see a pulmanary doc when I get to FL but meanwhile has anyone been told this about steroids and or have any suggestions? I see my PCP tomorrow hopefully for the last time before I leave.
Avatar f tn Pulmonary function tests were normal but she thinks I have asthma. I am on Xopenex inhaler and Quvar inhaler. Recently having more attacks and having to use the Xopenx more so she ordered antibiotic and 1 week of predinose. She wants to do a high resolution CT of the chest and methocholine test but it is very exspensive so I am trying the conservative approach first. Do you think I have been misdiagnosed? I am so healthy otherwise and don't smoke.
Avatar m tn Hi, it is possible to be having asthma issues and maintaim a good peak flow for a while. Peak flow reflects how clear the larger airways are. You could be having issues in the smaller airways. The presence of mucous would indicate that something is probably going on. You should really discus this with your dr at your next visit and see what he/she says. Another thought would be acid reflux. Could this be an issue for you?
Avatar f tn She at age 6 starting have extreme breathing difficulty rarely ever with a cough or wheezing. She was tested for allergies and asthma twice She takes singulair albuterol inhaler and xopenex viles in her nebulizer according to the recommendations of the doctor . Each time she has a spell of not getting her breath she also experiences heart pounding episodes Also after strenuous exercise occasionally this heart pounding occurs.
Avatar f tn First did they give you an inhaler to help bring down inflammation such as flovent. Second try a different HFA inhaler my sister found that the method of distribution is best from Ventilin Our pulomologist said that he has had many patients complain that they do not get the relief they had before the inhalers were switched to HFA and he says Ventilin is the best for this.
Avatar f tn when i was training for half marathon last year, i had shortness of breath, so extensive testing of my lungs was done and i was told due to 20 plus years of asthma small airways in my lungs have narrowed and i was put on Advair 132/21 hfa inhaler. it helped open up my lung and i was told by more than one doctor to take this inhaler every day like people take blood pressure medicine everyday. so I did that ( i was on a blood pressure medicine too at the time 20mg of benicar).
Avatar n tn I am using advair for my asthma and it seems to help with those symptoms and I also have a rescue inhaler Flovent. But i do clean my advair diskus before and after each use. I dont have any infections in my mouth or lung i just have the white mucus and it has only been happening for two months and I have been using the advair about a year now. I heard from someone that the white mucus could be from allergies...is that true?
Avatar f tn She at age 6 starting have extreme breathing difficulty rarely ever with a cough or wheezing. She was tested for allergies and asthma twice She takes singulair albuterol inhaler and xopenex viles in her nebulizer according to the recommendations of the doctor . Each time she has a spell of not getting her breath she also experiences heart pounding episodes Also after strenuous exercise occasionally this heart pounding occurs.
1754037 tn?1327886811 I am 18 weeks and have asthma, I have had it my whole life, I am one of those who was born with it and didn't grow out of it. I take my albuterol inhaler a couple times a day. My OB/GYN also put me on flovent cause the steriod I was on before I was pregnant hadn't been tested on pregnant women and she wanted to be safe. My OB said that is safe to use both the albuterol and my flovent, especially because it causes more damage when you deprive the baby of oxygen.
Avatar f tn I have a history of Asthma, High Blood Pressure, Sleep Apnea and Sero-Negative Rheumatoid Arthritis. My best peak flow is 500. I am a 56 year old woman and was not on any preventative asthma meds at the time of catching the cold and development of the sinus infection. I am on Plaquenil 400mg Metoprolol Tartrate 50mg BID, Proventil HFA 2puffs every 4 hours, Flovent Diskus 250mcg (started one week ago), Nasonex, Augmentin 875 BID.
Avatar n tn I've had asthma since I was 10 yrs old, I'm now 27. I've played soccer since I was a kid and never had any serious issues. About 2 yrs ago I had a real bad cold/sinus infection and ended up in the ER because of my asthma. Ever since then, I have not been able to get my asthma under control. I've been prescribed almost everything you can think of, steroids, albuterol, xopenex (inhaler and inhalation solution), budesonide, mucinex and that's just for my asthma.
Avatar f tn Well, i was just prescribed an asthma inhaler today. Ive thought that i have develped asthma for a few weeks now because ive been extremely short of breath and had a tight chest. I also notice that it gets worse around my cat or smoke. Also,apprantly my dr agreed because he prescribed me an inhaler.
Avatar m tn a month ago, ive started doing vigorous exercises which led me to be diagnosed with exercise-induced asthma. the pulmonologist gave me some medicines to take e.g montelukast, ventolin inhaler and symbicort. Xray for the sinus and chest were also ordered which resulted to bilateral nasal congestion and clear chest. The problem is, I have been experiencing symptom of dizziness. Its been a month now and I could not take it anymore. As if I am floating always.
Avatar f tn The main question is, does the rescue inhaler stop the breathing symptoms? If it does then the symptoms were due to an asthma attack. If they don't you should try an anti-anixety medication - if that doesn't help then you need to talk to your doctor about trying or testing for acid reflux. Huge difference for me ....
212161 tn?1599427282 now the cold/cough part is mostly gone yes i still have a cough now and than and my nose runs at times than stops up, is the asthma ... plus i feel like under water for sec than it goes away is that asthma, it goes away without me taking aything to make it go away ,i have two inhalers and have only used twice yes it helped with one puff than i not use again for days, does asthma do you like that .
212161 tn?1599427282 does any one have pac/papations and do a inhaler i need to but to scared it make my heart race. and if it does how long will the racing last. thank you so much for info.